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 Author Thread: 55 year old dad with small children
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55 year old dad with small children
Posted: 5/4/2012 11:30:49 AM
You have hit the nail on the head. Women don't see it in the same light, and when the roles are reversed they change their position. You need to find women with kids that are closer in age to your kids.

Just jump into younger age category and women with kids will post that their kids come first ...and will let you know if you don't like it to go find a different profile. Basically you need to have the same attitude. You are not asking your date to be a mother (you don't have full time custody), and their role is little more than what a Grandmother would normally take on as responsibility. You don't need someone who refuses to handle that small level of commitment.

I have a older brother who was in the same situation a couple years ago. I was in a less dramatic situation 15 years ago when, my son was 5 and I just got divorced. Multiple dates wanted me to accept their children and treat them as my own ...but my child (who did live with me full time) ...they wanted me to send him to his mom's house to live. (ironic because they had never met his mom, knew nothing about her, and had no idea why I had custody).

I would NOT put their ages on your profile and definitely wouldn't post their photos. You have young kids - enjoy them! If a date dumps you because of them, you didn't want her anyway. If she like you she will stick around.
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