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What Constitutes A Valid Thread

A valid thread consists of you posting a topic, a question, or an opinion on a singular subject that applies to the forum you are posting to, and to which, the subject of your thread must have the potential to be discussed, or debated in a back and forth dialogue between you and the other members. If you are simply asking for opinions, It would be helpful to start the discussion by you also posting your own opinion.

What Constitutes a non Valid Thread

The Following Are Examples of Threads that will be Deleted by either a Forum Moderator, Staff, or Voted(deleted) off By the User Community - no warnings are given as the rules are here to be read.

  1. Attention Seeking for whatever it may be (e.g looking for a date/hook up) - Your profile and your own searching via the dating site are how you should look or be found. Other than in the Profile Review forum, posting about what's wrong with you/your profile, your inability to find women, is not permitted as the forums would then simply turn to one big "look at me, I'm looking for a date" forum. For the most part, being on POF or the POF Forums implies that your are seeking a relationship, this is why the dating side exists.

  2. Thread Redundancy - look first, search - no need for 50 threads on the same topic littering the same page of topics - have your say in an existing thread.

  3. Warning, Libel, Name and Shame of any form will be deleted immediately and your Forum privileges removed. It is important to understand that POF is not an adjudication board for any alleged civil or criminal matters that occur beyond the confines of this website. You put yourself, and the site at legal risk by posting any unfounded allegations, consequently such postings will be removed, and potentially yourself as well. This is no different than any public libel/slander/defamation of character statements where there is no legal foundation. This is not to say that the site does not believe your claims, but more so to protect all parties from malicious untruths, for you yourself could be the target of unfounded allegations.

    Contact your local authorities for such matters. If you need to report anyone, the only acceptable avenue is here: How To Report Someone.

  4. Conspiracy Threads of any sort

  5. Inane Generalizations/ Gender Bashing / Racial Pity Threads / Experiment w/Second Profiles - Threads Without Merit will be deleted on sight as they serve no purpose other than to inflame and cause forum disruption. Since the premise of posting threads, is to encourage meaningful and civil discussion, any thread that is simply put out there without merit, to cause such disturbances, will be removed. (Examples of high risk for deletion threads: Gun Control, Abortion, Interracial Relationships, Racist Agenda Threads etc.) - We do try to save all threads, but if they are a constant source of forum disruption, they will be removed)

  6. Lobbying and Disruption The forums are no place to lobby via disruption , cross posting to other threads, uncivil behaviour, or to continually bill board the same postings over and over in any thread. There is no room for inciting the general user base to disrupt proper discussion for any reason. If you have issues with site administration - email

  7. Any Forum Drama or Nonsense between you and any poster will be removed, along with your posting rights - it won't be tolerated, period.

  8. Blogging about your daily activities is NOT a valid thread discussion, go to Facebook or start your own blog on a blogging site.

  9. Rants about your inability to make online dating work for you, are tiresome and have no merit.

  10. Word Games, Discussions Of Other Posters, Public Service Announcements, Chain Letters, Surveys, Polls, Lists, Services, Products etc. (eg. Favourite this or that) lack the element of having a back and forth exchange of ideas and discussion between you and the audience, and will consequently be removed. Ensure there is a statement by you that garners dialogue, discussion or debate.

  11. Polls/Lists/Surveys where you're only asked to add to a list has no back and forth discussion potential between you and the participants.

  12. Link Only posts. Threads that only post a link without your own opinion for discussion will be deleted. i.e. Off site links are permitted as long as they are to non commercial news/article web sites. No promoting of any of your own off site web sites.

  13. Chat Threads If you want to chat aimlessly, use your eMail, IM or Google for a Chat Site as this isn't one of them. If you don't like this policy, you're quite welcome to find another site for it.

Please give your thread a clear Subject relating to its content, as this will help facilitate topic searches via the Automated Thread Search Function. The most important part of posting is to remember that you are discussing the subject matter, not the member who posted the thread.

How To Create A Thread or Reply to a Thread

What Topics Belong In Each Forum

Click on any of the Global Sub Forums of Interest

Plentyoffish Site Help and Suggestions - If you need help with how the site works or would like to make a suggestion to improve the site. If you needhelp with your profile - go to the Profile Review forum and ask for a review. No other forum is acceptable for this topic.

Profile Reviews - Want your profile reviewed by others? - post it in this forum and pay particular attention to the posted tips and guidelines of the forum.

Dating and Love Advice - If you are seeking advice, specific to your circumstances on dating issues.

Relationship Issues - Discuss issues surrounding more established relationship where you'd like to discuss or debate your position on the matter.

Sex and Sexuality Issues - Issues, Discussion Topics, Questions regarding sex or sexuality in any type of relationship.

Dating Experiences - Discuss a date that you had, but with no specifics of who it was, especially if they are on this site.

Over 30 - Issues that are particular only to the between 30 and 45 crowd. If these issues are not specific to this age group and can be experienced by other age brackets, it will be deleted - post it in one of the other forums.

Over 45 - Issues that are particular only to the over 45 crowd. If these issues are not specific to this age group and can be experienced by other age brackets, it will be deleted - post it in one of the other forums.

Single Parents - Discussions and issues affecting single parents.

Off Topic - If your topic for discussion does not fit in any of the other forums, then post it here.

Poems and Quotes and Humour - Post your poetry and jokes in these forums, however, do not create a single thread per poem or joke. Create one thread, and add all your poetry or jokes to it. Do not flood the forums with one thread per joke or poem.

Entire List of Sub Forums - For more specific categories.

Threads Will either be Deleted or Moved Accordingly Depending on Resources


Thread "Redundancy" occurs when the same topics are continuously created. No one wants to see the first page of any forum with the same tired topics. Part 2 threads are no exception as they are redundant with the Part 1 thread - continue in the Part 1 thread.

Redundancy is exempt when two similar threads are posted in the Global as well as the Local forums (providing it is not the same User). The intent being to garner a local opinion on a smilar matter that was discussed globally, or vice versa.

While you may believe the topic is new, it may not be - so please search first (Instructions Here), and simply join that discussion that is in progress, to either gain your answer, or to add your opinion, even if it has been added already. The site likes to keep the forums free of these tired subjects so don't be surprised if your topic is removed. If you don't understand this concept - please read further here Purpose of The Forums and Why Redundant Threads Are Deleted.

PLEASE SEARCH FIRST or it may be deleted!!!

This is what the Search Function looks like and can be found in the upper right
Try it here now - simply enter a word or two in the empty box and click search

Examples of Highly Repetitive Subjects that will be removed are:

  • "Why Aren't there Chat Rooms"

  • "Men/Women who lie / cheat"

  • "Why do nice guy's finish last"

  • "Are there any good men/women left"

  • "Do women/men prefer nice ladies/guys or bad girls/boys"

  • "Men/Women are more shallow than Women/Men"

  • "Why don't people answer their messages"

  • "Profiles, Fakes, Pictures - why none, why shirtless, no replies, why cleavage etc."

  • "Does size matter", "Does age matter"

  • "BBW's, are there really any men who like them"

  • "FWB" - Friends With Benefits

  • "Why was my thread deleted"

  • "How long do you wait", "What does love mean"

  • "Interracial Dating"

  • "What do guys-men/girls-ladies really want"

Threads may be deleted at our discretion even if the topic is valid, but the thread, due to its controversial topic will only attract agenda trolls, and people who cannot post within civil bounds. The site does not have enough resources to continually monitor, babysit and clean up certain topics - consequently they will be deleted.

If you still can't find it, then refrain from posting it as the thread while possibly valid, only served as promoting more forum problems than what available resources can handle. Read the posted rules - there is a reason, and if you think none apply, then please re-read the above.


If you have valid non-forum concerns or issues with a particular user then use the anonymous "Report User" link at the bottom of their profile - if the problem persists, write to

If the concern is of a general nature that pertains to site functionality, then turn to the Plentyoffish Site/Suggestions/Help Forum. Search for a smilar thread using the Forum Search tool and add your voice to it. If you do not see a thread that answers your question, then please post a thread with a clear subject line, in a civil manner, to the Help Forum, asking your question.

If this is an issue with a user in the forums, post here Forum Report Thread and read the first post as to how to make your report.

Any form of Forum or Profile initiated, or participated in protest, that serves to only berate Administration or Moderation of the site and its policies, or incite other members to do the same, will see your posting rights revoked immediately and permanently, no questions asked, hence why the above avenues for complaints are in place. Issues with Freedom of Speech arguments - click the previous link, or read about it HERE.

Please read the full
Acceptable Use & Posting Rules

Non adherence will see your posting privileges suspended or removed.

Be Civil and Enjoy the Forums

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