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I don't see the "report" option under profiles or emails anymore. What happened? I have a man on here harassing me for being vegan and pagan and I blocked him but ya know, that is some pretty bad stuff to be saying and I'd like to REPORT him... :(

Reporting A Site User

1. POF E-Mail or POF Instant Messenger Blocking

In order to prevent childish and malicious abuse of the reporting feature – only one report is registered against any one user by you when using the Report User link. Simply reporting a person once does not constitute an immediate action. Multiple reports of the same user by other users will however set a pattern of credence to the reports and will then constitute action automatically by the site. Please don’t ask how many reports by different users does it take to take action against a reported profile because that would be counterproductive to the reporting system. If you cannot get relative action within an reasonable length of time – feel free to email

The first Step, or usual initial Procedure would be to E-Mail Block a User, if nothing more than a few unfriendly Words have been exchanged via E-Mail or Instant Messenger. To block a specific User from contacting you again, go to your Inbox, open the E-Mail of the User in Question, near the bottom, click on the Block User Link.
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Block User | Users I blocked

To block someone, open their email and look at the example below: is not responsible for the contents of these messages.
If a user requests money on this site it's a scam, and you should report it here along with any other type of scam/spam.

2. Forum Violations

Read and report in this thread Forum Violations Thread

Those who 'knowingly' file False Reports may have their posting Privileges revoked.

If of a more urgent Matter, e-mail - Mods have no power over profiles or site membership.

3. Non Compliant Images

To report unacceptable or non-compliant images:

Click on the link under their main profile picture (see example below)

4. Profiles - Read Thoroughly

Should minor Threats, Profile Misrepresentations, Multiple Profiles and similar related Issues, e-mailing of offensive Images, Non-Forum or Site Violations be involved, or other Conduct unbecoming which require Corrections or have a Bearing on the Status of being of POF Member, then use the Report User Link at the Bottom of any given User's Profile.

At the bottom of their profile you will see the following - click on the link

IMPORTANT Should there be an Federal/Provincial/State/Local laws that are in question, you contact your local authorities. The forums are no place for any unfounded allegations as you, yourself could be held legally accountable for any libel or defamatory statements made on a public forum.

5. Deceased Members

Please email with substantial proof.

Note to all: Moderators do not delete profiles - if there is a forum infraction the above spells out the correct avenue for reporting.

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Any site related question not answered via the HELP link, then email CSR@POF here || Site Rules Here || Posting Clarifications Here ||
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