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 Author Thread: Why do guys not send messages or reply to messages?
Joined: 2/18/2010
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Why do guys not send messages or reply to messages?
Posted: 11/23/2012 9:58:18 AM

About it man...I am in the same boat. Ive sent at least 100 polite and kind emails commenting on a nice picture or something about their profile, and have received only a few replies. I recently asked a girl i was chatting with about this and she put it perfectly. She said that most women on here are using a giant net and scooping up as many fish or emails as possible..loving all the attention they get and only reply back to the cutest or hottest pictures they see. I have created a profile using a fake hot model type picture and complete woman hating, trashing them so bad profile and within 2 days my in box was full. Point proven they only reply back to hot guys and the rest they unread delete if they dont think your hot. There are lots of sincere wonderful women on POF, I know it, but they hide behind their computer screen and live a fantasy thinking Mr. Right will just appear on the screen and live happily ever after.

I have to +1 this because it's how I see it as well.
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