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 Author Thread: Re: Your Favorite Music Lyrics
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Re: Your Favorite Music Lyrics
Posted: 2/25/2009 12:57:32 PM
Almost made you love me
Almost made you cry
Almost made you happy baby
Didnt I? Didnt I?
You Almost had me thinking
You had turned around
But everbody knows
Almost doesnt count

Almost heard you saying
You were finally free
What was always missing for you babe
You found it in me
But you cant get to heaven
Half of the ground
Cause everybody knows
Almost doesnt count

I cant keep on lovin you
One foot outside the door
I hear a funny hesitation of a heart thats never really sure
Cant keep on tryin if your lookin for more
than all than I can give you
than what you came here for

Gonna find me somebody
not afraid to let go
want a no doubt be there kind of man
you came real close
but everytime you built me up
you only let me down
but everybody knows
almost doesnt count

Cant i keep on living
cant keep on trying
everybody knows
almost doesnt count

I cant keep on lovin you
One foot outside the door
I hear a funny hesitation of a heart thats never really sure
Cant keep on tryin if your lookin for more
than all than I can give you
For what you came here for

Maybe you'll be sorry
maybe you'll be cold
maybe you'll come running back
from the cruel cruel world
almost convince me
your gonna stick around
but everybody knows
almost doesnt count

so may be i'll be here
maybe i see you around
cause that the way it goes
almost doesnt count
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Between world
Posted: 2/24/2009 1:09:30 PM
As the sun is genlty rising
A new dawn awakes
But the clouds are quickly circling
Over my heart as it slowly breaks

The birds are singing softly
But my heart is icy cold
The children outside are playing
My sanity I try to hold

I know I have to move on
with each and every new day
Lost alone and confused
Why is it again you didnt stay?

Remembering the times
When I tasted your lips
The protective embrace
Your sweet sweet kiss

In my world
you were the air that I breathe
The fire in my heart
My reason to live

Did I imagine it
Or am I blind to you still
I hope you will return to me
Tho I dont think you will

Im stuck in between
Two worlds, dont belong
Frozen in time
I just cant move on

Thoughts of you
Are filling my head
As I rise to the morning
Try to get out of bed

Where are you now
Do you miss me sometimes
The answers to my questions
I know I wont find

A new world is waiting
If I could just sieze the day
Move on from the old world
Where I was betrayed

Where will it take me
What course will there be
When in this new world
there is only just me

Ode to the gone
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32 years later: Asking to much to ask for pics?
Posted: 2/20/2009 3:55:07 PM
Maybe she just wanted to stroke your ego by pretending there were photos, because the image she remembers of you is symbolic to a picture. Then when u called her on it, she freaked out - couldnt come up with the goods and is now just making an excuse why she cant send one. She probably embaressed now that she said anything.
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Going from Hi to bed??????
Posted: 2/19/2009 12:59:44 AM
I think we are in an 'instant gratification' society. Nowadays you can get just about anything you want, if you havent got cash, you get a line of credit, if you cant get credit chances are there are illegal ways for you to still obtain what you want. We must have bigger houses, shinier cars, extravagent holidays, more clothes and shoes than your local Walmart (as is my case ... sorry girls gotta shop!) and all because we want to appear to be doing well, or keeping up with jones' next door.

There doesnt seem to be much emphasis on earning what you want any more as its so readily available to us at the drop of a hat. Same can be said about the 'sex' straight up. There are a large number of men and women who see what they want, whether it be materialistic or of the lust kind and think that they can just have it, why because they have never had earn it or learn the value of working for something. And what happens if they cant, they move on to the next best thing to furnish their need for 'instant gratification'. And no they dont feel bad about that, in fact they probably figure you had your chance and you blew it.

I just wonder if there are some things in this world you got to put the hard work in before reaping the benefits... and for me that includes sex, wouldnt that make it much more rewarding in the end
Much love
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Posted: 2/18/2009 2:29:57 AM
Interesting comment by last poster.... older men an younger women has been normal in society forever... her opinion... shame the same outlook of normality could not be bestowed on younger man, older woman in her case.

I think that confused or not, it will only end up with one person getting hurt in the end. Ask yourself if the outcome is going to justify the means
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Using the marriage name AFTER a divorce?
Posted: 2/18/2009 12:30:43 AM
I have kept my married name, my son from the marriage also has this name. People questioned if I would go back to maiden name, and I thought why would I do that, my son is no different to me, so why should I make us have different names, and besides, after all that time married, i had a career based around my married name. If I have more children?? I would hope I would be married again before that happened but I would probably hyphenate my two surnames.... best of both worlds then
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/17/2009 11:28:07 PM
I have had my faith in decency restored by some very lovely people on here. I think you know who I mean. I dont think my situation is really that diffent to others who face confliction in a relationship, I would imagine it would be the same as mixed relationships or (whilst im not into) same sex relationships. Either way whether we agree or disagree the fact still remains, who are we to question what is and isnt right between a couple. I believe that the only persons with right of passage to actually question would be those actually involved, wouldnt it? No one is forcing that relationship onto other who may not agree. I am certainly not a home wrecking old hag. If that were true, then why would I have allowed him to have the right to include or exclude me for so long. If I were a home wrecker, or a cougar wishing to entrap her prey, then why is it that I would 'allow' him free passage to have as much contact with the family regardless of how hurtful it may have been to me. Selfish, me, I think not. More than compassionate and understanding if not a little naive. Family IS very important to me, my son in particular means the absolute world to me. I have a very strong relationship with my own family who I see/keep in regular contact me. My family regardless of whether they approved or not included him in all family activities, why, because they are respectful people who will not judge, regardless of if they approved. I am not a drug user, nor do I date druggies so to speak. Tho I am guilty of enjoying a fine red or a glass of hennessey lol, I am over the legal age to consume alcohol. My home environment is healthy, normal if not somewhat wholesome and boring. I do not have a string of men that come into my life or my home in fact this is the first bf I have had since I met my ex husband at the tender age of 15. My ex husband was an abuser, in many ways, but I did not berate him in fact claimed to continue to love him..... as the father of my son and nothing more. Whilst I may have enjoyed the company of a casual date prior to committing to this committed relationship is was more for personal interaction and no that does not mean of the horizontal kind. Despite accusations made, I am what you would call a good girl... tho have a naughty side lol show me a woman who doesnt at times. Doesnt mean Im a bad person.

Facts about me are:
I divorced my husband

We co jointly sold our home to which I gave him 15% more than he was entitled as I didnt want to be unfair regardless of what our laws down under state. My property settlement allowed me to become completely debt free and also has given me a very good deposit on my next house purchase... one of which I am in the process of deciding on as we speak. I do not need a man whether it be an ex husband or a new bf to house me or assist me in achieving that, I am in a position to take care of that for me and my son all on my own.

My son does not need nor do I to be accepted as part of a strangers family (tho being liked would be nice) we both have a family. My son has a father and he has a mother to which both parents are good to him and love him like no other. He is a healthy happy if not slightly miffed by current ex bf attitude, wonderful young man... and no Im not going to target his friends to flatter my need to retain my youth with even younger conquests.. thats just yuk. Both parents have loving wonderful families that give us enought acceptance to face the world.

I did not want my 'bf' to choose between family or love, not now not ever, nor would I want or even expect to be placed in the same situation, my question was to merely see if others thought that an age difference should matter to a 3rd party if the party in question is happy and living in a normal healthy relationship.

I do not visit bars or clubs, dont you think im a little bit old for that ?? I work, I enjoy friends and family time, I work out, I cook, I clean, I shop and then I get up and do the whole thing again the very next day.

Yes I have faults, who doesnt, I can be opinionated however not enforcing onto others, I can be loud and stubborn and steadfast as Im sure others can be to. I lose my temper and sometimes I swear perhaps slightly confrontational however I do know my own mind... and please before you jump on the band wagon of bad mother... swearing in front of child... please resis,t on occasion one might drop out but never to my son and certainly never name calling of others, oh gosh Im not perfect.

Now onto the thread, and more to the update, do I feel better today, numb is probably a good word for it, however, my anger at some posts fortunately has at least made me feel something so good or bad at least I know I am alive still!!

Why do I keep this thread going if I have made a choice? probably because for some strange reason this allows me to talk me through a very difficult and confusing time, it also allows me to hear the views of others who may have experienced similar adversity, and their knowledge, understanding and wisdom is not falling on deaf ears. Am I learning from this.. you betcha.
PS to the comment made that I have no intelligence to pick up on the fact that the woman in question is in fact older than me.... I didnt miss a beat on that, got it the first time, just didnt think to pull you up on it considering if you were thinking at my age I was an old hag then you pretty much summed yourself up at the same time lol.. touche

Peace to all
Joined: 2/9/2009
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/17/2009 1:31:27 PM
Firstly JM0405 was just wanting to know would you like me to lay down whilst you kick me in the guts??

Secondly, and more importantly, I have received some very good advice, some of which I already deep down new but had to hear it so I have NO REGRETS in posting this thread. I obviously have a lot to learn and a long way to go but am taking the steps to get my emotional life back in order.

Update - Last night I took advise from one person in particular who stated "why is this decision left up to the boyfriend, why is it not my own?" In short because I didnt want it to end, however if what will be will be then how can I be respected as an equal if I cannot and wont stand up for the injustices being handed down to me. I called the BF and told him to come around, put simply to pack his stuff and remove it. With that I left him to it and went to bed, this morning I found what I had expected all along, his stuff is now gone from my garage... Does this hurt, im gutted yes, stronger I hope so but with all clarity I know its the right thing to do.

Perhaps there is hope to be had that someone somewhere might see me as an asset instead of a liability, who knows, but in my mind I know that I wont and cant settle for second best. Now if I can only convince the heart of all of this.

Again posters, much love to you all (or most lol) and my apologies if my thoughts or situation has offended or angered anyone in any way.

Joined: 2/9/2009
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/16/2009 11:35:50 PM
You my dear are a biatch, thanks evreyone for their advice for those who have been insightful and helpful my sincere warm wishes, to the cow of a woman that shreds hatred wherever she goes may our paths never cross..
Joined: 2/9/2009
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/16/2009 10:43:09 PM
Oh my you really are a nice piece of work... if you continue to throw insults such as calling me name like old hag then I suggest you leave this thread well and truely alone. You missed key element, he said and says he is on a 'break' therefor no point in moving it out if he had to only move it back in again! There is a reason you are divorced and single... put simply, because you are you!

Oh and unlike you I DONT PLAY GAMES there is not point in doing so only brings one outcome, you are either a winner or a loser, if the first is true then the other person involved must be a loser, i dont want to view anyone including me if the latter proved true, of being such a thing.
Joined: 2/9/2009
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Rejection = Success
Posted: 2/16/2009 10:19:41 PM
Hi there, I think in most cases its a way of saying to you that you made a poor choice, in fact not such a poor one considering that regardless of how successful they may have become, they are still finding the smug need to not only cause you hurt by saying looked what you missed out on (how shallow) but at the same time fanning their own need for you to stroke their ego so they can regain their manhood. My response to them would be... nope no regrets your still an arrogant self centred simple minded wanna be need to be seen more than the person that you really are... with that wish them a good life and dont look back!
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/16/2009 9:32:19 PM
In response to JM0405

First and foremost whilst is not my personal nature to bestow upon others small town judgmental mindedness for the complete hell of having an opinion, I must say that I take great offense to your comments made about younger prettier women. Have you viewed my profile, whilst I might say I may not be what some consider beautiful, I have (unlike certain judgemental people's pictures... you figure out who that may be) have necessarily been hit with the 'ugly stick'. For you to imply that my mere physical attributes should be a reason to either be with or without a person merely tends a hand to the concept that beauty is only skin deep. Regardless of age, like a fine wine, my friend, I continue to get better. Perhaps in your case this isnt so much true. If I was to endure a car accident where I was permanently scarred over my face and body, should my man love me any less.. Where is your self worth if this is how you would view yourself in the same situation

Let me also remind you that I AM financially independent, great career earning much more dollars that the 'bf' along with brains, humour and wit, compassion, love and understanding for all.. yes including you, however I feel your opinion whilst I asked for it is that of an attack rather than of advise or assistance. I can and will stand proud on my own if need be, not once have I ever suggested that he should choose between love or family. Merely have the 'balls' to no what he wants and to stand alongside (not behind or in front) he person he claims to be in love with.

I believe that you have lost sight about what exactly my question is, it is in 2 parts so as not to confuse you anymore they are:

If a decision is to be made should it not be influenced by those regardless of who they may be, who do not know history or the person/s in question to be able to give an unbiased opinion. If it is a simple matter of age... do you believe that at 35 I should be put out to pasture already??

If by his own choice he decided (which of course I would respect his decision) that he know longer wanted to continue with the 'relationship' then how and why is it that he continues to see us as 'us' and making statements which are giving mixed signals.

Oh and for the record, I am certainly not past my use by date on the children front, I am a YOUNG fit and healthy woman with many years to continue to bear offspring, and would not rule that out at all. The 'bf' parents age whilst I believe is irrelevant are early to mid 50's.

I believe you to be in favor of the parent in this instance, ce la ve, each to their own opinion and thank you for your comments however unhelpful they may be.
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/16/2009 1:39:05 PM
Thank you nexthyme your words are true, just note I was in 10th grade of high school when i started dating my husband, we were married for just under 10 years My 'bf' is 29 in March I turned 35 in Jan this year. And yes at his age he is definately old enough to no his own mind.
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/16/2009 1:17:27 PM
Thank u to everyone for their input. There seems to be a pattern forming and I can see it myself, in fact voiced it myself to the 'bf', if you dont want to be with me, thats fine, I wish you well, but if you are taking advise from people (regardless of who they may be) and they dont no what we have (if we have something at all) then all you can do is listen to your heart and take it from there.

I am not in a position to entrap anyone, would not want someone who did not want me. I do not need to be kept, have a great career, and a beautiful son. I am a great mother and was and am a great partner, loving and nurturing. For those who say 16 mths is not long enough to grieve, my marriage was over years before the leave date, I stayed in it for my son. Wrong but not so unusual. I had grieved for years in that marriage so 16 mths to me felt right.

My confusion does not lie in what I want and what I want for the 'bf'. Its simple your either in or your out. Its the emotional confusion that he continues with, the I love you's, your touch your smell, im addicted to you, i crave you, you are my best friend, you understand me, and it goes on and on. Its as tho he is saying enough to keep me there but for what purpose, I dont understand, why is it that sometimes when one may not want you they still dont want anyone else to have you.. He left me shouldnt that be the end of story?
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What do u do when the 'parents' dont approve
Posted: 2/16/2009 3:32:58 AM
I am what most would say a strong intelligent independent woman. I tok the courage of walking out with my son from a 16yr marriage to an violent alcoholic. Damaged, yes, wiser, obviously not. It took me a long time to understand that you cannot help those who will not help themselves. My husband regardless of anything else, loved me. Unfortunately he loved to escape his reality on a daily basis, in most instances becoming increasingly violent in drunken tyrads in the end almost every weekend. I protected my child from this and pretended that all was ok for many years. I wanted to 'save' him, like I felt he had saved me. Realising in the end what I should have been doing was saving myself, and in turn my son from thinking it was acceptable to mistread and abuse in such a manner. I love my ex husband but no its not healthy and so I chose to move onwards and upwards. I was miserable at 81kg I felt like I had lost me. I realised I had some anger mgmt issues and found great relief by joining the gym and taking up boxing. Before I knew it I had reinvented myself, or found myself so I thought.

It took 16mths before I started dating again, and fell in love with a man 7 years younger than me. We had been dating for nearly 3 years and he had been living with my son and I for the past 14 mths. It seemed great, exactly how a home and a family should feel. The age diffence was never an issue and I congratulate myself for being able to gain my confidence and life back again.

There was one problem however, I had never met the family on his side, he often explained it away with many a reason and respecting the wishes I allowed him to have that. After time tho it became increasingly insulting and hurtful to me that he attended functions etc without me. Recently I gave him a choice, come clean or our relationship would have to be moved on from, I felt I had been more than patient. As a result after 2 days of him mourning and pleading to come back he finally invites me for dinner with the family. Everything went well and they seemed not nearly as scary as he had implied. At least thats what I thought. Two days later he receives a call from parents saying... she is lovely, very polite etc etc, however, your father has small concern with her age. Within 2 weeks he is moving back to his parents telling me he needs a break. Confesses that his father suggested that .. whilst im attractive now, can you honestly say you wouldnt be embaressed in 10 years being in public together considering the age gap. How can any woman not be offended by this, after meeting in 2 hrs to be judged so harshly.

Now short time on he is telling me that we arent broken up, just on a break, no indication of him moving back in (tho he keeps his stuff housed in garage) he loves me etc, I cant help but question if this has a lot to do with his fathers disapproval. I know as a parent you just want the best for your child and seeing his son involved in serious relationship with older woman with a child was not what you envisaged. However, isnt love supposed to have no boundaries, if one makes the other happy would it not matter then whether you fit into social relationship normality.... or is it just me still believing in fairy tales. I constantly want to believe that he will return but I dont think he will. I believe he wants to go back to 'dating' and see how it goes from there.. confused, I have no idea what to do from here.

Any helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated
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Why do young men think older women are interested in them?
Posted: 2/13/2009 2:08:55 AM
I have a scenario for you, I came out of a 16 year relationship with my ex husband, child in hand, I waited 18mths before moving on and in that whole time the only guys that hit on me where much younger. My son had even been told by the young 17 yo at the video store .. your mums a milf... like that was supposed to be a compliment (my son is 10!!) so i finally decided to jump back in and started dating a co worker - 7 years younger. 3 years later and after moving in together for 14mths he gets up and leaves saying he isnt ready blah blah blah that he loves me and im so special etc etc then i find out that 2 weeks after meeting the 'family' yes it took 3 years, his father pulled him aside and said, i agree son she is very attractive.... now but in 10 years time can you honestly say that you wouldnt be embaressed being seen with her!!! Now you tell me, is it the young that have the issue because they attracted to older women, or is it the older man who cant fathom why a younger man would be interested in the first place.
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Losing it!!
Posted: 2/12/2009 10:28:24 PM
Your 'girlfriend' feels you have an obligation to ensure that she is never in the wrong by emotionally blackmailing you into believing that you are at fault. She does this because she can. In her eyes she gave you (whether willingly or not) the sacraligeous priveledge of taking the one thing no one else will ever be able to have. And for that you should be eternally grateful

There was probably a pattern formed well before you came along. By the time u did she was probably feeling that at her age (which isnt old) that she is running out of options,

The in the beginning when you started she thought she had found someone to share 'life partnership' with, she rationalised this to herself by giving you an opportunity to run and you didnt (good for you). She was probably faced with many a man who (and rightly) wouldnt put up with her denying them and had lost hope in meeting a man who could respect her for her and not by just taking what he can get and leaving.

Ok so now we are in the honeymoon faze and she is treating you with so much respect and love and affection because she sees you now as her 'potential' life partner. She wants to convince you that the wait is worth it and does this by stroking other parts of a mans ego. whilst this is misleading, deep seatedly she is that person but not for the right intentions. So you fall madly in love and everything is going great. Then every now and then for what ever reason the little things start to annoy you or her and the disagreements begin. Each time you fight without realising you start to view each other differently, you say and do things a little more damaging each time and each time inside of her mind she is probably thinking how could i have got it so wrong, he is not who i thought, and then, oh no i dont want to lose him, he really is a nice man, maybe i can 'forgive him'. So you make up and the cycle begins again

Now here's the tricky part, pretty soon the roller coaster ride of emotions seem almost like a normality, in fact she probably enjoyed asserting herself. I would imagine tho deep down she knew that with every acceptance of unacceptable behaviour (on both your parts) you can never go 'back' to how you viewed each other. She knows more importantly that regardless of how she is viewing you she really cares more about how you are viewing her. and she doesnt like what she sees, probably getting more and more scared your going to leave, and thats not what she really wants.

So more and more each time the arguments come she tries that little bit harder to give you a reason to understand her, and resorted to waving candy in front of the baby... oh i really want... no time to stop... each time she kept you like a fish on a hook realing you in only so slightly a little bit more and more. Until eventually even that wasnt making you succom to her and get back into line.. and she felt you slipping away more and more. Now if that was really happening it would have been because of the emotional damage she was consistently putting you thru and deep down she probably knew that.

S0 when it finally reached a point where she was fearful that this time may be the last time, and impacted by the fact that she had had a bad day, was probably feeling alone in the world, unloved and frighted at the same time that she would find you gone and herself exactly where she deserved to be. So what does she do? She gets drunk then submits herself to you giving you back love hope and devotion and empowering you again to want to stay. In return she thought she would empower herself, she got you back into line. What she actually did tho was go against her moral obligation to herself so that she could feed the need within herself to have acceptance - for this she pulled out all shots.

Where does this leave you - with a woman who has used herself to fulfill her own need and insecurity of having you (or any man) there. It is not you who she no longer respects its herself and to her thats your fault. She is not looking at what she really did to get what she really wants so now you are the enemy.

If you really want this to work... 1 stop having sex with her, dont stop the effection and the compassion, let her no that she doesnt have to be the person she thought she had to just to keep you. In doing this maybe she will be a little less insecure of you leaving or staying just for sexual gain. Build up her self respect not the respect you have for her because you already have that, and deep down she knows it thats why she is holding on to you. This is going to be a lengthy drawn out difficult process but will work if you want it to work.

Now if you just dont know - my suggestion is to end it as quickly as you can. If you continue and are unable to help her help herself then she will only continue to make you feel insecure and unsure and use emotional tactics to gain her self confidence back by keeping you in line. Its not confidence she needs, its respect, respect for herself, and if she cant see that then she unfortunatly continue down this path over and over regardless of who the man is. Patterns are hard to break. My advise is save or be saved, you decide.
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