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(The following rules apply everywhere, where they may be applicable)

  1. Need to contact the site? send an offsite email to this address


    By proceeding through the registration, which required you to read the TOS, you have provided your agreement. Should at any point you wish to recind your agreement, you are free to delete your account, otherwise you are still bound by agreement to the terms.

  3. Freedom Of Speech on Plentyoffish

  4. You must be 18 or older to use this site.

  5. One account per person - More than one will see the second account deleted or potentially both deleted.


  7. Follow the same IMAGE RULES as for the dating site. Either a clear visible picture of you currently, where your face can be seen relatively clear, or no picture - nothing else - posting will be suspended and your upload rights removed until such time as you are compliant..

  8. No SPAM, polls, surveys or solicitation of any sort, for services rendered, or services asked for, nor goods for sale or wanted. This includes continually posting web links to other web sites for the sole purpose of redirecting other users, or attention seeking threads (e.g. "I'm looking for ..." where the main thrust of the thread is to have people look at you and contact you - Your dating site profile and email are for that purpose).

  9. No posting of any illegal activities or how to procure any services or goods through illegal means.

  10. No pornographic, obscene, disturbing images posted to this site or links directing to such images.

  11. No profanity or offensive terms in any user created material to this site (profiles, alias, postings, pictures).

  12. No impersonating or libeling anyone - Period. This includes allegations of any sort which use the poster's screen name or real name or other personal information. If you need to report a user - use the Report User feature on their profile.

  13. Do not enter or post any personal information, e.g. real names, addreses, phone numbers, user aliases, etc. about anyone or yourself, be it in your profile or any forum postings. This means anywhere on the site with the exception of any registration/payment information asked for when creating your profile or paying for extra services, or where it is explicitly stated and permitted in reporting someone. Emails between members are excluded but take caution in doing so for your safety.

  14. Do not harass, stalk, or spoof anyone or your account will be deleted and legal action taken if the harassment falls under your local criminal laws. The site will provide all information to the local authorities if asked - fair warning.

  15. CIVILITY: No Insults or baiting others into an exchange of insults. Condescension, derision, rudeness will not be tolerated and neither will personal libelous/defamatory characterizations - period. This forum was designed as a place to exchange and promote intelligent conversation, not as your personal medium to entice people into a meaningless exchange of hatred against one another. If this is your intent, then you will lose your privileges to participate.

    Important One discusses the subject matter, not the poster's character.

  16. No Trolling - posting controversial comments/replies that will knowingly cause a forum disruption or an exchange of insults.

  17. No No, hate Agendas of any sort especially directed towards gender, race, creed or sexual orientation. - If your history shows a demonstrated propensity to do this, you will be banned and any postings removed.

  18. No forum protests or rants of any sort - If your thread is closed or deleted, do not start another one as the answer will be final or obvious if the thread is deleted. If you have a gripe about how the site is run, see below for the only avenue to convey your issues or concerns, i.e. eMail CSR here. Do not incite or lobby other users to disrupt civil posting.

  19. NO HTML tags other than Bolding, Italics or Underlining in regular postings with the exception of in Event Threads by the Host

  20. Full Posting Clarifications - please read them.


  22. Do not post copyright material unless you give credit to the author and/or its source.

  23. Address the topic, otherwise anything else is off topic - respect the OP's subject.

  24. Do not cross post the same thread to multiple forums or same post to new threads - pick one forum or one thread (Redundancy clutters up the forum)

  25. Do not bump threads without making a valid contribution - this is also known as off-topic or non contributory posting

  26. Do not post more than 2 sequential replies. Either learn to quote multiple posts that you are adressing, or let others interject. This is also known as Post whoring

  27. Do not post in local forums you are not a resident of. Post in the Global Forums or your own Country/State/Provincial forums


  29. How To Report A User


  31. Full POF Hosting Rules and Tips - please read them.

Any violations of the above can/may/will be met with a suspension of your forum privileges and or your account deleted.

The site Administration and or Forum Moderators reserve the right to remove any threads without notice that are beyond salvage due to uncivil behaviour, have been posted numerous numerous times, only serve to incite forum disruption by knowingly uttering aggressive and unwarranted remarks or for any other infractions listed in the posted rules.

Also note that Volunteer Moderators do not have access to profiles nor emails, have no advanced knowldge of site functionality or the ability to effect any type of change other than to forum posting privileges.

Any site related question not answered via the HELP link, then eMail CSR here

Freedom of Speech On This Site

Although everyone is urged to express their opinions in the forums, there are rules of decorum and civil behaviour to adhere to when participating in a moderated discussion forum. When you signed up for this service, you agreed to a set of conditions outlined in the Terms of Service/User Agreement thereby allowing you to proceed in the registration process, hence it’s assumed you read them. Ignorance of such posted conditions and rules is not an excuse.

Take note that nowhere is it stated, nor implied that total freedom of speech exists here, nor is this site considered a constitutional democracy. This site is a privately owned Canadian website for which you have been extended the courtesy to use providing you abide by the agreed upon rules of the website, i.e. the owner’s rules. Much like you have rules for your home when you are entertaining guests, they either abide by them or you ask them to leave - it's no different here.

The site Administration and or Forum Moderators reserve the right to remove any threads without notice that are beyond salvage due to uncivil behaviour or only serve to incite forum disruption by knowingly and uttering aggressive and unwarranted remarks.

Consequently, do take note of the posted rules and please adhere to them - failure to do so, may result in your forum posting privileges suspended, banned outright or your account deleted if non compliance persists. Although the site doesn’t like to resort to these measures, it will if the problem persist. The site does it its utmost to ensure, to the best of its ability, the enjoyment of the forums for the greater population of users.

Acceptable Use & Posting Rules
Posting Guidelines
Terms of Service/User Agreement

From the Posting Guidelines above:


If you have valid concerns that you wish to make known with respect to Administration or Moderation of this site, or problems with another poster, the appropriate and ONLY venue, is in a private email to CSR@POF here

If the concern is of a general nature with site functionality that has nothing to do with Moderation or another poster, please post a thread, in a civil manner to the Plentyoffish Site/Suggestions/Help Forum.

Any form of Forum or Profile initiated, or participated in protest, that serves to only berate Administration or Moderation of the site and its policies, or incite other members to do the same, will see your posting rights revoked immediately, no questions asked, hence why the above avenues for complaints are in place, along with making them publicly known through the posted rules. Freedom of Speech arguments? Read about it HERE.

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