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 Author Thread: Possibly getting into a FWB situation
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Possibly getting into a FWB situation
Posted: 4/22/2018 6:09:42 AM
Okay, so not a dating question in particular, but a question I am hoping to get some help with.

Yesterday I saw a woman on POF who had no qualms about essentially saying she was looking for a FWB (or FB, whatever term you want to use). Her profile had one picture. She indicated that she preferred talking via e-mail as compared to on the site here. I think she knew her profile would probably be deleted soon (and it was). I decide to bite and give her my e-mail. At this point I figure she's some sort of bot like most are and will just send some short message directing me to some website.

To my surprise she sends me an e-mail that does have her name from her profile on it. The e-mail has no link but a short paragraph. I am going to put on here what she sent (I will be eliminating information that could identify the woman):

"Hello babe. I got your E-mail on POF. I am ****, **** **** active fun girl to be honest, I am single Looking to get back to having fun and I will enjoy all that a man can offer. I Love to explore I'm very willing to try new things. I'm Looking for my match when it comes to adventures and explore sometimes in bed. I want someone to teach me or to learn together with and beside that I play softball in my spare time, I don't smoke but drink occasionally. I like hikes and I love to travel. Can you tell me more about you and are you into friends with benefits? btw where do you live? I hope to here from you soon and btw this is me.."

She did attach 3 additional pictures that did match her profile. They were of course a little provocative but not crazy. None of them were completed exposed, 2 butt pictures and 1 slightly exposed picture.

So here's my point, I've never done the whole FB or FWB thing before. At this point I've pretty much given up on dating. I've never really had any luck with dating and I don't have the social skills for dating. I know that I will be single the rest of my life, so I will need to find companionship another way. With that said, I've never even thought about doing the whole FB or FWB thing before and I'm a little nervous about it.

From the above message and overall situation, do you think she's legit or do you think this is still some woman trying to pull something on me? On a subsequent message she indicated wanting to either meet at my place or a hotel, as her place has roommates and she doesn't want them knowing about this lifestyle. I figure this could be true or she could conveniently be protecting herself, letting me take all the risks. I'm very torn on this, part of me wants to pursue it and part of me (the part that has always been overly cautious) does not. What do you think?
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