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 Author Thread: havng piercing and dressing like a teenager in your forties, is that ok?
Joined: 4/3/2009
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havng piercing and dressing like a teenager in your forties, is that ok?
Posted: 8/13/2009 9:02:58 AM
I have to laugh as I read some of these postings.. becuase there is a GREAT many things here that matter in this scenario. Is it ok for someone to be dressing a certain way when our age should define another course by popular perception? The answer is YES, be yourself... BUT, the TRUTH behind a lot of these women who dress this way isn't becuase it's just a style.. LOL and MOST would lie to you... but the TRUTH is a lot dress this way becuase they have some inner conflict with their aging self. Now I am going to get LAMBLASTED by several, and guess what, they'll be the EXACT ones I am talking about. :)

secondly if you are in your twenties, how on God's green Earth could you possibly have enough worldly introspective to post a comment?? SERIOUSLY NOW!!!! It would have no merit as your not in your 40's and old enough to understand our generation, our maturity or life for that matter.. OF COURSE you agree, you ARE the twenty year olds they are trying to emulate!!!...LOL Come back when you're 40 and life has had some time to be your teacher.. ;)

But I digress here.. Back on point..... There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with someone wanting to be their own free spirit, and if you are a matured man who doesn not find this a comfortable fit, then like all of us, you have te right to seek out your preference in a mate also. Should be no hard feelings to the person who wishes to dress this way or the person who does not find this style appealing... after all, isn't this a preference???

BUT, for those of you who dress this way becuase you don't see "beautiful" when you look in the mirror becuase you are now an aging woman instead of that vibrant twenties something woman, you need more than any piercing or butt hugging jeans could ever give you.... ;) And yes, I know, this will make ALL their defenses come up, they'll tell me I am WRONG, an insensitive jerk, etc... but truths aren't always pretty, BUT they are still truths... As a person who went to school for psychology I can tell you that it is my profession that left the WORST mark on society called "APPEASEMENT". And if you want PROOF that this causes damage, then simply watch American idol. For years people tell these young hopefuls that they can SING, their voices are BEAUTIFUL, and then when REALITY is presented to them, they not only cry, but their bodies shake in mental agony and they are in total disblief.. the saying says choose being KINd over being RIGHT... Are we genuinely being kind when we lie??? Or are we doing more harm than good??? How about just striving a little bit harder and being KIND ad being RIGHT and not allowing ourselves to cross either line??? Wouldn't that be more truthfully valuable to our friends, our spouse, our co-workers, etc??

So to wrap this all up and jump off my soapbox... ;) Let's say this... SEXY isn't in WHAT you are wearing, but rather in wearing what you have on.... ;) Meaning, sexy can be a $5,000 business suit or a simple T-shirt that's a little too big and slightly too revealing... it's the CONTENT SPIRIT of the person and their ability to be comfortable in their own skin that makes someone SEXY... :) Fake colored Eyes, Fake Breasts, Wigs, Fake personalities, Acting other than our spirits direct us to, all these are things that may on the surface attract someone to you... BUT KEEPING SOMEONE, that's what is important!!!... and that only comes when you make sure that the outside of you harmonizes with the inner beauty of you... ;) God Bless all!!!

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