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 Author Thread: New HIV strain discovered....
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New HIV strain discovered....
Posted: 8/3/2009 12:20:14 AM
Ditto. Thanks.

I think this IS the place to post an article such as this. A few people don't "get it." but then there are more than a few morons who hang out in these threads. Little wonder why HIV has been so successful in being transmitted as effectively as it has.
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Kegels and endurance
Posted: 8/3/2009 12:15:36 AM
We're kinda slow in here most nights. Maybe you could explain to a few of us old foggies what exactly a REVERSE KEGEL is and why it felt great.

3. Outside of kegels, is there any way to hold back an ejaculation (either having a dry orgasm or none at all) during sex? I tried a reverse kegel once ... felt great, but the opposite effect.
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your thoughts on SPORT FAWKING
Posted: 8/1/2009 4:56:48 PM
I've always referred to it as SPORT FAWKING cause that's all it is really. Like getting together with an unknown tennis partner for a quick set before lunch. It CAN be a good game - a challenge even but playing with a good well known and respected partner beats that any day!

Not saying it's NEVER happened. It has but many many moons ago. When I was with Sue the sex was sooo intimate, so close and loving and tender (except when it wasn't ) that, to me, it really defined the relationship. It is NOT something one could ever achieve in a one night boink. Never. To me it cheapens both the that past relationship and probably THE future one too.

I'd rather wait for my hot buttered lobster tail than try a different brand of hamburger helper every night thinking that somewhere along that route one would end up with lobster. Ain't gonna happen.
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Seeing people post on forum threads...
Posted: 8/1/2009 4:34:14 PM
It's posts like this that make reading this crap so entertaining ...

I came to the conclusion years ago that everyone was entitled to my opinion...

There is truly appalling ignorance of many "relationship issues" by a surprising number of people who read these forums and the SEX forum is one of of the wurst.

I have a few topics that I am kinda passionate about and in many cases women mistake my attempts to SHARE with bragging or claiming to be the world's best. That's utter nonsense. Really nothing determines THAT better than the chemistry two people feel for each other. ALL other aspects of sex is purely mechanical and good can be worse and vice versa as ANY person who has experienced a few lovers have discovered.

I'm sorry if a woman reads my TRY THIS thread on LIT
and gets turned off by the fact that I'm trying to explain what I think is a GREAT variation when trying to give your woman the maximum level of pleasure she can reach. If a person shares techniques and tries to inform and / or educate those less versed in some aspects of sex readers should NOT automatically assume they are sluts or horndogs out looking to fawk anything or anybody who says Hi.

But they do.

Their LOSS and with that attitude it's likely a good thing they stay away too.
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Has any women ridiculed a guy during an intimate moment?
Posted: 8/1/2009 4:09:59 PM
If you don't explain EVERY tiny detail of an encounter people who have been "slighted" in a similar way some time in their lives tend to jump all ova you a$$ when they see a post like yours.

It was my first frickin time....

There's premature (oopps was I IN yet?) ejaculation, retarded (tick tick tick I have to be up in an hour Hon - are you anywhere CLOSE yet?) ejaculation, ED ((you don't think I'm pretty?) and a few others. Women don't understand the complexities of erection and ejaculation. They think it comes "naturally" and all guys are wired the same and have the same triggers. We don't. In fact if it was as HARD for US to get off as some women the population of the planet would only be about 200,000 ... IF that!

The one overriding theme here is that if you get off too quick, too slow or for whatever reason can't get an erection you should make sure she has a few just for her time and efforts. That is a gimmie in any mature relationship. There are some women in here who are immature enough to think it is HIS FAULT if he doesn't perform at optimum and of course they're too b!itchy to realize that is the wurst thing they could possibly do to rectify the problem.

Belittling a guy for having something like that happen simply shows that she is immature, has little experience in a relationship let alone a sexual one and although it was traumatic for you at the time (sounds like it still IS too) you're well rid of her. She obviously thought SHE was perfect and how dare you not function perfectly too. It just work that way in the real world sometimes.

Just thinking ... gender bender. Women have a helluva time orgasming sometimes ... OFTEN in fact. OK switch rolls here for a second. Instead of a guy NOT CARING whether she has an orgasm or a dozen when he finishes he lambasts HER for not cuming yet, accuses HER of not being turned on by him, suggests SHE has the mental / physical / emotional problem. How does THAT sound to the b!itches who thought he was fully at fault here? Think about it. Who gets to say WHOSE "fault" it is? The condemnation seems to be coming exclusively from (younger) women. Maybe you need to switch sides for a minute.
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Has anyone ever used ice cubes for sex?
Posted: 8/1/2009 3:45:15 PM
WOW 13 PAGES and 300 posts - all about what people do to a poor li'll ICE CUBE when nobody's watchin.

What a bunch of PERVS.

My SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS page isn't loading so this is to see if we can still even post to that forum.

I have tried freezing KY Jelly in a popsicle mold thingie. Interesting. I shoulda used better sticks though. The little plastic ones pull off too soon and then sometimes it's a biatch getting the rest of your "device" out of a dark place.

If it's too cold it CAN cause freezer burn in the front. In the back it can cause quite bad cramping so be aware of that. Otherwise it makes a nice alternative to suckin on a smoothie!!!
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Does the little blue pill work??? or any sex enhancement drug....for Males or Females
Posted: 7/31/2009 3:09:26 PM
These appear to be the best known and tested. things like L-Arginine have other health benefits too. Do your own research. Be careful with the doses. Watch for any side effects buty most of these taken in moderation do work to some extent on BOTH sexes.


1) Ginseng - It was first discovered by the Chinese and has been used as a libido enhancers for thousands of years. Ginseng is one of the bestselling herbs in the United States. In much of Asia, ginseng is prized as a re-vitalizer for the whole body, partly due to the human-like shape of the root.

2) L- Arginine: - This is not a herb but an amino acid and it helps increase the production of nitric oxide which helps you achieve rock hard or firmer erections. It is also called the Nature's Viagra. Foods that are rich in L-arginine include Oatmeal, Peanuts, Cashews,Walnuts, Dairy, Green Vegetables, Soybeans, Seeds and Chickpeas.

3) Fo-Ti - Fo-ti is also called he shou wu, which means "black-haired Mr. He" in Chinese. This name refers to a legend of an older villager named Mr. He who took fo-ti and restored his black hair, youthful appearance and sexual vitality.

4) Horny Goat Weed -This one is also credited to the Chinese and it was discovered when a Chinese goat herder noticed increased sexual activity in his flock after they ingested the weed. It is increasingly being used in treatment of erectile dysfunction.

5) Damiana -Damiana is found in Mexico and the southern US. It is used as a libido enhancer for both men and women.

6) Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus terrestris has been long used in the Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine systems to improve sexual desires and potency in men. However, It was only in the mid-90s when Eastern European Olympic athletes claimed that tribulus contributed to their success that tribulus became known in the North America.

7) Tongkat Ali - Tongkat Ali is a tree found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It is used as an important ingredient in treatments for erectile dysfunction. It is also called the Asian Viagra.

8) Maca - According to folklore, ancient Incan warriors took maca before going off to battle to make them physically strong. However, they were later prohibited from taking it, in order to protect conquered women from their heightened libidos.

9) Muira Puama - Muira puama is one of the finest herbs to use for erectile dysfunction. This shrub came from Brazil and has long been used as an effective aphrodisiac and nerve stimulant in South American folk medicine. Its safety and effectiveness in improving libido and sexual function in patients has validated from clinical study.

10) Yohimbe - Yohimbe is an evergreen tree that grows in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon. Yohimbe bark extracts are widely promoted online and in health food stores as a natural aphrodisiac to increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction.
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Why are these Talk Show host so popular?
Posted: 7/30/2009 10:59:46 PM
You forgot Lou Dobbs.

They are popular because SOME voters can still THINK. They don't buy the pabulum fed to us nightly by the mainstream media. They may come across as entertainers or windbags by those who agree with the government today - that THEY are way smarter than WE are and things like the US Constitution are archaic documents that hold no importance in today's America. The notes of arguments kept meticulously on the reasons and the wording of the 2nd Amendment specifically addressed that exact problem with government, BTW.

With all the stuff happening in the world do any of you actually believe that THIS isa news?

or are stories like THIS more applicable to how we view our governments and whether they're doing the right things. Whether we are very dumb sheeple or not depends on how WE react when we're faced with reality.

Overwhelmingly the right wing talk show hosts pick the NEWS and not some BS that is dominating the headlines in the MSM.
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Do all women fall asleep when they orgasm?
Posted: 7/28/2009 10:43:36 PM
Like she said,

One or two? thats it?? no more ?? No wonder they fell asleep! lol!

I know some women have massively INTENSE orgasms and it does energize them but the pure physical exertion of a dozen or more (sometimes a LOT more) like anything else that takes a LOT of energy (and vital bodily fluids ) it is quite normal to crash.

I don't think the average woman frops off to sleep after AN orgasm though. Unless she doesn't know any better (and there's lots of posts deom women who have proven that) after JUST ONE she's likely lyong there thinking. " WHO ELSE CAN I CALL?"

Read this and wipe her OUT!!!
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Why would a guy leave the first and last encounter with me a two second explosion?
Posted: 7/28/2009 5:33:26 PM
WOW , so he had six foot of fu¢k me sitting in front of him, he blows his load once and decides to go to a local BBQ. Gawd! What the hell were they serving? He may have been embarrassed at splooging in the first 30 seconds with you but if he had a clue he would have said, "OK Babe. This is where it gets GOOD." and after that you woulda bin beggin for mercy. Or maybe not.

Something is WRONG with this pic. Did you shower before?

*puzzled* remembering when I was 25. The first one was just lubrication for more!!!*
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Why is no head an automatic turn off for guys
Posted: 7/28/2009 5:20:43 PM
Without reading ALL the other posts or even fully comprehending the OP's question it seems to me that any "date" that was headless would have been DEAD for quite some time hence they likely smell funny too.
Not to mention that the "morning after" conversation would be somewhat one sided.

Just a wild guess!
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What is the best food or drink for your sex drive?
Posted: 7/28/2009 4:01:27 PM
HER !!

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Why do some men believe receiving anal from a female is a homosexual act? Do you like it?
Posted: 7/26/2009 12:05:19 AM
The question was related to perceptions of gay sex when certain sex acts are carried out between consenting adults of the OPPOSITE SEX.

Someone asked this question and everyone is giving their should be open minded enough to hear other responses.

I'm open mined and respect MOST opinions and peoples' right to have opinions different from mine BUTT ... One idiot decided to judge a highly erotic sex variation that many many HETEROSEXUAL couples engage in and .... likened and compared it to sex with a child.

I don't care if they are Bible thumpers (funny how so many of them decide what is correct for everybody ELSE) or Godless. If you don't like it don't do it. If asked state that. Comparing what a woman and I love to share on occasion (her butt OR mine) with criminal sexual assault on a child is deserving EVERY angry post since that twit posted it.
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Milking The Prostate?
Posted: 7/25/2009 11:23:46 PM
IF you are older and have a pre-existing condition (prostate cancer) then I suggest a kind of common sense piece of advice. NOT a good idea to massage a tomor or any organ WITH a tumor.

I kinda assumed this would have been a gimmie but in here ya gotta remember there IS the lowest common denominator out there too.

but you might also release cancer cells into your body. WTF..

On the other hand massaging a (healthy) prostate will assist in keeping it healthy by emptying the tiny sacs that hold the seminal fluids. Those fluids tend to get trapped as we age. The pores close up and the fluid sits, festers and adjoining cells tend to get cancerous. The stats for male prostate cancer are much much higher than for breast cancer in women.

One poster said the prostate is the same as the GSPOT. That's not quite accurate and we certainly can't cum over and over and over again like what GSPOT stimulation CAN do for a lady ... BUTT (posted on the MILKING thread)

Well boys and girls ... just got back from a weekend in NYC with the most amazing woman. We had discussed this and the TRY THIS thread on many occasions and she had stated that she had never tried prostate massage. Without providing too many details (which wood be rude) she tried it. Due to her extreme INexperience the process was only fabulous! It was done fairly quickly which is an option of course - the slow torturous delayed style being the other one discussed here in numerous threads.

The result was a Heart beat that must have approached 300BPM, an absolutely delicious buildup sensation (which is the sensation which continues if you are doing the slow style) and when I came the sensation was agonizingly terrific. It felt like my spine was being sucked out it was THAT good. As described by others, it took me 10 to 15 minutes to be able to catch my breath and form intelligible words or sentences. She seemed pleased with her "handiwork" and I must say that her enthusiasm was THE major contributing factor.

I will state again for any noobies - this is easy for the woman to learn if she is eager to learn this technique. It really isn't complicated and it is also pretty damn easy for her to figure what feels good by your attempts not to thrash yourself to death in the process. I'm 56 and it was THE most intense series of spasms I have ever experienced during any orgasm at any point in my LIFE!!! It is SOOOO worth trying if you haven't. For those who have - both men and women (different perspectives) - they are simply nodding their heads reading this. "Yup, it's all that."

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what do you do when girls are too abrubt for sex?
Posted: 7/25/2009 6:06:40 AM
Is it just ME or have other forum junkies noticed that MOST posters from the UK are functionally ILLITERATE? WTF are they TEACHING in ENGLISH classes there? This is a far more important issue than what genus of "bird," allegedly accosts the OP in these woods. Is it genetics or is the Empire doomed? How does one function in this day and age when, even WITH spell and grammar check a person writes like this?

Is it just me or does this post make absolutely no sense?

I've noticed this in MANY other threads and even in other forums and sites. I could understand it if, consistently, the poster was NON-English speaking to start with but most of the time and in the wurst ( ) cases this is clearly NOT the case. You've got to wonder if people from the UK who post to singles and sex advice threads are just retarded or is this defect indicative of the overall education level of the entire UK.

Besides if any woman I didn't know got down on her knees in front of me I would get down too and help her look for her lost contact lens. Again, I'm unsure if this is societal or genetic but the women iknowaliddlebit would not / do not partake in random oral sex with relative strangers. Even IF these women existed in my world I wouldn't be sticking MY kock in any of their body cavities. he's one of my fav li'll buddies. I'd never do anything like that to him. ( )

Gawd! I couldn't MAKE THIS UP if I was being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars as a comedy writer !!!
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I don't think anyone has enjoyed the 69 position since 1969.
Posted: 7/24/2009 11:26:29 PM
You don't think much of this it seems. Your LOSS.

Personally I find it amazingly intimate and erotic. A very few women I've been with didn't like it because they couldn't concentrate on BOTH ends at the same time. Fine. NOT a deal breaker but methinks they're putting too much stress on just feeling good.

It is fun building you lover up to a earth shattering O and of course they'll stop what they're doing to enjoy "theirs" fully. The "race" is fun. You are BOTH winners. Duuih!! Once things calm down then she can go back to working you while you gaze at and caress her butt.

Considering a few of the nit-wits on one of the ANAL threads I'm surprised they haven't trooped in here so as to tell us that enjoying looking at a bum, obviously, makes you GAY!!!
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Why do some men believe receiving anal from a female is a homosexual act? Do you like it?
Posted: 7/24/2009 10:53:51 PM
Oh wow. So anything YOU disprove of must be unethical and anything YOU do approve of is moral. What a pompous a$$ you must be in real life. If you don't like something fine. Don't do it.

Equating anal play between two consenting adults with child molestation is demented. Did you just fall through a worm hole? A hundred years ago oral sex was also described as sodomy too as the Bible thumping "moralists" of the day considered BOTH acts to be a crime against nature and God.

Does your definition of MORAL sex exclude oral sex too? In your sanctimonious view of what's proper is that the same a necrophilia - just with a live person? Sex by the very definition in the Bible IS SIN unless the act is to procreate. Do you provide moral finger waving and tsk-tsk-tsking for anything but missionary position PIV too? Is doing it "doggie style" going to land you in eternal damnation because that's how DOGGIES do it so that must be bestiality. Please Oh please provide us with your moral guidance when it comes to TOUCHING ... using fingers to caress or insert.

For what's it's worth there are many aspects of the gay lifestyle that I do NOT approve of but as that has NOTHING to do with this discussion I have no clue why that is relevant in ANY way to the arguments in this thread. What "they" do is of no consequence to me or any other exclusively heterosexual person. The discussion centers around the perception that anything, it seems by some standards, that doesn't fit into their perceptions of what is morally "right" must be gay regardless of the fact that the subjects being discussed are one male and one FEMALE ... and that's idiotic

As I've stated above, if the person you're with is a female anything you do with her and anything she does to you can't be considered "gay" except by some complete retard who is blinded to obvious anatomy in favor of pronouncing moral condemnations on those who might see loving sexual openness as natural and not necessarily as "victims" of situational ethics.

What a load of crap!!
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Flavored Lube.
Posted: 7/24/2009 7:26:11 PM
Most adult stores carry huge quantities of "SAMPLE PAKS" of flavored lubes in bins that reminds one of a Farmer's Market Fruit Stand!! A buck each and just remember what tasted and felt the best. Next time you're back buy the party TUB of it.

Some of these lubes are liable to cause some irritation - especially if they are out of the far east. I'm convinced this is a way they dispose of their toxic waste but then some people would call that paranoid!!! Have you SMELLED some of the Made in C dildos?? Smell a few and THEN laugh. Remember which ones those are too and never buy them again.
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Why do some men believe receiving anal from a female is a homosexual act? Do you like it?
Posted: 7/24/2009 7:18:57 PM
I've always believed that NO MATTER WHAT is being done to you or what you're doing to someone else if your partner has NO PENIS but has breasts and a vag then you are likely NOT gay. If you enjoy what that person is doing to you and SHE is enjoying what you're doing to HER then, again, NOT GAY. If whatever the two of you are doing to each other does NOT make you want to leave HER and run out and do it with some guy - NOT GAY. If SHE is stimulating nerve endings that are associated with what gays do to each other it in no way reflects on your sexual prefs based, again on the fact that your partner is NOT doing it with a live kock because SHE doesn't happen to have one.

Is there another way to explain this?

I love oral sex ON a female lover. Duz this make me a lesbian. Nerve endings are nerve endings. I just don't follow the logic of NEVER allowing or exploring nerve endings simply because those nerves are associated with what gays do. If that's your philosophy in life I suppose BLOW JOBS are out of the question because gays do THAT too.



I posted this on the "MILKING THREAD" on Lit. It turned out that we both have highly sensitive butts and NO what she did to drive ME insane did NOT make me want to run out and do it with a guy. Strange how that works, huh?

ANYBODY who would refuse this much fun because of some idiotic idea that "itz GAY" is missing out on THE most intense orgasm a guy can experience.


Unbeleiveable !!!
Well boys and girls ... just got back from a weekend in NYC with the most amazing woman. We had discussed this and the TRY THIS thread on many occasions and she had stated that she had never tried prostate massage. Without providing too many details (which wood be rude) she tried it. Due to her extreme INexperience the process was only fabulous! It was done fairly quickly which is an option of course - the slow torturous delayed style being the other one discussed here in numerous threads.

The result was a Heart beat that must have approached 300BPM, an absolutely delicious buildup sensation (which is the sensation which continues if you are doing the slow style) and when I came the sensation was agonizingly terrific. It felt like my spine was being sucked out it was THAT good. As described by others, it took me 10 to 15 minutes to be able to catch my breath and form intelligible words or sentences. She seemed pleased with her "handiwork" and I must say that her enthusiasm was THE major contributing factor.

I will state again for any noobies - this is easy for the woman to learn if she is eager to learn this technique. It really isn't complicated and it is also pretty damn easy for her to figure what feels good by your attempts not to thrash yourself to death in the process. I'm 56 and it was THE most intense series of spasms I have ever experienced during any orgasm at any point in my LIFE!!! It is SOOOO worth trying if you haven't. For those who have - both men and women (different perspectives) - they are simply nodding their heads reading this. "Yup, it's all that."
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Do we women really need an orgasm?
Posted: 7/24/2009 3:33:25 PM
Your profile sez 52. That's WEEKS, I'm assuming. Clearly indicating your IQ also. How convenient.

What would posses you to make a comment like that on an interesting thread where people are having a normal discussion??

Suck your pee!!

I'm sure the chicks will flock to your profile and lone up to go out with you based solely on your towering intellect.

NOT !!!
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Do all women fall asleep when they orgasm?
Posted: 7/23/2009 9:31:34 PM
No I don't take their pulse. I'm too busy. If you're in tune with your lover you can feeel her heart beat. If you're skin to skin you can hear her heart beat sometimes when she's really excited. You can feeel it pusle against your chest or against your ears when her thighs are pressed on either side ...

DAVE632... what do you do.. go and take their pulse? lmao

However as several ladies have already pointed out the muscle contractions in an orgasming vag are almost impossible to duplicate. Oh sure, you can zqueeeze / do your kegels on his kock or fingers but that doesn't feel the same. Often right after a good orgasm or a bunch of them you'll notice her tongue gets very cold to the touch. Often she will ejaculate. You CAN NOT fake that. A bunch of massive G-Gasms will leave her with muscle twitches that look like mini-convulsions. Lastly any continued stimulation of her GSpot will result in MORE massive G-Gasms!!

Although most of the posts suggest that they do NOT fall asleep after an orgasm (single) I found that most of the time after a bunch of massive G-Gasms all they CAN do is sleep for a while.
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Msg: 128 (view)
Do we women really need an orgasm?
Posted: 7/23/2009 9:14:53 PM
The one thing that JUMPS out at me all through this thread is the ref to orgasm - as in orgasm. ONE CUM to win the prize. A couple of ladies has mentioned that they prefer the massive multiples and even ejaculation but those posts disappear into a sea of ORGASM posts.

The clitoral vs. g spot orgasm. Much harder to give ourselves the other.

Normally not that difficult but almost impossible to keep them cuming - or in this case; to keep YOURSELF cuming. You just run out of energy not to mention the fact that the angle IS difficult to maintain too. Obviously to have a lover take over and either with his fingers, thumbs or a toy to just allow you to lay there and become a moaning thrashing heavy convulsing CUM-MUNSTER. THAT, dear friends shows dedication to her ORGASMS. Any lover who learns to play her like a musical instrument is guaranteed one happy lady and one who will do EVERYTHING in her power to reciprocate too.

Oddly enough,I didn't know I had a g-spot or what it was until I was 33.

Which is EXACTLY why I started the TRY THIS thread on LIT.
( )
A while after my Sue died I was asking friends - all in the 30's and 40's - about the GSPOT. Sue and I had a BALL with that. GAWD she loved to cum like that!!! 30 to 40 a night when she didn't have to work the next day!! .... Anyway, non of my friends knew anything about it. Oh sure. EVERYBODY had heard of the GSPOT but nobody used it or knew how to stimulate it PROPERLY. There was virtually NOTHING in the book stores either. So .... it was for ladies exactly like you and for men who truly LOVE their women and feel that there is NOTHING sexier or more loving than to drive your woman completely insane with pleasure as often as possible.

Never and I mean never let her cum more than once with in a three day time span. If you give a girl an orgasm every day sex gets old for her after a while.

GAWD! I'm hoping this 26 yr old font of wisdom is being SARCASTIC. Listen buddy. A MINIMUM of a dozen G's a night often NOT including the mandatory "I really love you, Babe." tongue lashing and after 21 YEARS things were just getting better and better. Keep the spontaneity, keep the variety and keep the love and she'll NEVER get "bored" - NEVER !!!!!

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The Deep Spot
Posted: 7/23/2009 7:58:18 PM
That's kind of insulting, isn't it? For what reason? Some know. Others don't.

All self professed experts go to "" and learn.

Who wrote that thread? Probably some self-professed "expert," right? Just because we already KNOW this stuff doesn't mean we're liars and braggarts, does it?

My TRY THIS thread on LIT talks a lot about the ASPOT too. I've never held myself out to be some kind of super-lover. After years of knowing about this, experimenting and SHARING, I am what might be considered an expert. Read the posts. There's a number of us in here - men AND women who know about this. We incorporate techniques to stimulate these spots EVERY TIME we're with a lover! The researchers and so called sexperts still, for the most part, don't have a clue so anybody who DOES know about these elusive (NOT!) spots could be ranked as an expert.

The ASPOT is too high in the vag for many couples to enjoy during regular intercourse. IF the woman knows the locations and the right position then she can often tilt her pelvis during deep thrusting so he is bumping or sliding over or into it. The orgasms that are produced then are deeeeep, intense and ALL BODY orgasms - very different from clitorals. Learning HOW to stimulate these spots for the first time(s) I recommend using fingers or a G-probe but be careful with any device where you can't really FEEEL the presure being exerted on the other end. Don't forget her APSOT is right beside the neck of her bladder. You can really beat up the GSPOT. You have to be MUCH more careful around the ASPOT because of its proximity to the bladder and the top of the uterus itself.

One thing that has only been mentioned once is that during ANAL sex the ASPOT is in close proximity to the rectal wall and if the angle is right then, again the stimulation - often much more direct and firmer that during PIV sex - will produce massive deep intense and whole body orgasms. Often these orgasms will continue for the duration in other words as long as he is thrusting she'll be cuming. MANY women are shocked and freaked at orgasming during anal sex. Initially anyway. The do it because they want to please their man and all of a sudden they are having orgasms. WOW. Many feel "GUILTY" because of these O's and it is only from reading threads like this and the TRY THIS thread that they discover WHY the orgasm during anal and that they aren't FREAKS because of it. Well they ARE but what's a guy to do when he discovers his lover can have THE most intense orgasms of her life through anal sex. It's a tuff job but some of us have things wurst ( ) than others.

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Giving Good Cunninlingus
Posted: 7/21/2009 10:51:25 PM
OK, you're 48 and don't know what feels good for a woman when performing oral sex on her.

I'm not sure whether I should say something belittling or congratulate you on at least TRYING.

I have found her G-spot at least, and nearly got her off while playing with it.

Dude, read this thread:

You can learn to hit her GSPOT EVERY time and combined with a good tongue lashing (oral) you can drive her insane - EVERY NIGHT. Most women will tell you that if their lover can combine a oral stimulated clitoral orgasm WITH a finger induced G-GASMS that there is NOTHING as intense. NOTHING!!!

I don't usually quote other people. If they want to input they can but there was another ORAL thread in here a while back and the answer was so damn good I copied it out and will drop it in below. I'm not sure who did it but you can tell this guy is not only a good writer - if ya follow. Please, whom ever wrote this claim it if you see it and thanks again. You said what I WANTED to say but did it quicker and much better!


I think it an exercise in futility for me to think I can tell you or teach you (well, with words only) how to eat ****. I can share with you my experience and what I have found works for me, and you are free to adopt any of my techniques or experiment and see what works. But I cannot write the definitive "''how to eat **** like a champ by following these simple steps."

The only general guideline I offer is that there is no right or wrong way to eat ****. It is my experience that each woman is very different in her preferences and anatomy, and the effort you put into oral sex for your lady is really the time and diligence you put into it to find out what works—and what does not.

Being able to openly talk to your woman before, during and after the grand event is very helpful, but sometimes they are not your best guide either from shyness or inexperience.

I think the right attitude is the best skill you can possess in eating ****. First, see this as a selfless act designed to bring pleasure to your woman. Do your job right, and the payback can be pleasure of untold proportions. Remember, this is not just a warm up for you to f*ck her (except when it is) or something that you do because it is expected. You need to have the mind set that you are going to do whatever it takes to provide her a high quality orgasm using only your mouth, tongue and maybe fingers. And you do this because...well... it is just f*cking hot for you, too.

In short, I believe the right mind set is something along the lines of "Eating **** is its own reward."

Second, you have to really love the **** in its entirety. The way it looks, smells and tastes as well as feels when you are f*cking. Each woman has a different smell and taste. Some have a heavy scent and taste, others are light. It doesn't matter as they have as much control over this as you do the size of your**** The point is you need to "take it as it comes" (to pardon the pun) and remember that ALL **** is amazing. Amazing not only for the pleasure it can afford you as a means of intercourse, but in its very existence. The **** is the center of a woman's sexuality, but not the single place where it resides. However, each woman's **** is a marvel to behold and something to treasure and that attitude makes it easy to become acknowledged as a master of your skill.

We all have a preference in the smell and taste. But again, other than simple hygiene, your woman has zero control over any of that. Let her know you adore how she smells, how she tastes and how beautiful you think her **** looks. Hopefully a genuine sense of awe is your mind set. I let her know I want her to "mark" me with her juices, that I want her smell on my face, fingers, neck and**** I will tell her I really need her to abandon herself to my mouth and dance on the tip of my tongue in her erotic dance of pleasure. To use the common vernacular, I urge you to let her know you "get it."

As for the mechanics, there really is no right or wrong way—there is just what works for her. There is no one secret, special technique that, once understood and mastered, will make you THE **** eating champ for all women. However, there are techniques that work for her and that can make you HER world champion **** eater. And the joy is in the journey and discovery. Truly, a labor love.

Ok, here is how I do it, and take from it what ever you wish. I begin by whispering in her ear that I simply must taste her—that my need to go down on her is strong. Then I take a bit of time to see what I have to work with. Is she dripping wet in urgent need of release? Is she not wet at all and needing the proper time and attention to coax an orgasm out of her?

I begin by just lightly licking the entire ****. I explore lightly with my tongue, and savior her taste. I take a few very deep breaths to let her know I like what I have found—that simple act alone, letting her hear you breathing her in deeply and robustly, is a great way to set the stage. Then I pay attention to her clit. Does she have a huge clit that is readily exposed? Does she have small clit that is hidden deeply behind the folds of her hood? I find the location and condition of her clit, but leave it alone for the time being. I lick her **** from stem to stern repeatedly, gently suck her **** into my mouth, and trace the lines of her **** lips with the tip of my tongue. I pay attention to how she reacts, and if find something that is really working, I keep doing that until it is time to move on to something else.

That something else is usually the beginning stages of eating her. I never directly stimulate her clit, unless I know this is what works for her. Some women need direct and continual clit stimulation at the outset, but my experience is that most do not. Using the first third of my tongue, I lap the top third of her **** and alternate in sort of lightly tracing her clit or the hood and her **** lips.

I also make a point to gently use the tip of my finger to trace and rub the lips, usually taking the time to tell her something hot and nasty, or sweet and loving. But I will for sure tell her that I love the way she smells and tastes—and I tell her that every time.

A note; some women are super sensitive at first and cannot tolerate any firm stimulation of the clit—these are women who, in my mind, I need to "work up" to the point of tolerating/needing firm clit stimulation. Other women want a firm tongue lashing of their clit, and from the beginning are in desperate need of rapid and hard attention from my tongue. Pay attention because you want to get this right.

Once she is good and wet from her own juices and my saliva, I will pick up the pace of my lapping and licking and increase the pressure on her clit—one way to look at this is taking the intensity of my actions up a notch while paying close attention that I am not over or under stimulating.

Then I stick one of my own fingers in my mouth and wet it in preparation of inserting it into her ****. It is my experience that nothing can be more of a momentary "buzz kill" for a woman than the sudden introduction of a dry finger. Another good way to do this is to let her suck and wet a finger or two for you. Then I go back to actively eating her and gently slip a finger inside her.

My experience also tells me that finger f*cking is not the best use of my digit. Rather, I crook my finger and find the ridged area just inside her on the top. Now, find a rhythm with your tongue on her clit and gently tap and rub that ridged area—which I believe is commonly called the "G spot." Then slip a second finger into her and use both finger tips to tap and rub the ridges. And another note, some women's ridges are big and pronounced, other are small and delicate. But notice they all seem to swell and become more pronounced as they build towards orgasm. The swelling and pronouncement of her ridges will happen in direct proportion to her wetness. And it is just hot to feel it happen on your fingertips.

At this point I know I need to be focused but flexible. She might buck and thrash with increasing intensity as she builds. She might push my face into her ****, or hold my head and grind her hips into my face, or wrap her feet around my upper torso. But then she might also simply lay very passively, opening her legs wide to give you all the access I could hope for and wail and scream...or whisper and make her small noises of pleasure. I just roll with what happens, but when I since she is getting close I will urge her to cum on my tongue.

I find a rhythm and a place on or near her clit that is working and keep going. The time has passed for changing it up or exploration. This is what I call the "active **** eating stage." At this point I am working towards completion, using my tongue and fingers and staying focused. I try to position my nose such that I can breathe; another big buzz killer is breaking the rhythm to gasp for breath.

A woman once told me that when she came with me licking her clit AND rubbing her G spot it felt like an "internal and external orgasm, while it just feels external and more intense when you use only your tongue." She did not place a value judgment on one method or type of orgasm over the other. But she did best vocalize the difference in a way I could grasp. By the way, she had this really nice, full natural blond bush. She barely had any taste or smell, and she gushed wetness even when slightly aroused. She also had a G spot that was impossible to miss. She was a wailing, screaming, head-thumping, grind-and-thrash-hard-into-your-face woman that would literally scream "F*ck, you ROCK" right before I sent her over the edged by eating her. Her blond **** was tight, hot...

But I digress.

Anyway, discuss it with your woman. Give her both types and see what thinks of each climax and if she feels a difference.

My orgasm comes in one flavor. I cum hard. I do not think men, or at least most men, can say one cum feels much different from the other. At least physically, anyway. However, I will be the first to admit I might be wrong, and I have not discussed this with other men. But the male orgasm, I think, differs only by very slight degrees of pleasure either way of "great."

But my experience is that this is not the case for women. They can have any number of different types of orgasms; hard to the point of violent, or soft and sweet. They can arrive as mind blowing climaxes that leave 'em limp or a little shudder from one that is just sufficient to take the edge off. I have found I cannot control the type or the intensity of her climax as there are many other factors that come into play that are usually outside my abilities. The point is, I can make a woman cum (99 times out of a 100) by eating her ****, but the quality of her climax is not a sure thing I can replicate for her time and time again. However, I do like the sense of power that comes with a challenge wherein I am have to coax an orgasm out of a lady when I eat her, and succeed.

That said, I do know I can ruin it for her at the end with bad mechanics. There is providing too much stimulation or licking/fingering "too hard" that can f*ck up a climax. Or breaking the rhythm by losing her sweet spot (clit) just as she goes over the edge and the resulting orgasm is one of less intensity. Or losing the rhythm too many times and turning her into a frustrated, overly sensitized woman who can't go over the edge. Yep, check the box, I have done all of that. At times I have been the worst **** eater known to woman. And those failures have made me much, much better at the job.

Perhaps one technique to experiment with is the "Butterfly." In this, you eat her **** and use the index and middle finger to tap her G-spot. The ring finger has no job, so you keep it curled in. Use the tip of your little finger to gently probe her anal opening. You need not penetrate her ass (unless she grooves on such a thing) but rather just toy with her little rosebud and give her ass a little play. You might be amazed at the reaction you get. My experience is I at least get a shy little admission that "how you did that was hot."

I believe the cool down is important to the entire experience. I pay attention and let her body will tell me when to stop licking her clit. I will keep eating **** until I receive some sign of "enough!" It can be the words "stop," or a tightened body that goes slack, legs and arms unclenching my head and hips not being wildly pounded into my face. It can be having your head pushed away. When it is over, I will very gently kiss the area around her ****, her inner thighs, her tummy...just light little kisses, while taking an occasional deep breath to let her know I continue to adore her scent. I once had a lover whose every nerve was on edge after she came that even a little kiss on her inner thigh made her jerk with little jolts of pain. But I linger in the area until they come back down...come back to me.
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Msg: 8 (view)
Do all women fall asleep when they orgasm?
Posted: 7/21/2009 5:24:34 PM
Ya, HARD to believe isn't it. 56!! Just cumin out of a COMA maybe.

Another thread just put up suggests that MEN have erogenous zones TOO! I mean who knew? And even weirder ... plural!!! That means MORE than one. What ya LEARN when you READ dating site threads, huh?

Yes ALL women do everything the exact same way all over the world, without exception!

We have that mystery solved - next

Sheesh and at 56 years old.....

Pretty much s'plains the 55% deevorce rate!
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Do all women fall asleep when they orgasm?
Posted: 7/21/2009 5:13:59 PM
Two, huh? And the theory is if she's still awake after TWO then she must be faking it.


WOW. Are these women in their 90's ??


Most women no matter how good they are faking ANYTHING can NOT produce a HEART RATE of 175 on cue so if she thrashing and moaning and clawing your head BUT she has a heart rate of 73 ..... FAKING IT.
Otherwise she is likely having a FUN NIGHT. I personally saw 42 !! That was her count and she was NOT asleep.

And for the morons who instantly assume I'm bragging about the size of my d!ck .... NOT! Read the thread. ANYBODY can do this. That's why I posted the thread / Technique. Betcha you're awake after TWO. Like chips. Dare ya to ONLY have TWO.
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Msg: 60 (view)
New, specific question about squirting
Posted: 7/21/2009 7:37:31 AM
The problem is there are so many individual abilities and preferences when it cums to female ejaculation. SOme women CAN and other never seem to be able to do that no matter what kind of stimulation happens. Some women do sometimes and not others and it baffles THEM why this happens.

There is so much IGNORANCE of this whole process too. Due to some of the moronic porn vids showing this many young women feel they are sub-sexual if they can't. They think that JUST an orgasm and no ejaculation means they are experiencing only HALF and orgasm and want the intensity of their orgasm to DOUBLE once they accomplish the squirt.

MOST women report that although the ejaculation is intense when accompanied by the orgasm(s) that it does NOT change the orgasmic intensity much. Many say that it just makes a mess and "How do I STOP ejaculating? I just want the orgasms"

To suggest, also, that if a guy does NOT produce an ejaculation with his woman then he's somehow FAILED HER is just WRONG. This is something that the woman herself may have problems duplicating regularly. Include all the variations of love making, the positions, the intensity, the frequency, the type of orgasms (clitoral? GSPOT? ASPOT? other?), the time - all factored in and often an orgasm isn't guaranteed let alone an ejaculation or series of ejaculations.

People should understand that we are all different and to suggest that ONE physical act or lack thereof constitutes suckcess or failure with a partner is NOT helpful to the overall discussion.
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prostate massage
Posted: 7/21/2009 7:22:44 AM

Actually a prostate massage is a great way to look for prostate cancer.


Tell that to my patients when I have to teach it to them.

I have suggested that based on Prostate cancer stats and employment / lifestyle records, prostate massage
would likely be an excellent (more ways than one) of keeping the prostate clean and not as prone to cells
turning cancerous. This was a common sense hypothesis on my part. If the prostate is manipulated through work or play there is a constant healthy change of fluids. If your lifestyle is sedentary and you diet is crud then the stats are staggeringly high that you WILL get prostate cancer. It's almost a gimmie in modern western men.

As a partner would only be massaging the side facing the rectum the exposure to any weird feeling lump would be limited but possible. My understanding was any cancerous cells developed IN the prostate usually so again the feeling would be almost non-existant until it was a vert large size and of course there would be symptoms that he would feel at that point anyway.

There is no doubt in my mind that frequent prostate massage is not only an immensely pleasurable act but that it also helps keep the gland clean too.

So if your professional experience allows please share any tips you may have on what a cancerous prostate might feel like.
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prostate massage
Posted: 7/20/2009 9:23:39 PM
Sorry, Erin. In your OPINION this is gross and submissive but that's your opinion and obviously free to express that BUTT ....

Bullcrap it's not dominance. If you are put in the position of having to trust in such a vulnerable way, how is it not being submissive? If a man puts his finger in my butt I feel awfully dominated. Dominated so good lol..
I think that's what manly men don't like about it, it isn't the "gay factor".. They just don't want to lay down and take it like a lady. Good for them.

BULLCRAP it IS dominance. Of course it CAN be but normally it is a simply an exciting variation to keep things rockin'. SOME women accept the FACT that there are a hole ( ) pile of nerve endings back there and when stimulated properly the result is some great feelings and even some INTENSE ORGASMS. If it turns YOU off then fine. That's YOUR decision but as you pontificate on the disgust and gay aspect of this I tend to concentrate on the good feelings. A combo BJ and prostate massage simply produces THE best, most intense orgasms most guys will ever experience. There is NOTHING gay about that.

Some people are turned off and disgusted at the thought of using their mouth on a lover's genitals. Ewww, yuck, gross!!! OK fine. In THEIR opinion. For most lovers oral is THE most intense and demonstrable act of sexual intensity and intimacy. ALL just an opinion and IMHO you and your attitude is just limiting the amount of pleasure you can have with your lover. Nerves are nerves. If it feels good ONLY one's thoughts and preconceived notions of what is disgusting can render those nerves entirely ineffective.

But that's just MY opinion.

* One addition* I wouldn't feel any guilt over not doing this Erin. I'd just keep my mind open to the possibility that the act of prostate massage is NOT what you seem to think it is when it comes to gender discrimination. Maybe get yourself a pair of rubber surgical gloves so the ICK factor is eliminated and observe a lover's reactions. If THAT doesn't change your mind about gross or the guy likes to get "chicked" (new verb?) then fine. Just tell any guys who ask for that in the future that you worked at a cholera clinic when you were young and would rather stab lit ceegars out in your eyeball than get close to his disgusting fag-loving hinnie.

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Where did that thought come from??
Posted: 7/19/2009 10:54:48 PM

I feel a stirring in my ... breast, Dave.

A man like you needs to be with an American girl. Really.

I just can't imagine the pain and nerve tremors you experienced when you forced yourSELF to type BREAST there when you know, as do we ALL, what you MEANT to to type there.

CUM to think of it, I think I've ONLY BEEN with American girls since Sue died.

Look at a MAP of North America. See where CANUCKISTAN is ? It's ABOVE you. If this was prison
YOU'D be my biiaatch!

After Obama and the FED destroys what's left of your economy I'm planning on BUYING Arizona anyway!!

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Where did that thought come from??
Posted: 7/19/2009 10:19:09 PM
**BORN FREE ** huh dude. You are one SICK perv, if you ask me. There are DRUGS for people who have thoughts like BORN FREE songs at times like those.

During a rather amorous situation I was having with an ex, we were really into things, soft music playing, candles, that whole scene... and for some unexplained reason, at a very intense moment for me... the song "Born Free" just popped into my head. You know, the Andy Williams one about the lions in africa... well, it wouldn't go away! It just kept playing and soon I found that I was matching the beat... it was a real nightmare. Afterward I laughed it off, but found I was humming it later in the shower... Yeah, I know it's strange. That's why I live in fear that it will happen again.


OK OK OK I've been known to play the STAR SPANGLED BANNER using my lips on her clit and sometimes I can't get that tune outta my head.

OK,, are you satisfied now?
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Kissing in the Morning
Posted: 7/19/2009 7:33:04 AM
It always been just common courtesy. Mouthwash or brush teeth so your breath is fresh and clean then you have at it.

Sounds like a plan.

I just wake up early, go and clean my teeth then go back to bed, wake him up and shag him silly

Few people don't have massive bacterial growth in their mouth overnight so it is just good hygiene too. Most people wouldn't want to make love after a long day at work without a shower either. A shower or a mouthwash/gargle takes a minute or three (maybe longer if you're in the shower together) and then you BOTH know you're clean enough to eat off!

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New, specific question about squirting
Posted: 7/18/2009 11:07:33 PM
The quote (below) and the subsequent description leave me thinking that she's experienced the typical male attitude that if she isn't cuming "I just have to POUND her harder and longer." In other words the D!CK is THE source of ALL things sexual. I'd be interested to know if several other methods of stimulation were ever used to try and get you to orgasm. Erin, you don't even say whether you CAN cum from other ways. It is NOT unusual at all for younger women to never orgasm from JUST intercourse. It is only later in life for many women that they discover that some lovers truly love pleasing their woman using multiple techniques, methods and variations to achieve suckcess. It isn't an EGO thing for many guys to try their hardest to get a girl orgasming like a fireworks accident - they simply love her and love making her feel that way. Many women find that when they ARE with a guy who thinks that way and knows a few things other than how to POUND her then you discover you CAN have multiples (clit isn't involved so it isn't an over sensitivity issue), CAN cum during intercourse and may even be able to squirt - not that I'm suggesting that it's essential to having a great time at all.

I can't squirt, I can't have multiple orgasms and I can't cum from intercourse.


Some can squirt from ANY stimulation. Methinks they are just unusually disposed to being HORNY. Some can do it from clitoral stim while the majority seem to activate and flood the tubes with GSpot stimulation only.

I can squirt before, during and after an orgasm and I'd rate orgasms that happen while I'm squirting as twice as intense as they are without it. So yeah, worth it. ...That said, I don't do it all the time. Not sure exactly why not ...


It seems that all women are different. Some have ENORMOUS titties while other are flat a s a pancake/ Same with the skene glands. Some are relatively small or unformed and others are like that mop thing on the TV ads that can suck up a dam burst. It is obvious also that women WITH highly developed skene glands do NOT always activate them when turned on. Some do and others don't. Some do SOMETIMES and not others - so although that seems a tad weird in itself it is NOT that unusual.

Such a large amount of liquid that would not stop. It was amazing to find out what my body was capable of.


I have NEVER experienced any mystery fluids from a lover that had ANY unpleasant smell or flavor to them. Often there is a slight sweet smell and at certain times of the month they may be a little more viscous but still not unpleasant.

I"m not comfortable with idea of revelling in mystery fluids....
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why the prettier the woman, the worse she is in bed or giving head?
Posted: 7/18/2009 4:01:15 PM
Man! NOT withstanding the originating topic (which was ..... ? damn what were we talking about now?) the dude has right in his profile ...


So ... my guess is this spontaneous utterance happens A LOT. Considering the context of the post (sex, I remember now) my guess is the above quote refers to at least one specific aspect of his personality and his association with women. Being sensitive creatures that they are, they probably say this when they LEAVE because he's pouting in the corner having had his INFLATED SEX EGO perforated again by a wholly UNappreciative BIAATCH who'd rather leave than stay for round deux.


Dude, this whole thread now revolves around YOU and how good YOU think you are in bed. You're old enough to know that that is just BAITING. It is almost universally accepted that the people who come out and tell everybody how good they are - are likely to be HORRIBLE in bed. Even if you ARE GIB announcing it like you do is just classless.
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Msg: 40 (view)
Women Don't Always Cum
Posted: 7/18/2009 3:48:49 PM
Another aspect of this would be the guy cums. The girl cums but then announces or you just know that there are "more" and she wants them.

SOME women make the assumption that ALL women are as orgasmic as they are and sound p/off at the statements by some that they aren't. They even make moral judgments as a reason those women don't orgasm that easily. Stupid and insulting but that's all tied up in another thread.

So .... my thoughts on this is that in a loving relationship the guy will do everything he can for as long as he can to make sure that she has enough. We're NOT just talking plowing her cunny until he or she bleeds, OK? There are lots of other ways to make sure she cums, cums again and then cums some more - until she feels drained or completely satiated.

In a sport-fu¢king context you're much more likely to get the Dave Chappelle version. "It's a RACE. I WON. Have a good evening. Bye." Which most would agree is NOT what would even lead to a long loving relationship but sadly that happens all too often even in a good relationship.

Question would be: if you've (the guy) cum and she's cum and cum and cum at what point does one say ENOUGH ?? How many guys are jealous of that? How many would stop before she wanted to?
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older women , new experiences
Posted: 7/17/2009 11:22:54 PM
You don't have any North African / Arab friends I guess.

Cuz I did an informal sampling tonight of 4 women I know in this age range and their replies were as follows:

"Huh?? I tried that years ago. What's the big deal?"
"Are you nutz? That is just nasty!!!"
"I like it now and then if the man isn't too big."
"The ex and I used to do it when I was on my period. He liked it a lot."

Or one of your answers would have been,

Because my grandmother and two of my aunts carved my clit off when I was 11 and cauterized my labia together with a hot poker so now anal just hurts less than regular sex."


But then that's a whole new thread and no doubt the MOD would BAN IT.

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why the prettier the woman, the worse she is in bed or giving head?
Posted: 7/17/2009 11:14:14 PM
Here's an angle.

A beautiful woman who is a lousy lay is the female equivalent of the dude with the big d!ck. They BOTH think that what they GOT is ALL they NEED to make the opposite sex crazie!! They think they're Gods GIFT.

Obviously NOTHING could be further from the truth. It may be a special thrill for some to bed or even be seen with a 9 but if she acts like a cadaver in the sack you learn quickly that staying home with a good book is a bigger thrill.

I think that those likely make up the majority from what I've read on other blogs and threads however I will say one thing. I have known several EXTREMELY beautiful women who LOVED sex, loved giving, loved receiving ( a subtle but VERY important difference), loved learning, loved teaching, loved exploring .... LOVED LOVING and, in the long run, isn't ENTHUSIASM what REALLY makes a person "good" in bed?

VBLL (very beautiful - lousy lay) need not apply.
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how long did the great sex last with your lover before you broke it off?
Posted: 7/17/2009 10:58:37 PM
Mine too, my friend. Thank you. We are members of an small, but growing, club and we can never explain to those who haven't joined what the price is to join. Unenviable.

My condolences for your loss, no matter how much time passes there is always a little bit of an empty space.

Yes, no matter the YEARS that have passed when that wave hits I am still amazed at the intensity and how much it feels like it did for months after it happened.

In a way I was lucky. Sue never got "sick" - she was having fun with me at a party and a second later she was looking over my shoulder while I performed CPR on her on the floor. Then she "went away" so even tough we got her heart going again I knew she was gone. It's nice to know so many got a new chance of a ( better) life with her organs too.

On a brighter note. I stumbled on this two years before she died and a good relationship - overall - went to incredible. We had more fun and she had more O's than the previous 19 YEARS - combined !!!

I'm sure she'd be happy that so many people have discovered this too through the thread.
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Msg: 2 (view)
how long did the great sex last with your lover before you broke it off?
Posted: 7/16/2009 10:10:37 PM
21 YEARS .... Gettin better every day. She didn't exactly "break it off" but she did leave me.

Christmas Eve a few years back, she blew a cerebral aneurysm. I think 11 people had a GOOD Christmas because she donated her organs but I had a lousy Christmas that year and the next and the next .... The trouble is when things are THAT good between you it takes a looooong time before even looking feels right let alone climbing into bed with a "stranger" again.

OK, not exactly what you were looking for, I know but there are different angles to every question.
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Msg: 34 (view)
Where do you stand on the Kinsey Scale?
Posted: 7/16/2009 9:39:08 AM
Leanne, Whoaa there hun. there is a HELLUVA diff between looking[i/] at a good looking guy, recognizing him as a 9 or a 10 (are there any?) and wanting to fawk the dude. Thinking "Wow what great looking dude." (used to point them out to my ex and she returned the favor if I missed a cutie walking by) or "Damn I wish I had the nads to do as many sit ups as it took him to get those abs." and wanting to have sex with him? Hole ( ) different stage here, girl.

I look at dogs and horses the same way I look at a good looking guy and the thought of inter-species sex is about as much of a turn on for me as having a cat 10 tobassco sauce poured in my eyes!!

I think most people are fooling themselves if they have never looked at the same sex and admired them in some aspect! I think most of us are a 1 even if we don't recognize it - or admit it!

Let's not get confused on what is an appreciation of a fine hooman specimen and what makes ya WET or hard.
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Msg: 83 (view)
oral afterwards
Posted: 7/16/2009 7:38:44 AM
Reading all the posts is funny.

For so many it is something they never ever considered doing. Anything from yeuck to WHY? As psylocillin sez, if it is messy and / or you're pretty sure that tasting your own juice out of a woman's vagina will likely turn you gay overnight then just stay high and avoid the glaze. Simple.

For many others it is just the most natural thing in the world. "You BETCHA" seems to indicate the proper degree of enthusiasm!!

Kissing and cunny kissing are the same for people who LOVE that and love the person they're with. After sex how many lie there and "neck" and cuddle? It is very very natural feeling to drop down and show her your appreciation and that even after the high of cuming she and all her goooed up parts still turn ya on like crazy. As long as she's not too sensitive it is wonderful to lie between her thighs and softly suck and nibble - just like you're necking. If she is still a little horny then it leads to round deux. If not it is a lovely and loving way to wind down and many a time we've fallen asleep like that.

"If better is possible, then good isn't enough... "
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Where do you stand on the Kinsey Scale? ZERO!
Posted: 7/15/2009 10:58:23 PM
I believe AZALEA found the correct scale.

What it shows however is that the Kinsey research assumed very few were zeros or even ones. There was the assumption that we are ALL, to some degree, homosexual. Some groups claim that in our modern society homosexuals number around the 20% or even higher which I think is nuts. Most blind polls show that homosexuals make up less than 4% of the population with perhaps another 2% on top of that as full time BiSexuals. Where the Kinseys came up with their scale one can only wonder about but perhaps THEIR sexual orientation may be the telling factor here.

You're doing it wrong. This is the Kinsey Scale:

0- Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual
1- Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
2- Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
3- Equally heterosexual and homosexual
4- Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
5- Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
6- Exclusively homosexual
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Posted: 7/15/2009 9:03:48 AM
Your questions sound like you're either trying to intellectualize mutual desire or you're a lawyer looking to maybe start a class action lawsuit against MEN by women who have, at one time or another in their life, felt they have had sex when they didn't really want to. You'll make TRILLIONS. Start the presses!!

I'm not (never have been) into drunken bar-closing parking lot sex and I feel that's where the catagories would be best suited - as defense motions in your rape trial. Other than that any woman in a mature loving or highly emotional relationship will usually be as eager as the guy to bump uglies and at that point it should be pretty obvious even if you're deaf and blind. I mean if she has a hand down your pants and she's got a leg up on the sofa arm and she's moooshing her cunny into your face then your questions are somewhat moot, yes?

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Cowboy hats and boots....any thoughts people?
Posted: 7/15/2009 8:52:51 AM
Methinks that if most women knew how sexy they looked in just a Tshirt, jeans and a pair of cowboy boots the rest of the fashion industry would collapse like a NY bank.

Somebody mentioned ladies wearing unker gear. I'm hoping he meant BUNKER gear and I haven't bin missing out on something kinky all these years ... Anyway, I was at a SAR convention in Nashville a few years ago and ALL the girls from the ST. JUDES BURN UNIT - Fire Girls from the Eastern Seaboard CALENDER (fund raising taken to a new HI) were there in little bitty STARS and STRIPES suits and their BUNKER gear. GAWDAM what a head turner that mob was when they walked around. It was HOT so most of them had their gear bunched up around their thighs but fact was most of the SAR guys, cops and the like were honestly hoping to burst into flames.

UNKER gear is NOT exactly bedroom negligee but put the right lady in it and ya ... hip waders and a baseball cap would have the same effect. BoIIIING!!!

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Furry People..the ones wearing animal costumes
Posted: 7/13/2009 7:28:31 PM
** Frantically checking HUNTING REGS for nondescript "furries" even if located in downtown areas. There MAY even be a bounty - yea!! **

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sex and how it relates to base ball
Posted: 7/13/2009 3:26:10 AM
I suppose "Being put on wavers" is missionary position on a water bed.

LOL that's too funny

What I wanna know and nobuddy has 'esplained yet is HOW the hell do you crack a one liner with THREE damn words and not get the dreaded "Messages this short cannot be posted - loozer." That happens to me ALL the time. I have a short answer and have to type a hole schpiel so it gets posted. I read the posts and everybody else gets to post sort ones. Short ones even. Not me. This is some kind of deescrimination.
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How many people have you slept with in one night?
Posted: 7/12/2009 9:24:44 PM
When I went to Police College YEARS ago the dorms were in a freakkin airplane hanger. For 12 WEEKS I slept with ... musta bin 90 to 120 ++ guys and 15-25 women (their area was separated from US with barb wire, attack dogs, nuns etc etc) but all in the same building.

Some nights you couldn't get to sleep for all the snoring - it sounded like a pig farm after swine flu had hit!!

SO .. ya ... I've slept with maybe 130 in one night ... every night for weeks at a time. SO tiring.

If you're asking how many WOMEN I've had SEX with in one night but were too timid to actually ASK that then .... ONE. I would NEVER want one woman to look up and say, "" THAT'S NOT MY LIPSTICK!! WHO IS THAT FROM ????? "" NO NO NO. Them's grounds for a gelding. I mean would YOU want to go down a'munching and detect that familiar TASTE and then remember you hadn't cum in her for over a week !!?? Let's show sum reeespect here, guys!
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Cum placement
Posted: 7/12/2009 9:26:53 AM
I must be missing something. I just don't getit - this cuming ON something. WHY OH WHY would you pull out of an incredibly warm wet clutching orifice and sploooge on a toaster or the back of her head or her left heel.

Just because they HAVE TO show a guy cuming in porn vids (how else would ya know with all the OHGAWDOHGAWDPHGAWD's going on?) shirley (huh?) you guys realize this is PORN and not SEX ED! Pulling OUT and shooting at the cat is about as much of a turn on for me as sitting here doing it alone by myself.

Another point.

IF you're woman is lucky enough to be able to orgasm from penetrative sex ( VS the OHGAWDOHGAWDPHGAWD's and she's REALLY doing her shopping list in her head) and is one of the ones who when she feels you cuming that triggers her orgasm ... well, kiddies .... you've just KILLED her orgasm. Any woman will tell you if whatever you're doing to trigger HER orgasm stops - SO DOES HER ORGASM. So instead of cuming for a minute or more if you'd kept thrusting, her O ENDS as soon as you pull out.

Brilliant move.


ALL because that's how they do it in the vids.

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Actual meetings with women
Posted: 7/12/2009 9:12:55 AM
There are NUMEROUS threads and posts by WOMEN who are "suffering" similar fates - married for centuries to the same person, that person has lost ALL interest in them/sex/making love just an all round "Im OLD. Don't touch me ever again. I need to DIE. MOVE. You're blocking the telly."

Strange indeed but I seem to remember a COMPLETELY different attitude by many of the posters when discussing the opposite side of this gender coin. I wonder why that would be?

Just sayin ....

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discussing sex in the forums
Posted: 7/12/2009 9:03:37 AM
Anybody who is familiar with these forums knows I have a passion for SHARING one little known physiological response that MANY women can enjoy yet don't even know about. The most common response from these threads is bordering on hate mail and the rest seem to assume I'm some horn-dawg or that I'm bragging.

I have recieved PM's from men that think I am looking for a hookup.....
I have recieved PM's from men stating they would never go out with a woman "such as myself"
I have recieved PM's from women that love what I have to say
and I have recieved PM's from women telling me I am nothing but trash.

I've received many many many PMs from men and women who thank me for the info after discovering my G-Technique really does work for them.

I've received a few PMs saying I'm a perv and there's no way - even with tests - they'd get close to me. HA! Sometimes I WISH!!! I've had TWO lovers (each briefly) in the 8 YEARS since Sue died. Both were long distance and died because of that. Hide your daughters. I'm LOOSE.

I get PMs from good honest people who are too shy to post on the open forums but have seen my posts and know I will answer them with as much info as I have and WITH RESPECT. I have had PM discussions with people who NOTHING about the G-thing and people who know more than I do. That's what these forums allow.

I've been BANNED for days at a time too for dissing some moron who is calling me and all the women who say their GSpot works, LIARS. I get incredibly frustrated when idiots who openly state they have NEVER experienced anything like multiple-massive G-Gasms or female ejaculation(s) will post complete nonsense based on their ignorance and / or an appalling lack of actual research.

Overall I could care less what the morons think of me but stating that ejaculate is urine makes me want to carve the truth in their foreheads!! Women are getting beaten up and divorced everyday because of this ignorant misconception of what can be a beautiful act of fulfillment to your lovemaking!

I don't really care what ANYBODY thinks of me based on my posts but it's sad - I guess for BOTH of us - that some women would steer clear of me based on posts that clearly are trying to share info and educate. Of course if they make assumptions that are THAT far off what I'm actually doing here then it's likely a good thing we never meet. I don't get along well with closed-minded people who convict with little or no facts - just assumptions and guesses probably based on their own sorry lives.

Oh and BTW ....

(can't help myself)
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