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 Author Thread: Is it okay for a woman to hit a man?
Joined: 3/25/2006
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Is it okay for a woman to hit a man?
Posted: 9/4/2006 1:17:19 PM
I remember when my friend came out and finally told me that it was his wife that was abusing him!!

I remember seeing him with a fat lip, black eyes, bruises all the time, but he would say that he got into a "thing" with someone, always a story, and well he was a little bit of a roughhouser so I was TOTALLY blown away when he finally broke down and told me what was going on.

She was abusing him, and he didn't know what to do, she would drink and start thinking he was cheating on her, or he wasn't pulling his own weight within the relationship, or she was stressed out.

Anyhow he finally called the police during one of her abusive moments, and when the police showed up they were not at all compassionate about the situation, and told her that maybe if she had a nap she would feel better and that he should just get out of the house for a couple of hours.

When he got back she was worse and went to the back bedroom and came out with a gun and shot him 4 times. He lived and they were divorced before she was done with court, and is in jail now for not long enough.

As others have said violence is not the answer, on partners, children, animals or oneself.
Joined: 3/25/2006
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Voting History
Posted: 8/28/2006 5:55:30 PM
When you are checking out someone's profile that you seemed interested in, and you see that they have Voting History, do you go and check it out?? and if you do, does it play any factor in you responding to them or not.

ie: if you check out a person's voting history and it is all hot babes (m or f) and you feel you don't fit into that category, does it stop you from contacting that person??

Just wondering??

Joined: 3/25/2006
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When do you stop calling, when do you give up?
Posted: 8/28/2006 5:50:20 PM
WOW I do believe you are jumping the gun on this guy, way too quickly!! you know life gets in the way sometimes!! and you know what guys need a down time to!! just like women, we all need our space.

I would have to say that if you are ready to cut him out of your life so quickly and over what you described above, then damn girl you are never going to be happy!! give the guy some breathing room!!

Of course all if this is IMHO (in my humble opinion)

Joined: 3/25/2006
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POF get together Cluculz Lake August 19th
Posted: 8/13/2006 1:37:46 PM
WOOHOO sounds like there is going to be a nice mixture of people out there!! maybe I can talk my "younger" friends to come along and bring their boat as well!!

Can't wait, looking forward to meeting you all!!

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