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 Author Thread: Why is a decent girlfriend so hard to find?
 Aaron Mortlock
Joined: 4/17/2009
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Why is a decent girlfriend so hard to find?
Posted: 12/23/2009 1:10:17 AM
where im from here in Australia it is so hard to find a decent girl i was with someone for 2 and a half years and they were everything i ever wanted, never done drugs, never smoked and never hooked up with a guy that she wasnt dating, had beautiful dark hair a beautiful smile and eyes and a proper hour glass figure the exact kind of thing i go for but we broke up because she cared more for money then actual people, since then i havent managed to find any one that is as good minus the shallow money hungry part that i dont want to find again, she recently came back though and i fell for her again but she still hurt me a second time in the end and her morals have completely changed i was shocked and really upset considering how rare it was to find decent girls in the area and she used to fit the bill so perfectly i mean i still try to remain decent and nice like ive never smoked or done drugs, i rarely drink and i dont get with girls unless we are together first, seems people these days have no self respect or control and just wanna hang out drunk at clubs trying to get with the next guy/girl that walks past, i know not everyones like that but from what ive seen my self first hand ive noticed the majority at clubs are like this i mean im still looking none the less and wont give up hope hence why im a member to this site and why im posting in this forum, but for us decent good people i know we will find the person we are ment to be with if u stay true to ur beliefs
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