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 Author Thread: REALLY confused..
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REALLY confused..
Posted: 9/9/2010 9:50:00 AM
"I love him.. but im not IN LOVE with him". There is your answer. Keep him as a friend. "still kissed and held hands and cuddled and did all the things we do as a couple" Treat him as a friend. Hang out and do things as friends but cut out the kissing and cuddling as that will just confuse you both.
"so essentially, we are together right now." The lack of excitement here and the general theme of your post is that you are not in love with the guy. He makes a good friend but your dilemma is whether he is a boyfriend, a friend with benefits or just a friend. Go with friends. FWB will just lead to confusion and eventual pain when one of you suddenly meets someone new.
Ending up with someone that is a good friend really isnt a bad thing!
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How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq and watched it vanish.
Posted: 2/9/2007 2:13:07 AM
This isnt the only money wasted. It didnt vanish it went into the pockets of everyone from the top down.

This war costs the USA a hell of a lot. The Iraqi army was well equiped BEFORE the invasion. Ever notice that the new Iraqi army is equiped with NEW american equipment? Like their old ak-47 werent good enough. They were given american equipment as bushez buddies make arms and in excahange for their support he gives them the contracts to re-equip Iraq. They didnt need new weapons but someone made a hell of a lot of money selling arms to the new Iraqi army. Or maybe it was just that they HAD to re-equip them after the americans "forgot" to guard the armouries before they were looted by resistence movements.

Iraq is a never ending story of american arrogance and corruption. In a just world bush would be held responsible. In this world it will all just be blamed on the Iraqis.
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castro's death party
Posted: 2/2/2007 12:01:31 AM
This is just sick and stupid. Yeah a lot of cuban exiles will be happy for a short time. There are a lot of cubans that fled in the early days of the revolution. They plan on returning to cuba to claim the property they left behind. Thing is it wont happen. There isnt a cuban alive in cuba that would welcome ANY of the exiled batista supporters back.

Last year when Castro first handed power to his brother the US flew an aircraft that broadcast Condolezza Rice giving a speach to the cuban people. Letting them know that once Castro is gone the US will come to their aid and bring them democracy and Pepsi. Bush even has a Cuba plan that has since been shelved when their own research showed that Cubans dont want america meddling in their country again EVER. They tossed out the Americans with Batista. They dont want America playing around with their country again. Amazingly bush actually understood it! Cuba is independant and wants nothing from the US. Americans and the US govt has hated Cuba and Castro for 50 years. Why? Initially because america lost a lot of cheap labour and resources. Corruption was curtailed and industries nationalized for cubas interest. Not american interests.
Basically the same thing that ticks off americans now when companies take the jobs out of the country. except it was the flow of money from cuban pockets into american ones.
Castro has outlasted every US administration since eisenhower. Countelss attempts at destabilizing Castro have failed. Decades of economic sanctions and still Cuba is free of american domination. Cubans have suffered a lot from american sanctions and they know the blame lies with america and not Castro. The US govt can brainwash their own citizens with anti Castro propaganda because americans have been brainwashed into believing their governtment for 60 years. Remember McCarthy in the 50s. labled everyoine as communist and claimed to have evidence against them. turned out they only found 2 communists. how many lives and carreers were ruined? How many blacklisted? all just lies like Iraq with WMDs and now Iran with nukes. not a single piece of evidence for any of the claims. Even now CNN is repeatedly broadcasting a story about the Iranians dressing up in US uniforms and sneaking through check points and killing americans then sneaking out again. Each time they tell the story they will mention only ONCE that there isnt any eveidence of this and that it is speculation. Tehy then spend 5 minutes telling us over and over that iran is behind it. Speculation...LIES.

Its illegal for americans to visit cuba. Up until a couple of years ago tens of thousands of americans would fly to Canada and change flights to Cuba. Bush has made even this illigal. In fact if you are a US citizen and you go anywhere in the world and smoke a cuban cigar you are committing a crime!
Strange thing is you can walk into a 7-11 in Canada and buy cuban cigars. The US has been trying to prevent US owned companies outside of the US from having any connection to Cuba. I am amazed they havent gotten around to bringing the 7-11 corporation up on charges.

When Castro dies there will not be the drastic changes that many americans believe will happen. Cuba is free and they will not embrace the idea of becoming americanized.
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Ford posts record loss of $12.7 billion How can a business lose this much money?
Posted: 1/28/2007 1:16:30 AM
If it was only about appearances! I mean really some people think that ford is just trying to fudge the books to make it look bad? I guess after enron fudged the books to make things look good ford is trying the reverse??

Fords problems have been going on for YEARS. Firstly they had to stop their ad campaign "quality is job one". Because everyone knows that FORD means Found On Road Dead. Since you are already online just go to your local online auto trader and look at the resale value for fords. Better yet talk to someone that owns one. Get a copy of the lemonade guide and see how poorly ford is rated.

Its all poor planning and getting too comfortable when times are good. Look at the high salaries that the executives get. Do they get a pay cut if the company doesnt perform? Of course not.

Take a look at the GAP. They just fired their ceo because the company has been doing very poorly and is nose diving. But dont feel sad for him. He was given a $14 million severance package to soften the blow of losing his job. Too many companies reward incompetence at the top. Then give themselves big payouts when they have to start jumping ship.

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Picton Murder Trial - Guilty or Not Guilty? Any Theories?
Posted: 1/23/2007 9:38:03 PM
This guy is the real pig.

There are a few worries abotu the case that make me think ther crown migh messit up like all the other big trials (air India for one).

First point, he told a "cop" when he was first tossed in jail that he had killed 49 women and was wanting to make an even 50. Thing is this "cop" was pretending to be a priosoner that had also been arrested for murder. Picton might have just been exaggerating in order to impress the other "prisoner". So I dont give it any value for or against him.

Picton was meant to have a lot of contacts with organized crime. That makes me think that he might just be in body disposal. I am sure he has done some of the murders but I dont think he acted alone.

I saw on the news last night of clips from past years of the police giving press photo ops and claiming there was NO indication that these women had been killed and were sticking to the story that they muist have either left town or quit walking the streets. Really sad it took 60 of them to go missing and or die before they really looked into it.

There was a woman that saw picton chopping up a body. She is testifying against him. I think she should go to jail too. Instead of running to the cops she decided to blackmail picton!! What a fool she could have ended up dead. Its one of the things that makes me think he might not have KILLED but was just getting rid of the bodies that someone else killed.

Whatever happened its going to be a sickening story and in the end I hope justice is done for all. ...Toss him on the slop pile and let the pigs chew threw him.

I think they should turn his farm into a park/memorial. I mean really who wants to live there? Other than someone that would sell tickets and give tours.
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Woman dies over Wii Radio contest
Posted: 1/20/2007 6:01:13 PM
Someone suggested having medical professionals on had at these sort of contests. So again its the idea that adults need to be babysat.
Had this woman been removed from the contest by a nurse the woman would have turned around and sued the station for pulling her out of the contest. She would have claimed a bias or that the contest was rigged.

ANYTHING in excess is harmful.

As suggested people still smoke despite the well known dangers and the warnings EVERYWHERE. Of course people dont blame themselves but the tabacco companies for getting them addicted. Yeah I might buy that idea if you started smoking more than 40 years ago but ever since then its been pretty well known it kills you. There are lots of ways for smokers to quit. Pills, patches, acupuncture, etc. Those that continue to smoke choose NOT to quit. Thats why cigarettes are so heavily taxed in Canada. It all goes into health care for when the system has to treat these people.
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Woman dies over Wii Radio contest
Posted: 1/20/2007 1:33:41 PM
Radio stations have been doing these sort of contests for probably as long as radio stations have been operating. This was a bad idea only because most people dont know that drinking too much leads to water intoxication. You actually drown in your own fluids.

It reminds me of a contest they held each year when I was in university. They get a bunch of people to drink a 4L jug of milk. Thats a gallon for those down south. The first person to finish WITHOUT vomitting and is able to hold it down for at least a minute after they finish drinking would win the prize. Now they have 1 hour to drink it all. It sounds like it would be easy but it isnt. The thing is its a joke. Its a contest that is designed to make the people sick. No one has a stomach that can hold the entire 4L and it doesnt enter the digestive track fast enough to make room for the next gulp. So towards the end of the contest you are seeing the lovely sight of students bent over a garbage can. The winner is always sick the moment after the time is up and they are declared the winner. Not only are you sick when you are about 1/2 thru the contest but most feel ill for days with stomach aches and the runs. Dont think anyone has died from it but I know they all get sick.

I am undecided about this situation. The radio hosts obviously laughed off the risks and so the contestants that signed the release for probably werent aware of the dangers and with the hosts making light of it they must have figured that the chances of drinking too much cauising harm were pretty much zero. They were probably expecting to just spend the rest of the day peeing. I heard on the news that the family will be going after the staion and everyone connected to the contest. Thats the hosts, the station, the water company and of course the big one, nintendo. We will now see this turn from a tragedy into a greedfest. Looks like the family will be drying their tears with wads of cash as I am sure they are hoping to get a few million from this.

I dont hold the station 100% responsible for this. The contestants knew there were risks and they should have given up once they felt ill. Greed kept them going. Greed is what killed this woman. She felt her life was worth a wii. Its unfortunate that she died but it was her choice to take the risk. If you died climbing a mountain its unfortunate but it was your choice to take the risk. Dont go blaming the parks board because they didnt stop you 1/2 way up.

Comes down to personal responsibility. Sadly there is too much belief in the US that everything is someone elses fault and that you can always sue someone to get rich. $50 million because you burn your tongue on a cup of coffee. All because it was too hot and it didnt have a warning lable. No common sense or personal responsibility. Almost seems like people need the government to babysit them throughout their lives because they just dont have any common sense.

no one forced this woman to drink all that water. She chose to continue to drink after she felt sick. Her body told her to STOP. She decided to continue. She took the risk. She lost.

Its sad. Shes dead and the radio station fired a few people. I just hope thats as far as this story goes. Unfortunately the lawyers will be looking at her death like a winning lotto ticket. The greed for a game system will be replaced by the greed for $$$$$$$.
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Spies embedding tiny transmitters in Canadian coins, U.S. report says
Posted: 1/18/2007 11:15:08 PM
This was such a joke. Canada spends money to put transmitters into coins that would only be able to transmit somethng like 2 metres. Lets just play along..that 2 metres from this person is another transmitter to boost the signal. CSIS is listening in on the contractors conversation...until they here the words they fear the most..."Im going to get something from the snack machine." Clink, clink, and the guy spends a toonie worth 3 million dollars to buy a bag of chips.

This story is such a load of crap! Its comes from the toonie having 2 different metals, a bronze like centre and silver outer ring. Ever since it can out there has been this urban legend from the US that the centre is something sinister. Its the same joke as when the Loonie came out and americans thought they were gold coins.

paranoia...The US govt spies on its own citizens and their paranoia is running rampant. Is everyone out to get the US?? No, but they love to keep the fear as high as possible so they are distracted from the truth.

I just cant believe that the US govt hasnt discovered our weather changing satellites. The one that gave Canadian cities a warm Christmas while bringing freezing weather all the way down to California. This was just a test. once perfected the US will be an icebox and Canada will be a tropical paradise.
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China tests new weapon. Shoots down Satellite
Posted: 1/18/2007 10:31:08 PM
The reason we are doing so bad in Iraq is because we follow the rules of engagement where the enemy does not.
If you think thats why Iraq went down the drain you are much mistaken. It was lost when Bush declared mission accomplished. The US military failed to guard the armouries they had captured. When the war was "over" the Iraqi army went underground and became insurgents or resistance fighters depending on your point of view. They knew where the ammo dumps were and the armouries and they looted/liberated all the weapon stores. Had america guarded those weapons the Insurgents would have been like the palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli tanks. Not much of a threat. The US lost Iraq due to arrogance and incompetence from the top down. Save the troops on the line that do their best to do the job despite the actions of those at the top. As for this system the Chinese have It WORKS perfectly. It has been tried and it has been tested and it works. It is incredibly accurate. More accurate and effective than systems that the US uses.

>Akhenaton, You are correct about china not wanting to lose the american debt. China and Japan pretty much already OWN the US. All China would need to do to bring the US to its knees is to call in the debt for payment. China wont attack the USA. Americans have been brainwashed for 60 years that other nations are out to get them. Remember that it was the US that started the cold war with the soviets. China will use this system to "blind" the US should america attempt military action against them or one of their friends.

How well do american guided missles work when there are NO satellites to guide them? The US can fire off every damn thing they have but without guidence there is no way for them to actually find their targets. So the nukes might be on the table but they wont be good for anything but paper weights.

all we would have to do is maintain a naval blockade and their economy would collapse.
You seem to forget their airforce. You can send every single american fighter over on all the US aircraft carriers and it wouldnt be a drop in the bucket. Their airforce would sink any ship sent to blockade them. A naval blockade would have to run from Russia around asia to the persian gulf. It would never work. There would be no way to ensure that goods were not coming in thru any of their neighbors. It isnt like Cuba where its a small island and easy to encircle. Remember the difficulty of the Ho Chi Min trail? Thats in one small area of a small country and the US couldnt stop goods moving along that route (because its a million little trails all over lapping). China is huge and almost all trade routes are beyond americas reach.
They're region is short on strategic minerals excpecially petroleum. There only option would be to move on russia for the oil reservs there and in their current state the russians would probably nuke first and ask questions later.
China already has a deal with Iran to get oil from there. They have reopened passes to india to expand trade and resources. You might also wonder HOW the american navy would even reach the Chinese coast when they have NO navigation systems. ...oh and dont bother hitting the "onstar" button...they wont be answering either.

>doninvictoria, The US cant revoke Chinas trading status. As I said before the US is in debt to China. If the US pulled the favored status then China could call in the US debt and even seize US assets. Not only that but the US economy would take an incredible hit. With no goods coming in from China chains like walmart would be forced to close and lay off thousands. Electronics stores would also be hit hard. Ports would have to lay off workers, truckers would be hit, the entire transportation system for goods would be forced to cut back on workers. Its amazing just how much impact it would have across the board.

and as with most all space research...we (USA) are ahead
I think you have listened to far too much american propaganda! Other than building the space shuttle the USA hasnt ever been ahead in space research. Despite the americans use or Nazi scientists (remember that Van Braun was a Nazi that used slaves to build his rockets...but lets forget that because he put a man on the moon) that built the space program the US has always been playing catch up. The Soviets were the first to space, first to get a satellite and first to the moon (unmanned). First with a space station and even the first to get rich tourists into space. America has a lot of help in its space program, they just never give them recognition. Thats why the Canadarm is referred to as the shuttles "robot" arm. It was designed and made by Canadians. It is what the shuttle uses to deploy or capture satellites. It is also what they now use for inspecting the shuttle for any damage that may have occurred during lift off. A lot of nations help the US with their space program. They just dont publically acknowledge it.

>Montreal, You are so right. China always takes the long view. Planning for the next generation not like the wests instant gratification.

Its funny that americans tend to see china as the threat. China has no interest in attacking the USA. It has a lot of interest in protecting countries they NEED for their growth from american agression.
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China tests new weapon. Shoots down Satellite
Posted: 1/18/2007 2:53:33 PM
China just tested their new weapon system to take out satellites. They shot down one of their own old satellites. This is a very useful defense and offensive weapon. Within minutes China could take out all satellites owned or used by a potential enemy. This would cause significant problems for their enemy. Think of everything that is depoendant on satellites. Phones, both cell and land line, gps and navigation systems, weapon systems which use satellite navigation would be useless. China has placed itsself in a position of superior strength. There isnt a nation on earth that would be able to take them on in a fight. This system for taking out satellites is the perfect defense. They can no longer be targetted by guided missles which means their country will not be bombed. They have the worlds largest air force which would ensure no enemy aircraft would enter their airspace and can protect their coast. They also have a strong navy which means the water off their coast would be secure. They have agreements around the world to secure long term access to oil and other natural resources. China has a lot of ties to countries around the world but who do they see as a potential enemy? They have increased trade and eased tensions with all of their neighbors. Every year the Chinese economy grows and the quality of life increases. over 800,000 people a year are pulled up above the poverty line with that number increasing each year.

Now if China wants to push their claim on Taiwan who can stop them? The US has often let the chinese know that they support an independant Taiwan. The US military presence will no longer be a deterent. Not to mention that China owns much of the US debt and the US relies on China for much of its imports. The US could stop Chinese imports but then Walmart would collapse without its cheap products.

China has the upper hand but it wont take long for others to build the same technology. Last year Bush claimed that the US would ensure only friendly nations would have access to space. Now the Chinese are the ones holding the technology to decide who is or isnt in space.

If China is militarily and economically stronger than the US why does america believe they are the only superpower? Maybe because the Chinese like to do things quietly where the US behaves like a drunken frat boy at his first party.

This is such a simple weapon and its interesting that its taken so long for someone to come up with it. Reagan wanted to put missles in space to take out incoming missles and probably satellites too. Looks like China found a cheaper way to do it.

The White House issued a statement to the Chinese letting them know that the US isnt happy with this new developement but do the Chinese really care??

Just wondering what people think about Chinas growing stength both militarily and economically and where it might lead.
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Attack on Iran
Posted: 1/17/2007 10:45:43 PM
Bush knows he cant be president a 3rd time. His political days are coming to an end. He has nothing to lose by attacking as many countries as he can.

Remember that there has been not ONE shred of evidence that Iran is WANTING nukes let alone trying to build them. The ONLY person that likes to tell the world and repeats it daily to the US people in GWBush. What is so incredible is this moron that LIED to the US and the ENTIRE world claiming he had proof Saddam had WMDs, is now claiming the exact same thing about Iran. Whats so incredible is Americans are believing him!!!!!!!!! Its the SAME lie!

Iran wants to build reactors for electric power. not weapons.

If Bush can get something going with Iran it will take peoples minds off the only other nutbar (besides Bush) and thats old Kimmy in North Korea. Korea is a real threat but NOTHING can be done about him because he now has nukes and the means to deliver them.

Remember he just bombed civilians in Somalia....yeah he thought bin ladin might be there. He didnt ask anyones advice or permission. Just went on his OWN hunch again. He will attack Iran if given the chance. He still believes that God is telling him its the right thing to do. Look at the mess in Iraq, look at the way he has caused terrorism to spread and escalate in the last few years. He has NO understanding of the situation in Iraq, Iran, the middle east, or the entire world for that matter.

Bush is out of control and he has made the US a rogue nation that doesnt follow international rules and agreements. Bush has caused more damage and killed more people than any of his so-called enemies.

Earlier this week a number of mid-east nations gave the US a proposal. If the US uses its influence to make Israel follow UN resolutions and pull the settlements from the occupied territory and give land back to the palestinians they would come together to help end the violence in Iraq. Of course the US will not accept their offer. So the violence continues.

How many countries will Bush bomb before he has to step down? I guess once you are responsible for the deaths of over a million people attacking other nations gets easier.
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Anchor babies
Posted: 1/17/2007 10:13:48 PM
>El jefe, Speaking as an outspoken Canadian...I have to ask why don’t we have the right to speak?? I can understand that you are closer to ONE source of illegal immigration but you should realize that it is everywhere. There is illegal immigration in Canada too. Don’t get angry with Canadians speaking their minds...we live in a free country without the censorship you enjoy in the US. You are obviously angry and you should direct that anger towards your government that has always supported the influx of illegal immigrants. Your political system is rife with corruption it’s controlled by the rich that get richer off cheap labour.

>puja, There are a lot of stories from the past both from the US and Canada that involve sending boat loads of undesirable immigrants back to their homelands where they come to a nasty end. We are continuously trying to right these past wrongs. Such as repaying the Head Tax that was imposed on Chinese immigrants. Sadly there are a lot of people that haven’t learned from history and are determined to repeat past injustices.

Edit: I know my post was changed. I just pulled up my Open Office and the word "There" was changed to "Their" I did not change it! Someone cannot use grammar.
I guess its a conspiracy by illegals to sneak into your home and edit your posts!

*scratching head*

Nooooo. I think your citizenship condition is precisely what the OP is describing.

You are an anchor child. Your parents in the US would be politely invited to apply for citizenship, since its in their best interest to become citizens of the same country as yourself, correct?
My parents were citizens of this country BEFORE I was born and had been for 10 years. I didnt apply for the British citizenship until I was 19. So you see I wasnt the anchor, my parents were the anchor. So are you saying that the US govt should "politely invite" the parents of anchor babies to become citizenship? I don’t see that as being a problem.

Anyone have ANY statistics on this issue? I mean really how many 8 1/2 month pregnant women are running across the US/Mex border?

If Americans don’t like the immigration then tell your government to trade fairly with other countries and not use "free trade" to loot them. Ever notice that free trade is one sided? It benefits the US...not the people but the corporations and politicians. The "free" is to let the US into countries without being taxed. Other countries trying to sell in the US are hit with illegal tariffs and taxes. Even the US courts have ruled that the US violates NAFTA repeatedly and yet still wont abide by the rulings. The US has stolen from Mexico for over 200 years. Maybe you should just think of them as following THEIR money into the US.
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Anchor babies
Posted: 1/16/2007 10:23:17 PM
Anchor babies I love that term! So nice! I have heard it many times watching lou dobbs on CNN. Anchor babies are babies born to aliens whether or not they are in the USA legally. They may be illegal or on a visa but they do not have a green card. The idea is to pop out a little anchor baby which having been born in the USA is a citizen just like every other american BORN in the USA. The idea is that the government wont deport the mother and father because they cant ship the parents away and keep the baby in the USA. They also have no right to deport the new citizen to the parents home country because they have never been there and do not hold citizenship.
The Babies ARE american. You cannot take that away from them. If you want to cut down on the number of anchor babies then stop letting women into the USA. Otherwise one might get pregnant and have a child in YOUR country.

I liked the comment about wwjd...looks like the OP needs to spend some time understanding his religion. I think I need to start a new thread about the more Christian someone thinks they are the further from Christ they seem to get.

The quality of children born to immigrants are not the same as times long ago. Tests needed to be passed. Loyalty sworn. Employment assured. Housing established. No other country is as wishy washy as the United States.

The quality of children born to immigrants are not the same as long ago...OMFG! As if the OP was blessed with perfect race genes!

Can ANYONE name a country that denies citizenship to children BORN on their soil???? I believe that if you are born on a ship or aircraft in international waters or airspace you are declared a citizen of the country where the vehicle is registered.

Want to know something really scary? Some countries will give citizenship to children of their citizens even if they have never lived in the parents country. I have Canadian citizenship from being born here and British because my parents were born there. So I guess I am the opposite of an anchor...whatever that would be.

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Personally, I wouldn't put up with that. I'd tell him to bug off. GOOGLE THAT!
Posted: 1/16/2007 12:20:56 PM
Looking up the facts is ok. Just as long as he does it on his own time. Doing it ALL the time? There is something wrong with that. I mean mentally wrong with it. Running to his computer mid sentence to see if there are turtles in BC? He is rude and an ass. It isnt showing his "interest" he is showing his ignorance and disbelief in what you are telling him. Basically calling you a liar until the facts are proven to him. I doubt he actually learns anything or retains the knowledge he gets from reading information off the net. He relies on it so much his brain isnt necessary. Occasionally looking something up when he ets home would show he is interested by something you told him and he wants to know more. Checking facts means he wants to find holes in your story. He is an idiot. Get him to google disorders and see if he can find the explanation.

You are better off without this guy. He needs to spend a week away from a computer. kick his addiction!
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Botching a Hanging was an accident.......
Posted: 1/16/2007 12:41:35 AM
There is a simple science to hanging. You cant just put a noose around the persons neck and let them drop. You need to take into account the persons weight, and the distance they will drop before the rope reaches its end. If the person doesnt drop far enough the noose wont break their neck and they dangle there until they strangle and suffocate. If they drop too far they will loose their head due to the fact that they are now falling to fast and the stopping force of the noose is greater than the force keeping the haed on. This guy obviously was a bit heavier than they thought or they dropped him to far.

While people will say he was a murderous bugger and got what he deserved you should keep in mind what happened after Saddam was hanged. Remember the circus of his hanging? Remember the increased violence that happened when they hung him? remember the doubling of the violence and his being proclaimed a martyr over half the muslim world when the truth of his execution came out? That it wasnt done with dignity but attempts to humiliate him?
Now they kill his 1/2 brother and pop his head off. Is anyone going to be surprised when this results in a further increase in violence? Perhaps even more grenades being launched at american embassies or just blowing up US troops as they drive down a road.

Revel in the botched killing just so long as you dont turn around tomorrow and complain of US troops getting killed and the need to send more to troops to combat the increased violence. Revenge has a price. You are happy today but just wait for the bill.

If they are going to execute people they HAVE to do it properly. There is more at stake than mearly ending a life.
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How Important are the NUTRITIONAL habits of a partner?
Posted: 1/14/2007 4:42:12 PM
I think its important. Im not saying they have to have only healthy 100% pure organic balanced etc, etc. Just a pretty good balance. If its all junk then its not going to be good for the long term.

I had to eat everything when i was a kid. If you complained that you didnt like something you were given an extra helping! Which was good for me because now I will eat anything or at least try it. Also helps if you are invited for dinner or traveling and are being offered some strange food. If I know it is food or considered food somewhere on the planet I will give it a try. Im not a vegetarian but I do enjoy good vegetarian foods. Yes, I will even make meals with tofu! I often buy tofu as it lasts much longer in the fridge than meat. Its an often misunderstood food. It is bland but it absorbs flavours so like anything it tastes better if seasoned or marinated.

I live alone and my food habits range from very healthy to a burger and fries. I try to keep more to the healthy side but believe in having a balance. The odd burger or fatty greasy meal is ok just as long as its not very often.
The excuse of living alone and eating out all the time is really bad. I have known a few friends like that and they put on a LOT of wieght. Eating out might save you from cooking yourself but its not healthy. Restaurants make food that tastes GOOD. not necessarily good for you.
Lots of healthy foods for singles. I tend to make a big pot of something and have the left overs a couple of times.
Stir frys are easy and healthy and fast. I use a non stick big pot and NO oil. if i use chicken i grill it on my george forman small grill. takes about 5 mins to do a chicken breast. then dice it up and toss in the pot. red pepper, snow peas and a carrot for the basics. Sometimes I add a small can of baby corn cobbs, water chessnuts and bamboo shoots. A pot like that can make enough for about 3 big dinners. plus a pot of rice.
Yeah things dont last long in the fridge when you are single. the world is easier for familes with buying in bulk. You just have to adapt. I used to buy food once a week but now I tend to buy what i need for the meal I am making that day. only stock up on things that keep.
Another healthy meal are curries. you can usually get the sauces in a jar which is really easy if you dont have time to make your own. Then just add some chicken (or tofu) and a few veggies and your done.

I find it very imprtant to be with someone that likes to try different things. I dont mind if they are a veggie and not into meat. I just cant be with someone that only eats kraft dinner and mcdonalds all the time.
I prefer someone healthy to be influencing me rather than being tempted by crap all the time.

You are what you eat. If you eat at McDees everyday you arent going to live long. You would think people would watch supersize me and never go for fast food again!

Then again beer and nachos dont count...well as long as the nachos has jalepenos and olives and tomatoes...then its pretty healthy!
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Msg: 12 (view)
Air Force Staffer suspended for nudity
Posted: 1/14/2007 2:21:26 PM
>mkara, good point about the bushs in politics. Although in this situation it wasnt the higher rank doing the favours it was govenor bush of FLORIDA doing the favour for pres bush by ensuring the recount in florida went the presidents way. As the pres said laughing on his private plane at the time.."we cant lose florida!" because he knew Jeb would ensure it went his way.
I understand the rule of officers not dating the enlisted and while the rule could be bent as long as both were not in the same unit or line of command it still doesnt work as bending the rules for one couple means another couple wants it bent too. What then happens if units are combined or people are transferred? If the end up in the same unit you then tell them to stop seeing each other? I think part of the problem would be that people tend to fall in love or date the people they meet in their life. Coworkers often date and so in the military that would mean dating someone in your unit. It makes sense that its not allowed. In certain situations feelings could override logic and lead to mistakes.

As for the nudity? I dont see the big deal. Its in a magazine for adults. The military would be better off if they had no comment and just ignored it. On one hand it could boost interest in the military. But turning it into a big case is just a waste of time and money. Dont they have some serious war crimes to be investigating? or maybe this is meant to get the publics attention away from rape and murder cases.
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Msg: 2 (view)
Some things you need to know before the world ends......
Posted: 1/13/2007 11:04:26 PM
I saw a show on the History Channel (canadian). It was a documentary about the mustard gas tests in WWII. The show concentrated only on the tests done in Canada. The tests were done for the American military using Canadian soldiers who volunteered for a special assignment. It was SICK. They put these guys out in fields and droped gas bombs or shells near them. They had NO protection from the chemicals and were NOT told what the tests were about or what was happening. Once exposed they were put in a hospital where the injuries could be observed. The wounds and blisters were NOT treated so that the full effect could be seen. Mustard gas affects any part of your body that is moist. Your eyes, nose and lungs, mouth,underarms, and groin. Now there are a number of things that are disturbing about this. First off millions of soldiers had been exposed to mustard gas in the first world war and there was nothing new to be discovered about its affect on the body. The germans never used chemical weapons in WWII. Yeah its strange to think that even Hitler thought they were too nasty to be used on people. So these tests were done to find information that was already known and whats more there was no threat so why bother. Lastly the inhuman method of the tests is just disgusting. Of course it was all kept secret so the vets were long denied compensation because they had no proof of the experiments as it was all classified. I dont think the govt and military admitted it until a few years ago. I cant remember if any of the surviving vets managed to get some $$ out of the govt. They usually wait until their are only a few left alive so it doesnt cost much to do the right thing.

As for the shots for anthrax and such now at least it is an attempt to protect them from chemical weapons. I am sure some are toxic and cause health problems but hopefully not as bad as what would happen to them without it.

As for good luck george i cant agree. I think its better to wish america good luck. I hope they are able to survive the world bush has created for them.
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Msg: 99 (view) are irresponsible
Posted: 1/10/2007 12:35:48 AM
I tried a couple of these sites a few years ago. Dont waste your money. You sign up for a free membership which means people can look at your ad but you cant contact anyone. What happens when you dont pay for the privileges is they start to send you messages saing you have an email from another member. So fo course you log in and look to see who has sent it and usually you can tell instantly that its fake. It will be a 21 yr old hottie that would obviously be getting hit with a hundred emails a day, and yet chooses to email the older guy that she would, if she were real have a note on her profile saying "Old guys stay away"!

Im not sure who you can complain to but I know a few of these evil dating sites have been in trouble for doing this. Its basically fraud. Claiming someone has emailed you so that you will pay to see the email. then find out that the person doesnt respond or that their profile doesnt exist.

In this case it could be a real email but then you wont know til you pay. I have seen people trying to disguise free methods of contacting them. such as typing with spaces "see me on P l e n t y o f F i s h" or e mail me at a h o t p l a c e .

Basically thats how i ended up on here. Got tired of the scams on other sites. It took me a couple of months on here before i truely realized it is FREE. I couldnt believe it because i had been "told" by every other site that it was free too.

POF is by far the best of them all. Its free and has these forums where I can have a lot of fun reading and posting.
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Msg: 53 (view)
Israel plans to use nuclear weapons on Iran.
Posted: 1/10/2007 12:03:13 AM
>thisiz, American media in particularly is very distorted. If you check out "reporters without borders" where international reporters reate contries by how FREE a press is you might be surprised by the numbers for the USA. Considering a free press is something americans like to brag about most wont have a clue on how restricted it is. Every year since Bush became president the US has dropped and average of 9 spots. It is now 53/168 countries. so basically a thiord of the world has a more free press than the USA. Americans like to chant "we're number 1" but infact when it comes to any rating that measures GOOD america falls far behind the rest of the industrialized nations. There is a lot of censorship and distortion in american media. Unfortunately if the people arent able to get access from other countries they BELIEVE what they are told.

>Hobbes, Its attitudes like yours that has lead your country into the mess its in. Just out of interest what does it take to learn a lesson??? America bit off more than it could chew with Iraq. Went against the UN and world opinion because America is right! Went against all the advice of those that knew better because America is right. Sorry, but you were wrong then and are wrong again. Just remember that Iran is 5 times larger than Iraq. The terraine is completely different. Iraq was "easy" because its largely flat and wide open. Makes it easier to spot and take out the enemy. Iran is mountainous and ridge after ridge. Its like the part of afghanistan where Osama was hiding. Very difficult landscape. Not to mention china and russia who border Iran. How do you think they will feel about fallout blowing across their countries? If china Nuked tijuana what would america do? Maybe toss a few back? Maybe you should join up and see how you like Iraq before suggesting another country to attack.

I feel that since the US did NOTHING when Israel ILLEGALLY obtained nuclear weapons, we will more than likely do nothing when those weapons are used.

I think you have missed out on a very important point. You say the US did nothing when Israel obtained nuclear weapons. Ummm, where do you think they got them???? THE US GAVE ISRAEL NUKES! Of course the US will do nothing if Israel uses their nukes. About all they will do is ship them over a bunch of new shiny ones to put on the shelf for next time.

Iran is a hostile nation and a very huge threat, not to mention a huge sponsor of the palestinians
You do realize that every country in the middle east supports the palestinians right? Do you realize why? The palestinians arent just a bunch of squatters in israeli territory. Before Israel was created 60 years ago it WAS PALESTINE! All that land that is now Israel was taken from the people that lived there, the palestinians. Israel rounded them up and put them in camps. Yeah it is IRONIC and sad. Yes, the palestinians are in a real mess but dont put all the blame on them. They lost their land, their homes, their jobs and everything that made them a nation. That is why they fight. That is why a TERRORIST like Arafat rose to power and eventually won the NOBLE peace prize. He fought for his people and then tried to negotiate. Just remember that one persons terrorist is another persons heroic freedom fighter. Were you nation taken away and you were rounded up and put in a camp, with no job and no hope what would you do? Maybe now you can see why palestinian kids throw stones at the israeli tanks that drive over their homes. What else do they have?

This could all be solved if america put down their big stick and decided to help rather than hurt people. The US could easily work a deal with iran to HELP iran get nuclear power for electricity. It would cost the US far less if they helped rather than took military action. Just imagine the US helping to build and run the reactors? they could then keep their hands on all the nice nuclear material and prevent iran from making a bomb (that so far is only an american dream. not 1 piece of evidence has been obtained that shows iran wants nuclear weapons). Were america to go in with a helping hand and offers of working towards peace in the region it would go a long way to bringing down tensions. But tension is good for those that profit from wars....bush family...cheney...yeah, not going to happen.

>ewok. damn you! giving us a link that brings the discussion to an end! But thanks as it backs up my point that israel WONT nuke anyone anytime soon.
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Msg: 38 (view)
Oprah's $40 million dollar school...
Posted: 1/9/2007 10:57:21 PM
Oprah wasnt trying to build a big school to teach all the children. Its a PRIVATE LEADERSHIP SCHOOL. She took the brightest of the brightest that had proven their determination to get good grades despite their incredible poverty. Where some of the kids would continue going to school when they hadnt eaten in days. Many are orphans. Many were abused physically and sexually. None of them have let any of the hardship prevent them from going to school and getting good top marks.

South Africa has been devestated by aids. with 1.2 million kids orphaned by aids alone. The country is collapsing under the wieght of the problem. There arent enough healthy people to TAX to let the government spend on these problems.

Oprah has taken these girls that have shown their abilities to over come and given them a school that will teach then not just the basics we all learned in school but teach them to LEAD and help rebuild their nation. I am willing to bet that when these kids get out of Oprahs school they will go on to great this and some of them will become famous for the good work they will do.

Oprah cant solve all the problems so she has decided to give the tools to those she feels will be the leaders of the next generation.
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Msg: 36 (view)
Oprah's $40 million dollar school...
Posted: 1/9/2007 12:40:44 PM
Some people in here are saying that she only did it to make herself seelf good or to get in the news.

She spent 40 million on this school. She has donated $300,000,000 of her own personal fortune to charities and most of that has gone for education for women. So I find it really strange that its women that are speaking out against her.

Someone said she isnt a saint becuase she is doing it so publicly unlike bono (odd as he is very vocal about issues). She has given more money than ANY other celebrity. She is a saint in my book.
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Msg: 18 (view)
US Army Urges Dead to Re-enlist
Posted: 1/9/2007 12:53:13 AM
Forgot to add this interesting fact:
There are about 31,000 foreign nationals serving in the American military.
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Msg: 17 (view)
US Army Urges Dead to Re-enlist
Posted: 1/9/2007 12:51:37 AM
I dont think ANYONE thinks the army did this on purpose. They did it becaus ethey werent thinking. In this day and age of computers this list should be automatically updated daily. Just like banks do.

>017, I agree with you. I have known a few friends that were either in the forces or had been and they all said the exact same thing. I have to agree the idea of having people forced to fight isnt going to help the moral of those that chose to go.

Only thing i can see a draft being good for is putting draftees into support roles. Keep them out of the actual theatre of war. put them in the home guard and free up the reserves to go over.

Only way to get more people to volunteer is to get rid of Bush and get someone with a brain to lead.

Having confidence in a leader will get people to follow. Who is going to follow a moron that hasnt a clue where he is or where he is going?

Can they draft a new president??

>Sombient, I will check into it and submit a source. I do know I saw the stroy repeated over and over on CNN about a year ago.

Here is what I have found in a quick search

Aside from the obvious qualification of having to be deceased, a former illegal, or, as is politically correct, a former "undocumented alien," or, using the current and supreme politically correct and federally approved and totally non-hurtful nomenclature, "non-citizen national," can enjoy U.S. citizenship. In other words, if you could still breathe, the air in your lungs would be free air from a free country.

However, there are specifics to that non-living condition. You have to have died "as a result of injury or disease incurred by active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces during specified periods of military hostilities."

And the military hostilities you have to have died as a result of are clearly spelled out by the feds, whose requirements for posthumous citizenship are that you must have:

1. Served honorably in an active-duty status in the military, air or naval forces of the United States during:
(a) 04/06/1917 - 11/11/1918 (World War I)

(b) 09/01/1939 - 12/31/1946 (World War II)

(c) 06/25/1950 - 07/01/1955 (Korean Hostilities)

(d) 02/28/1961 - 10/15/1978 (Vietnam Hostilities)

(e) 08/02/1990 - 04/11/1991 (Persian Gulf Conflict)

(f) 09/11/2001 until terminated by Executive Order of the President
Dont know how respectable that site is though but it lends some support to what I was saying.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Nearly 160 people have become United States citizens in a ceremony this morning in Colorado Springs.

The new citizens include a Marine from Gypsum who died in Iraq.

Marine Lance Cpl. Evenor Herrera,, 22, died after being hit by a bomb during combat near Ar Ramadi, Iraq earlier this month. He emigrated with his family from Honduras in 1992 and joined the Marines in 2002.

His U.S. citizenship was awarded posthumously during the ceremony.

Herrera's mother Blanca Stibbs, received her son's citizenship papers from Rep. Joel Hefley, R-Colo.

This is my point of placing the family back on the bus:

By executive order, the President may designate periods of armed conflict for the purpose of INA §329(a) purposes. In 1990, INA §329A was enacted. INA §329A provides for the award of posthumous citizenship to persons who served in the armed forces during a period of hostility designated in INA §329(a) and whose family members had filed a petition within two years of death. However, the surviving family members, however, cannot receive any immigration benefits from the posthumous grant citizenship

Another story of people getting citizenship although it doesnseem to mention if any were illegally in the US when they signed up.

Still looking for the CNN link!
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Msg: 26 (view)
Oprah's $40 million dollar school...
Posted: 1/8/2007 11:14:16 PM
To those that say she has done this just for a tax right off I have to ask a question. It is my understanding that you can only get a tax right off if it is a government approved charity. I really doubt the US government has made this south african school an approved american charity.

Blaming Oprah for mariah carey's boobs hanging out is a good one. Maybe next time she can send her a note asking her to cover them up.

There are hundreds of billionaires in the USA. The top 500 rich people in the US all have a personal fortune over a billion. Millionaires are no longer rich in comparison. How many of these people are opening schools? Ok, Bill gates and buffet have really stepped up to the plate with tens of billions in the gates charity organization. But what of the hundreds more? Shouldnt those that are pissed at Oprah be going after these people for doing nothing? Something tells me it wouldnt have mattered if she had opened the school in the US. People would call her racist if it was in an area that had mostly black children. Or said she had some political leaning if it was in one artea and not another.

Oprah IS NOT racist! The school is for the poorest of the poor. Yes thats mostly black children in a country that is 90% black. Her school does have WHITE poor kids too.

Poverty sees no colour. You can be any race, and age, whatever can still be poor.

All this stuff about race has got to stop. We are all the human race. Some people have blue eyes, some brown, some green hair, blonde hair, red hair, brown, white, brown, etc, skin comes in all different shades too.

What is she meant to do? Open a school in beverly hills for rich white kids??????

I am not an Oprah fan and I dont watch her show. I do respect her as I know she has reached the height of success through her own hard work and smarts. Sh started with nothing and had a sh1tty start and overcame a hell of a lot of obstacles to get where she is.

She is where she is due to her own abilities. Look at Bush, kept out of vietnam by his father, given oil company after oil comapny and bankrupted them all. bought his way into politics all the way to the presidency. Has he earned any of it? no. Did he get there through his own hard work? NO. Has he done any good in the world? NO.

Oprah not only deserves respect...she EARNED my respect.
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Msg: 19 (view)
Good News
Posted: 1/8/2007 5:03:51 PM
>downforit, Actually Saddam had been demanding a firing squad as he felt it was more noble and didnt wish to be hung like a common criminal. As for what rumsfeld did, he was involved in supplying Saddam with the equipment used in the crime you mention AND had full knowledge of the intended purpose. Not to mention his involvement in the current war which is in violation of international law not to mention the numerous crimes committed as a result of that war.
The only good thing the has come from the war on Iraq is it did lead to some regime change in the US. All thats left is the impeachment of the moron at the top that started the whole mess.
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Msg: 18 (view)
Good News
Posted: 1/8/2007 4:07:06 PM
>downforit and plp, does that mean you feel that rumsfeld should be dragged through the streets and shot too?
after what they did.

The trial would have been longer and he would have been tried in The Hague in the international court. Remember the world askerd for him to be tried in the international court but the US would not allow it. They claimed it was better for Iraqis to try him so that they could "heal" from the saddam years. Truth was it was to keep americans from being dragged up on charges. Keeping it in Iraq keeps it in american control and keeps americans from being tried.

Having the executioners all being Shia and saddam being a sunni was the dumbest idea since that war started. Ok, maybe not the dumbest as there are so many mistakes its hard to choose. It was though a huge mistake because it then adss fuel to the fire between shia und sunnis. The executioners should have been a mix of both shia and sunnis so that it would be an execution rather than the lynching that it was.

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Msg: 14 (view)
Saddam's Charges Dropped - Posthumuously
Posted: 1/8/2007 12:28:40 PM
Ever since the charges were brought against him for gassing the kurds there was speculation that he would never be tried for it.

Eihwaz, had it right when he said
Any further investigation into the atrocities committed in Sadam's name have many far reaching implications for the United States.

Remember that the chemicals used were provided by the US, the helicopteres used to spray the equipment were from the US and were equiped by the americans to spray the chemicals. There was a PBS documentary before the current Iraq war where they interveiwed a lot of those involved. The best evidence was from the state department that they had to explain to Saddam that they could not give him the equipment for gassing civilians. They told him he had to say it was for agricultural use to cover americas ass. They knew he was going to gas the kurds but they didnt care so long as he kept up his war with Iran. Remember this was just a couple of years after Iran held the US hostages. Reagan was in but kicking mode and we have all seen the clips of rumsfeld shaking Saddams hand after giving him his weapons.

Should Saddam have been tried for this crime it would have meant exposing american involvement and complicity in the crimes. Again it could have led to more charges against rumsfeld for crimes against humanity.

Saddam never should have been tried in Iraq but in an international court where he could have had a fair trial and had it done properly. Instead he is executed in a circus organized along sectarian lines so of course one group is outraged even if they hated saddam.

The rule of not charging a dead person is an american law but do they have such a law in Iraq??

With Saddam dead and the charges dropped the gassing of the kurds and american involvement can go back to a forgotten moment in history.
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Msg: 10 (view)
US Army Urges Dead to Re-enlist
Posted: 1/8/2007 1:52:44 AM
Recalling isnt new. A lot of nations recalled WWII vets for the Korean war. Its a way of getting trained troops thru the system and into the war faster than picking up volunteers and having to fully train them.

What is bad is that in this day and age of computers that they didnt bother to update the info before sending out the letters. It is just another example of the holes in their system. Just a house of cards from top to bottom. Those that serve deserve to be treated as the valuable commodity that they are and not just as cannon fodder.

The US grants citizenship to those illegals that serve and are killed in combat. Yeah, postumopusly being given citizenship isnt as good as getting it when you are alive but better than nothing. Although it doesnt cost the government anything to print out a piece of paper to had the family as they but them on a bush headed south.

Why doesnt the US grant citizenship to those that volunteer and do a tour of duty? I think it would solve 2 problems in the USA. 1 the need for more troops and 2 the complaints about illegal immigrants. Then again the US is racist so im sure they arent going to want there to be more hispanic vets than those born in the US.

I still think they should bring in the draft. Bush has a couple of kids he could send and follow them with all the kids of all the politicians that voted for and supported the war.

Want a war? Put your family where your mouth is or shut up!
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Msg: 24 (view)
Oprah's $40 million dollar school...
Posted: 1/8/2007 1:36:38 AM
>Keljo, I think that you are missing the point. She buiolt this school in a country that hasnt the money to provide a good education to these poor kids. South Africa is a very modern country and very self sufficient but with things like aids wiping out the population the govt isnt able to put money into education when they are having to put it into saving the lives of the population. The USA has enough money to provide each american child with a great education and a free university education. And before someone quips about illegal immigrants in the schools being the reason their isnt enough money for "american" kids, the US has more than enough to educate them as well. The US doesnt bother because it isnt important to the government. Those in power are rich and can afford to educate their own children. They couldnt care less about those that cant. Do you realize that if bush hadnt been allowed to start his personal war on Iraq that the US would have enought money for education and free universal healthcare? Oh sorry, I forgot, free education and free healthcare rings of communism!

>Interlude, South africa isnt a muslim country. Only about 1.5% of the population is Muslim. South Africa is about 90% Christian. She made the school for girls because in poor families they will educate the boy before the girl as they cant afford to educate both.

South Africa has an adult aids rate of about 22%. Thats more than 1 in 5 people. the current life expectancy in south africa is 42 years old. Thats the average. Now we all know that the rich (mostly white) will live a lot longer so if you take them out of the equation that average would drop even further. South africa needs to save their children and educate them so that the country can survive. South africa has a fairly high literacy rate of 85%. Now they spend about 1.5% gdp on military. Compare that to the 5% that the US government claims they spend when the actual estimate is much higher due to fancy book keeping to cover true expenses. South africa isnt wasting money on a military and running around attacking other countires. They are desperately trying to keep their country afloat! 50% live below the poverty line. Debt is 35% of GDP. Although thats a lot better than the current rate for the USA which has past the 70% mark and is rocketing higher due to a war paid for on visa and mastercard. Do americans even realize that america isnt even owned BY americans? If you have a mortgage you know the bank is the real owner of the house. China and Japan are the real owners of the USA. Im guessing that one day the chinese will just nail an eviction notice on the white house door and tell the president to take his citizens with him!

Why should Oprah waste her money in the USA?

Are 50% of americans in poverty? no.

Does america have the money to provide a good education to all? yes. It chooses NOT to.

The situation is more desperate in RSA than USA. Besides, I am willing to bet that Oprah has probably given a lot of money to other charities in the USA. Why should she build a school there? all that would do is let the government save money to spend on wars.
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Msg: 25 (view)
Questioning Capital Punishment - Moratoria in three states
Posted: 1/8/2007 12:15:06 AM
The USA which pretends to be the greatest place on earth and more civilized than any other nation has more people in prisone than ANY other country in the world. That includes countires like China and India that have populations over a billion a piece.

The death penalty in the US will come to an end one day just as it has in the rest of the industrialized nations in the world.

What is the point in locking someone up for 20 years and then killing them?? yeah I know some of these guys are disgusting and even mother teresa would agree they should die. but really what does it do? It costs so much money to go thru all the legal crap before they are executed and takes decades.
They killed that guy last year that had been in for more than 20 years. Cant recall his name but he was completely reformed and had written books for kids to keep them out of gangs and had done a lot of good work while in prison. They could have just left him there but the old US need for vengence trumped him reforming.
I was trying to find the stats online but couldnt. I remember seeing a thing on tv about a year ago and it said that with the rate of new convictions for the death penalty and all those on death row the number was huge. They said that if 1 person was executed every hour it would take 40 years to get caught up.

The death penalty does NOT work to deter criminals. The Justice system in the US is pretty poor by international standards. The death penalty in the US isnt used fairly. If you have 2 men with the exact same criminal back ground and having committed the same crime in the same way that has the death penalty as an option you woulkd think they would both get it. However, if one is black and the other white guess who gets the needle and which stays in prison? yeah of course the black guy will get it much more often than the white guy.

How many are convicted unfairly? probably lots.

Keeping someone on death row for decades and then killing them is pretty cruel and a waste of money. If you are going to do it then make damn sure the person is guilty and then hang them on their way from their appeal. Dont make them suffer for decades and then do it.

The US needs to completely reform their system. There is something wrong when a country has such a huge prison population compared to the rest of the world. Then again I guess they havent realized that it a major industry down there. Change the system and you put people out of work. Its too large an industry to reform it.

funny that the Christian fundamentalists arent pushing to remove the death penalty. After all isnt vengence meant to be left up to God?
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Msg: 18 (view)
Israel plans to use nuclear weapons on Iran.
Posted: 1/7/2007 11:18:52 PM
Ayatollah Khamanei out ranks the president. Iran is no where near the whacked fundamentalist state that the US and Bush try to make it out to be. There is a pretty good campaigne to paint Iran in the worst possible light. It would be like nations potraying the USA by only showing the bad. The poor education system, the slums and run down areas, the homeless, the pollution, the crime, political corruption I could go on and on but you get the idea. Showing all the things that american news avoids. Yes, Iran isnt as free as it could be but thats not so much because of politics but more because the religious fundamentalists have their hold on power. Just like the evangelical christian fundamentalists in the US (bush) have a big influence on policy. More so than the average american. The ayatollah is also reaching out to all the other countries for support and is getting that support from russia, china and india. the ONLY people that want the USA to be in the middle east are the Iraelis nad the americans. Bush never seems to mention that every country in the region is against american involvement. Guess its just like americans probably not wanting some far off country deciding americas fate.
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Msg: 32 (view)
Should Ladies Night at the bars be illegal?
Posted: 1/7/2007 8:23:43 PM
I might get some flak on this one...To answer the question, No they shouldnt be illegal.

no, that wasnt the statement i was expecting the flak on...this is:

The world isnt fair. In certain circumstances it IS ok to discriminate between men and women. Yeah I know I cant believe I said it but I did so let me explain.... there are female only fitness clubs. There was a guy on the news a while back that was trying this same crap of suing because LadySpa wouldnt let him join. Fact is men and women are different. Men like women at fitness clubs. Men like a woman to watch them work out. Men like to hit on women in fitness clubs. Now there are women that just want to go to work out. Some dont mind the guys eyeballing them but some just want to be left in peace so they can work on their fitness. Fine with me. I have no objections to female only fitness clubs. I see NO point to have a male only club.

This site is free for all but most pay dating sites also are not fair. many are free for women but not for the men. women can email for free but the men cant. Why? because if the women had to pay they wont be as willing to join the site. Now since these sites already have about 25 men for every female member can you imagine the odds if they had to pay? there would be about 250 men for every women and the site would die as there would never be enough interest in keeping the site going. Same thing for nightclubs. More men and few women. So eliminate the cover charge so its cheaper for women to go out. Lower the price of their drinks so its also cheaper for them to go out and they can afford to go out more often.

Has nothing to do with giving them a financial break because women earn less than men. Yes, might be true in some cases but things have changed a lot and I know a lot of women that make more money than the men they are with. Its all about getting women into the bar or onto a website.
If you dont get women into the clubs and into the dating sites then the business will dry up. Men wont go to a bar if there arent any women there. (ok, yes there are bars that cater to the men interested in men crowd but you know what i mean).
Maybe these places should tell him its not because hes a man but because hes an ASS and thats why they are charging him more or keeping him out.

This guy is just an ass and he is on a crusade to prove it to the world.
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Msg: 31 (view)
Isn't this Madonna Crap getting old?
Posted: 1/7/2007 8:01:35 PM
What I dont understadn is she is doing this at her concert, correct?
Someone also posted how impossible it was to get tickets. So we can then make a pretty good guess that those that managed to get tickets are her fans. So Who did she offend? I doubt a single person in the audience was offended by her act at all. Something tells me some evangelical fundamentalist heard about it and started this whole debate. She doesnt have to do anything to get the exposure as those that hate her will drum up and promote her without them even realizing it.

Madonna might be getting older but she isnt old. She still sells out stadiums and sells a lot of cds. She probably still has 15 years of stardom left in her so you will et even more in the future. She is brilliant and hard working and has always been on top for 20 years. Im not a fan but im not going to knock her. She started with nothing and became an empire. Hell oprah was getting trashed in another thread for opening a school for poor kids in africa.

You might not like these people but they do try to use their fame to bring peoples attention to issues which are often ignored. When did Bush do something about education? other than giving money if they let army recruiters into high schools. no recruiters no money. Yeah that is nice! Bush out there trying to get peoples attention on aids? actually he has been against stem cell research that is the real hope for curing countless diseases. So if the politicians wont represent these issues who will?

She is hung on a cross. People have been hung up on crosses long before Jesus and long after and will be long into the future. Wasnt there a pic of a guy in abu graib crucified?? Who says it has ANYTHING to do with Christianity??

Madonna might have a couple of million on a disco ball and many million more on the rest of the show but so what??if she just stood on the back of a pick up truck and shouted out her songs people would be pissed off. People go to concerts for more than listening to the music. They want to SEE a show. A performance to remember. That disco ball will end up being taking apart and resold. Its not like she is going to hang it in her living room. Shows cost money to put together. She also gives a lot of her own money to charities. All she is trying to do is get people to look a little farther and see that there are issues in this world that need to be dealt with. So she preaches a message to her fans. If it gets a few people to donate money to help then it was a good thing.

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Msg: 6 (view)
Israel plans to use nuclear weapons on Iran.
Posted: 1/7/2007 5:35:42 PM
This is NOT going to happen. This is just more stoking of americas fears to keep the people scared and worried so the government can justify spending more on the military.
Isreal will not nuke anyone. the only time they will use them is as a last resort. Should the arab world unite again and try to push them into the sea they will then use their nukes.
Look at it this way, if they use them:
World outcry against the use of nukes (outcry from all but the US that gave them the nukes).
It would show that Isreal is the bigger threat to peace in the middle east than any other country.
entire Arab world and probably muslim world would be gearing up to remove Isreal.
Isreal would then have to rely entirely on their conventional military to defend itself. They can put up a good fight but once it starts the country will be flooded with foreign fighters and make Iraq look like a good place for a holiday. Once a large insurection gets started in Isreal the country will collapse and will be wiped from the map, never to return.
Nukes keep Israel safe. just as they kept the USA safe and the soviets safe and has kept every nuclear power safe from invasion. No one will ever use a nuke as an attack weapon as the consequences are too high. nukes are a retalitory weapon. for isreal that means that if they get wiped out they will take someone with them.

Just so there isnt a repeat of the Iraq situation..remember Iran is building reactors for power. They have had inspectors go through everything and there hasnt been 1 single item that has made anyone think they are building or intending to build nuclear weapons.

ALL the claims of Iran building nukes has come from the Bush administration that admits it has NO proof but their own speculation. Saddam didnt have a damn thing yet it was a slam dunk case against him.

Iran needs reactors for electricity. buring oil is a waste of oil and once their oil runs out what are they meant to survive on? Its not like they have a lot of trees to burn for fuel.

Dont believe the hype. Dont ever rely on american news media for the facts. Its always distorted. The beauty of the internet is you can look at news agencies in other countries. Remember the USA isnt even in the top third of countries listed by freedom of the press!
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Msg: 16 (view)
Oprah's $40 million dollar school...
Posted: 1/6/2007 8:26:42 PM
It isnt just for black girls. It is a school for POOR south africans. Most of the poor are black but south africa still has a colour classification that goes from black to white and covers various others and mixes in between. Oprahs school has POOR children from the entire spectrum. Yes, more of the children are black but that just reflects the state of the country where more poor are black than white.
I am truely impressed with oprah opening this school. There has been criticism that she should have opened a school for poor kids in the USA but i think she was right to do it over there. The USA has a poor education system because their society doesnt value education and their government doesnt care to support it properly. In South Africa the country has economic and major heath problems and doesnt have the money to properly fund education. These kids are desperate to learn and go to school. They know that education will improve their lives dramatically. my only worry about the school is that it is so fancy that the kids might come out with an attitude!

I have a lot of respect for Oprah. She has come a long way and built and empire and always on the positive. Its good to see her HAPPY at the joy her gift has given these kids and the knowledge that every year a new group of kids will be given a fantastic education that would normally have been beyond their grasp.

As the OP said...Kudos to Oprah!
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Msg: 8 (view)
Man saves fallen teen from Subway train
Posted: 1/6/2007 8:10:46 PM
I saw this on the news and was choked up by the story. This guy is a true hero. He didnt do it to be heroic he did it because he saw the guy in trouble and he helped him without giving it a thought. Its an amazing story and an incredible outcome that all were ok. This guy certainly has a lot saved in the bank of karma now!
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Msg: 25 (view)
Ancient ice shelf snaps free from island (caused by global warming?)
Posted: 12/31/2006 1:18:11 PM
I have seen this story on CBC a while ago. The reason the Canadian governtment isnt working on the problem is because Harper is a Bush wannabe. When tony Blair steps down as the British PM Harper becomes next inline to get his nose up bushes butt. Harper wont do anything because anything that is done means trying to get through to Bush that global warming is real and serious. Bush still blinded by seeing what he wants to see. He sees himself leading a successful war in Iraq and that global warming isnt happening. Harper wont do anything to burst bushes bubble.
To all the people that say there is nothing that can be done - thanks for giving up without trying. Remember the hole in the ozone layer? the world got together and banned the CFCs that were used in aerosol cans because the cfcs were depleting the ozone layer. Over time the ozone layer was able to repair itsself. Cutting green house gas emissions wont stop global warming over night but it will slow it down.

This ice sheet was thousands of years old. This should help prove to those that dismiss global warming that it is actually happening. If you have an ice cube sitting around for a few thousand years and then it suddenly melts then it has to be because the temperture has increased.
Ice reflects the heat of the sun back into the atmosphere. when an ice sheet disappears that heat from the sun heats the surface of the ocean causing the process to speed up as the water temp increases the ice disappears. it is a snow ball effect. the depletion of ice results in even more depletion.
Polar bears need sea ice in order to survive as they do almost all there hunting at sea. As the sea ice disappears so does the ability for bears to hunt. More of them are starving than ever before. Average weights of the bears are down about 20% in the last ten years. Polar bears are strong swimmers that swim between the ice flows and the shore. Bears are now being found drowned because they have to swim farther and farther and sometimes never find any ice. One bear was spotted swiimming by a helicopter 80km from the nearest land or ice. The bear was swimming in an area covered by ice. Unfortunately for him he had to swim out to find it was gone.
Global warming doesnt mean that the earth will be happy and that canada will suddenly become a tropical paradise. It means the entire planet is out of balance. It means increased intensity of storms and frequency. Yeah it might mean Canadians dont get white Christmases but it also means we get devastating wind storms. intense rain/snow in some areas while other areas will have droughts.
Check out the small islands in the world. Visit them now because some are already disappearing. If you watched survivor:Cook Islands imagine sea level 50 feet higher. How much of that island would be above water? none.
Global warming isnt good, its bad.
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Msg: 39 (view)
Selective Service advertising is there a Draft coming?
Posted: 12/24/2006 12:44:35 AM
They are discussing this more and more and it could happen. I agree that the draft will not be fair. The people have no real say in the USA. It will be the poor that go and the rich that get out of it. They are already usuing illegal aliens in the military. Loved the story on CNN on how the govt was giving POSTUMOUS citizenship to aliens killed in Iraq. Maybe they just need to push that point more. I am sure all the americans complaining of illegal immigrants would be pleased if they were all put into the military. Afterall they would still be doing jobs that americans dont want to do.

They should bring in a draft and put bush's kids at the top of the list. Then go thru the list of morons and ba$tards that lied and rushed america into this war and lied to the world. Demand that they provide a family member for the Bush war.
Maybe once these people actually have family involved they wouldnt ever rush to war again.
America bough this war and now they have to pay for it. Just make certain that it isnt just the poor that end up as cannon fodder.

>hunter, why are you not over there? you seem pretty good at calling those that dont wish to go cowards and traitors. You talk the talk but shouldnt you be walking the walk?

If america is going to rely on a volunteer army then they are going to have to make it far more attractive. Citizenship for those that do a tour. Free university education for those that survive a combat tour. Perhaps less lying to the troops would help too. Its still really sad to see some going on about how they are fighting in Iraq because they want to avenge 9/11...they have become so deluded that they are having to hold onto the lies or they will break down when they face the fact that they are not fighting for the nobel reasons they signed up for. Treat them with the respect they deserve and tell them the truth from start to finish. Properly supply them so they dont have to get their friends and family to mail them body armor. treat them with respect by planning for wars and how to win the peace. America can win wars but they cannot win the peace because they dont focus any further than the objective of taking out the opposing army. Cheny claimed that americans would be treated as liberators. Although experts from around the world predicted the insurgency. Not one white house officail thought there would be an insurgency. Why? because they have NO understanding of Iraq, its people or its history. Sadly BUSH is beating his war drums and looking at Iran to get peoples minds off Iraq, and afghanistan. Either bush needs to be impeached or they need to bring in the draft to have the size of military bush will need to win his wars and the Pieces (sadly not peace).
Any chance of getting rumsfeld over as a private??
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Msg: 19 (view)
Why is Canadian Currency worth LESS?
Posted: 12/24/2006 12:04:56 AM
Remember that a few short years ago the exchange rate was much worse fro Canadians. It was around $1.50 CAN for $1US. that was back in 2000. Thankfully Bush was able to tank the american $ which made it look like the Canadian dollar was gaining so much. He still has 2 years left so by the end of it the US$ might drop another 50 cents.
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Msg: 14 (view)
The End of Dollar Supremacy
Posted: 12/20/2006 2:32:20 PM
The US dollar has been in decline since bush first took office. Since then he has done everything he can to weaken it further. China holds over a TRILLION dollars of US dept. Its not just a few billion. Bush hasnt raised taxes to pay for his war so americans dont notice the financial pinch yet. It is all paid for by borrowing foreign money and increasing the debt. The dollar is increasingly seen as becoming valuless because that dollar is no longer owned by america. At some point america will be called upon to pay their bills. Just wait for china to come along and repo the whitehouse.
The Euro is very strong because the european union is very strong and growing.

The "Amero" will never come to be. First off the Euro is the currency in europe because europe is united. Just like the USA is made up of STATES that are united. Better think of europe now as the united states of europe. There will never be a united north america. No Canadian wants to be saddled with american debt and insanity. No american wants to remove the US-Mexican border. All the amero would do is have canada prop up a devalued american dollar. it wont happen. Canada and mexico have already learned the lessons from NAFTA. The US benefits at ther expense of the other two countries. Hell, The US violates the agreement and even their own courts find them in violation and yet they still cheat and scam.
The US govt does not work. It is not a democracy and is riddled with corruption. There is no chance they would ever be united with the rest of north america.

Most oil producing nations are moving towards the euro and dropping the US dollar. Dont get angry with the iranians or anyone else outside the USA. The blame for it lies with BUSH. You cant blame the rest of the world for dumping a daollar thats quickly becoming worthless unless you run out of toilet paper.

The big kicker will come when the US finds that the countries it is in debt too wont accept US$ for payment but demands the debt be paid in euros! Watch because it will happen!

Dont worry there is something you can do in the USA about this. Run out to walmart and spend your cash on made in china products. Walmart is the biggest pimp of chinese made products. Shop there and help speed the demise of the dollar. After all the US might function better once the chinese take ownership of it.
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Msg: 6 (view)
TO IM OR NOT TO IM or when is it just a game?
Posted: 12/18/2006 1:18:37 AM
I think that the main reason a woman isnt willing to just give out her phone number is that they worry the guy might be a creep. If they get to know you a little by chatting they can then have a better idea of who you are and if they should give out their phone number. When a woman is ready to talk on the phone she will let you know. If they want to chat forever then they are not interested in you as anything more than an online friend.
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Msg: 30 (view)
How dumb am I?
Posted: 12/17/2006 7:04:23 PM
The way you describe his apartment it sounds more like his flop house. If it didnt have a land line then his wife probably doesnt know about the apartment.

Dont worry about your pics. Just because you have a boob shot posted I dont think that means you are a boob. The guy is a slimball and he took advantage of you. Dont let people blame you for HIS disgusting behaviour.

Learn to watch for warning signs. If he doesnt have a landline then something has to be up. I do know a couple of people that only use cellphones as they find it a waste of money to have a landline also but most people do. Take a good look at his ring finger and look for a tan line. Tell the next guy you meet that if he turns out to be married or have a gf you will tell his wife and help her chop his bits off.
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Msg: 15 (view)
Rumsfeld again facing charges as a war criminal
Posted: 12/17/2006 3:06:20 PM
>bolo, Ok maybe saddam actually used his own hands to harm and kill. BUT bush has harmed and killed far more people than saddam could ever have dreamed of. Bush has suspended human rights, broken the geneva convention, with drawn from the international courts, even trampled on the rights of his own people. He may not have tortured prisoners himself but HE IS responsible. Hitler didnt go about killing anyone personally yet we all know he was RESPONSIBLE. Or Maybe you think he was just like Bush and not responsible. You might also want to know that the holding of prisoners for years on end in guantonamo is also against international law and a human rights violation. The only difference you have noted between the two is that saddam was "hands on". You can forgive your president for lying to you and violating your rights but he also lied to the entire world and tried to bring them into his war.

As for the US getting out soon and there being no threat, I still say thats false. Iraq will be complete chaos. Everyone will be blaming the US for having caused the situation. Forget that bush has painted EVERYONE as a terrorist. There are terrorists that will go after american targets just as they did before 9/11. All bush has done is make the region unstable, increased the power and influence of Iran and syria and pissed of the Israelis by increasing the threat to them. Its led to the growing power of Hamas and Hezbolah. Leaving it in a mess and blaming the Iraqis for not being able to gain control is foolish on many levels. It isnt the Iraqis fault that it is a mess. Blame that on Bush and Rumsfeld. Problem is bush calls everyone a terrorist. there are only a few in Iraq. the rest are insurgents, or from their point of view, they are freedom fighters fighting an occupying army. When america leaves there wont be anyone bothering to stop groups from training and planning terrorist attacks. The country will end up imploding and pulling in other countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia and could turn into a sunni-shiite war throughout the middle east.

America might still get oil from Venezeula but for how long? Bush can only call him an enemy of the US for so long before he decides to turn off the tap.

Forget turkey and Russia coming to help america out of Iraq. Why the hell would they? Powel warned Bush and the american people that if you break it you have bought it. Well its broken and theres no running to other countries for help. Bush had his great coalition of the willing at the start. But when the coalition of the willing realized that they were the coalition of the deceived they all started pulling out. Even the offering of billions of dollars is not enticing them to remain. Turkey is trying to join the EU and they aree not going to jump into this mess and blow there future. The Russians have NO interest in Iraq and have their own internal problems to deal with. Bush will never, ever fool another nation into believing a word he says. There is no nation that would go into Iraq now. Its an american mess. Bush created it and he IS responsible for cleaning it up.

Bush is a compulsive liar that has caused the deaths of more people than any other this century. Just because he doesnt actually do the killing in person he is responsible. I never said saddam was a nice guy, just not the liar Bush is.
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Msg: 12 (view)
Rumsfeld again facing charges as a war criminal
Posted: 12/16/2006 11:45:53 PM
Misterhaze you are wrong, they never found ANYTHING even remotely sinister in Iraq. Saddam said he had nothing and he had nothing. Bush was the one telling lies to the world. Saddam is an honest boy scout in comparison to GW.

As for America pulling out of Iraq they cant. If america leaves then the country will turn into civil war. The Saudis will back one side and Iran the other. They had that brady guy from the Iraq study group come out and say that Turkey would move in to back the armenians in the north. Really sorry to hear that he thinks that considering it is exactly the opposite feeling of the turks. Again shows that another group of "experts" got together and yet none of them have any understanding of the situation. The turks are opposed to the splitting of Iraq because if the armenians get the north then they will try to unite with the armenians in the south eastern part of turkey, spreading even more violence. Leaving Iraq in a mess will allow for REAL terrorists to organize against american targets. Right now they are taking pot shots at american troops and doing the odd kidnapping. Once the americans leave they will plan for attacks on american interests in other parts of the middle east and on american soil. America will HAVE to stay in Iraq for its own safety. They just have to get with the program and learn HOW to win a war. Or more correctly win the peace. Sad thing is its taken so long and there have been so many lies that the american people dont know whats going on and the administration is beginning to believe their own lies.
Sadly the latest idea is to threaten the Iraq govt into taking greater control. They have NO control and yet this new report comes out and says that if the Iraqis cant get things under control the US will have to pull out. Like its the Iraqis fault for the mess they are in.
Sad to say it but its onlty going to get worse over there until they completely change their way of thinking.
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Msg: 3 (view)
is iran considerd an enemy
Posted: 12/16/2006 8:32:55 PM
I think it all depends on what country you are in. Also the point of view. Its more likely that Iran thinks of america as an enemy due to the last 50 years of american tampering and aggression. Remember the USA over threw their govt in the early 1950s and installed the shaw and a puppet govt. Made sure the USA had cheap oil for the 50s and 60s. The Iranians had enoguh of the puppet govt and tossed him out. Also napped a few americans at the embassy there. The US then supported SADDAM in an 8 year war against Iran. The US supplied things like chemical weapons to Saddam to kill the Iranians. Thats why bush was so sure Saddam still had some. He had no proof by rumsfeld still had the reciepts. Bush has also been claiming that Iran is trying to build nukes. Although yet again there hasnt been a single piece of proof. They want nuclear power for electricity. Only short sighted american thinking believes they should burn all there oil to produce electricity. The Bush administration is PUSHING Iran with constant threats of attacks and claims they are building bombs. Thing is they now know from North Korea that the only way to protect themselves from US attack and protect their sovereignty is to have a few nukes. Iran wont nuke Israel because Israel has nukes already that they would just toss back. All Iran will do with a nuke is use it as a scarecrow to keep america out of their country.

Bush will have to negotiate with Iran. America cannot take them on militarily as they havent the strenght. Iran is 5 times the size of Iraq and completely different geography. It much more hilly and mountainous. Its easier to fight in flat open country than it is in mountains and ridges.

As for america being irans first target when they get the bonb they wont. They wont have a method to deliver it and whats more the US would then nuke them back. Iran WILL NOT use a nuke as a first strike. They WONT nuke Isreal or anyone else. They might use it against a massing american army preparing to invade them. So it would most likely land in Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Although again they would never use it to provoke an attack but prevent one.

America has being messing with the Iranians for 50 years and you want to know if they are YOUR enemy? Take a look at things from their point of view and begin to understand WHO is the threat to world peace.
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Msg: 4 (view)
Silly String...A New Weapon In Iraq???
Posted: 12/16/2006 7:48:56 PM
I saw this story on the news. they showed how they do it and it is a brilliant idea.

ewok> I guess the idea isnt to do it when they are breaking into a house. just searching areas that may not have any enemy combatants but may be booby trapped.

sometimes the best solution is a simple one. I am sure this will save a lot of lives and limbs. Although once the insurgents realize it they will no doubt boobytrap the booby trap. So when the see the silly string hanging from the wire they will then endup on a landmine as they go to deactivate the first booby trap.
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Msg: 9 (view)
Were my pics 'hi-jacked' or is downloading off POF acceptable?
Posted: 12/14/2006 10:57:26 PM
If he copied them from the site then I think it would say "plenty of fish" on it just as when you see it on your profile. There is no safe guard for pics. Once you have posted them they are free for the entire world to look at and download.

That said this guy posting it as his screen saver at work is a bit much. If you asked him to remove it he should have done it. He is obviously a creep. Sadly there are a lot of them out there. besides he should be more worried his boss will see and realize he is using his work computer to browse the singles sites instead of working.

You might want to just have one pic posted and save the rest for people you WANT to see them. Still keep in mind that when you send them they are on the web for life.
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Msg: 20 (view)
Recovering alcholic won't associate with people who drink
Posted: 11/27/2006 10:36:08 PM
This person has a serious problem with alcohol. They have been sober for 19 years and they obviously know how hard it has been to stay away from booze. They were UP FRONT with you and told you about the problem. They didnt lie or lead you on but told you straight up that they cannot be around people that drink. Poor you! This person cant be around you. What about them? Ever think how hard their life is? having to forgo parties and gatherings where she knows people will be drinking? Maybe the next time you go to a party or social gathering where everyone is having a drink you stick to juice. Watch your buddies enjoying a beer and see if you are tempted. You would probably be the first to condemn this person if they were a drunk. Stumbling and mumbling. Yet she has taken control of her life and has openly told you that while she is no longer drinking she cannot be around those that do drink. Imagine if you were in a relationship with her. You like to have a beer when you get home from work on fridays. Do you really think it would be wise to have beer in the fridge waiting for you? Knowing that she probably wants one really badly? Knowing that she cant have just one but might end up getting pissed everyday? Or maybe you would have the will power to never ever have a drink around her or have alcohol on your breath when you see her, EVER.

Dont be so mad at her. She was honest with you and you should be thankful for that. Treat her with the same respect she has shown you.
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Msg: 164 (view)
Breastfeeding on a plane.
Posted: 11/27/2006 2:25:12 PM
you can see between the seats, people moving about the cabin will definitely notice and if on a large plane, anyone on both sides of her would have a peep show going on next to them.

Yes a few people walking to the washroom might stand up and spot it but they can easily look where they are walking and not at the baby feeding. As for looking between the seats you would have to be infront of her and looking back between the seats to see her. At that point YOU would be the one doing something wrong. Now she had a window on one side and her husband on the other so for people on the side to PEEP they would have to lean forward to see past her husband who is blocking their view. Again The peeper is the one doing something wrong and I am sure the husband would ask them to please avert their eyes. You have described the actions of people that dont have a problem with it but are sick enough to get some thrill out of watching.

North Americans who claim to have the most freedom, most tolerant cultures, seem to be the only ones that are frightened
I think you have hit it on the head. Americans like to claim to be free and tolerant yet they are far from it. Last week they also had the muslims tossed off a plane because they had been seen praying before getting on the aircraft. Made the yokels nervous so security had to put them through the ringer.

Think of how horrified these people would be if it had been an international flight? God knows how many babies might have been feeding. Breasts and babies everywhere. Not to mention actually arriving in another country where breasts arent considered offensive. Better keep off the beaches. Or out of the markets, the streets. Better yet stay home and close your eyes.

topfree (for men and women) IS legal In New York, USA, and Ontario, Canada - even on streets or in parks.

I did know it was legal in Ontario but was surprised at New York. Those that are horrified by bare breasts should check out this site just so you know what you are in for in the future. This is a group that is trying to get it legalized throughout North America. Imagine women being free to go topless just as men do! The horror...the horror....

Just because it is legal doenst mean that women suddenly all run around topless. Just means that if its a hot day in the park and you want to take off your top you can. Maybe some people think that society should be moving the other direction. Used to be immoral to show an ankle. Maybe the burqas the way to go.

As for the attitude of going behind a tree to pee this woman was blocked by the seats and her husband. As people have said other passengers could peek IF they wanted to. Just the same as someone could peek around a tree to watch you if they pleased. The peeker has the problem.
To the person that said the SOUND of a baby suckling grossed them out you can ask the airline to give you a headset at listen to one of their music stations.

I am glad the airline disciplined the airline employee that ordered the mother off the aircraft. Unless the woman stood up and threatened to beat someone over the head with her breast she wasnt a threat to anyone.

The way some people are reacting it seems like the airlines should add another question to the screening process...did you pack your own bag? ever leave it unattended? are you lactating? ...Sorry Ma'am but you cant bring those onboard they are culturally offensive. You will have to rent a car to get to your destination.

Which would be more disturbing? A toddler sucking on a nipple or a toddler crying and whining? I think it should go the otherway. Crying/whining babies should be given a breast to shut them up for the peace of the other passengers!
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