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 Author Thread: Questions about testaments
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Questions about testaments
Posted: 6/10/2017 4:27:20 AM
If you were to leave a review of someone you dated, do they get a notice you left it? How do you see what other people have written about a POF member?
This man that I dated was a mentally and physically abusive jerk. He was a master manipulator. He was lazy and the only thing he cared about was going to his boat, according to his kids that is because it was something he use to do with the ex wife, even though she was married to someone else at the time. His ex-wife killed herself in his bedroom because of his mental abuse (although he will never admit that, his kids told me about it). After the mental abuse, I suffered at the end of our relationship, I completely understand why.
He convinced me to sell everything I owned and give up my place and move in with him before he showed his true colors. Made these promises about how good life would be, we were even supposed to be married. Two days before the wedding he decided I was too much like his ex-wife to marry. I just want other women to be warned, but I am scared of him and don’t want retaliation for doing this.
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