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 Author Thread: Where have all the True and Honest Guys Gone?
Joined: 6/15/2006
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Where have all the True and Honest Guys Gone?
Posted: 12/22/2007 4:20:38 PM
well ladies it is all the same , us guys can be saying the same thing , i have meet some on here that just lied from the start ,used me and even lied to my daugther ,so yes there are those on both sides of the fence that are game players and liers , don't give up the real ones are out there ,and i even believe i also will find the one who is true and really wants that relationship
Joined: 6/15/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 7/2/2006 7:34:31 PM
well i'm not sure here as i was the one you were dating and you were the one who left to try your ex , and i'm not sure as to why i am a single dad who knows how it is with kids and who kids thought the world of you ,and now they get hurt , so it like this it makes men more cautious to let people in because of the hurt to the kids
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