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 Author Thread: My ex messaged someone on my friends list asking her how she knew me
Joined: 1/6/2006
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My ex messaged someone on my friends list asking her how she knew me
Posted: 8/7/2007 9:16:30 AM
hey dom,
she is 500 miles away, i say you have some fun with it. tell your friends to answer her and tell her that you have been dating for 3 years. tell her that yall are high school sweet hearts. tell her that they are you personal victoria secrets sales models. tell her that they are taking numbers on who gets to be your next ex.
she is 500 miles away, unless she is the kind to hunt you down and you are really scared of that, have some fun with it!
Joined: 1/6/2006
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A biblical relationship
Posted: 2/9/2007 5:09:41 AM
i saw this posting and just had to read it. i am in, and have been in the southern baptist denomination most all my life. i have attended other denominations and was even a member of a non-denominational church for 17 years. but what i have learned from each and every one of the churches that i have been in is one thing, the creation of man.
when God put adam to sleep he did not take the bone from aams heel, to put man over woman. he did not take the bone from the head, to make man feel inferier to woman. he took the rib from theside of adam, putting women equal to man in most aspects of life.
my dad, who graduated from the south western baptist theological simanary, had a talk a few years back after the baptist came out and proclaimed that the women shopuld in all things submit to their husbands. i did not have a problem wit hthe statement but i did question the tone that it was presented in. my dad had a problem with the fact that they said nothing bout the husbands responceabilty.
the bible gives a list of things to women to do when they are married, i can't think of them all. but it only gives the man one thing, love your wife as jesus loved the church, even as far as laying down his life. that in itself covers so much more than dying. he served the church he washed peoples feet. he gave everything that he had, he comforted people, everthing that jesus christ did he did for the church and that is how wifes are to e treated.
now if your man was to treat you the way that jesus treated the church, do you think that women would have a problem being submisive?
Joined: 1/6/2006
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Great country songs of today.
Posted: 11/27/2006 4:40:37 PM
tim mcgraw- she can't be really gone
george strait- sea shores of old mexico, marina del rey
brad paisley- when i get where i'm going, pictures, i wish you'd stay, wiskey lulaby, me neither
george jones- the wall
alan jackson- church on sunday mornin', wanted, the car repair song, where were you, 5 o'clock some where
racall phlatts- my wish
mark chestnut- i'll think of something
earl thomas connley- that was a close one, what i might say
lorrie morgan- something in red
clint black- nothings news
Joined: 1/6/2006
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Where are all the good guys???
Posted: 11/12/2006 5:41:01 PM
firts off lets be honest, "good guys" is a relative term. i know that most women that say they want a good guy also want something else. they want him to look like this or they want him to have this job, or they want him to have ,not have kids. there is always a stipulation that goes along with being a good guy. the days of having a good job, taking care of the family and treating a lady right as the mix to making a happy home are long gone. so all i ask is lets stop saying you want a good guy and say that you want a guy that does this, has this and is looking for this. stop asking where all the good guys are if you are not going to accept them for who they are.
Joined: 1/6/2006
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Why are men turned off by women with kids?
Posted: 8/3/2006 11:48:31 AM
i cain't speak for anyone but myself, but i ahve found that women that have children are easier to get along with than those that don't. women who have kids ussually don't sweat the small stuff, they know that you can't just get up and go when ever you want, they know that everthing you do has reprocusions that will effect other people and women who have kids are use to putting other people first.
but that is just my thoughts
Joined: 1/6/2006
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what is it bout me
Posted: 7/31/2006 4:57:57 PM
i am an average guy. average height, weight, looks, vocabulary,there ain't nothing bout me that ain't average.
then why is it that i have been divorced for 4 years and only had 4 dates. i don't think i am that repulsive looking. could someone explain this to me?
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