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 Author Thread: If you could do it again: Would you vote for Obama Today?
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 310 (view)
If you could do it again: Would you vote for Obama Today?
Posted: 11/12/2011 9:20:02 AM
As long as we have lobbyists buying the politician,Koch brothers,evil types like Rove or a Norquist that force a whole party to vote for no taxes under any circumstance,or no more days of old where 51 % of a vote won or 51 out of a 100 people won,or the continued use of filibusters,then no ,it hardly matters whom is president unless they are outwardly exposing themselves as solely for the minority not the majority,as with the republicans running an entire campaign solely for the top 3% of the population all paid for by the small working guys,those types we can run out,but for the rest,until the other stuff is removed from the equation then no,we will see little that happens.People say hey how about flat tax Cain,how about legalize drugs Paul,no then they would be dead in the water presidents,yes,they can win,but no,you will see everything filibustered,....well in other words a repeat of Obama,stall the whole 4 years so the president you don't like is not re elected.Those that stall a country should have to leave their office and let someone in that will act,yes I'm talking to you Boehnor and Cantor.Now a days unless you are like a preferably white southern bible belt,anti abortion,anti rights christian then you are against the norm and you will be filibustered .You pretty much have to have a problem with gays and Latinos and Muslims or you will not fit into a republican world and alot of the tea party world and a smaller portion of the democrat world.Its play ball or they will stall you out as with Obama.Even though he now has a long list of achievements and staved off the next great depression,as the economists have verified he did,we have now heard from like 5-6 past presidents economists verify that fact.9% unemployment is nothing compared to the 20 % it would have been.Todays modern politics is about receiving less than wanted versus receiving nothing at all.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 160 (view)
legalized marijuana...a possible American reality?
Posted: 6/27/2011 9:39:00 PM
dang I was wrong ,what he said was "Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp and playing my Hohner harmonica" sorry for the misquote anyways knock yourselves out watching the utube of 50 famous quotes on Marijuana.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 158 (view)
legalized marijuana...a possible American reality?
Posted: 6/27/2011 7:18:59 PM
message 165,spot on,told friends that many times,you cut out the war and you cut out a certain portion of military aid to Colombia and Mexico and other places we probably never heard of,Apache helicopter orders are reduced,private prison lose people,specialized police teams all over the country reduce their ranks,uniform makers,flak jacket makers,rifle makers all lose business,it all goes down the road like the cotton gin .Lot of it is not lost,their is a need of equipment for controlling the manufacturer of actually poisons like meth,explosive house leveling drug making meth operations so all jobs are not lost.Meth users should go to rehab not jail,well ,that's a whole different complex debate

I remember in Portland when the jail centers would fill up so they went in and sent home the petty robbers,car thieves and all lower level criminal,the real criminal in this country.Had so many beds not been filled up with personal use people then we wouldn't have dumped genuine criminals on the street.

Hard to imagine a dad and a mom going to prison for something so petty and their kids going to foster care,the life long problems that causes,then daddy and mommy getting out and now suffering hiring practices that don't hire ex cons,creating economic havoc on those people from then on.Somehow this drug was supposed to be so bad it was worse than what I just described and worth it to warehouse this citizens.I'm tired of people going well then don't do it.....thats a stupid thing to say,how about instead,then remove the law on it.

The fix that would change many things in a drastic way overnight would be the president just taking the herb out of the schedule one category.Then you are no longer a criminal,that's a good start on the road of "baby steps"

The feds say whats the big deal Marinol is what works so why decriminalize marijuana,well since marinol came out many have had bad side effects,some very extreme and real pot,well it has never killed a single person,what side effects,is getting too good a nights sleep a side effect.

What if root beer was illegal,would we here thousands of stories from our neighbors and friends talking how wonderful root beer actually is and say root beer never killed anyone ,yet cigs and alcoholic have killed millions,and then would the opposed say two wrongs don't make a right,just because cigs and alcohol are killers is that a reason to also decriminalize root beer................................well the argument given for pot sounds just as stupid as what if it was root beer or koolaid or.................

they need to just focus on the one thing Pot,and get rid of the crime attached to the use or possession of it.Prohibition was the big foothold that escalated the mafia and Pot has made the cartels,and with the money they made they now do human trafficking and weapons too. We grew the cartels to what they are today.Cartels do not trade petty things valued at the price of a pack of taxed cigarettes.Billions spent on a war and the trade only grew the cartel,who does the math on this stuff,more money spent fighting equals more money made for cartels.....huh ?????

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying he enjoys nothing more than sitting on his porch in the evening with a pipe full of hemp and a tall glass of cider.....Fact

George Washington is quoted as saying "Make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere".........Fact
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 25 (view)
Is Obama just another Bush?
Posted: 6/26/2011 1:10:40 PM
Politifact the 2009 Pulitzer prize winning site for accurate facts has the cuurrent rating for each promise kept in entire detail and those comprimised,stalled or in the works,this is the most cuurent tally,so just because he has not closed Gitmo or not lived up to what you think he should you cannot state he has done nothing,and as so many state,this same question,what has he even done ,well go to Politifact and look,that way we can save ourselves a 100,000 words.

The Obameter Scorecard

Promise Kept 137

Compromise 40

Promise Broken 42

Stalled 69

In the Works 218

Not yet rated 2
further more at what point does a humanitarian mission in Libya led by the UN and Haiti efforts,Japans earthquake,the Gulf oil spill,winding down in Iraq,Afghan war,several record breaking floods,twisters,our Arizona wild fires already consuming well over 1000 square miles of forest and homes,and such slowing of the works,or at least be taken into account,geez look back,and tell me how many presidents throughout history had so much happening during their term,heck even if Palin was in office I'd say give her a break,shes got a lot on her plate at the moment.Do you not expect the same consideration when you promised your report hand delivered at work by the end of tomorrow yet on the way to work a flood swept you away,would you not expect the boss to add a minute or two on your promised delivery under such a circumstance before he started becoming all unrealistic with you.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 149 (view)
legalized marijuana...a possible American reality?
Posted: 6/26/2011 11:36:46 AM

I think it's a much smaller deal than all the stoners make it out to be. Most cops won't bust you for a joint or two anyways, and any more wouldn't be legal for "personal use" even under the new laws.
it is a huge deal for something statistically safer than caffeine and aspirin,aspirin kills 200 a year,or 2000 oops, marijuana has never killed a single person. Whats at stake,if arrested for a schedule one drug,you are not allowed a government school loan,you are a criminal for life on record,you are not allowed to be a juror,if you are an unlucky one say here in Arizona,people caught with a couple joints have gone to jail for one and a half months,thats simple possession.caught with a pound,well now your 10 year mandatory in many states,for something with medical value,something that replaces pharmaceutical medicines for over 200 illnesses,its shown the remove tumors,its shown to eat the bad cancer cells and leave the good ones,ect. ect. Its criminal to arrest people for pot period.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 24 (view)
Is Obama just another Bush?
Posted: 6/26/2011 9:25:39 AM
well said message 36,all recorded historical facts
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 72 (view)
Would you have voted for OBAMA if .......
Posted: 6/26/2011 9:20:50 AM

Please provide citation for Bush's "paper" quote.
Also, please share in what way he destroyed the Bill of Rights.
were you out of the country during this,the him saying the constitution was "just a piece of paper"was all over the news,they kept showing him over and over saying the one time ! Bill of rights,really, goodness grcious where does one even start,thats just a bad question,got a week to listen, to many past threads have listed repeatedly the list.

As for the Clinton Obama comparison,Clinton brought us into the plus side of debt then Bush spent 8 yrs seeing how much of a record low he could spend us into.How many presidents have brought our debt into a plus ? I'm act like this is a nothing

No man, who accepts such an honorable position as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America and her Armed Forces should EVER allow himself to submit, surrender, or even yield to any opponent, rather foreign or domestic when he is completely ascertain of the correct course of action needed to protect its citizens. Even in the face of death.
all he had to do was lie about weapons of mass destruction and we all fell into agreement with him ,most of us backed off that notion as soon as we realized we were conned,then Bush said it no longer matter whether there were actually WMDs.So originally when they found almost all the terrorists were Saudis,we attacked Iraq and Saddam why.................guess just to blow a trillion for kicks............many died,and for what ,oh yes,piles of current debt and finish unfinished business Daddy started in the Kuwait war?

I have to say if the major banks,which I hate,had not been bailed out in some form at the exact time the major auto manufacturers,which I also hated for bad business practices, would have put unemployment at a figure more like 15% unemployment,then when the Gulf spill hit and 3 years of some of the worst disasters in the history of this country occurred ,I would shoot the number up about 5% more,instead we are seeing a steady 9,we would be at like 20%.We were losing 400,000 jobs a month during Bush and now its in the plus side month after month,and you said Obama has done nothing

Billionaires at 38% tax,well you could not be more incorrect,and the McDonalds person at 15.You obviously don't understand how the tax rate works for the wealthiest do you.Warren Buffet even stated his disappointment and the unfairness to he having a 15% tax rate while the secretaries of his company paid 26%. Billionaires being allowed massive tax breaks while the small guy gets his burden is one of our huge problems right now,all anyone is asking is Billionaires pay what the small guy does,all we want is them to get that extra 10 or so % so they pay as much as everyone else.I've heard your argument on the 38% many times from your side,its always some small republican McDonalds worker defending the poor Billionaire,someone who actually believes what the Billionaire told them,then that little guy stumps for them.Its wrong,its incorrect facts.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 20 (view)
Is Obama just another Bush?
Posted: 6/21/2011 1:46:00 PM

Bush was wired more "American" than Obama is, in that respect
you must be referring the the older generation American right ,Like J. Edger Hoover stuff back when we spyed on people in general ,wiretapping,eves dropping,hoping anything could be dicovered whether we had a reason or not,that John Wayne stuff , because we are the police of the world.

Its true when we had Bush it did remind me of those more American types.Was torturing people also what you meant,we did become like many other countries when we became that American.Yes your right there are those differences,true Obamas not as extreme as an old fashioned American,should he be more McCarthy?

You have a great point where I agree,Obama made it a priority to get along well with all the other countries leaders since we trade globally and we claim to be there friends and Bush I think without trying alienated all the other countries until we were a bad taste in there mouth.I prefer the European Global acting Obama now that you pointed that out.I believe keeping on a level of talking with the enemy as a way to watch them and understand them ,and prefer all the others to be treated like a good friend.heck that even makes for a better vacation when visiting,I know we Americans had been sneered at by the time Bush left office,even Russia was starting to draw a hard line,unless the Cold war scenario is preferred choice of yours,but I say its cheaper to be friends and less death than alienating them.No Obama is not perfect,just better.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 70 (view)
Would you have voted for OBAMA if .......
Posted: 6/21/2011 12:53:50 PM
Many of the major economists said absolutely we adverted far worse a problem some say depression even,and although I feel Bush let us get so deep initially in the hole I do believe it was he that started the turn around,I truly believe had the horrid awful banks not been bailed out,if the poor business practices of the major car companies not been helped,and if he had not done the stimulus ,the collapse we would have felt would have been way to much to bare,it all happened at the same time,and thats why I think it would have hurt.I think then Obama stepped in,did another stimulus,furthered the bank bailout proceedings and basically continued on with what had already been put into place,I believe if Obama and Bush had not done this then yes we might and probably been to a depression level,I'm glad both presidents did it,even though I think no company deserves bailouts that performed so poorly while in practice,

I have heard from many of our top economists,Regan's,Bushes,Obama,Clintons,Carters,ect and I hear the same thing.

I just feel it all happening at the same time would have created to perfect storm.I now wish anyone had the power to make banks loan money,as long as they refuse to spend the money we all are at a standstill.I heard the same businesses say if Bush could get the banks to loan their company money they could buy more merchandise to sell and hire people,but with no money being loaned then its a stand still,I see the same problem now,Obama cannot get them to pry their horrible stingy old fingers off our money we put into their banks.Problem not solved,not even close,Bush nor Obama have yet to solve this.Having gone from 400000 jobs lost a month up to zero up the gains month after month is proof its all working again,but that does not deal with the banks.

I heard Buffet,Gates,Clinton,Trump and others all say until Banks will loan the money we are basically stalled from further gains.How can we halt a foreclosure if the banks will not even help.Who has some pixie dust,please come forward,I see no GOP person nor new Dem running who I feel have the power to make the bank give it up,there lies the most major problem we suffer.I say force them through regulations and GOP say lets get rid of the pesky rules for them,who wins??????????

I still am overall very satisfied with his progress,and as with all presidents even he whom I admire and respect so much has his problem areas,other presidents I just faulted them with far more problem areas.I liked Clinton just as much as Obama.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 69 (view)
Would you have voted for OBAMA if .......
Posted: 6/20/2011 12:15:04 PM
Good points,yes it would have been worse with Palin/McCain but it was never bad with Obama.

Heres a strong point,we were losing jobs every day with Bush and then Obama brought up the losses to gains and now its steady gains each month,anyone know the exact figure,we were losing like 400,000 jobs ever month when Obama took over,ever see the numbers chart on that fact.9% unemployment,wow,if this had been the republicans they would be telling us that how could you possibly hold us to this number,with the disasters,the job and home stripping disasters we have suffered as a country while Obamas term had it been their term.

Tens of thousands of jobs lost to the Gulf oil spill,and they still have not recovered,record breaking floods,twisters,ect ect all stripping entire areas of jobs,my area right now 4 forest fires out of control nearly 900,000 acres burned ,all summer vacation spots in the prettiest vacation areas closed,hundreds of lost homes,businesses,no customers for the burnt down hotels and restaurants,job losses jumping hourly,fires not close to being controlled so as jobs were having gains other areas were destroyed ,yet some of the ones with blinders on their eyes never take such important facts into considerations,never do they think does Japans earthquake,or Haiti's earthquake,or the flooding of thousands of acres on purpose to save a town,should be a consideration.

On the Gulf spill alone ,how many jobs do you think were lost do to the oil industries blunder,from hotel staff,to restaurants,fishing fleets ect during that time,they never counted did they,most deckhands were never a count they were under the table ,maybe a couple hundred thousand ????? how many connected jobs to that industry in the states that the oil industry decided not to repay.Even the Katrina disaster is still in the works,so he being where he has the unemployment now is worth my applause,Well done Mr.President,how are you able to hold these low numbers steady during so many man made and natural disasters,well done ! Exemplary job !
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 18 (view)
Is Obama just another Bush?
Posted: 6/19/2011 8:35:56 PM
Hardly ! The list would be too great,geez give me 10,000 words to describe the differences
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 67 (view)
Would you have voted for OBAMA if .......
Posted: 6/19/2011 7:32:03 PM
well I did know he was going to more into Afghanistan and yes I wish we were out of there,but I have to look at the whole scope of what he has accomplished,which makes him a darn good president,but as your questions asks,would I have voted for him anyways.Well with McCain and Palin as our option,I must say,Oh God yes I would..............Palin,what a horror that would have been,you betcha.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 78 (view)
If you could do it again: Would you vote for Obama Today?
Posted: 6/19/2011 7:26:54 PM
absolutely,his performance has been excellent,I'd be honored to vote for him again
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 77 (view)
Gold Fish required now to see sent message status???!!!!
Posted: 12/6/2010 7:46:06 AM
I couldn't imagine black balling this site over this.They are heads and shoulders above Match and Yahoo,I was constantly solicited by Nigerian and Russian scam ladies,complained to deaf admin ears all the time,ladies continued unabated,and had to pay $30 a month for all that.Yes I am disturbed by the masses not knowing forum exists now a days and now this change,but until they charge $30 a month like the others I wouldn't even consider leaving,I'm still in the thank you so much for being here for us,category ! Appreciate what you still have and what have have got for free over the years.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 74 (view)
Gold Fish required now to see sent message status???!!!!
Posted: 12/6/2010 6:50:29 AM
I appreciate that this site does not charge the norm of $30 like all the other pay sites do and I thank them greatly for that.

Just because it sucks though as a huge valuable tool disappearing,the I am though disturbed that the mail is effected,it was the only way to see if someone blew you off the second sent mail,some unread delete you a moment after you sent it,now we can ponder about that letter sitting there for weeks if it was read.

I have sent to several people that were unable to respond in a timely manner because everyone and their brother was writing them,or in hospital,or on a holiday vacation,or computer was broken,or lost there online ability,a myriad of reasons,which is why one cannot jump to the conclusion they were blown off,or as now I'm still waiting for this lady to open her Thanksgiving greetings email ,thus showing me about her person by not opening a card yet coming online,meaning someone I wouldn't be interested in,one that takes a week and a half of coming on yet won't open a happy Thanksgiving card,see,her life is too busy for me,this email ability ,to see, is a great tool,was a great tool.So the simplest of tools just vanished,and they,POF, knew this,which is why they are charging for it,they monitor these things ,our habits,our online presence,and know the masses are always checking their mail.So thanks you a ton for being a almost free site yet also......oh come on,shoot!
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 184 (view)
Rep. Alan Grayson - Republicans are Enemies of America
Posted: 10/1/2010 10:54:14 AM

Those tax cuts took your country from surpluses to record deficits. And that was during relatively prosperous times. The effect of fewer regulations and cops is what plunged your country into a recession.

But top 1% pay most the taxes
When you have a country that have tens of millions of its workers making min.wage yes it appears this way.One needs to look at how many percents of your income is tax.

Its been proven there is no difference in incomes of Dems or Repubs,that's all just bad mouthing from GOPs,not a fact,total bull.

Like Warren Buffet stated his percentage of tax compared to his total income was half as much as his secretary. Its more about proportional not final numbers.It takes like 6000 regular full time workers to make as much as 1 Warren Buffet or Donald Trump,plus the rich write vast amounts off on real estate and such whereas the average american worker making $18000 do not have such write offs.One needs to make under $8000 to become one not owing taxes or owing little.They are not freeloaders either they are merely working fulltime for employers that pay them min wage with no insurance,is that there fault.It takes a 1000 teachers to make as much as Trump,yet the teacher is just scraping by yet paying far more percentage of their total wage in taxers than the percentage of the total, of a millionaire.

I think it should be a small flat tax on anything you buy,grass seed,milk,cigs,air flight,anything,same rate over the entire country or for any product ,no discounts,no write offs,just a simple across the board tax on anything you buy,like say 5%,poor people buy less stuff so they pay less tax,obviously,and rich people buy tons so pay a ton of tax,yet never a trace more than 5%.The country would become a wealthy country overnight .
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 177 (view)
Rep. Alan Grayson - Republicans are Enemies of America
Posted: 9/30/2010 8:56:24 AM

If the nation prospers we all prosper. If the sink ships, we all go down with it. We're all Americans and we're all in this together.

Oh please ! We have always been so divided,decades ago we should have renamed our country to the "Divided States of America" Our laws state to state are so different,Texas for eons have thought they were their own country,for decades Northern California wants to separate themselves from Southern California.Until the civil rights came about the North has been pretty pissed with most the South.Pots legal here but a decade in prison there,prostitution is advertised and welcomed in one state and gives you a criminal record and loss of your car in another state.Play tag with immigration in Florida,race past them and "welcome" we can now start the papers process to citizenship or get caught in any stage in Arizona and get sent back anytime.I could list for hours.

We are not in this together,this is why we have opposites like Republicans and Tea party and Democrats and Liberals,we all want a different commpletely Utopia,for instance just a couple years ago Repeblicans wanted and got a Utopia where no one has civil rights,a world where we torture,a world where we have black sites ,a world where we wire tap,a world where we ask Chase bank to rewrite our financial problem.

Nice fantasy you have going,sounds like a grade school pep talk,works on toddlers not on adults.As long as one side victimizes the others we have a problem.

I for one was pissed Bush tried to drill oil on Federally protected land,same that he sold lumber contracts for profit on Federally protected lands,that made him an enemy.I value peoples rights,so when the same mentioned removed civil rights that made him against our values and everyone for him in support of that, against our values.Now we had yet another long list of reasons to tar and feather him,and Rummsfield,and Cheney and run them out of the village.

We sink or swim together so who cares which side will drown us because until we learn to come together and compromise, we will all drown.
Cute,we all know that across the board for a year and a half the republicans have been the party of no ! God I hate it when a person or persons need a scolding and instead of them being punished the teacher forces all of us to take the chewing out.I have had bosses pull that crap.One person regularly causes problems yet all us others that do our jobs great without ever a write up,then jerk off screws up yet again and all have to sit down and get screamed at that we a a huge team so act like one.Yeh ,like that's fair.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 175 (view)
Rep. Alan Grayson - Republicans are Enemies of America
Posted: 9/30/2010 7:38:40 AM

100% really
its not 100%,but the bulk of what happened to us before Obama even took office was Republican policies,and by their campaign speeches now ,they still want more of the same,yet now they act as though they are trying to fit in a little with the tea party people,"like we get it" nonsense.

The Truth is the Have nots think its ok to punish the Haves through taxation
The across the board logic I always hear is why give the richest the lowest percentage of tax.In the percentage game,Warren Buffet pays half of what a $30,000 a yr person makes .Its about fair.All these ones that spout off incorrect truths like you, that its really about have nots trying to punish the haves,is why we have this argument now.

The haves love it when you don't understand, and protest in a way they never thought you would.Here they thought they were going to get penalized by not paying their part and instead are amazed ones like you are actually instead protesting that the small people are just trying to be mean.They love you and if they had your address would send you a Christmas card each year

If all Congressman and Senators were not in that top bracket themselves,you would hear a different cry.
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 21 (view)
President Obama asks Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure repairs
Posted: 9/7/2010 2:28:16 PM

I have a better idea... cut the defense budget by $ 100 billion and put it all into infrastructure... that way we stimulate the economy and we don't increase the debt either.
Good thinkin,I'd like to buy you a beer for that idea!
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 15 (view)
President Obama asks Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure repairs
Posted: 9/7/2010 7:12:46 AM
In phoenix and the metropolitan areas,road construction is everywhere.Our state wasted 6 months before they spent a penny.They later explained it was a ton of red tape going through the contract award system,and all the other red tape.They also were forced to spend millions to hire a company able to orchestrate all the projects and cut through the tape.It took nearly a year after Obama gave the money to get the state at a state level to be able to get moving.Obama was jimmy 0n the spot, then at the state level it becomes a crawl.Our state still has not touched lots of the money.I hear many states are still sitting on there money or parts of the money for what ever reason.Obama should not be faulted by ineffective state practice.Citizens should turn their protest over to their own Governor and Senator.Obama did his part.

Each state needs to figure out how to move through their own red tape and roadblocks better if we are to get anywhere with the next money.Our state claimed it always was a slow process,could take 2-3-4 years,they thought that was fine.Obama said we penalize you if you don't respond quickly.Jan Brewer said we had no idea how to quicken the process,hence spending 10-15 million to hire an expert company savvy at just that.

Well Jan and other states,start learning, our people are depending on you.Stop wasting every moment in your and our Senator re election and get to work.Our Senator spent the couple years before that,campaigning all over the country to become president.Our Senator spent year after year campaigning,McCain is never a Senator for us,he's always trying to better the job he already has.That's bad for a state.Imagine becoming a teacher then spending every day campaigning to be a something else rather than teaching in your classroom.That's appalling !
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 11 (view)
President Obama asks Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure repairs
Posted: 9/6/2010 9:13:08 PM
Thanks for explaining 6pack.I know, I too ,am still upset ,with senior Bush ,that he never took out Saddam the first time we had him in our sights during the Kuwait war.The whole Iraq war could have been avoided if not for that blunder of judgement ! Usually our presidents don't have a son to come in and finish unfinished business.It was about protecting our oil interests after all,not WMD,which of course is why we never found was just a story,and hey, a great way to spend a trillion ! a part of why we have money problems now !

Ok,getting off topic bums me out !

I agree to get back on topic,I'm sorry also !
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 5 (view)
President Obama asks Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure repairs
Posted: 9/6/2010 2:32:41 PM

Unfortunately, the better question may be "where did the money go ?"
your making a case that we cannot trust the companies that are awarded a contract and that also we cannot trust a city counsel and others where the money goes.You have made made a good point ,but still I see under any circumstance as to why not repair rather than just wait for a catastrophe .Sounds to me is all we need is policing of our money.People ,and groups should go to prison if they fraud us,whether its city counsel,a governor or Corp of Engineers,or a road repair contractor.Dept. of transportation feel they don't have to show their accounting.....I say bull,I'd stop that arrogance right now,who do they think they are A private entity like Enron !

This is exactly why Obma is attacking the wide spread fraud in healthcare,because it means billions are wasted each year in fraud claims but no policing power was effectively in place.We need to police,the Enrons must stop,we allow these things to happen.

History shows what happens when the "great satan" , sit's on the sidelines.
Do you honestly believe the US could just look the other way ?
over my did you mean this and who is this great Satan ?Look what other way?are you referring to a fraudulent war of "weapons of mass destruction",if that's your meaning ,someone should have gone to prison for that monumental con job.Talk about a false war.

who was recently quoted as saying "Never waste a good crisis !" ?
Obama,Hillary,Rahm and Rahm stated

This opportunity isn't lost on the new president and his team. "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama's new chief of staff, told a Wall Street Journal conference of top corporate chief executives this week.

He elaborated: "Things that we had postponed for too long, that were long-term, are now immediate and must be dealt with. This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before."

Rahm Emanuel addresses leaders at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council.

He ticked off some areas where he thought new doors were opening: energy, health, education, tax policy, regulatory reforms. The current atmosphere, he added, even makes bipartisanship easier: "The good news, I suppose, if you want to see a silver lining, is that the problems are big enough that they lend themselves to ideas from both parties for the solution." end quote

That is so true a statement, that it is terrible, it takes a tragedy, to get some work done,and its sad we plead broke until we pay anyways !Boy we are stupid.A dyslexic way of doing things !
Joined: 7/17/2009
Msg: 4 (view)
President Obama asks Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure repairs
Posted: 9/6/2010 1:25:12 PM

Ultimately however , we are broke, and don't have ANY funds, (with the exception , of what we are borrowing from china , just to "hang in limbo" as we are now.)
Great points ! lets look at Katrina.The dikes were a well known problem,we took the stance that we are broke,where will the money come from ! Then we have Katrina and we paid anyways,and where did the money come from then ? was it cheaper to have continued to plug along on the dikes or was the deaths,the loss of neighborhoods never to be rebuilt and the expenses we are still paying for in rebuilding ,a better alternative.

Broke! we are never broke,we poop out money as fast as we can if we want to war,we always have !

The worst large dams on the list are above major metropolitan areas,where full city flooding is a for sure deal if the dam has a collapse.As another Katrina evolves and more people die,will we think that it is now cheaper to pay for the clean up,or had just fixed the dam.

Other countries have found its far cheaper to repair.Look at the hatred that came from Katrina,blame all over the place,mistrust,the world watched our dirty laundry hung out to dry, ,dishonest rebuilding practices ,charges of racism.The cost certainly went beyond money.
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Msg: 1 (view)
President Obama asks Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure repairs
Posted: 9/6/2010 12:11:58 PM
President Barack Obama is asking Congress to approve at least $50 billion in long-term spending in the nation's roads, railways and runways in a pre-election effort to show he's trying to stimulate the sputtering economy.

Its learned we are one of the countries that spends the least towards our infrastructure.Several countries including Japan spends at least twice more towards repair and upkeep than us.They see it as doom if ones bridges,dikes, and dams and such stop the masses from getting to work,or the aftermaths damage costing far more pain,death and money than the initial repairs would have cost.

The inspection experts in charge state it will take 0ne trillion dollars to take our bridges from a D+ rating to a A rating.

50 billion is a drop in the bucket and doesn't even address bridges,unless roadways include bridges.Also note dams are on the D rating list also,and of the thousands of dams ,some in critical condition ,and are upstream of large metropolitan areas.Dikes are needed also,remember Katrina !

Some cry aloud we cannot afford to waste money now with so many other pressing problems all around us,and that it is yet another great blunder Obama is about to get us into. I say we cannot wait. Much of the WPA work of yesteryear was just to get men to work and to invigorate the men of the depression men have, when no work is available .I see that this time we have thousands of actual repairs needed to be done.During the WPA era,much of the work was not necessary,some merely adornments to roadways.

I think even more money is needed to fix theses areas of need and it will directly stimulate jobs.I see it as needed ,and money well spent.I think small businesses need to be threaded into the contract awards system, so just the countries largest companies are not the only ones receiving the contract awards.

Do you think rebuilding the infrastructure will stimulate jobs or is just a monumental waste of time and money?
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Msg: 12 (view)
Trust in Obama's Words Going Down
Posted: 9/5/2010 4:25:43 PM

When Democrats take responsibility for their actions. Tell me, if you burn your toast in the morning, do you blame Bush or Cheney?
Thats the funny thing from the republicans point of view, they act like Obama has done something wrong.All I have seen is Obama improve everything beyond the Bush/Cheney regime.Economists state if change had not happened and the imminent depression happened then the 9-10 % unemployment now would look wonderful compared to 20 plus percent unemployment we were to have.People would have to be really out of touch with what the economy had been doing to not know we were on the brink of a depression,half the country got that and understood it,yet almost unanimous the republicans seem to think otherwise,some even say what has happened now was the economy healing its self,what a miracle,which of course is how they headed us to the brink in the first place,this type of logic,the same logic now in the Gulf that since we have not figured out how to stop an oil leak or clean it up,or pay the thousands that lost their livelhoods and never will be the small percentage of those to receive payments,the republicans think we need even less restrictions now and drill baby drill,good thinking guys,and watch next spill your blame will be elsewhere,in fact any where but on the oil industry .Either they are really dense,or don't care,or there motives were for some other grand reason,or they are in cahoots with the large corporations.

Did you protest the war? Did you write your Congressman? Did you do anything at all to participate in the process besides clicking the "all Democrats" lever at the voting booth? Did you even vote? Venting on Bush doesn't impress me.
Yes protested loud and clear,until the day we went,then I supported the troops,still do support the troops,even though Iraq and Afghanistan is a giant waste of lives and money.We made no difference in that country of Iraq,none at all,we only killed off 200,000 people ,many civilians,had our kids killed and spent a trillion,and look they haven't even a government,good,no ,it was not worth it.But hey,now we probably have yet another base there.Obama also protested the war he inherited,and then lived up to his word and got out the combat troops.

Did I write my congressman,why,Congress is a waste of time,throw them all out and put in some new ones,pass the Moo Shoo Pork please,bunch of high paid do nothing people,bought off by the highest bidders.

Those that voted for Democratic ways are doing something,they are fighting you at every juncture,you the ones we ran out of town because you had no idea of how to run a country,

Even when Obama said "republican",rather than just say my way won't work,with my health care plan,show me what will work.A week later the republicans came back with lets start with a blank page,so one year they still had no better plan.Republicans have been more noise and roadblock than help.Now we have the no leader,no shared philosophy tea party making tons of noise,I have not heard anything but torches burning from them,and these folks scream less government but when a spill happens,now its we need more government,why aren't they doing more.Wow talk about fickle,no I'm on this side of the fence,no this side,no maybe this side.At least Obama came to the table with a plan and is sticking to the plan.He's making constant slow and steady progress.

Let me see,when the depression happened in 1935 it was a slow hard road till the war in 1941.I didn't see the country turn around in one year nor 2 years.You "need to have it now" people have no idea how long it takes to put a country on its feet again.So rather than the tea party and the republicans placing burning roadblocks at every juncture they might want to help,perhaps their goal is, to double the recovery time,that seems to be the republicans in the Senate and Congresses plan.

Isn't it time for them to do another filibuster before yet another month long break.....where is that martini and moo shoo pork the congressman ordered,waiter!waiter!
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Trust in Obama's Words Going Down
Posted: 8/17/2010 2:49:35 PM
first off you replied to a post where the last post is 5 months old and its a post of Obamas approval rating for his second year.Thats kind of a hard thing to do,rate his second year,when the poll is 3 months into the start of his second year.

Check up also on your impeached facts.

Lets also understand that when he was voted in as president he had like a 51% or 52% and McCain had like a 47%.So I don't see this amazing drop.I know at the moment all the ones that oppose freedom of religion and freedom to have a place to practice there religion are dropping out of the ranks of Obama popularity,republican and democrat and independents,but as far as I am concerned disallowing a church to be anywhere in NY is a cry solely from racists.

Whats in the 2 block radius of ground zero,A track betting business,2 strip joints and I forget the 4th business in the same league as gambling and sex houses,so somehow we are to be alarmed by a church,somehow according to the racists ,Muslim is a no no.

Only a racist would say that,so right now even Harry Reid is against Obama on that,that effects ratings.

Thank BP and federal investigators of oil wells,they played into it too.I'm not one for the buck stops here crap,if a Private or Sargent caused the problem the Private or Sargent should get the blame unless someone higher ordered it.

Even with Bush and Katrina,FEMA was solely to blame in the first week,they swwore it was covered,they lied through their teeth,ultimately the Corp of Engineers were solely to blame for the dike problem collapsing in a cat 2 storm.Bush was responsible for other aspects,Put blame on the one that's responsible.

Polls often reflect the one that had nothing to do with the problem,For Bush and other leaders too.Blame the ones responsible,not a blanket blame for everything under ones watch.

You want to blame those responsible for ground zero,they were Saudi's.Blame those men,not the country,certainly not the religion the criminals belonged too.

I hate organized religion,but our country says its a freedom to worship,so as far as I am concerned ground zero itself can be a place to build a church if someone wants too.Racists.Heck put up a Krishna palace there,what the difference.
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Msg: 754 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/17/2010 1:56:25 PM

It's not over...the "microscopic bits" of oil are all over the ocean floor. I think the cleanup was as successful as it could be, - thanks to our PRESIDENT's leadership - but the excess oil couldn't have just disappeared, as some seem to believe. it's going to be a LONG time before the final impact is known.

I agree,and think most now agree we've only got over a major hurdle is all,I'm hoping the dispersed oil will come together and float to the top we we can collect it,I don't agree with the science behind oil dispersant.I believe new equipment needs to be made ,to better collect oil ,something better than anything we currently have.Wanna make a new industry law,thats a good one,effective equipment needs to be invented or stop the drilling.

Thats like asking for stopping the production of automobiles if effective brakes didn't exist.

If we suffer another Gulf spill in the near future or a third in a row, these changes will happen anyways.Its like gun laws,as soon as the wrong type of child is shot,such a person that tears the heart out of the masses of the whole country, and this blonde ,blue eyed little Shirley Temple girl gets shot in her gated neighborhood,laws change over night,beautiful children from the slum gang areas in the bad parts of town never really held any weight.

Oil is the same way,piss off the bulk of the people in the right circumstance and suddenly everyone buys into regulations and such,the oil industry and supporters now is covered with Kryptonite or some other form of mysterious magic.

Thanks for the Pope warning,thank god,I'm old, and a only small portion of all priests that are that way are pedophiles and mainly into little boys,I dodged a bullet.

I vote for allowing little boys to carry hand guns to church,if god will not protect them,nor will the Pope,then let the child.Face it ,God doesn't meddle with such things ,he's never stopped violent rapes,or genocide ,Warlords,slaves,or any of that,so its up to the Pope,and we all know he will do nothing,its a good ol boys club after all.Sad,so sad. Get little Johnny a 357 and the priest would keep it in his pants.Less people would also sleep during church too.

I'm joking about arming young boys.............................................maybe,lol
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Msg: 751 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/17/2010 12:59:24 PM
I'd moon the Pope for a million dollars,heck ,pick any name out of a hat and I'd moon them for a million.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/13/2010 2:33:49 PM

If I were a conspiracy nut, I would say that he is tired of getting phone calls from howdy doody in the white house telling him what to do. Can you explain why a CEO would retire after just barely making strides in turning GM around, unless it just wasn't worth it anymore?
Paul are you referring to the GM that was about to go under,because as a private industry they were running themselves out of existence through bad business choices and an unwillingness to change,thus putting all their shareholders and employees at risk, are you stating its better not even having a GM,compared to having to be bailed out rather than to be even in existence,that its worse to endure temporary conditions compared to just being alive.

As one can see Whitacre never stays long as a CEO.But hey at least you were able to write a post blaming Obama for everything.Paul someone once wrote something that made me immediately think of you,in fact I thought it was you when I read it,

and I quote "Those that feel, notice I didn't say "think"are only taken seriously by "their own kind".It is difficult to try to rationaly explain what they feel, and the only thing they have to go on is the possibillity of their parfticular conspiracy being right...............please excuse all the typos I cut and pasted the post as it was written!

Whitacre said he had always planned to give up the top job at GM as soon as possible, and that he's confident in the choice of Akerson.

"It was my duty to help restore the company to greatness and I didn't want to stay a day beyond that," said Whitacre. "Dan and I have been close for a number of months. He's been on the board. He's been very involved. I think this will be a very smooth transition."

Akerson, 61, who has been on the GM board for just over a year, is now managing director and head of global buyout for private equity firm Carlyle Group. He has been CEO of three other companies, although none in the auto industry.

He served as CEO and chairman of Nextel from 1996 to 1999, and stayed on as non-executive chairman until 2001. In 1999 he became chairman and CEO of XO Communications, helping to restructure that specialty communications company. He had previously served as chairman and CEO of General Instrument Co..................

Why stay long when leaving it so unrealistically profitable,one makes better money as a CEO to leave ,Tony Hayward also just learned how much better it is to change positions in a company at a CEO level,less heat and tens of millions for the honor.
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Msg: 741 (view)
Did BP trade blood for money ? (or oil? ) it appears so!
Posted: 8/13/2010 12:00:45 PM

What the hell are you talking about?

It legitimately concerns me that people don't say "what the hell are you talking about?" after almost everything you post.
Oh I am sorry, are you new to this country,did you just crawl out from under a rock or have just awaken from a 7 year sleep.

People so incredibly out of touch and others so to the right that they are blind is an oddity to me,usually ones blinders have an opening in the front,sorry yours does not.
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Msg: 736 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/12/2010 6:27:42 PM
All this talk about the evil BP and where the blames should lay.It is important to to always look back and see who owns this problem.Cheney was quite a player,Bush and others too,even Obama has blame,but as for bad presidents,first term in office we all learn so if in Bushes case,as we learned what he actually was,including his cronies then shame on the American people for handing such a group a second term,blame go largely to those that voted for him a second time and not to those that opposed him.

Obama,I enjoy,but as his term goes on and say at time of second election we learn he broke many laws like Bush and started false wars,and such,becomes something like a Bush and his cronies were,wiretapping,torture,allowing Wall Street free reign,then place the blame on the American people that vote him in for a second term.I have seen good changes through Obama,I'm not worried yet.

Blame should always be given to the appropriate persons.

BP,same thing,they have a horrible track record ,dangerous sites,slack maintenance,environmental damages,deaths,high level abuses,ect.decades of this behavior

So we should have learned from this ,now for many years,BP is a bad abusive corporation.Its like they are a rattle snake,one expects a rattle snake to bite,and they will,they do.So lots of blame needs to go to the governmental agencies that give a company like this drilling rights,someone that has proven to be a very poor custodian around the world.We need better industry than this.

Many political leaders are to blame for letting them roam.Ultimately does one really blame the rattle snake for being a snake,does one really ultimately blame the 11 year old babysitter that blew it,or does one blame the Adults full well knowing 11 year olds will not make a good ,wise and trustful babysitter.

Shame on many of us that vote in people that support so many of these rattle snakes,and as to why we seem surprised when they bite us,I have no idea.

I don't think any of us knew that nothing existed for disaster on a deep water oil wells,except that is for those investigators and the industry people and some others I am not aware of.seemed most everyone, even the president was shocked as the proverbial fire bells rang and no engine existed to show up to the site.

I expect with this knowledge now that politicians would say never again and regulate to the umpteen degree this industry.Come on,at least cage the snake.If BP was a pet it would be a requirement a snake lives within a cage,the regulations are the cage in this case,the drilling rights are the cage.I have zero concern if controlling a snake will hurt others employment,that's the breaks,heck,those that get cancers and die from unsafe locations ultimately are out of work anyways.

Man has a right to a safe work place and the community has a right to a safe business among them that will not become their personal doom.and known of that could be pushed aside because we are afraid people will lose jobs.How about actually giving me a good reason,this is all I get now from the oil industry supporters,jobs at any cost is their bottom line even if the tv commercials say otherwise.

I am shocked at how many in this country feel its best if the rattler is not caged but let free to roam,without federal investigators and oil companies and abandoned wells regulated and spill equipment invented then made readily available, then expect the rattler to bite again and again,after all a snakes is a snake.

I like the concept of everyone refusing to drive there car,boy that will show them,huh.Sounds nice but will never in a million years happen.

If not the government ,then whom will watch them?

Do we need a type of group like Consumers report and independent agency that receives no pay from any one that they test.Is it possible to have a non governmental oversight body ,with the powers of Zeus,untouchable from likes of politicians and industry/labor lobbyists.

Well until you invent this group,then the government is all we have.I want prison terms for the governmental investigators that let BP and others sign their own paper.Laws with real meat.

Our laws in this country suck,when I say penalties with meat ,it needs to be tough.Right now we have stupid penalties,Take the three attorneys that robbed 450 clients of their tens of millions of dollars they were awarded to them then receive 10 to 20 years in prison for it,possibility of parole in 5 and these people originally awarded and then frauded are afflicted with cancers and some died from the lack of payment .

Or take a guy with 2 ounces of pot in a key state and he gets 10 years mandatory,no parole.

Where is the balance ,where is the justice.I'd want the 3 attorneys to get 100 years no parole and the kid with the pot,I do not for a minute want my valuable prison space wasted on that sort nor do I want to spend $75 a day of my tax money to house that guy,ESPECIALLY without opportunity of parole for ten whole years.

Put two million people in the gulf out of work because of short cutting the system,not doing maintenance falsifying records,well heads should roll.

Our courts in this country are a joke.And part of the overall problem
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Msg: 734 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/12/2010 2:58:22 PM
P.s. think you misunderstood me stating Cheney is a root cause of many of our problems.I was talking the whole enchilada,not just oil industry.he and Halliburton led the black sites,torture,removal if civil liberties,wiretapping,false war of WMD,the list goes on and on.At times it seemed Cheney was the ventriloquist and Bush the dummy on his lap.
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Msg: 733 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/12/2010 2:54:29 PM

Threaten BP, that if they don't do what you want, that Americans all over in America, will stop driving everywhere in gas-guzzlers, and they'll accede to your demands almost immediately.

Let every American know this. If you act together, as one nation, you can make the oil companies act decently.
Well Obama has tried hard to crack down on them and heavy regulate them and the industry and thats why half this country is so mad at him for the gulf,The republicans want more drilling opened up and remove most the regulations.Obama says halt the drilling until we know how to control a spill,the other side laughs at him for such an odd notion.

Many an ignorant person would prefer to keep there job and worry only when the accident happens,many of us call that ridiculous short sighted,narrow minded thinking.

See its not Obama ,Obama is a threat to millions that find there way of life threatened,really,as far as they can see,whats an wrong with mass destruction of the gulf and a way of life if it effects thousands of oil company/driller jobs.Its like jumping over a dollar to save a dime.Just like the harm the miners do,doesn't matter how many get cancer,the shouting only starts when the miners way of life is threatened.

This country is full of odd thinking like that,Bp thinks its shareholders and profits are more important than millions in the Gulf.Obama tries to regulate to make a safer industry and the businesses,suppliers,drillers and families of these industries try to put him out of office because he is threatening their way of life.

Its always been this way.

Thanks for the dateline of who owns BP and when it all happened,actually I posted all those facts and dates about 1 page of posts ago.
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Msg: 729 (view)
Did BP trade blood for money ? (or oil? ) it appears so!
Posted: 8/12/2010 1:04:53 PM
Ahhhhhhhh Cheney AKA president Cheney,now you are talking the problem of how we got here.The head man in the white house,Cheney actually was worse than his assistant junior Bush.Is it alright if when I refer to Cheney I just say president Halliburton.
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Msg: 728 (view)
Did BP trade blood for money ? (or oil? ) it appears so!
Posted: 8/12/2010 1:01:22 PM
Scorpiomover,Seriously most the country really likes you guys,I hear no one connecting BP to being a British problem.I trust you do hear from some of your people that its about being British,why would it be anything different than here.We have a strong tea party movement,they and conservatives say all sorts of things but we would hate to think you think that's how everyone feels.

At the moment Dan Quayle's kid is running a campaign on everything is Obama fault,all that is wrong now is because of him,whereas most of the country realizing the time frame is wrong,Bush fits the bulk of the problem Quayle mentions ,but doesn't include Bush, Obama owns some of the problem too we realize this. Quayle makes noise,its his platform.

My advice,stop listening to these select few British American hater shock jocks,media types and select British politicians,and trust that some people, in each country, loves to make noise,that's all it is.

We shouldn't only be hearing about BP,after all Halliburton zipped out of this mess like a ghost and remains not talked about,they are like a shadow.So is Halliburton an American company,? who knows? who cares? whats that got to do with it?Is BP this percentage American ,this percentage Burmese,this percentage British? who cares? whats that got to do with it.........................nothing at all !

Sorry about the tasteless European joke at your expense.Whats next Polish jokes.
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Msg: 723 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/12/2010 8:49:29 AM
Well ,while we, the Gulf ,are forced into the BP's Kingdom, and never forget,Halliburton was there too............ I do feel little,we got that Davey and Goliath thing going on,lol.Where is our slings !
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/12/2010 7:22:32 AM

Don't forget, BP cares about the small people...

I watched that on the news 2 months ago,and you all know I don't like these abusive mega corporations at all,but when I watched this all I saw was like a Swedish or Nordic sounding man fumbling through the English language doing the best he could with translation.I did not take the use of little people as an insult it sounded like a language barrier,it sounded like when some Russians speak sometimes and they use odd words to us in a way we would not say it.

I took the use of little people to mean regular folk or the common citizens of the Gulf region,the proverbial Joe the Plumbers,the average working men and woman.

Maybe he meant little,then its not so good sounding.I'm wavering,still lean towards language barrier .

Look ,I firmly believe when one is talking to America,an English speaking country then their spokesperson should speak flawless,perfect English.I feel the same way when I cannot understand the foreign guy working the drive up window at the Burger king.People on the counter or phone computer tech on the phone should have total command of our language..........period.I hate repeating myself over and over when calling an HP tech and its actually Bombay
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Msg: 716 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/11/2010 2:47:52 PM

show me anyone slamming BP here.
meant to say show me anyone slamming brits here
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Msg: 715 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/11/2010 2:46:13 PM

That is what every news station in the UK reported, every journalist in the UK reported, and every politician in the UK who spoke about the subject pointed out. If you want to say this is a hate-slinging slant, then by all means, write to every newspaper, TV, station, journalist and politician in the UK, to tell them as such.
Well sounds like its their problem ,doesn't it,because show me anyone slamming BP here.Sounds like we are being fraudulently accused of something no one has done.Sounds like UK ones you mention have a problem or are purposely trying to stir up anger.

As for calling British Petroleum,British Petroleum,that's like us here having to call UPS,"Brown",when all of us older people grew up around UPS and they will always be UPS.Just like KFC,a gang banger,hip hop sound to be modern,when all us older people call it Kentucky Fried Chicken,we are not at all concerned if we don't feel like addresses them by there modern hip hop abbreviation.Prez can call them anything that's their name,they are British Petroleum,and how exactly do people think that is putting down Brits.What about the famous "American Wheel",if they make a bad wheel and we call them that,is that supposed to mean we are bad mouthing America.

Perhaps Obama should just call them crooks,BP that is,because they are criminal,and should be put down,after all they sleep with government officials in some of the finest countries and they did get those Airline bombers freed,we will not forget them,they have a rap sheet so long,and somehow some in the UK are proud of them,I heard on TV Brit politicians there talking about what upstanding business people they were,how good they are for the country.

Tell you what lets have Obama call them British Petroleum Atlantic Richfield Co. Burmah Castrol plc.,because thats who they technically are.

British Petroleum Atlantic Richfield Co. Burmah Castrol plc. or BP sounds like petty whining in what ever country they are whining from,petty,petty,petty.
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Msg: 708 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/11/2010 9:27:39 AM

The main thing about it is about blame. It hasn't been British Petroleum since it merged with Amoco (American Oil Company) in 1998, when it became BP Amoco Plc, and in 2001, it was renamed BP Plc. But Obama keeps on calling it "British Petroleum". Either everyone in the White House are idiots who don't even try to look up the names of the companies they quote, or, Obama's press crew advised him to call it a name that doesn't exist anymore, because he wants to pretend its a British company, to draw on the strong anti-British feelings that Americans still have since the American War of Independence was fought against British troops in the 1770s, over 200 years ago.
What a petty hate slinging slant.Obama calls it British Petroleum because that is who they are,in 1998 they merged with Amoco,Amoco is also an abbreviation standing for American Oil Company.So if Obama wanted to be really exact and sound really off the wall when he refers to them he will Say British Petroleum American Oil Company Plc, on

In 2000, BP Amoco acquired Arco (Atlantic Richfield Co.) and Burmah Castrol plc. In 2001 the company formally renamed itself as BP plc and adopted the tagline "Beyond Petroleum," which remains in use today. It states that BP was never meant to be an abbreviation of its tagline. Most Amoco stations in the United States were converted to BP's brand and corporate identity. In many states, however, BP continued to sell Amoco branded petrol even in service stations with the BP identity as Amoco was rated the best petroleum brand by consumers for 16 consecutive years and also enjoyed one of the three highest brand loyalty reputations for petrol in the US, comparable only to Chevron and Shell. In May 2008, when the Amoco name was mostly phased out in favour of "BP Gasoline with Invigorate", promoting BP's new additive, the highest grade of BP petrol available in the United States was still called Amoco Ultimate.

To me its pretty darn weird to think if someone calls a company by their name its a nation slam.

Yes corporations are owned by shareholders,but the CEOs drive the vehicle,and the back seat drivers (shareholders) only scream loud each time the driver makes a wrong turn or crashes the vehicle,on an occasion if the vehicle crash was really nasty,they hire a new driver and reassign the old driver elsewhere.
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Msg: 704 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/11/2010 7:27:52 AM
I find myself disturbed anytime someone talks about a company like BP as overall a great company.When your company is one that sets records of abuse around the world then you are the worst of all business.I hold BP akin to something as bad as a mafia,both organizations pay off political figures,local authorities,inspectors,ect. and when they are not giving to a local school or hospital they are up to no good.

It know longer matters if BP funds baseball teams,or donates to colleges and such when they set records for the worlds worst business/environmental abuses.

Jeffery Dahlmer I understand was an outstanding friend and neighbor,people loved him,he was an outstanding person 97% of the time,but it was that pesky 3% of the time when he ate people that blew the 97% of being an angel.

I do not care what country the company comes from,I do though dislike greatly almost all our world top mega corporations,there is a common theme among them.
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Msg: 699 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/10/2010 5:29:50 PM
Thanks for the link Krebby,its a handle and password to see your article but found one can backdoor them by using their search engine ,then clicking on the articles shown,I typed "Gulf oil spill "and got a long list of great articles.

In any field,any nationality and any sector ,you have bad apples.Scientists are part of that mix.So yes,right now some scientists are being bought off,and others are being swayed by their corporate bosses,as to not jeopardize their jobs by being to forthcoming,not rocking the proverbial boat.Others though, take great pleasure in the "proofs in the facts" and the employers welcome and encourage their truths.
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Msg: 697 (view)
The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/10/2010 2:55:22 PM
Ok,loved the science . com

Even though science is often debated,I'd rather form my own opinions off of the scientific communities data over mainstream reporters or shock jocks stories.I now have them bookmarked ,thanks for the insight Krebby.

Paul,good point on bringing it to the marshes,I though feel the marshes already have the microbes since its the same seawater,I don't know though,that's my opinion.

A month back they showed one patch of marsh where all were shocked that although the marsh grasses were stained brown there were new green shoots popping out........a glimmer of hope. two thumbs up for mother nature in her grandest moment
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/10/2010 12:49:01 PM
Excellent story on the oil eating microbes around the world.Pros and cons,how fast or slow the process works,what they can and can't eat,and a very good point,that is that the oil dispersant the oil company uses might kill the natural oil eating microbes .Corexit 9527A contains the solvent 2-butoxyethanol, which is a known human carcinogen and toxic to animals and other life. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and others are monitoring whether adding such dispersant ends up boosting microbe-growth and hence dangerously depletes oxygen levels, among other potential environmental ill effects.

Bottom line ,its a good read from the Scientic American for those like me that never heard of a oil eating microbe before this disaster,or for those in the know,that need a bigger picture about it.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/8/2010 3:40:18 PM
Oh please,apparently you have to explain something 3 different ways to get a point across,so forgive my use of the English language,apparently I don't express myself well,if the after effects of my writings is to dredge up such fine comments as Naked lunches .

Of course to Gulf is on overload,thought we all agreed to that.The point was I had no idea any ocean had a microbe that eats oil,which is why Valdez was so extremely different,cold water has no such thing.

My point was of awe that the gulf always had leaked oil in the tens of millions of gallons and always was able to produce such wonderful seafood under those conditions.

The whole idea of listing the NRC was a couple had seem to act like microbes were some form of make believe and that all the scientists were on the take in some form or not and if one listed a fine university one must comment that they are not from the gulf but a Northerner,and others feel if you express any thankfulness to anyone trying to clean this up whether its the white house,Coast Guard,BP,ones just cheer leading for them with their own agenda in play,guess one needs a strange motive to be thankful for the little things and all the attempts whether they all work out to everyone's grand expectations.

I'm not in the dark in the least that the gulf was functioning fine,although not as well as once before all of mans waste over the last decades,but functioned fine and now its stressed to the outer limits and on the critical list but hanging in there.

Odd that if FOX news reports that Cornell completed a study that somehow we are not to listen because its FOX.There are very few reporters one can trust one hundred percent,heck even the Bible parting of the Red Sea,was actually in the Sea of Reeds,many miles away.Reporting has always been an interpretation,some things one can totally believe,like a house on fire,then they show you a video of the house on fire.One cannot discount all, because they don't trust the source 100%.

Even a joke like Glen Beck,whom walks around the truths,he's the king of taking everything out of context.I'd trust 90% more from FOX than Beck,and that Bible with 800-900 year old men,Man that lived in a whale,an Ark that held every living thing,a god that never did something imperfect yet got pissed one day and flooded the world,killing everyone,well ok,maybe that was a "Perfect" kill.That kind of reporting is the hardest to trust,Its a nice read like the Hobbit,or Lord of the Rings.You show me any reporter you can completely trust,even if he's truthful sometimes his interpretation is false.

Sometimes with scientists its just best to compile all the reports and follow the common ground.Politic are also a strange interpretation of whats really happening.Even an idiot would know that you cannot have millions in the gulf fall out of employment and not have it drastically alter the job creation numbers we were making steady gains on.

This gulf spill is not some thing the spin doctors are tricking me with,or is that some of you are the only ones that think you get it.Sounds like most all of us get it,we seem to disagree on numbers,and we will continue too also ,because there will never be exact numbers,that's why I laugh when one wants to believe in a 50% figure over an 80% figure,as if they would ever know if they were correct or not.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/7/2010 1:00:58 PM

The National Research Council estimates that 41 million gallons a year of oil naturally seep into the Gulf from below.
This is news to me ! so then with all this normal seepage we have enjoyed all the wonderful seafood that came from the Gulf for all these years,under this type of circumstance. Were we to busy being mad to hear this or were these facts being told from the onset of the disaster.I now looked up the NRC here's what they say.

Who is the National Research Council

The National Research Council (NRC) functions under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), and the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The NAS, NAE, IOM, and NRC are part of a private, nonprofit institution that provides science, technology and health policy advice under a congressional charter signed by President Abraham Lincoln that was originally granted to the NAS in 1863. Under this charter, the NRC was established in 1916, the NAE in 1964, and the IOM in 1970. The four organizations are collectively referred to as the National Academies.

The mission of the NRC is to improve government decision making and public policy, increase public education and understanding, and promote the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in matters involving science, engineering, technology, and health. The institution takes this charge seriously and works to inform policies and actions that have the power to improve the lives of people in the U.S. and around the world.

The NRC is committed to providing elected leaders, policy makers, and the public with expert advice based on sound scientific evidence. The NRC does not receive direct federal appropriations for its work. Individual projects are funded by federal agencies, foundations, other governmental and private sources, and the institution’s endowment. The work is made possible by 6,000 of the world’s top scientists, engineers, and other professionals who volunteer their time without compensation to serve on committees and participate in activities. The NRC is administered jointly by the NAS, NAE, and the IOM through the NRC Governing Board.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/7/2010 10:24:08 AM

The recent ecological history of the Gulf gives scientists reason for hope. In an extensive survey of Gulf of Mexico researchers by The Associated Press, at least 10 of them separately volunteered the same word to describe the body of water: "resilient."

This is buttressed by a government report that claims that all but 53 million gallons of the leaked oil from BP's Deepwater Horizon well are gone. The report issued Wednesday says the cleanup extracted a lot of it, but the natural processes that break up, evaporate and dissolve oil took care of 84 million gallons - more than twice the amount human efforts removed.

At the same time, more progress was made in sealing the well for good as BP finished pumping cement into it on Thursday.

The Gulf's impressive self-cleanup makes sense given its history and makeup. The Gulf regularly absorbs environmental insults: overfishing, trawlers raking sea floors, frequent hurricanes. And then there's the dead zone, an area starved of oxygen because 40 percent of America's runoff pours from the Mississippi River into the Gulf.

And yet the Gulf remains America's most biologically diverse place, with 15,419 species. It is the nation's buffet of life as well as its gas station and septic tank.

It's too soon to know the full effects of the BP disaster. But to get a sense of where the Gulf has been and where it's going, the AP surveyed 75 scientists about the health of the Gulf of Mexico before the spill. On a 0-to-100 scale, the scientists graded its general health a 71 on average. That's a respectable C, considering 100 would be considered pristine and untouched by civilization.

n the survey, which was sent to scientists through several research institutions and scientific societies, sea turtles, manatees, wetlands and water quality hovered around or below the failing point. Doing well were beaches and birds, including the once-endangered brown pelican, Louisiana's state bird.

While others are optimistic, Jeremy Jackson, director of the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is worried.

"You have an ecosystem that's already severely stressed, then you add this major disturbance," he said. "We're going to pay for our sins double-time because we've neglected the environment of the northern Gulf so badly for so long."

Yet the Gulf's water is warm, which is good for microbes that eat oil. The currents and drainage are right to flush and dilute tainted water. And the Gulf has long been exposed to natural gas, oil and a host of other contaminants.

While BP's well dumped 172 million gallons into the Gulf over three months, the muddy Mississippi brings in 198 million gallons of water - replete with urban and farm runoff - every minute. The National Research Council estimates that 41 million gallons a year of oil naturally seep into the Gulf from below.

A thriving microbial ecosystem has developed to consume the oil.

"The Gulf has been immunized many times by environmental insults," said Larry McKinney, director of a Gulf research center at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. "Because of that resilience we see here - and not in other places - it also may be the best place" to cope with a gigantic spill.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/7/2010 10:11:40 AM

This film is several weeks old,
Yes its 30 days old,that's a lot of microbes,cleanup and dissipation,no one ever said there is not a lot of clean up still to do,if its 80% gone or 50% gone that's still tens of millions,so yes we will all see a lot of oil on any new video someone might produce,and yes the marshes and such will look like crap.

I remember success being called on stopping the leak,I heard no party call success on the oil cleanup.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/6/2010 6:06:36 PM

NO!! Not one of them! Not even close, some better than others, but for the most part, my idea would be, "kill em all, let God sort it out!"
My point of "are you" no no one is perfect.But I do think he is brilliant and the list of what he has done thus far of great change is one long list.

No actually you were calling the lower number of gallons bull,your opinion ,nothing at all based on fact,even if you chose the higher number its guessaments of various credible scientists,since all these people are PHD'd and experts,obviously some of the best in the land are on this spill.Thats Ok, some of the greatest doctors and experts in their field are also polar opposites,they arrived at their conclusions from vast amounts of research and testing.They call it practicing medicine,what would the phrase be for a scientist.

I see none of it as misleading they just vary in numbers,I do see BP under shoots all aspects of numbers,I don't trust them,since higher numbers cost them money,you will not ever receive true exact numbers,I know you already realize this,so do we,science is filled with interpretation and theory.Still do you know a better type expert to be there,I know I don't want Joe the plumber,so inexact is fine with me,glad they are there and helping.

Arizona,like our economy wasn't hurting enough,our republican leader has been selling the state buildings and we are leasing them back,then she starts this,now we have sunk to unprecedented new lows,we are boycotted by many,hated by many,we now lose millions from illegals no longer here.
What!!!! yes,the whats not talked about,they did a study on the millions spent on health care and such freebies for illegals then a best guess calculations of what is brought into the state in retail sales,groceries,rents,automobiles,ect.and the money made off illegals is more than twice greater than the cost of it all.

Anyways,I'm stuck in conservative tea party republican land,we were turning around until the Governor jumped on the immigration thing with all fours,now unemployment is really rising,tourists are banning us.No tourists,no jobs !

As for the prez,he NEVER gave control to BP,Who stalled the protection of the marshes and beaches,the corp of engineers,go after the head of that,not the prez,who kept the boaters off the water,BP and the Coast guard,go after BP and the head of the Coast Guard,not the prez.Some think that the prez should let others alone yet also think he should also run everything, we have key people in charge of each branch ,Obama isn't running everything .Blame those at fault,that's whats fair.

Castro runs everything.Obama and our country put others in charge,welcome to democracy.When all hell breaks loose suddenly the president is supposed to run everything,every little thing is suddenly his fault,heck so many here have democratic thoughts when feeling comfortable and communism wants when shyt hits the fan.

One cannot even blame all of BP,one needs to blame only the few in charge of the thousands of BP employees, those few that actually calls the shots for their entire business.
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The BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf ...
Posted: 8/6/2010 3:26:49 PM
No all clear was ever called out.

Its your slant that this is BP spill is political for Obama.

The reports I'm talking about are from all the scientists,the NOAA and the Coast Guard none of which are fired.who ever said otherwise.I'm not talking about anything BP trys to fire or silence,I'm talking whats coming from those that are not silenced.

Like I say on almost every thread,I don't like nor trust BP,I'm consistent.

You seem to think that Cornell's location somehow changes science,do you think in all of the schools existence their scientist students probably never have been there or studied the science literature gathered from there,are you trying to say only locals know best about the gulf microbes,it seems to be what your saying.

Who ever said all the oil disappeared,no one,even BP has not said that,I argued that you take a figure of 80% gone and 50% gone and call one accurate and one not,you write like your physic .

I clearly stated today and other posts the government has said we have much work to do,you though are stating they are giving an all clear,that's make believe.

Agenda,your too funny,if someone has to repeatedly call false statements and claims false,and prove something has nothing to do with the leader,that somehow means that person has an agenda,interesting !

See to me that means I like the actual facts,and no consensus exists on the spill totals,but I will trust the NOAA or Coast Guard any day of the week over the BP damage control people .

This is why I dislike most out of the tea party folks all over,where nothing has to do with fact.And No, I didn't call you a tea party person.

Props,yes,I do believe Obama should be thrown a bone for getting 20 billion,usually oil companies win in court,Obama didn't need to drag them to court.He nailed Wall street too and the medical industry,who else has been able to do truly amazing things like that.Heck,I see no personal agenda but I do feel amazed by what this man accomplishes ,I've been through a ton of presidents and this man stands out,most presidents throughout history merely existed through their term.Especially the ones you don't even recognize by name,and why is that ? because they did nothing.

Are any of them perfect ? pla eez,are you either !
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