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I have read about so many different scams coming from just about every dating site.

The one posted here about africans and yahoo was insightfull, but didn't tell the whole story.

I spent the time to lookup various scams and what I discovered from the websites of various law enforement is this:

The newest scam is to use money orders and wire transfers. Yes, you thought that money orders were the same as cash .. wrong. And wire transfers can be based on phoney money orders..those too can be faked. Now, according to the FBI files... scamers are using bank addresses on money orders that are made to look like they are in Maryland and Virginia.

NEVER agree to any transaction where you are expected to send back money... ever.
NEVER accept any payment as final until you have the cash in your hand... go to western union and cash the money order on the spot!! If it is a wire transfer...wait 2 weeks until the transaction has cleared thru the federal reserve bank. Never accept anything as "cash" until it really is cash.

Finally, one more scam I found. They will offer you money to buy your item... and then send you more than you asked for. You are expected to pay in cash the man with truck that comes to pick up the item....because they need to have a thrid party to ship it. Don't do it!!! There should never be a time when you are paying anyone for anything when you are the seller!! Never accept payment in full until you have the money... have a thrid party of your choosing hold the item until the cash is in your hand.
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/5/2005 8:54:50 PM
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/7/2005 9:36:51 PM
Yes to many scams out there and made easer by this dread machine called a computer.
Even some dating and adult dating sites. Any that are charge you to email or use there service are a scam or is that sham.
And then some dating sites are gender based. Women can email and look at profile for free while men can not and must pay one example. Friendfinder and its sister servers. I know this as a fact. Cause I ask one lady when I visit her house how she found me and show me. But when I log in as basic member she did not even show up.But yet she was a basic member and access to all the male members.
So I called few female friends and did a test and got the same results. Men are charge and females are not. and the few females that did have silver or gold members are hustlers on the site. or from other pay sites. look at who online in the video section.
Another scam site is sexsearch. I just signed up to check some these sights out to post a review for a comming class on internet dating. and in less then hour I get a eail some one interested in you. and then next day you got mail. and the next and then next. I go wow. first site I been on and got people emailing me all ready. Most free sites it like at least a few days or weeks or even months before a email show up.
To me if a dating service site is going to charge you a fee it better be for verification perpose only. Cause I rather save my money for a true date.
That why I like this one it totally free and easy to use. A true dating site. or stick to Yahoo and take my chances there.
Yes it has it up and downs. But that why you got to ask questions. Read the forums.
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/10/2005 4:18:20 PM
^^^^That reminds me of one site I was on, I dont remember which it was, one of the big ones, in two days I got two messages from two girls, suposedly in different parts of the state, and yet the subjects were EXACTLY the same, as was the wording in the main body of the message. I about sh*t a brick I Was laughing so hard. I got the second messege in and removed my profile and sent a rather nasty letter to the site, probably wasnt read but was still fun to send it.
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/11/2005 1:09:53 AM
My mother used to chat in yahoo. She talked with this guy who sent money orders to her.. Hell I cant remember the story, but if you want to know more about it PM me and I'll link you to the website with her story.
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/12/2005 11:24:47 AM

Would you please send me your mothers connection to free moneyorders, LOL...........

Response to the thread:
I have had profiles on several different sites, all of which I had to pay for. I think EHarmony is the biggest scam. You pay a hefty fee for their service and you can't access the data base for profiles. EHarmoney sends you the profiles they think you would be combatable with.
Every match they sent me was so far away from the ideal that I am looking for. I am a Pagan so I joined the Pagan Personals, not a bad site it is just that everyone that contacts me is from England, Ireland, Scottland or Wales. A little far for a romance ! Of all the sites I have been on I do like POF the most. I love the forums and think although, I often put my foot in my mouth, the forums really gives you a jump start on getting to know prospective partners. I haven't been on anyother site that has forums and you just can't beat the price, FREE. So if you are out there looking to join another site because you don't seem to be finding what you want on POF. Remember, that you are already on the best site around. Start exposing your profile more by getting out there on the Forums. Don't waiste your money on the others. I also have found that many people on the pay sites also have a profile on POF
Keep fishing,
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/12/2005 6:47:46 PM

Good on you for posting this type of scam...

I was nearly the victim of this type of scam myself only 2 months ago, luckily i i have been around the traps before and hesitant.

For those who wish to know this is how i nearly got scammed.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, i posted my commercial printer for sale in those free classifieds not knowing what type of response i would get.....and yes saving a few dollars in advertising seemed ok at the time.

I got an email from a person claiming to be in the USA that saw the advert and was keen to purchase it, i thought ok no problems i have no problem in selling it overseas.

The emailer goes by the name Matthew Moore, although his email tags had another name.

He/She whatever the gender of the person writing the email said they would send me a Cashiers Check, and being International we do accept Cashiers Checks here in Oz, the difference being it takes 20 days to clear, actually 20 working days excluding weekends.

After i recieved the Check, i emailed the person to let them know it had arrived and had been banked, but would take the required days to ship, almost immediately i got an email back saying thats great could i package the machine up ready for shipping, and that a Nigerian Shipping Company had been notified to come and pick up the machine, but the kicker was the emailer had sent more than i had asked for.

He then said i could keep the remainder of the money just when the shipping company came to collect the machine i was to pay them in cash the remainder of those funds.

Call it intuition but i started to get suss when an American emailer wanted to use a Nigerian Shipping Company to send the machine back to USA, it made no sense as you would use a company that was located in your own country. Wanting to find out more about what was happening i contacted that Nigerian Company, the phone numbers that were supplied were dud's, the only valid thing was the email and that was from a free service, YAHOO actually.

So i wrote back to the emailer telling him i had kept all emails from him and the Nigerian, but something wasn't right, he tried to re-assure me everything was okay, and the Cashiers Chek was from an Airlines in USA which i thought ok not as if an airlines check will bounce.

15 Days into the Cashiers Check being in the bank i got a call from my bank saying the check was fake 2 days later i got a call from our Federal Police in Australia wanting to know where what how was i doing with this check, after some explanation and proof i was believed.

I wrote to the emailer saying their details were now in the hands of Australian federal Police and FBI (the FBI was not true but i wanted to scare the people involved)....needless to say i never ever heard from that emailer and shipping company again.

THE MORAL: just when you think you maybe able to trust people DON;T, here in Oz there is not enough valuable information about the different types of scams out for the general public to be aware of...i'm one of the lucky ones who didn't lose property just $22 in transaction fee' could have been worse as my machine was valued at $9,000.00

Sorry for the long drawn out story, but for all those reading, rely on your gut instinct, and ALWAYS ask questions and request specific information, name, address, telephone numbers etc...if the buyer doesn't want to give that info to you, don't sell....any decent buyer will always without hesitation give you that info....and if they do simply do a check via the internet it is easy to find peoples details...

Take Care All...

Ozdate Australia.
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/13/2005 4:00:17 AM
I love POF!!! the moderators devote their time and effort to making us happy and keeping us safe while searching for that one or just having a laugh with friends in the forums

Keep up the excellent work POF!!
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Scams and EVERY dating site
Posted: 6/13/2005 7:02:45 AM
Yes, I agree. POF does work to keep their site cleaned of the scams... Deleting them whenever there is a report. I don't think Yahoo or the rest actually care and I don't know of a single case where someone in yahoo was deleted because they were running a scam.

One more scam... from ebay.

My daughter bid on and bought a new cell phone. She sent a real money order. She never got the phone, and the contact she had disappeared! She reported it to ebay, but the truth is the scammers there just change names and contact information and set up shop all over again.

I haven't tried it, but does pay pal really work to fix this problem??
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