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 Author Thread: what do you do when you love someone and they dont love you?
Joined: 3/2/2010
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what do you do when you love someone and they dont love you?
Posted: 1/19/2012 6:42:42 PM
i always heard and also have told others " the best way to get over some1 is to get under some1 else.." so im going w/DEEPVALLEY05 on this 1.. it sucks when u have feelings for some1 and they don't for u.. but with me i go w/the flow and wait and see what happens..if i find we r getting close, i deside just how close it gets, r we better off as friends,lovers or could he b a partner and stand beside me,not infront . or behind.. i met a guy on here i never thought id like any1 4 more then just safe sex,attention and a botty call when needed.. not kidding.. i usally wait aa month after i meet them here, to meet n person,but talking on the phone i usally (if interasted) do the 1st night. this guy,3 yrs younger then me had a 2 day waiting period b4 calling,yet gave me his # aswell. so day 2 i texted hem and said " is 2day day 2 or is it 2morrow".. long story short i always knew he worked early morring,untill late afternoon,then he had collage.. we would talk or text day to day,he would wish me a good morring and always called to say good night. and would take his only day off to spend w/me.. now that school id back i cant even c hem on his day off. i sent hem a e-mail that told hem i wished not to b n the way of his future but he did glue back CRACK N MY GLASS HEART,just by being hem. i never meet some1 who would play pretend like i do. meaning, go in a store and pretend we r from other countries and speak that way.. i miss hem alot and the e-mail i sent he read to me just 2nite and told me not to worry,he will find time here and there,but i wish not to b n the way... im a strong beleaver n goals and doing whats right. i love hem but i have to fight the feelings away so not to loose all of hem. we dont know what the future holds,but i do know its hard to sex any1 else.. I NEED SOME HELP..
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