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 Author Thread: Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 11/11/2018 2:51:47 AM

security concerns

I doubt that anyone in their right mind would attempt anything on his life, as this would mean jail for life and honestly, he's not worth it.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 11/10/2018 10:21:06 PM
The POTUS decided on November 10, 2018 to not attend the memorial ceremonies in France because ‘he didn’t like the inclement weather’.

I wonder what world we would be living in if the soldiers had said ‘we aren’t going to fight today because we don’t like the inclement weather’.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/29/2018 1:47:33 AM
Interesting read:

Guys ask why women are so pissed off. Even guys with wives and daughters. Jackson Katz, a prominent social researcher, illustrates why. He's done it with hundreds of audiences:

"I draw a line down the middle of a chalkboard, sketching a male symbol on one side and a female symbol on the other.

Then I ask just the men: What steps do you guys take, on a daily basis, to prevent yourselves from being sexually assaulted? At first there is a kind of awkward silence as the men try to figure out if they've been asked a trick question.

The silence gives way to a smattering of nervous laughter. Occasionally, a young a guy will raise his hand and say,

- ‘I stay out of prison.'

This is typically followed by another moment of laughter, before someone finally raises his hand and soberly states,

- ‘Nothing. I don't think about it.’

Then I ask the women the same question. What steps do you take on a daily basis to prevent yourselves from being sexually assaulted? Women throughout the audience immediately start raising their hands. As the men sit in stunned silence, the women recount safety precautions they take as part of their daily routine.

- Hold my keys as a potential weapon.
- Look in the back seat of the car before getting in.
- Carry a cell phone.
- Don’t go jogging at night.
- Lock all the windows when I sleep, even on hot summer nights.
- Be careful not to drink too much.
- Don’t put my drink down and come back to it; make sure I see it being poured.
- Own a big dog.
- Carry Mace or pepper spray.
- Have an unlisted phone number.
- Have a man's voice on my answering machine.
- Park in well-lit areas.
- Don’t use parking garages.
- Don’t get on elevators with only one man, or with a group of men.
- Vary my route home from work.
- Watch what I wear.
- Don’t use highway rest areas.
- Use a home alarm system.
- Don’t wear headphones when jogging.
- Avoid forests or wooded areas, even in the daytime.
- Don’t take a first-floor apartment.
- Go out in groups.
- Own a firearm.
- Meet men on first dates in public places.
- Make sure to have a car or cab fare.
- Don’t make eye contact with men on the street.
- Make assertive eye contact with men on the street.”

― Jackson Katz, The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help (The first man to minor in women's studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, holds a master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a Ph.D. in cultural studies and education from UCLA.)
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/28/2018 3:12:02 PM

Meanwhile many women take their sexual assault and rapes to their grave....telling no one.

And why do women take these acts to their graves? Because, the responses they get are along the lines of:

- did you tease him?
- were you dressed provocatively?
- were you acting like a slut?
and many more derogatory comments.

This BS need to stop. Boys need to stop acting like boys and start acting like men.

Here's one gals attempt:

Repeatedly Groped Teen Almost Gets Expelled for 'Boys Are Not Allowed to Touch Me' Shirt

The principal punished her for taking a stand.

A Wisconsin high school student was punished by her school after wearing a T-shirt telling her male classmates not to assault her, according to a viral Reddit post by her mother.

The mom wanted to know if she had any legal recourse against the school, so she wrote about her story in the r/LegalAdvice forum. She explained that since school has started, her daughter has faced serious sexual harassment and assault from her fellow students.

“My 17-year-old daughter was a late bloomer, but she ‘developed’ a lot over the summer,” the anonymous mom wrote. “Since returning to school, she has been groped multiple times by her male classmates.”

The teen reported the assaults to her principal, but was told, “the boys were just joking around and teasing her and she shouldn't take it so seriously.” When the groping continued, the mom contacted the principal directly and was told her daughter “wasn't making it clear enough to these boys that she didn't want to be touched.”

After getting nowhere with the school administration, the daughter decided to take action into her own hands. She wrote “boys are not allowed to touch me” in capital letters on a plain white T-shirt and wore it to school. Despite being a more-than-reasonable request and in line with what the principal was suggesting, the girl was sent home and told the shirt was inappropriate for school.

The principal even took the discipline a step further. “I talked to the principal again today and he said that her shirt was sexist because it implied that ‘men are animals.’ He told me that he was considering expulsion over her T-shirt because it was harassment,” the mom wrote.

Since she posted it on Reddit, the mom’s story has been up-voted over 21,000 times and she has received plenty of advice. Many criticized the principal for his insensitive reaction and for not taking the girl’s reports of sexual assault seriously right away.

The mom mentioned in the comment section she is going to reach out to the American Civil Liberties Union for further guidance. She hasn’t posted a follow-up since the original post, so it’s unclear what, if any action she is taking. Hopefully, the principal is held responsible for his reaction and is used as an example of what not to do when a student comes forward after being harassed or assaulted in any way.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/28/2018 2:44:05 PM
I agree with you HawkingJr:

But you can’t be forgiven for the things you did before then unless you admit to them, and then ask for forgiveness. And you especially can’t be forgiven for such things if you lie about them and try to cover them up.

If BK would have gone on camera and said something like: "To all the people I offered/attacted in my youth, I'm sorry. During my high school/college/university years I acted very immaturely and I regret my actions."

All this could have been avoided. Instead he denied, denied, denied. And after this invesgation it may be discovered that he lied, lied, lied.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/28/2018 12:35:03 PM
My previous quoted post was what women told Jeff Flake in an elevator as he was heading into a committee room. He then asked that an FBI investigation be performed on Professor Ford's allegations. Kuddos to Senator Flake. In my mind, he's on the right side of this issue (i.e. due diligence and full disclosure).

unsubstantiated accusation

Very few women would do this, only the truly malicious ones would.

Women don't normally forget when people (men or women) have wronged them.

And yes people do change but with Roe v. Wade hanging in the balance, BK's character is on a slippery slope.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/28/2018 11:48:39 AM
'American women don't matter.' That's so sad.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/6/2018 1:10:38 AM
Has anyone seen his birth certificate? Has anyone had the opportunity to authenticate it?
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 9/5/2018 11:42:30 PM
Very well said Daynadaze, but you forgot to mention that he wants to appoint himself "supreme leader for life" just like China's leader just did.
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So I guess he's still with his significant other?
Posted: 8/16/2018 7:23:18 AM

Are you psychotic? Why do you keep posting about this? It's at least the 2nd thread about the same thing, about you being a big ho-bag, because you won't leave this married man alone. You're disgusting! Even though he's a lowlife, do you think he wants to date one if he did divorce? He'll want someone with morals.


I understand that fact checking is not a strong point with some people these days, but if you would just click on the OP’s profile you will see that she is only 21 years old. Studies have stated that the human brain is not fully formed until the age of 25, so why are you being so harsh?

Here’s a song that you, NewYorker58, that you should listen to repeatedly.

RIP Aretha
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username search!
Posted: 7/31/2018 1:54:41 AM
Type it on the lefthand box of the log-in screen.
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Sitting, kneeling or hiding out in the lockeroom during our anthem
Posted: 7/30/2018 8:17:38 AM

... it's military currently serving, including veterans, that say they're being disrespected.

And rightly so. Their Commander-in-Chief has been on the job for 18 months and has to make an effort to visit any American base in a foreign country.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 7/27/2018 2:18:14 PM
I wouldn't get too excited with this 4.1% GDP growth. It was probably industries/companies stockpiling their inventories before the tariffs kicked in.

Looking forward to see if it is maintained in the upcoming quarters. That would be something to get excited about.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 7/19/2018 1:36:20 PM
I doubt very much that the interpreter(s) will provide them with any valuable information about the conversation between the two presidents. Interpreters are focussed on spoken words and putting them in the right context. Content is not something they focus on.

Also, there may have been more than one interpreter for each president. They usually rotate at 15-20 minute intervals. I've done this type of assignment once in my career and promised myself that I would never, ever agree to do this again. It's a very specialized and stressful skill.
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Posted: 7/17/2018 5:03:18 AM
Does anyone here know when the official name change will take place? You all know, from ...

United States of America


United States of Russia

... because it is becoming very evident that Putin has Trump by the balls.
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Trump Baby to fly over Parliament Square
Posted: 7/6/2018 1:34:22 AM
I wouldn't get too excited about this event as he will probably arrive late, leave early or not show up at all.
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i'll give Trump credit, he reached the level of Carter in 1994
Posted: 6/13/2018 7:35:04 AM

USA loses.

and the WORLD loses, well maybe with the exception of Russia, China, NK, Syria, and other dictorial (sp) countries.
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i'll give Trump credit, he reached the level of Carter in 1994
Posted: 6/13/2018 7:06:06 AM

... the dems may not let bernie run with them in 2020.

Would this guy be a good replacement for Bernie Sanders?
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Comrade Trump = Mad King Donald
Posted: 6/10/2018 5:40:15 PM

At this point, it's pretty much G6 + 1

Weren't the US the architects of the Group of Seven back in the 70s and now ... poof?
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What happens to USA after Trump?
Posted: 6/8/2018 10:42:52 AM
^^^Maybe if he had access to porn, he would leave her alone.
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Her new job is getting in the way
Posted: 6/6/2018 6:26:35 AM
Is this the same gal you talked about in your other thread?
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Hugo Chump strikes again!
Posted: 5/9/2018 10:22:24 AM

His standard excuse for removing everything Obama related is it's the worst deal in history and is hurting the American people-even though Trump probably doesn't have a clue what's in any agreement he cancels or considers the repercussions.

I think if he were to stand back at look at the bigger picture, he might, just might, see that his successor could and may cancel his 'achievements'.

His successor will have quite a task at Making America Great Again.
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What good things has Trump accomplished?
Posted: 5/8/2018 1:43:45 PM

One other grip. Your president's name is Trump, like him or not, he deserves the respect of the office.

In my world, respect is earned and practiced.
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In love with being in love
Posted: 5/6/2018 5:16:03 PM
Mustang, to me good bad boys were the boys in elementary school who would put a spider on me. It was harmless (good) but he was naughty (bad) for doing that.

You Sir, make me have numerous WTF moments when I’m reading these threads. On this one it started out as ‘When is it ok to say I love you?’ and part way through it you changed it to ‘after the wedding is a good time to start :)’ lol (that’s a good one)

Now I know better and when I see a subject line change I don’t bother checking because 9 times out of 10, I assume it’s you.

My heart is sadden that hey_suze jumped the gun on casting her sights on you. I guess I shall behave and retreat. BTW my second car was a Foxbody and I got an after-market T-top so I would have thought that we would have had that in common.

Have you see all these movies?
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What good things has Trump accomplished?
Posted: 5/6/2018 10:07:48 AM
So, Mr. T is thinking of closing the borders.

May I respectfully request that the citizens of the USofA keep Celine Dion and Justin Beaver. Please, please, please. We don't need them back.
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after the wedding is a good time to start :)
Posted: 5/6/2018 10:04:46 AM
Is it love?

Is it Lust?

Is it Infatuation?

There is a distinction.

And remember actions speak louder than words.

@Mustang: you crack me up! Did anyone notice that he changed the subject line yet again. Methinks he's a good 'bad' boy. lol
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Heeeey Hey Hey! Its Fat Chance...for redemption!
Posted: 5/1/2018 6:19:35 PM
The current POTUS may pardon him even before he sets foot on any prison parking lot.
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Older men's expectations
Posted: 5/1/2018 11:47:55 AM
Is ‘have 3D movies’ code for something?

I get ‘Netflix and Chill’ but no clue about 3D movies.

Can someone shed some light, please.
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What good things has Trump accomplished?
Posted: 5/1/2018 8:32:35 AM
Sorry Jo van, but I think that you meant to say: YOU, Sir ARE INDICTED!

Meuller is far more polite than that.
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Donald Trump visit to UK 13th of July 2018
Posted: 4/27/2018 2:24:29 AM
July 13, 2018 falls on a Friday!!! Is this an omen of sorts? For Trump not the OP?
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Posted: 4/23/2018 1:10:21 PM

...there is no male equivalent

Wanna bet?

A man's brain and heart are the 2 sexiest male body parts.
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What good things has Trump accomplished?
Posted: 4/22/2018 1:34:14 PM

What good things has Trump accomplished?

He has provided employment security to:

- journalists,
- lawyers, and
- comedians.
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best joke of the week
Posted: 4/18/2018 5:02:38 PM
What’s the difference between me and a calender?

A calendar has dates.
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What good things has Trump accomplished?
Posted: 4/12/2018 11:09:12 AM
For Americans who don't like/agree with free trade agreements, may I suggest that you shop with your wallets. By this I mean, when you head to a store, check country of origin for the product you want/need and if you don't like that country, find another product that will suit your needs and principles. Easy peasy.
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Who do I contact if I’m getting harassed?
Posted: 4/8/2018 3:05:52 PM

Who do I contact if I’m getting harassed?

The cops.
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hey, did anyone get fired today?
Posted: 4/4/2018 7:30:04 AM
What DT does not seem to understand (or remember) is that when corporations (such as ‘Amazon HQ2’ - google it) negotiate various segments of their operations, they put out a basic list of their requirements. Interested cities often waive property taxes for a fixed numbers of years, local suppliers do the same on rates for services they will provide - to help new corporations set up shop.

Could it be that the US Postal Office had negotiated such a deal with whatever city they run their business?

Rumour has it that there’s a book that was published a few years ago entitled ‘The Art of the Deal’. Maybe someone should send a copy to DT. I wonder if it’s available on Amazon?
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Is this an echo chamber???
Posted: 3/26/2018 7:00:34 AM
How could the students be of assistance with CPR if they are playing dead on the floor.

I vote for full-body armour for all students.
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