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 Author Thread: men outnumber women on dating sites Fact? or Myth?
 Happy Dayzs
Joined: 1/20/2009
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men outnumber women on dating sites Fact? or Myth?
Posted: 2/4/2009 4:20:37 PM
I think this carries over to all ages: For many years I ran a large co-ed beach house; most people were 28-45. On Friday & Saturday nites at 11 pm all the women from our house & their friends at neighboring houses would gather together, sit around, drink coffee and complain about not being able to meet decent guys. All were reasonably successful women in business, of average looks. In town, the restaurants, bars & discos were full of men, and not many women. When the women did go into town, they went as a large group, turned their backs on any men around them, and if any reasonable looking guy had the nerve to come over & try to enter their conversations, they would just blow him off with some rude comment. I have read a huge number of profiles of women on POF, and I think they are mostly dysfunctional ads. I have only limited experience here so far, but not one woman has ever contacted me first other than a hooker; with one exception no one answers msgs unless thanking me for some compliment I made to them about something in their profile & it was clear that there was no mutual match for us. Some years ago I tried several other sites, and I found it difficult to get women to even meet me in a public place or coffee shop, as they had incredible fear of meeting Jack the Ripper or someone who didn't look as handsome as his photo, or HE might reject THEM. One attractive woman once confided to me that she always went home with the dumbest jerk since she couldn't stand the possibility of being rejected by some really nice handsome guy. The point of all this is that people can be their own worst enemies.

I read this on one (wise) man's profile: "If your ship doesn't come in . . . swim out to it!
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