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 Author Thread: My Review of POF
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My Review of POF
Posted: 3/30/2016 7:19:31 PM

Just wanted to share this with other people. I was on the site the other day and saw a profile of a women who was in my age bracket .......and sent her a nice message.

She responded with anger and venom in her response. She told me I was too old, too fat, too short. let me tell you, nothing is further from the truth.....I am in good shape, not fat at all, lift weight several times a week and I am almost 6 feet tall. She sent me two messages that were unreal, nothing but attitude and derogatory stuff ...what a jerk.....she should not be on this site or any other...if she can not respect people. No one should have to experience that from anyone.

I finally felt that she needed to be told what an a**hole she is, and she had blocked me. What type of people are on this site? You tell me....

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