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Joined: 6/3/2004
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the weird thing is that the emails pop up on my msn and show that i have emails in my inbox. but once i actually go into my inbox the emails aren't there and hotmail can't find the emails. but it still says on my msn that i have all these emails.

POF will sent out Notifications to your previously submitted Online E-Mail Address
as specified in your Mail Settings ...

Email address (New mail
notifications sent to this address)

... to alert you that you have received E-Mail at POF, providing you have
enabled that Service in your Mail Settings.

Send me an email, when i have mail at plentyoffish

Close your Browser, delete your Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and
make sure your Cookies are enabled.

Log into your E-Mail. Hold < Ctrl > + hit < F5 > to refresh the Page.

If the Mail still won't show, then that User was deleted by the System or the Admin which causes all of his/her E-Mails to be deleted as well.

That User may have ...

1.Deleted his Account.
  • (User Name removed from E-Mails)
  • 2.Was deleted by the Admin
  • (All E-Mail deleted from your Mailbox)
  • 3.Implemented an E-Mail Block.
  • (E-Mail deleted from your Outbox)

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    E-Mail: Was my E-Mail Actually Received?
    E-Mail: E-Mails Disappeared
    Search: User Search

    Its also possible you have already opened and read your POF E-Mails of Online Notifications you may have received while having been logged in at POF. In other Words, you may already have read the Mails for which Notifications were sent.

    If you are not receiving these Notifications, although enabled in your Mail Settings, but you are getting new POF E-Mails, then check to make sure your ISP, Firewall, E-Mail Client, Online E-Mail Account or other Spam Filter you may have installed on your Computer is not spam-blocking:

    Related Links:E-Mail: No Notification
    E-Mail: Recent E-Addy Change

    If however Notification has been disabled in your Mail Settings and you seem to be getting them anyhow, then you may have been spoofed by Scammers and Spammers.

    Change your User Name and Password in your Registration Settings as illustrated in the Links below:

    Related Links:

    E-Mail: How do Spammers harvest E-Mail Addresses
    E-Mail: Offline Scammers refer to
    E-Mail: User Name too close to E-Mail Address
    Acquiring E-Mail Addresses is standard Scammer Protocol
    Joined: 6/3/2004
    Msg: 3
    weird emails
    Posted: 4/16/2008 10:07:15 AM
    It is important to me that I get to know someone a little bit and trust them before I meet them dot Send me a meesage at ***** at hotmail dot com

    Maybe someone who erroneously believes she is ducking Word Filters.

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    When someone asks you to contact them via an Offline E-Mail Address and sends you something not in Reply to your Message, its likely a Mass-Mail Spammer/Scammer doing their dirty Work elsewhere.

    Report them here:Plentyoffish: Report Channels
    Joined: 6/3/2004
    Msg: 4
    weird emails
    Posted: 7/9/2008 2:02:46 PM
    I think you have a slight teqy problem at the moment its now telling me I have another 23 emails I have not its the same one.

    Unless its some sort of Settings you have made to be alerted when you receive Mail or someone adds you to his Favourite List in your Mail Settings, its likely the weekly My Matches you have been receiving since you created a Profile here.

    Simply have your ISP's or Online E-Mail Client flag & delete it as Spam if you don't want to receive them. This Site recommends to delete your Account if you don't want it.

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