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 Author Thread: Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 5/11/2019 2:59:51 PM
So Bitcoin is again at $6900. I went to the bullion shop on Thursday. I know, I've got it bad.  I went to the ivy at Cobham early this evening and saw Gary Cahill.  In the Mail today there was a story about driving instructors only getting into the profession to get women. There was a picture of a big hand on a damsel's knee. I'd like to guess that in chap's automobile there's a hand on his crotch,  I mean clutch. That doesn't work billy .  .. anyway enough of this frippery.

Brexit ? We haven't left.  Reason being three years after we voted to leave we are voting for Meps in a "parliament" with no executive or government. You recall the referendum ? It was stay or leave and we've stayed.  Lovely. 

The economy? It isn't fixed. Reason we know that is ten years after the so called great recession ended, we have interest rates at the zero bound or negative. There is about ten trillion dollars of negative yielding debt in the world. 

Central banks, over an economic cycle, usually raise rates until something breaks .Some people then usually lose their jobs and homes. Note carefully that these central bankers play both Arsonist and Firefighting hero. Note also, in my humble opinion, they don't have the foggiest idea what they are doing. 

Monetary experts and authorities cannot raise interest rates. They cannot cause a broadbased boom let alone their signature bust. Monetary standstill is not an option either given the evergrowing debt, derivatives and leverage built under the collapsing global monetary system over a decade ago. 

So more negative interest rates, more QE. Those policies, these last ten years, led to the Arab spring, rampant inequality, zombie corporations, Trump , Brexit, Ocasio-cortez,  Corbyn and the yellow vests. What will those failed policies bring these next ten years, that's if the whole house of cards endures  

Globalisation died in 2007. The pie is shrinking.  Global hegemony is in flux. Someone should let our policy makers know and indeed our backward looking politicians, for we need solutions fast.
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 4/26/2019 2:56:12 PM
I'd say we aren't leaving. Angela has deigned it. I can't believe three years after we voted to turn down the fourth Reich's offer of second class citizenry, our elected monkeys have colluded to thwart our democratic impulse. Alright I can believe it.

I know, the masses, the great unwashed heathens, should always be ignored,  seeing,  they're really quite thick and very racist. But I opine, a 52 % vote in june 2016 on a two option ballot paper is a lot more indicative of intelligence and sagacity than a oligarcial, narrowly ideological...bureaucratic..utopian..concentration camp..commiting.... arrant ...****ing ....treachery!#$!!!!!@%!!pricks!

Excuse my French. Thank you. 

And now I wish to address the eco-remainer-gulag class.  Remoaner!!! I don't believe in anthropogenic climate change. I do know "scientists" do and that's lovely. But when I rest my weary eyes on your sorry ..lentil eating face  ...let me tell you I see an environmental troglodyte. A free range  Psychopath, a veritable nutter. The world has never looked better. Your teenage angst ridden philosophy stinks, it is all a shortcut to cannibalism and you will be ignored by decent people who really really don't want to eat other human beings. Shame on you. 

I can't believe Tesla is still burning cash. It truly is astonishing.  Really. 

And the rest of the world economy sure does seem fantastic too. Just one day last week, I parked up in a car park in Hammersmith, and caught the choo choo train into piccadilly circus where it was lovely, warm and sunny.  ( thank you so much co2) 

With its new improved big screens, I went and stood on "Eros" and took some pleasure in the little kids' awed faces at the star wars' yodas hovering around. I wanted to tell them that it was all via a metal rod down their long sleeves. But I didn't.  Then I walked down piccadilly to Waterstones going inside to use the toilet. After pulling up my zipper I debouched back on to Piccadilly passing fortnum and masons, where I checked for any rent boys...I don't believe there were any, it's really hard to know these things.

And then just before the Ritz, I espied an emporium that I have never been in before. Usually these places are secreted, quiet and mundane. This one wasn't and after a slight hiccup at the locked door,  I managed to gain entry and was led to a seat by the security guy, while a much older guy chatted aimably to a lady in a single booth, he then went and loaded his metal into an envelope.. (atomic number 79).  Then it was my turn,  I opted without hesitancy for four ...24 carat 2019 ..Britannia coins , which I paid for on a debit card with an organisation of fiat electrons supplied by Santander.
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 4/10/2019 9:25:30 AM
Chap I don't want a present parliament to bind the hands of a future. A present parliament is always  free to enter an international treaty.

The project is the United States of Europe ,ever closer union. Leaving any loyalty to this country to one side, I find,the project,  a vast centralizing wealth destroying entity flawed. It also creates more division, how many flags do we need. 

We need to focus our politicians on productivity which has collapsed over forty years. Otherwise we will run out of monetary road. House price, stock and bond inflation is bad, it has destroyed the economy. It's a purely fake prosperity. An illusion. We should have left, the 52 % were right. The 48% were wrong. Now the 75% have decided they know better, they don't. The gulag is a disaster zone, they have mugged us off again. This ruse is the ERM cubed. We had our chance and we wasted it. I only hope now we can steer clear of any further integration. We do better with less Europe. That's a good rule of thumb. The 52% cinched it.

I know vlad lol.... ^^^
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 4/9/2019 8:36:03 PM
The European project is a fecking utopian nightmare. They need our balance sheet. The entire three year "deal" -negotiation is a barely concealed ruse to keep us in. The europhilles or remaininers are walking the referendum result back. German interests have dominated, and will, with a much weaker currency for Germany's export model than the Deutschemark. 

What was good for the United kingdom, was less Europe. When we joined the pre single currency, exchange rate mechanism in 1990 (ERM) we were assured how wonderful it all was as it doubled the recession and got dubbed the eternal recession mechanism.

I don't want to patronize the 75% of our noble politicians who want a "deal" or wish to stay in the prison camp with a basic lesson in economics but someone does have to intrude

Darlings, or really traitors, it's all about productivity. If you don't want to produce,  you are relying on others to produce for you or your lovely creditors or sweet charity. Now is  that simple enough for your pea sized brains. 

U. K. productivity growth has fallen from about 3.5% in 1973 to a minus figure today. Can you guess what we've been doing during those forty odd years ? That's right we've been reading the guardian. 

It's all about sovereignty or our democracy but the economics are lousy too.
Joined: 8/19/2018
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'A Change is Gonna Come ?'
Posted: 3/27/2019 7:09:53 AM
Sam Cooke "slept " with a 12 year Aretha Franklin....

That said bunny I think it's something that I've been wondering for sometime now whether the blame for all this will be put on brexiteers..It's so unfair but these globalist remainers have no intellectual shame.
If it wasn't for vlad I would still be thinking a million people were on the march. The ten year u.s treasury
is at 2.37 and the effective fed funds is at 2.41. It's jaw dropping . They did not fix it .
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 3/24/2019 7:37:51 AM
Honestly, how scary would things be if we didn't have remainer, globalist types scandalously using brexit to scare us. 

You do know I believe that all remainers are simply traitors. Yes, the entire gimpy cohort. Indeed you can add imbecilic to it too.For a million people on the streets of London,  read a million dumb paedos. What is going on in these crazed heads is clearly above any pay grade. Lock them up!!

Thirty three months after we voted to leave the child molesters are still thwarting our great big democratic vote. Don't get mad at me for calling them paedos because I consider paedos to be far too complimentary. 

Apparently the propaganda is that any no deal (brexit) is nuts and we will all fall into a great big recessionary hole. Also if I have it right, I get to be considered erudite,  European, and wave a ****ing stupid blue and yellow flag around.  I might also get to vote, within certain permitted parameters, if I fall into line. I also get to be classed as non racist, bite down on non chlorinated chicken and get to worship at the altar of anthropogenic climate change. Lovely. 

You see the problem I have is I have more flags offering this than I honestly need already. Surrey, London, England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Northern Ireland and the U.k. and it's all getting very expensive, tedious and ****ing diversionary. Almost three years ago I cancelled my membership of this dilapidated and asinine construct but they keep renewing it,  seemingly automatically. I'm not altogether  happy with the customer service I'm getting but somehow they won't bugger off. To mangle the words of Seamus Mallon, this is the fourth Reich for slow learners. We need to leave quickly. We are in the south tower of the world trade centre with a bloody big plane outside. The north tower is burning and we are being told to stay put. 

Giving up your nationhood for a perceived share of German socialism is not just, expedient and treacherous it's stupid. The money is just not there . Wake the feck up . **** up...**** **** ****. There I said it. No apologising for my French today. Stop swearing now billy!

Meanwhile back in the real world, the global economy continues to burn. America has had its arse handed to them in syria by Russia and are currently goosestepping into downtown Caracas, attempting to plunder some black gold. Ah the peaceful  joys of the petrodollar. I think I mentioned before that in the petrodollar system it's the petrol that has value and not the dollar which is just a piece of paper and very often not even that. 

Nearly twelve years ago the global monetary system went kaput. It hasn't been fixed. Although the authorities act as if they did. But in the actuality it's just a big pile of lies covered over by more and more fake debt. Keynes wanted savers euthanised. Well...job done, mission accomplished. Debt serfdom reigns. 

Asset prices;  stocks, bonds, real estate are wholly synthetic, juiced by more and more fake credit. If they don't push enough credit out the door ( say student debt) those fake prices begin to crash, ie, discover far lower true prices as much as ninety percent.  It's a ****ing house of cards. 

We're all in recession, sans brexit, look at the global bond markets.Globalisation is inherently socialist. Just for those who struggle with socialism this is ramshackle creed which has never been truly implemented by its myopic adherents. For me it's a dreary trip promoted by the left and right in an array of guises which ends in serfdom when other people's money runs out often the middle or merchant classes but not the shyster rentier class. 

The ECB has a minus .40 % interest rate in what was said Orwellianly a few months ago to be a booming, normalising economy. The German ten year bund return reached -.019 on Friday. What part of ****ed do you have trouble understanding. 

The bond market carnage on Friday was truly epic. As the federal reserve's effective Fed funds rate sits at 2.40%..u.s. treasury yields on 2 year, 3year, 5 year and seven sit below it. The mighty ten year benchmark is at 2.43%. 

The central bankers truly haven't got a clue what they're doing. The politicians are completely in their intellectual thrall. Yes market interest rates are falling because recession has returned. But we were told they fixed it and it's clear to all with the interest rates around the world stuck on zero or worse that they didn't.  Will we believe them next time when I and others didn't believe them the last time? 

It's a confidence thing. Let's all hope that the hoi polloi don't mind digging their own grave a little longer. I suppose with some ten trillion dollars of debt yielding negative rates we could do a little bit more there ? Maybe even more QE to prop up the rich. And this time to trim back on the rioting some helicopter money or MMT (modern monetary theory....more currency debasement at last targeted on the hoi polloi) ....desperate times..

Buy gold ..
Joined: 8/19/2018
Msg: 743 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 3/9/2019 11:34:48 AM
Due to other diversions, I simply haven't been able to tie down the finer details of the recent brexit travails. It's roughly,  either we crash out and die without a deal (my choice all my voting life ) or Theresa's deal . I'm assuming the latest is that a referendum on staying in or Theresa's deal but no leave question has gone away... for the moment.  

Talking to a lovely Nigerian descent, British guy yesterday, with an actual electrical engineering degree, two masters and realistic hopes of a doctorate in the future , I was struck speechless by his sincere praise of Theresa May's leaving negotiation, thus far, and his assessment of her ability to win through and win the next General election. 

And here I am,  the very next day, near Guildford, on a hill....musing ......

TLTRO....targeted long term refinancing operations. Any clearer ? Me neither. 

But, simply put, this is socialism . Socialism for the European banks. They're deadbeats. **** ups. Sorry about my French. The Greek people have had to live like slaves to support all this but this is the way we are. If a bank can be judged on its loan book then Deutschebank's is 80 % ****ed. Sorry again but as Maggie might have said if she had lived,  socialism is all very fine and dandy, Deutschebank, until you run out of other people's money. 

We all know the global economy broke 10 years ago and we all must now  know this because we are over ten wasted years into a completely sham recovery. Just for any sceptics, booming recoveries have higher interest rates not zero or bizarrely negative prices. And with that said at the start of  2018 our monetary high priests who haven't a clue what's going on declared that their policies were a roaring success and that their monetary tool kit was going to go back in its tool box and the economy was going up. 

Needless to say, but still,  the global economy immediately went down. First emerging markets, then China and the euro zone. Then Donald T noticed that things were not so great in the USA and stopped talking about his great economy. By october markets well and truly caught on when oil Stopped being bought in quantities that would indicate a booming economy. 

No problem billy , I hear you say,  so we're heading back into recession and possibly a crisis. Don't worry.. I'm not...we will simply cut interest rates 5 or 6% and institute Q.E. XxxL. Then we can have another ten years of this sham recovery and when Baron Trump or Donald Trump jr and the yellowish vests turn up in response again, We can cut interest rates to minus 15% and institute QE XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxL . 

Well at least you agree with me that our monetary high priests are clueless and ****ed for a solution because of it,  and their even more gormless, politicians. (Theresa) But please note that we are Just making houses and pensions more expensive to buy meaning people will have to work until they are 300 years old to retire. 

When's it going to fall apart billy ? I don't know.. ten , twenty years , tomorrow ? It's a confidence thing . When the inequality reaches a certain threshold all hell will break loose. When people have nothing left to lose , they lose it. They did not fix it. Our monetary system broke in 2007 and we need a new one please. When your dignity permits. Thank you.
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Why Are People Obsessed With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Posted: 2/27/2019 11:15:32 AM
^^^^ I'm not sure what you mean as you got a lot going on in that post but I'll try to respond .

First I want more equality because the ever increasing inequality is not a good thing going forward societally.

Secondly I look at the American empire which has used the federal reserve note up to now with increasing violence to stretch things out. I also look to China's rise and lastly to the forces of globalisation.

Thirdly I don't consider this world has a monetary system. It's a credit based inflationary one. Also we don't have free markets, the price discovery mechanism has been obliterated. I think there are monumental economic imbalances, hence it's hard to know whose money it all is.

Remember I told you that money should be a store of value as not was one way that a worker could have their labour stolen. The federal reserve note as the world's reserve currency is also the reason why America's manufacturing jobs went to Asia.

Money for me should represent the worker's honest efforts. Inflationary money or fiat currency or someone else's liability doesn't. This is the contention between us, perhaps. You, I think don't dwell on the nature of our money. I repeat in the petrodollar system it's the oil that has value not the liability. I can't stress it enough the paper that the rich have in such unending abundance is not the value it's the worker that produces value and the paper that steals it. We need an honest money system so we can persuade you over time that a worker can afford healthcare without Charity or the intervention of a larcenous, armed bureaucracy. 

Where are we today ? Unequal. Politically, we have Trump, Macron, the yellow vests, Brexit, the five star movement, AOC (on topic)... what is occuring here is that  those in political office are being removed, this dynamic will continue. Left, right, it doesn't matter most voters believe it's the politician or their left..right affiliations that will fix things 

The global monetary system broke ten years ago. The monetary high priests have us drugged up to our eyeballs, greater and greater doses are needed to maintain any stab at yesteryear. Last year they were falling over themselves to proclaim mission accomplished. Cue immediately the global slowdown which shows no sign of stopping yet, as they run around shouting why don't we know what the day of the week it is.

The GLOBAL emergency response is still with us. All that can happen now is more of the same can kicking. More debt, more leveraging of asset prices, more inequality, more negative interest rates and soon modern monetary theory...which is really a rather historical and familiar road of our overlords that they nearly always take and of course, even more violence. 

A happy outlook would include savings. But our finest, left or right have a policy of debt. Again only my opinion,  but gold is very cheap. Is it a conspiracy theory to say it's manipulated ? I don't care as its cash settled futures market is the manipulation. We don't have money. In 5000 years of history we have never mandated by committee zero price interest rates .Negative prices ...yes.. let me see,  I pay to work right. Even slavery was better paid. Boy is the propaganda powerful.
Joined: 8/19/2018
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Why Are People Obsessed With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Posted: 2/25/2019 1:45:53 PM
I love Americans and Hamilton is my favourite musical...and the place in Scotland is my favourite place. Also Vlad is an icon of the UK forums.

I have to say that England started World War one. Just as Germany nudged ahead we took them down. America's intervention in 1917 created a British win and after the old Versailles fandango we kept Germany down. This led to the guy with the small moustache and that led to world war 2 and America's rise to global superstardom. 

I don't know if you would call that a conspiracy theory but that's my opinion.

In 1944 at bretton woods the u.s. dollar became the world's reserve currency. 

Triffin's dilemma : I think it was Robert ?Triffin that said that America must run a persistent trade deficit as the world's reserve currency. This meant really that America after a few brief decades in the sun would eventually export its actual wealth aka its manufacturing base to Asia etc and go broke. 

There's two ways of looking at the world. One is as an American empire, albeit an empire that like England in the late 19th century with Germany, now feels challenged by the rise of China a rise  which America facilitated. Perhaps, maybe.. thinking the Chinese were going to be like Japan or west Germany who were  buried inside a daft european superstate at the end of world war two.  Second as a global supranational entity. We, the u.k. and  brexit...are small fry. 

So whose money ? And when is it going to run out ? ....I'd say the money is properly the workers of the world's money.

I think, I mentioned that money should store people's work, our present "money"  doesn't. It's inflationary. Inflationary simply means that wealth can be confiscated without legislation, quietly and unobserved from the workers of the world. I think marx or perhaps Keynes mentioned this. It's all true. 

This should have become clear after America defaulted officially on her financial obligations on August the15th 1971 but we all live busy lives and well, maybe you think I'm having you on. 

Can I also tell you something rum about our "money" ?  it's debt. So for example if we paid off all our debts ??? We wouldn't have any "money". Yes debt is circulated as our " money". And there are legal tender laws to make sure we use it. 

When does it run out billy ???  Sorry. Ahem, it's a mathematical thing and a confidence thing. For instance I own a lot of gold and some silver. But for so many other people, it seems to me, the worst the maths gets the more confidence they get. Go figure as you say. 

Communism : yep , I'm being invidious and It's polemic, although if there are any commies out there perhaps I'm bringing hope. That said the federal funds rate is set by a committee (fomc) and I think it should be set by buyers and sellers. I know,  it's quaint. But I was brought up on the folly of lefty bureaucrats setting prices and the malinvestments and famines and killing put me off it all. Sorry. 

I know that u.s. debt is a perceived safe haven. And because of that the dollar might well get a bid. Great for you, bad for the world, and then bad for you. Foreign central banks are buying gold.

I think we live in a era where we get names wrong. I don't mean wicked meaning great.But printing money meaning tax cut . Aid to the long suffering people of Venezuela meaning = give us your oil ( money) .

It's a piece of paper. In the petrodollar system, it's the oil that's valuable. Obviously the headchoppers get looked after. But don't forget you didn't succeed in Syria.

The world has stopped buying treasuries. Americans are now buying them, their pensions, worker's savings etc ..Eventually you will monetise your unpayable debt. And you won't have the exorbitant privilege of exporting your inflation to the world.
Joined: 8/19/2018
Msg: 138 (view)
Why Are People Obsessed With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Posted: 2/24/2019 5:55:52 AM
Maybe we just end up voting for our favourite personality but that doesn't keep us warm. Sure I would identify more with the right then the left so perhaps if I was American I would favour the ever naughty Donald over the energetic Alexandria. I think Tulsi gabbard has potential, I'm sure you know her. 

Donald's putsch on Venezuela has upset me. Elliott Abrams is apparently bringing aid to the down trodden people of the aforementioned country. What the going on? I thought Donald wouldn't turn out like Obama and Bush but here we all are again. 

I know it's geopolitical, after having lost to putin in syria. And America does need the money and some democracies are not as highly as yours... see passim..  Obama's back of the queue intervention in our own democracy...but It's not something that I can support, sorry Donald, I love you but you're just like all the rest this Sunday.  It's all about the money socialism.. indeed ...someone else's money. 

Thinking about it AOC is more right wing and less imperial than Donald and she would have my support if I thought she wouldn't go the same way the orange one has now gone. 

Margaret Thatcher said loosely that socialism was truly wonderful but eventually, sadly you do run out of other people's money. Well, Donald now looks like he could administer socialism on the empire a little longer. Maybe winning in 2020. I'm sure the Venezuelans will support that.

It's only a bit of fun and just indicative of the state (geddit) you are in, but your own on- balance sheet, federal debt, is now $22 trillion dollars. Now I know you are probably thinking so what billy, we can print it and drop a nuke on China so bog off. But!

Clearly China is communist but I would posit that America is communist too albeit with American characteristics, namely violence. You see Donald is really a lefty, like presumedly AOC and your entire cast of politicos. They will all pretty much support, depending on who is in power, the money printing circus that's coming to a neighbourhood near you.  

So what started in 1944 at bretton woods and ended in 2007 in collapse and infamy with banking in early 2009 being put on life support with Quantitative easing will end in helicopter money or MMT.. modern monetary theory. All tedious names for free fraudulent money.  QE to the banks and the rich. MMT to the poor. 

I'm billy and being a no free lunch type, I see "Printed money"  as just utter kleptomania. Injustice will beget injustice, inequality and violence. 

If I can't kill why should my state. Let that be humanitiy's first principle. Its second should be that trade should be conducted with a money that stores its value. If it doesn't store its value it isn't money. 

We have a global currency set up that sent the West's future prosperity, aka its manufacturing base to Asia. It's call the  federal reserve note, in 1971, 35 of them bought a useless piece of yellow metal. It's now $1,340. You have a central bank guarantee that that number will only get bigger. The reason we know that is that these rather imbecilic educated fools know only one thing, currency debasement.
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Msg: 736 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 2/23/2019 1:08:14 PM
It's been two years and 8 months ? and we still haven't crashed out. I can't believe the tarrying.

What's up with our elected finest ? A sewer of Mps have formed a group called the independent Group ? Who are they? Heidi Allen? So annoying...They are self proclaimed moderates. I think they are deluded foreign scum. Can't we have that Muslim girl back. At least she wanted to remain British.

I don't know the collective noun for a bunch of prostitutes, sorry politicians.

It's telling for me at least that with March the 29th approaching, Germany econonically spent the second half of last year contracting and has had a hopeless January and February. Italy's in recession and France is in flames. And all because little old us want to leave. Alas not our slimy treacherous finest.

The euronazis have failed to get the very lucrative euro clearing out of London also and have begun
to negotiate now that the city of London's pre eminence has hit home in their silly heads.

European investors this week in a survey of their worries put brexit ( British democracy) outside the
top five of their concerns. With only 2% expressing worry. While 30% expressed a concern for the slow down in the world economy that started in 2018.

Directly after globalist, central banking, remaining, Media' types started struting about telling each other that they had fixed it and we were going to put the economic collapse behind us. They didn't.

More brexit.. the two best performing banks in Europe at the moment are from the same country.
Can you guess which country ? Germany ? Nope. Holland or rather the Netherlands. Nope and Nope. Greece , nooo...the banks are the royal bank of Scotland and Lloyds, strange er and us going over the cliff.

It's the dollar. Its the world's reserve currency and hence for a brief few decades America lived high at
the world's expense. The implication of this is that America had to run trade deficits with slave nations such as West Germany (this explains its recessionary conditions) and Japan. The trouble with all this is
China is not Japan, or Germany which the Americans have imprisoned in the eurozone, but more ahem independent. So we have a genuine fight for global hegemon going on and a broken global monetary system. The latest from the hegemon fight has the Americans,who having failed in syria now trying to steal oil in Venezuela this week. Weapons being passed off as aid all supported by our compliant media. Tut tut.

Back to the monetary system ....are they fixing it ? No. Having failed once more with their monetary policies ( please note their recent utter capitulation) hundreds of these central banking phd's are now scratching their heads and wondering why they a: can't fix it and b: why billy bonds holds them in such deep contempt.
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Premier League Football...There are 92 clubs in the league
Posted: 2/17/2019 2:01:48 PM
^^^^ ha look who it is

I think Manchester United is about to be purchased by a guy who cuts journalists up into little pieces . I don't think I'll ever be this happy again.
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Msg: 732 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 2/17/2019 6:05:25 AM
I think we truly are going through a golden period with our UK forum. When I arrived some years, there was some rash talk of a past golden age that in time turned to talk of a bust in our quaint affairs. But for me this is the best of times that the old forum has had. Self praise is of course no praise but in my own small glittering lovely  way I feel I'm responsible for all this. 

Still no brexit? No billy. Oh well.... perhaps tomorrow. 

 I don't need to remind the forum that there is great uncertainty out in the country. March the 29th is approaching and citizens are stockpiling spam. Business is rather concerned, even the spam guys , and of course the mass murderer Tony Blair. 

I shall try now and assuage that concern by saying that in a certain unloved plebiscite on the 23 day of June 2016, We the british people did bring certainty to business if not the genocidal maniac but for some reason our great statespeople have decided to bring uncertainty to business. I'm at a lost to explain why... because they are devout democrats but sometimes, perhaps uncharitably, I feel they are trying to walk the referendum back or that they are labouring under a belief that we voted to remain in the fourth Reich., as to leave it would only be countenanced by the bigoted or the eternally stupid. But let me tell them now, we voted to leave, to crash out, to plunge off a great big cliff, to end up homeless and starving in a wet cardboard box under the embankment.  What's not clear here ?

Italy was in recession in the last six months of 2018. They produced two quarters of economic contraction, a technical recession. They are very good at this. The further into the Reich Italy has gone the better they have got at achieving shit all. 

Germany the jewel in the Reich and a country ( can you guess the other) which is expected to deliver socialism to everyone in the reich ( socialism.. being other people's money) , wasn't in recession. Although they had a contraction over the total six months... .-02% in the 3rd quarter and zero in the fourth. I wonder in the years ahead whether statisticians will find that that zero to be a small minus. It looks like a rounding error to me because they have had a terrible January.  The ten year bund at 10 basis points is utterly indicative of their plight which in part they are blaming on... Brexit. 

They did not fix it . And because "they" (remainers... globalists... central bankers..war mongering imperialists etc..) haven't fixed their global monetary system.. which well and truly broke in 2007.. their grand plans for us are subject to constant revision, lies and good old  bullshit. The BBC, sky, fleet street, is just's not there to elucidate us. 

How we got to 2019 from 2007 without a huge economic meltdown is a wonder to us who have spotted that these vile losers are running a criminal enterprise and have no idea how to tell the honest hard working masses the truth of their work . 

There is ample evidence and symptoms..  ...Trump!.. that the global economy has well and truly left the ranch. The u.s. national debt has now reached $22 trillion dollars. So what is the reaction ? Nonchalance, we owe it to each other, it's not real, brexit and Gemma Collins. 

The economic "tools" used from the so called great recession until now, have been seen to have ended in complete and utter failure. The evidence of QE's failure, a handout to the already rich at the expense of the poor, is patent because for example we have had over a decade and the European central bank's interest rate is at minus 0.4%.. 

Reaction..more nonchalance and more brexit talk. Let's be clear this is absolutely dire. Not only have we enacted a policy that exacerbates societal inequalities and destroys pensions it has also failed spectacularly to normalise the global economy. 

The Eurozone is heading into a recession. Let's cut rates from minus 0.4 of a % ...ahem...Don't laugh we are only at a mighty plus .75 of a %. They did not fix it and Brexit is a global side show. 

Yes, in conjunction with China going into massive debt, QE bought us some fantasy  time but it came with a massive future price tag. What comes next?  ....not the truth.
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Msg: 8 (view)
What tune shall we play
Posted: 2/9/2019 3:37:04 PM
One of my own it's called Roxy is far better looking than Alexandria's chorus goes.. give
her a break and keep her out of Birmingham because She's not that hot America. ...yeah !
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Msg: 99 (view)
Why Are People Obsessed With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Posted: 2/9/2019 2:54:24 PM
I seen vice in Wimbledon this afternoon and I really enjoyed it. But not the heart bits. Essentially****was a bit of a baddie in it . And as the credits rolled the off topic forum appeared in it too and a great big fight review over..on topic.

AOC is photogenic but photos never tell the whole sorry story. I've seen pictures of Trump looking good. I'd say she's charismatic but well..Donald is too, he has a statesman's like slur in his speech. Could you really make fun of her , yep...similarly  Donald.

Like Donald she's been well educated at some uppity level. Has she Donald's list of impressive achievements such as billionaire real estate mogul or top primetime tv host? Or remarkable  President of some washed up violent empire? Maybe not but she's young and I think I'm correct in saying she's the youngest congressperson in the aforementioned empire's history. So let's cut her some slack. You know she can dance better than Theresa May. Politically though you never know how that might play. Because since Theresa has started dancing badly her polls have improved. Go figure. 

Alexandria though has put her political foot wrong in one or two places for me. And if you are still reading.... it's the tea chap, it? She said, very roughly, he shouldn't run for president but should perhaps work his way up from the bottom of politics. Which I think is self serving and a very human trait a side which up until now she hadn't let on about. You know like Hamilton she's flying by the seat of her pants. 

I love entertainment, I'll get to the second misstep in a moment thanks, and one thing that's spoiling my unrestrained lust for it is the fact she can't run for the presidency in 2020, simply because of ageism. My lovely reader this is an egregious scandal. It's tantamount to saying that the most accomplished President will always be thirty five or over. The sheer arrogance. 

But she doesn't have a peg to stand on because she thinks the tea chap should waste his time in local politics when there's this really faltering, very violent empire in need of a warm beverage made in a tall cup. 

Now my favourite Margaret Thatcher axiom Socialism is lovely until you run out of other people's money. 

Her second misstep is saying that America needs socialism. Congresswoman Ocasio- Cortez, you have socialism. It's an empire that has murdered and plundered within and without for a century ask an intelligent Russian. 

That's if you haven't been indoctrinated by the risible smear that Trump is a Russian spy and that the the guys who actually got to Berlin first in 1945 are still useful bogeypeople for the imperial insanity that 
reigns in this still early but faltering American century. 

Let me be clear, from the latter part of the nineteenth century when Germany was doing winning things and England's elite were doing all those violent, plundering things and America was a global backwater. It was still possible then to stop the carnage that took place between 1914 and 1945. 

But politics is not designed for that sort of  constructive path. And the moment German GDP as a share of global GDP overtook Great Britain and Ireland's GDP war broke out. And this war for global hegemony , heading quite rightly for stalemate ended with Germany losing , thanks to America's snide entry in 1917. Not Russia billy ?  No billy. Reparations sought  by the "victors"  the British and French led to German hyperinflation in 1923 and let's face it Adolf and his national socialism, an honest socialism was his that involved entirely soldiers and force but  no sneaky pieces of coloured paper.

 Even then with seventy million more dead, including six million innocent jews, post world war two West Germany infested with American intelligence were forced into an utterly fake non democratic slave state called roughly the united states of europe. Perhaps it was the guilt indoctrination they received that finally made them dress up in all that bondage. 

Still America's response in the 1930s to the global economic tempest was socialism. Which by 1937 had still not brought any economic relief with unemployment still sky high. Recovery by socialism really only came in 1938 when America found export markets for its arms which I suppose allowed FDR to be placed on mount Rushmore or maybe not... I not all together too sure about that last bit. 

Still America or the dollar took over in 1944 and I know this because when we and the French tried to strut our imperial stuff in Suez in 1956, Eisenhower told us that the pound sterling's best days were behind us and to behave ourselves. And yet the French gave you a taste of your own medicine when it called time on your very own silliness in Vietnam. 

So other people's money does run out even for you and you formally defaulted on your obligations on August the 15th 1971. 

And that would be that Alexandria but astonishingly the petrodollar was born and the euro dollar. I say dollar but what it is really is the federal reserve note. Note being a synonym for an iou or a liability.

The world didn't have a clue what to do and your treasury Secretary John Connolly said that the dollar was our currency and your problem. Charming. Anyway Nixon and Kissinger came up with the petrodollar with Saudi Arabia and opec, which is a kind of failing central bank for oil. A central bank being a failing cartel for money. Then after some prompting from some very irate europeans, Carter pick,  Paul Volcker pushed the federal funds rate up to 20%... it's only 2.4% at the moment....and while a deep recession ensued in the early Ronnie years the fucking piece of paper that allows America to live way above her means was reborn and America's ability to gain access to other people's money too. 

Of course first Saddam questioned this and  Muammar later but because they were small fry...sorry guys...and America had access to other people's money one was removed by hanging and the other got a pole up his fundamental which I heard Hillary enjoyed. Probably a canard. 

And here we all are ten years after Lehman's demise. That's when your socialism actually collapsed. Oh, you thought that was all fixed ? Oh no. Yes you were allowed to paper over things because you still had other people's money but now I'd say it's debatable whether you still have other people's money and hence Whitney we all have a problem. 

I Think the Isis led u.s. stroll Into Syria has now failed. Which Means For the first time since 2002, if memory serves me, America has got Its begging Bowl Out In Venezuela again. Apparently the tiresome Cunning Plot is to fret over the poor benighted people's  plight at the hands of a former bus driver,  find a denim wearing stooge and pay him. Then get Pence to phone him asking if he wouldn't mind declaring himself President of his oil rich state making a note to get all your slave states, apart from those annoying italian russian puppets, to back this fine young statesman. 

Maduro is lousy leader. He's singularly failed to get his gold off our Central Bank. The moustache is Saddamesque, so 2003. He doesn't even cut up Journalists. 

Where was I? Oh Yeah how has America remained a Worker's paradise some ten Years after Lehman's where even the banks are all on welfare and all the empire's slave state's banks too. In a word China. China's gone into eye watering debt to help out but that does seem to be exhausting itself now. QE didn't really work because interest rates around the world haven't returned to normal. zero or negative are not normal. You Know we live in a world where people pay people to borrow money. It's somewhat a mess. 

This isn't 1944 , that trick with the piece of paper appears to have run its course, just saying. Maybe keynes's idea of a neutral reserve global money had some merit. Only saying. You've also gone and exported your manufacturing base to Asia and their old terracotta military now looks a match....if you happen to go the old 1914 route. 

Maybe you could taIk,  I firmly believe this should be tried first. Thanks .
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Msg: 714 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 1/6/2019 7:42:11 AM
No brexit stuff in France but it sure seems troubled. I'm wondering how, when they have this great remaining deal, they seem so unhappy. They have no Tory party either. President Moron only has an approval rating of 25%. For god's sake he's changed his policies, what more can the granny grabbing, investment banker do. He's going to go into the red a little bit more. Don't know yet what Germany or Italy will say about that.

And still every weekend Paris keeps getting sacked. All classes hate him. Apparently he suggests it's the fault of a country with a yearly income smaller than Spain's. Yeah Russia. I don't know about that.

I personally think we haven't as much money as we would all wish for in our lovely global world. Wealth creation has been sidelined by fantasy. And to make it look to remainers or servile governmental loving toadies that we do, we assure people through derivatives that we do. And hope that not too many people show up at once. Unfortunarely as we get deeper and deeper into this way of life the chances get higher and higher that they will and then people
will get very angry. Then we'll all say, remember the old days when we were led to believe by our betters a trade deal was of huge import.

God, how were we led to think in such binary terms. Surely not by our bankers' newspapers and politicians, for don't they heed our cries first.
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Msg: 713 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 1/6/2019 6:26:24 AM
The Tories ??....

"Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without the people understanding what is happening. This is to be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose but which eventually will Irreversibly lead to federation". 

Jean Monet 1952

It was always about one state , come on keep up. A centralised workers paradise, it's what the CIA and Barrack wanted if not Donald Trump .

Some remainers think surrendering British democracy for the European straitjacket is a way to keep Britain influential in the world. But for me, at best, it will be run in the interests of Germany and because it's a terrible idea (empire within empire) unhappiness will ensue and self described people of good sense and great reason will wonder why is this splendid idea not working. Consent lovelies.

Leaving doesn't involve a deal . What we need are people less concerned with a deal and more concerned with our nation's problems. And a "fully and comprehensive" ****ing deal is trivia.

The Dow Jones was up 750 points on Friday. Jay Powell in Atlanta with Ben and Janet made all the
right enabling noises and with a slew of good news, that he knew was coming, the market went whoosh.

So what Jay said in simple speak was some sort of assurance that he would turn the bath tap on if need be and replace the plug better if that's not quite in the plug hole, that is if the bathwater level began to drop ( which it is ). Not quite what he was saying a few weeks ago but we will let that go because at least he acknowledges that the taps are not on and there are potentially leakage issues.

And what I'm saying is that he can't draw a bath. It's riddled with an increasing amount of 6mm holes and water gushing out through both taps (in the form of say QE and UBI ~universal basic income ) is what is really needed so that your monetary scheme, Jay, can continue with less haste on its stately slow descent into penury, war and the gates of hell.

Any questions ?

Yeah, I love x factor , take no interest in the machinations of our great statesmen and women but I am now really worried that Angela or Theresa Will leave me without a hot bath ? Sharon x.Really simple answer bill please.

Answer. .
Au and Ag equals hot baths.
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Msg: 608 (view)
Random Musings - Talk About Everthing
Posted: 1/4/2019 6:12:44 AM
Just saw a driving instructor in a tesco supermarket car park, instructing his pupil to park between two
private cars. I was outraged. But then I thought of chap and all the experience about these greenhorns
he is going to have to amass in double quick time. It's not easy. My solution is not double pedals but a computer that can disable the car in milliseconds if the parking sensors sense a nervy novice.

I failed three times before taking my A game to the countryside. Many a Saturday morning in 1983 and 1984, I got into Harry's car over the limit. I don't drink now.
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Msg: 704 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 1/4/2019 6:02:40 AM
We didn't vote for a deal we voted for a decisive break from a globalist stab at the fourth Reich. We also run a trade deficit with this "club" (asylum) Which subtracts from our growth not adds to it.
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Msg: 2 (view)
What is so bloody difficult about running a country?
Posted: 1/4/2019 5:30:18 AM
I pay 10 p now. I just feel it's not a good look to walk into supermarkets with used bags. I do take the point that the plastic is not good for the environment. Sainsbury's seems to have a policy where you have to
ask for a bag and then they scan it themselves whilst staring at you as if you were a paedophile.

This defeats the idea of self service! Which is to stay away from tellers who want to talk about the contents of your shop. It doesn't work with me this. As I just dig in. I know, I know, they are only following orders but catch them when they are overwhelmed by other self servers. Seems to me Sainsbury will have so stop selling plastic bags and the government will just have to live off the worker less?

I'm not pleased with the Daily mail of late.

It is hard running a country especially when your politicians export everybody's job to Asia. And their
own to Brussels and expect to still get paid. Amazing.

I see the mainstream press are at last putting the gathering, global slide into recession, perhaps worse,
in prominent news places. I think it's 4,000 points down since October, for the Dow, $30 dollars off
Oil, the u.s.10 yr treasury has been bid down from 3.25 to 2.55%. And high yielding credit markets (junk)
are yielding higher, leaving zombie corporations sweating on a central bank "rescue" that I believe will come in 2019.

So they did not fix it, this did seem wrong to the fatuous at the start of 2018 because the global central bankers those globalist heroes seemed so confident that they had fixed it. ECB numpty, Mario Draghi (ex Goldman sachs) promised to end QE in 2018 ( tick) and maybe even raise his overnight interest rate to near zero at the end of 2019...ok...

Those globalist PhD bozos chorused their synchronised global growth for just a few days at the start of the year after 2 years of totally artificial Calm payed for By the world's workers. And then it all fell apart as they only thought they had fixed it.

First it was the emerging markets that went into a tailspin. And they all said, well it's only emerging
markets , what do you expect from Brazil or Russia. We in the developed markets are different,
Special. You know what Vladamir Putin did this time?Sold treasuries and bought Gold.

Then Europe ( yeah, that pisshole) followed by Japan and China. And then "capital" decided to head for
America and the dollar ( the cancer of this all ) as a safe haven. Donald Trump an amusing opportunist said, we have the greatest economy ever. And here we all are now in an advancing credit crunch that's starting to get noticed even by Donald.

Depending where you are it's either called trade wars , or Trump' s fault , or the guys that's in office fault, or immigrant's, Or the rich or even Brexit. It's never global monetary policy. And the perceived safe haven of the federal reserve note.

I'll have to do the link later....
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Msg: 605 (view)
Random Musings - Talk About Everthing
Posted: 1/2/2019 6:46:31 AM
Happy New year chap and everyone (a.f.f.t.c.) xx

I'm at the start of a 6 mile mudslog...just been playing rhinestone cowboy by Glen Campbell .....I saw mary poppins yesterday... it was ok ....not a patch on Hamilton at the victoria palace, Scotland though.

Surely, chap if we can just see the wood from the trees it's the ****fest, that is, how do we reverse the vote. :)

I voted to leave the insolvent mess. I didn't vote for a hard or soft brexit or a deal. I don't want a deal from
these illegitimate drunken child molesters.

Britain must be free to pursue her national interests by seeking out global opportunities of true partnership. Running policies that are in all her people's interest and serving as a potential example to a free world. But that starts with consent.

Globalist, centralising scum, the future is unknown, indeed unknowable. You can't model the future but you can use the broad Sweep of history to plot a sensible course through it. Sometimes it takes a modicum of profound stupidity to know that.

What are you saying here ? That a dictatorship knows best and even if we believe it doesn't, we have to go along with these things for some putative comfortable or safe existence? Except that way led to over a hundred million people being slaughtered in the last century. You do know biologically or psychological , you decide, we tend to think ourselves
cleverer than the next person. Just think the havoc this plays in intelligent circles.....and stupid ones....

More Europe is less Britain until there is no Britain even less france, just a self serving bureaucratic insolvent dictatorship. We have heard it from posters on here how these people act even in the so call good times. Reject the clip boarders please.

The absolute historical shame of those who won't see this but would choose to ape the childlike trustifarian dogma emanating from those deaf, anti-democratic globalist nutjobs that people those fraudulent, self serving, E.U.institutions.

We should trust all people and never stop trusting all people or indeed deviate from serving them or in the end you will reap the people you feared.

The practice of Politics is an art for disguising our lack of trust in our fellow human beings . It's really menace masquerading as legitimacy, consent, even concern for our very well being.

We have deep global liquidity problems going forward and it's not brexit's fault lovely reader. Brexit, Trump, the yellow vests, etc are but mere symptoms of political machinations decades old. It's the world's reserve currency, the dollar.
Except it's not a dollar but a liability called the federal reserve note. But that's another story.

Rise up ....
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Msg: 699 (view)
Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 12/30/2018 7:29:44 AM
"Patriotism is the exact opposite of  nationalism,  nationalism is treason"

"Nation states must give up sovereignty"

Orwell surely? And Adolf,  the second one..?? Nooo.... it's Emmanuel  and Angela. Yeah. Moderates Soderates.

Xi became a dictator last October and now Vlad is looking at ways to stay in power.

Something is in the air, can you guess what it is ?That's right the global economy. It's broken. Let's say it happened in 2007 and somehow here we all are in 2018 without a fix, and staring down the barrel of another crisis in early 2019, perhaps a crisis for the history books. 

Politicians, surely, are being informed by their handlers that something is up and that they may want to position themselves for what is about to happen in the years ahead. Perhaps on the old fake, left right continuum. 

We have all had a massive program of QE. That is, simply put, a massive redistribution of wealth to the rich. This theft took the form of pumping up asset prices for the rich and the poor getting what trickled down. Maybe a job on a zero hours contract at minimum wage. Or at least an east European doing that job While the native poor festered on universal state credit or whatever it's called in your advanced post industrial house of cards. 

What went along side this massive global exercise in monetary inflation was the amount of debt that China took on to stave off global catastrophe, without China where would we all be. 

Which makes it concerning that wee Xi (it rhymes) has battened down the hatches. And indeed vlad is flirting with good old honest dictatorship.  As we know our June  2016 lunge for the door has been blocked. In the words of the remainers or democracy deniers......racist filth,  you are not going to be allowed to crash out as you might hurt yourselves. 

So successful are our jailers, the "europeans". That over the course of this economic cycle, that's ending in two days with recession in Germany, they haven't managed to raise interest rates to zero. 

That's an unprecedented policy where you pay money to another fellow to borrow your cash. Nuts eh and they think we're thick.

They've also spent €2.6 trillion euros on a policy of QE too. That's €7,614 euros per person in the euro zone. Did the poor get that money? Not really. And before any one says correlation is not causation billy, let me tell you what Danny Blanchflower , ex bank of England, said regarding QE , "that the whole point was to raise prices. And I should know because I was there and I voted for it"

Ha, Ha, Ha,  the old redistribution price setting to the rich makes me laugh. It's been going on since the year dot.

So there you have it inflation is tax. And Taxes without representation is theft. Because that €2.6 trillion had to come from somewhere. And whose purchasing power was stolen.. why the worker.

And now the rich who have benefitted from this scheme are losing all this largesse as the house of cards begins to collapse by the hour with QT. Unless! We bail them out again with an even more unbelievable amount of purchasing power stolen from the workers. 

Come on they won't mind, bread and circuses. We can threaten these racist losers with starvation too....

When people really haven't got anything to lose...they lose it. Donald Trump, five star, yellow vests, brexit; is just a start. And big insolvent government will be waiting. In our best interests obviously. We wouldn't want to hurt ourselves.
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Msg: 211 (view)
Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 12/28/2018 12:57:14 AM
Oops....An increase in supply... a glut ....which hasn't happened . a cuppa...anyway it's a collapse in demand..

West ham won...

Bros on bbc4 is apparently worth a watch...

I do hope everyone is recovering.

It's nearly 9am on the 28th of December 2018..

It's never clear what time is it on pof.

Weirdly correct at the moment ....but I bet it changes..

Deutchebank is falling......or failing ..$6.80 ...serious stuff...
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Msg: 210 (view)
Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 12/27/2018 12:52:04 PM
It's $3,688. ....Gold is up to $1010.... both these markets have derivative markets. Pieces of paper that says you own them!Alas it's almost certain  you won't get them when you really need them. As the paper is supplied at the drop of a hat to squash price. 

Yesterday, Boxing day, the Dow went up 1000 points. Wow, the economic future must be ( let's ignore the 5000 drop since October 3rd) so bright. Donald Trump went on telly and said buy it, and someone did.

Unfortunately, I think this is misleading.Oil does not drop over 40% in a booming global economy as West Texas and Brent have done without a collapse in supply. Or a collapse in demand and that's what has happened. 

So you can credit Trump or put it down to a dead cat bounce or more likely some massive short covering but the market is going to fall until the central banks cover their malfeasance with even more debt. 

What comes next: The global economy is clearly heading into recession. I grew up thinking we were capitalists and derived our prosperity from it. Up to a point. 

But we in the west also kill for our prosperity. And as we grew prosperous a section of our elite began taking a greater and greater share of it. Once you are ok with murder i guess thieving is a mere bagatelle. We also punished electorally any politician who wished to limit the state. 

I'd say a belief grew up that central banks could iron out the business cycle and as economic distortions became hideous a confidence grew in these banking cartels that they were not the cause of these deep recessions but the saviour and the wealth creators. 

It's gone on so long, I understand the belief. It's a terrific fantasy but one that's ending. 

I think before all this ends bitcoin could go backover $20,000. Gold $10,000 (my horse). The Dow ;) over 40,000 and the bond market to zero. Interest rates at 30% anyone . You've been duly warned
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Msg: 590 (view)
Random Musings - Talk About Everthing
Posted: 12/25/2018 1:59:14 PM
Yes Hamilton!! in Scotland vlad.. much familiar chuckling here...i have to say frank the Canadian must be quite the paedo to upset you vlad ;) I do hope you haven't crashed and burned up , I'm struggling, thank God the turkey and trimmings slogfest is nearly over... after tomorrow of course..

Happy boxing day everyone apart from frank the Canadian who is an awful wrong un ...
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Msg: 588 (view)
Random Musings - Talk About Everthing
Posted: 12/25/2018 12:18:50 AM
Merry christmas everyone xxx

I'm of course looking forward to turkey today ...sorry ..And this Christmas I will be going to see Hamilton, it will be my second visit, and Something about Jamie ( first) and in January my first opera which will be la Traviata. I'm eating a caramac bar at the moment .....

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Msg: 208 (view)
Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 12/25/2018 12:15:49 AM
Bit coin is at $3,800. Gold is at a £1000 ($1270) for Christmas day. And 2019 will be economically difficult to say the least.

In a week where some award winning journalist with der Spiegel has been revealed to be literally making it up for seven years, let me just say, we are lied to all the time. We even tell ourselves whoppers. 

Our lying remainer elite's lie about Gobal synchronised growth has run into the reality that they did not fix it. Since October 3rd, dearest Donald has grown very silent over the greatest economy ever.West Texas intermediate has crashed from $76 dollars to $42 dollars a barrel. The Dow Jones has fallen 5,000 points. 

How much does your house really cost ? Ten per cent of what you are told. How can your pension get paid when we have a system of debt serfdom ? Can't. 

As global monetary supply sickens, the desperados who have impressed some up to now with their inequality making printing presses will no doubt try again but this is not 2008, we have moved on . I expect epic monetary manipulation and great panic.
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Msg: 579 (view)
Random Musings - Talk About Everthing
Posted: 12/20/2018 11:56:14 PM
I working by the runway... I'm live... and I can
report no drones and one flight every two minutes.
All easy jet and BA at the moment. Billy bonds news at 7.54 am gatwick.

Last day until sometime in january thank God. I'm in a holding pattern here until some fascist my test sheets his imprimatur..hoping there will be no turbulence...sorry ..I'll fly away...

No military drones but then the sky is deeply grey ....I reckon it's all brexit 's fault ....
Quite like Trump for seemingly thwarting the industrial Military and congressional complex for now..
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Msg: 63 (view)
ew Russian friend
Posted: 12/20/2018 6:10:57 AM
She's probably read the forums a guess I'd say you've broken her heart chap . Not since Pauline
led a possy of vigilantes to a certain phd's door in Malta, have I been so disappointed in a forumite. ...
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Msg: 143 (view)
Posted: 12/17/2018 9:04:15 AM
Blimey the TDS is still going, he's really quite good at politics. It seems he's stopped talking about the booming economy as it slams into reverse. Screaming at the Fed chair to "take the victory". Surely the Democratic party can capitalise on all this.

Here, off our lovely British Islands, we have a bizzare continent that frankly is proving difficult to get rid of. We have a collection of countries being forced together by the sort of people who don't like Trumper.

You know university educated, urbane, thick all day long, climate change believers etc ..

Famously the eurozone has monetary union but not fiscal union. The ECB has a €5.3 billion balance sheet. Base rates of negative 0.40 %, insolvent banks, and on the eve of what looks like recession for Germany , they are planning on stopping their propensity to xerox their currency IOU called the euro. Our "educated" elite wants to lash us to them. What they don't see is the lashing that's coming their way.

We've been here before ~off topic~ snowflakes. But this TDS is muddling your grey matter. Your
precious Iraqi murdering globalist death economy is nearing its nadir. It got cooked in 2008. The only thing
that has hung it out to now is your own xeroxing, your slave states xeroxing and China's.

Of course we are not there yet because the Fed is hiking tomorrow as if nothing is too wrong. But in the
words of King George the third in Hamilton , what comes next...Presumedly after a bit more counterfeiting ....???
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Msg: 59 (view)
ew Russian friend
Posted: 12/17/2018 6:59:39 AM
Absolutely not Roxy....... how could you..... :(

I have just run the images through Google eye.
Just for chap's peace of mind. And now I feel awful,
that I billy bonds could have doubted such puppy love . Shame on me.

Chap, I know I'm only one
Simple man but I have just checked 45 billion images
So that you and Irina can make love in front of a roaring
fire place in your West country castle this Christmas.
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Msg: 51 (view)
ew Russian friend
Posted: 12/14/2018 8:48:35 AM
Is there a picture chap??

Crash bang wallop ...g...o...a...l ...
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Random Musings - Talk About Everthing
Posted: 12/12/2018 1:46:30 PM
Bloody hell wrighty ....
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ew Russian friend
Posted: 12/12/2018 7:42:50 AM
She's adorable ..
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 12/12/2018 7:28:11 AM
Well for me the biggest band of shysters are in Brussels. And I know this will appall all forumites
but I'm hoping they choose Jacob Rees Mogg. First he's actually British and second he's mannered but firm.

Remember, remaining is more Europe and less Britain until there is no Britain. Nice legs shame
about the treachery.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 12/11/2018 7:25:54 PM
" President Micron, you don't want other countries to interfere in the affairs of France. And/or support the yellow vest protest rebels . 

Why did France support the jihadi head cutters in Syria? 

Please explain, president Micron ." 

Nicholas Nassim Taleb . 

560, 000 deaths in Syria, so far. ...

Europe the dictatorship that must centralize versus the nation states that want to more naturally practise democracy especially as economic inequality grows. 

Apparently Mandelson, Clegg, Major and the mass murderer Tony Blair are advising the dictatorship on how to reverse the UK. people's vote, a vote we had some two plus years ago. Seemingly we are to be offered just two choices, remain ie, dictatorship or May's effort, utter dictatorship.  

People are being terrorised daily. The UK is going to collapse out without a deal, we hear day in day out.  Let's be clear here, we don't need a deal, we need to leave. It should have happen by now but when you have a group of politicians trying to thwart the democratic will of the British people, it's hardly surprising. 

It was a two step process on June the 24th 2016.  1 Angela,  (Merkel) we are leaving. 2 we do need to keep any dislocations to a minimum.... that's it. 

The European union is perceived by nuts to be a  global colossus on how to run an economy. Not in my house. Frankly it's a king sized insolvent mess. Renewed recession is imminent and protectionism a given. Famously, they have monetary union which favours Germany but not Greece but no fiscal union which favours Germany if not the hapless Greeks. 

So we have an anti democratic pretend country trying to boss a multitude of diverse countries that are self interested. 

Italy who haven't grown since they adopted the euro are 5% smaller than they were ten years ago. Needless to say they have put a lot of day to day living expenses  on their credit card.They want to borrow more but their masters, the Germans, have said no. 

The debt laden French who are a tiny bit violent, at the moment, want to borrow more too..But there is no real money and so the yellow vests revolt. They were told by lofty central banking fools that they were booming. But have suddenly figured out it was utter e.u. Propaganda. Remainers wake up.

The eurozone economy's, QE ( stealing wealth) is due to end in early 2019. And interest rates are due to be raised from a minus 0.4% to a ...minus 0.2 % next Autumn. None of this risible stuff is going to happen for theiving is their economic basis and you do muse, that the continent that historically never stops warring, has even more violence in its future.
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Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 12/9/2018 3:27:17 AM
It's $ 3,400 .....down down deeper and down....Will it ever go back over $20,000...

I do remember chap. I don't remember if I had their potato instant mash, I may have had, and it may have been ok but mash done right is worth pursuing. I love chips , roast potatoes....mmmm..Yes I'm having them soon .. but mash potatoes done right, stomped on with plenty of butter can be orgasmic, yes that good. So stuff the Alien haters and keep pulping.

Where am I....ah yes Simon Mikhailovich

" If one offered investors a fat tail put option that never decays or expires, costs about -1% pa to carry, has no counter party risk & no chance of ever becoming worthless, there would be a line out the door. But when one explains that this option is physical gold... no interest."
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 12/8/2018 1:34:44 AM
I don't own a spin dry jacket. ....thank God..
Or I would surely burn it right now.
The feminists were right.

I really enjoyed reading that vlad ...thank you ..

I hope the French really smash Paris up today...
I know, I know, but I can't stand Macron, he
looks like a weird Tom Cruise. They,
our lovely French friends, are in absolute emotional pain
for they directly elected a banker not a banker' s puppet but
the actual Counterfeiting parasite itself.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump go quietly into that good night
Posted: 12/7/2018 6:42:22 AM
Approval ratings Donald Trump 50% Emmanuel Macron 18%....You just don't get it .....
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Someone For Everyone?
Posted: 12/6/2018 8:23:31 AM
I've posted your one too Roxy :) And yes you did tell us about your niece but not about her moving in, I think. Sorry to hear that you are missing them....

Sorry on topic ...yes wait maybe yes and no
...Definitely yes and no..
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ew Russian friend
Posted: 12/6/2018 8:19:36 AM
Until she asks for the money I will hold my tongue.
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Someone For Everyone?
Posted: 12/4/2018 2:29:12 PM
If they only knew how beautiful Roxy was they wouldn't be snoozing..
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Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 12/4/2018 2:26:07 PM
It's 3,943 as I type .

We have had an inversion today between the 2 and 3 year treasuries and the five. The bond market has lost
confidence. The Dow was down 800 points.

I think the Fed will take the rate hikes off the table for next year. Even the chances of december' s one is now growing less certain everyday.

Germany's my pick to be in recession first. But America will join them next year. Can't see
Donald boosting about the greatest ever, booming economy next year. What will he do...

This is a tweet from today..

Donald J. Trump


....I am a Tariff Man. When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. It will always be the best way to max out our economic power. We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs. MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN

You'd never believe He's actually taxing Americans would you.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 12/3/2018 10:38:15 AM

Looks like another referendum Billy.

Bring it on ...not good for economic confidence though, more uncertainty, more time wasting, more democratic disrepute.  We should have left with a strut, no looking back..... not ape the euronuts. Bureaucrats do not create wealth, they destroy it.

I agree with you about loss of sovereignty but we handed that over to big business and the tax dodging spivs years ago. 

Not for me chap,  we vote in  those governments...I'm talking about surrendering our chance to vote for
"those"  governments because the fools have confused and frightened us. 

There is this saying ...that goes something like this..The stock market in the short term is a popularity contest. In the long term It's a weighing machine. I think that explains today's noise.

Worth mentioning that globally,  we circulate debt as money.

Jo and Pauline went too soon , I never confronted them enough about truth, logic and mathematics.There are graphs, all over the internet, put out by "august " globalist institutions like the st Louis Fed, IMF, BIS, this is not me being conspiratorial and they evidentally show global debt growing to the sky while a global income* proxy (*the ability to service obligations) like GDP stagnate at best..Greater and greater debt needed to economically  standstill at best.

The debt can't just be disappeared in a debt jubilee  for "money" will vanish. And poverty will ensue. The global authorities know this,  to accommodate this unprecedented debt they have manipulated interest rates, through QE, to zero. And derivatives have been used for over twenty years now to warp market reality. It's a ponzi. We are not getting out of this without,  globally, a collapse in living standards and in time a return to honest money not its can kicking substitutes. The walls continue to close in on these arses and sadly us.

In short, the state manipulates and distorts a natural economy to very negative  ends. Nearly impossible to see at the tine for the average debt serf, for they cover it with their legal tender money.  Any market distortions can always  be smoothed over with just a bit more credit or in the case of 2008 and since,  a lot more credit.

Shorter still our glorious global elite's only product that they bring to market is credit/debt. They create it from nothing. Everything else we do.

Their credit that weighs on our economy more each day,  slowly strangling it and impoverising us all.

Their credit has been crunching a little later....When the panic starts, they will "produce" more credit. This is their dilemma, credit now and stability,
for now at least or all out  collapse now. They're teasing us with collapse at the moment.

I wonder if Theresa or Jeremy fully understand their political existence.
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 12/2/2018 5:30:21 AM
GE or General Electric ..General motors , Tesla,  Netflix, Interserve, Norwegian airlines, Deutchebank, The European union , Theresa May,  The Dollar, Australia....They're all still with us...this Sunday.

U.S. ten year debt is at 2.99 %. People are seemingly still buying the dollar. And why not it's a lovely piece of paper with colourful inks on it and some pictures of all seeing eyes on pyramids and old people who are no longer with us. All backed up by an $800 billion dollar military, occupying nearly 150 countries on our planet. With the power, financially, through the swift payment system, to remove whomever they dislike from their insolvent financial system. 

Delia Smith was on the Marr show this morning. She's a remainer and I think I detected an unwillingness to accept the June 23rd  2016 vote. The multi-millionaire is worried about all the chaos after the thirty "calm" years we have all had. Delia , Theresa hasn't shown any inclination to leave in two and a half years, all we have had is an absurd article 50 process and an vacuous bun fight to confuse and reverse the vote. Delia, there is no chaos, it was a simple vote on our sovereignty and only our sovereignty, accept the vote and let us all move on to the issues. Tony Benn was right, the longer the attack on our democracy went on the harder the British people would find it to escape the confiscation of our democracy. Also correlation does not imply  causation, thanks. 

When my mum built her house in Ireland, I asked her why she spent so much money on the foundations. And she said, the house would be never be right if she hadn't.  Think on! simple minded, house building remainers. 

Elsewhere in China, the Uighur Muslims are being "re-educated" ( abused, tortured and murdered)  in internment camps. 

" Political power grows out of the barrel of the gun"...Mao   ..

"never let the gilded pen pushers of Brussels get there hands on our gun...exercise some bloody fortitude " ..Bonds....

Leaving aside the unfunded liabilities and the over one quadrillion dollars of reality distorting derivative contracts, we have globally, $ 247 trillion of outstanding debt in the world today. It won't be paid back, we haven't got the income or the prospect of the income to do so. 

This debt does matter. You are stone cold dead wrong if you think it doesn't and that it doesn't involve you. The only question left to ask is who will eat the loses from the future default.  

Billy Bonds's Question time  ...BBQT....

Are we going to be richer in the european union or outside billy?  Thanks billy, by the way I read all your collapse posts.....Sharon69...


Sharon,  you have personally, a $247 trillion dollar debt that you won't pay back ...what do you think......
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 11/28/2018 12:51:06 PM
I love tea..

Today is another amazing day in the life and times of our country. Seemingly without any hope of getting her deal through parliament, Theresa has got her awful chancellor to pop out and scare us. Bank of England governor , Mark Carney is also out and about. Carney who looks like a right genuine paedophile, Says growth on one scenario, predictively the leaving the gulag one, might plunge 8% in 2019. Unemployment might go up to 7.5% and house prices might plunge by a third. She must be in deep trouble for him to go this overboard. 

U.K. growth did fall 7% in 2008 but that wasn't brexit. That was something that didn't get fixed. And it all still hangs over us brexit or no brexit. It's an objective fact that everything that caused these Schmucks' 2008 financial collapse is still in place only even more so. Our Denial of this, doesn't change its reality. 

QE..surely it's money counterfeiting. Well we were told by the remainers, not so , back in 2011. Gold their real enemy duly topped at $1800 dollars and made its way back down to $1050. ( I've been buying gold  for five years now and it's at $1220 at the moment. The remainers blamed capitalism and promised to save us from the command economy via the (FOMC) that they created. Their plan was to pop out and buy some assets (debt) and after the emergency was over they would sell those assets back into the market. Hence no monetizing of the debts. How is that going? Not very well.. just make your way towards the fire exit while there is no pandemonium. 

We have a world of central banks with their balance sheets bloated with these "assets" And their nominal or real interest rates at negative. That is a topsy turvy world of lenders paying borrowers to borrow. All sorts of dubious projects have been greenlighted. One of these central bankers this week described economics as more an art than a science. Yeah, surrealism.

Fed chair , Jerome Powell, a right nonce.. apparently, was at the economic club of new York today and while I haven't listened to or read his speech, Powell who is "trying" to counterfeit less money much to Trump's chagrin, seems to have thrown Trumper a bone by coming up with a form of words regarding the "neutral" fed funds rate. These people are cranks. Anyhow,  the Dow went up 500 points , it would appear the casino thinks the gambling can continue for another day. 

By the way for what it's worth the insolvent German proxy empire aka the e.u. aka the protectionist economic zone aka the hotel California,  you can check out anytime  but you can never leave,  is thought to have the potential for 10% ( yep as much as that) of the world's future growth. So 10% versus 90%. It's a no brainer, I don't want my house price to fall thirty percent ;)

Micro time ... u.s. corporate debt. GM and GE. General motors is now borrowing $3.8 dollars to lay off 14000 workers. They were bailed out ten years ago by Obama with a lot of taxpayers money. In the last four years they borrowed $14 billion to buy their own shares. Their share price surged 5.5% today on the "good" news of the layoffs, the share price is only 10 % down on four years ago. GE has borrowed $40 billion in recent years to spend on share buy backs to boost their share price , for a week or so, so they can pretend a little longer ,  they are down 58% this $7.70. All this money borrowed for what ? has to be paid back from theory ....

Gold is central bank insurance. 24 carat. protect yourself from them...
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Change of life
Posted: 11/28/2018 8:00:35 AM
Congratulations chap !!
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Brexit is about freedom
Posted: 11/25/2018 2:11:37 PM
Hi elusive woman , lady of mystery. I can't quite make out your thumbnail but you do look like the sort that floats my boat. If you know what I mean...take it off line billy ....ok ...

Congratulations on starting a new brexit thread. A new brexit thread is like sex. One can never get enough
of it. I have to say you have left me nothing to debate with as you know what brexit was actually about which is rare.. well done ..
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Bitcoin - just how bonkers is it?
Posted: 11/25/2018 5:49:45 AM
It's   $3, 800 the moment..

It's been going South since it got its derivative market. This is a market where you buy promised Bitcoins but ordinarily you don't take delivery of the pesky electrons. Because the contract couldn't be really be honoured if all did that. But it does skew Supply and demand which affects price but no one important goes to jail for manipulating prices because It's a remainers' thing. 

Still I can see circumstances where this all goes up again, that is, if the tea well and truly hits the fan and money in need of a vehicle for its safety makes its way back in to this encrypted , aspiring money. 

Don't forget the so call fang "tech" stocks ( Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google or alphabet ) have lost more in their capitalisation lately. 

Did I mention that U.S. oil benchmark, West Texas intermediate, is down to $50 dollars from $76 just a few short weeks ago? Oil is great! Arch remainer and utter shyster, Tony Blair killed a million Iraqis over it. And journalist dismemberer and our close friend Mohammed bin Salman aka MBS,  ( named after the derivative that led to the 2008 collapse) has starved over 85,000 children  under five in Yemen for it . Education. Education.  Education eh ...

By the way I hope the journalist Julian Assange doesn't get cut up. He appears to have done nothing wrong, only his job. Which I suppose is a naughty thing in this world.  

So why are we not buying it? Could it be that we are pumping too much of it? Or could it be, since it involves itself in a plethora of manufacturing processes, we are using less of it or put another way could it be that production or growth is declining 

But billy, I hear my lovely, dear lone reader say ..... cheaper oil is like a tax cut and hence a stimulant that will put a floor under growth. And a lower stock market makes pensions cheaper for the young, increasing demand for them. Yes, but lower oil prices hits shale oil's lack of profitability even more. If it wasn't profitable at $76 dollars, $50 is going to spill even more red ink. And what about retirees , the baby boomers ,watching their pensions shrink by the day. Do they have time to wait, at best, 10 years for another chance of retirement at present prices or will they head for the exits now. Selling begets selling. At the moment,  we are heading for a great depression.

The cause of all this is the strong dollar. The present system needs a weak dollar and plenty of them. While this is not good idea for working people. The alternative within the dollar reserve system is actual austerity. 

There is of course some cognizance of this in policy circles and one can expect an attempt by our authorities to manipulate something soon. At the moment it's only the world's minions who are suffering, so who cares, they bring it upon themselves by being born in minion countries. But Germany with their exporting model has already had a quarter of contraction and another one would mean a technical recession. It just needs America who believes it is enjoying a boom to wake up pronto, as evidence to the contrary of their lack of boom or more precisely bubble, mounts daily. 

Worth pointing out the problem again is the federal reserve dollar note (an IOU ) and all the debt it has gathered around it. Like student debt and corporate debt both of which didn't feature as prominently 10 years ago as it does now. General Electric is a poster child for corporate debt with $122 billion of it traded. We will be hearing a lot more of this debt soon as the regulators have to decide whether this debt is investment grade or high yielding (junk), with frightening implications for many corporations and people. 

How has the gross economic incompetency gone on for so long. The simple answer is the manipulation of our money and then the exporting of it to the rest of the world by uncle Sam . The printing presses can now never ever be turned off, in my amateurish opinion.  It's not brexit , it's the "money" stupid paraphrase someone...

Now a few terse words on Brexit still hasn't happened..June 23rd 2016.. and still waiting. Democracy would be a good thing Primeminster.  We voted to leave ie a hard brexit ma'am. 

And also a short few words on the second world war.

I'm so glad we won the war.  The third (?) Reich wouldn't have been my cup of tea,  tied into to a German superstate running our lives to their benefit. And Quisling countrymen nudging me into Heil Adolfs....

Off to Clandon for lunch now , a sincerely happy and warm sunday to each and every one of you lovely forumites know there's no one on here I dislike the moment :) We are in a very special place, you are all so very lovely and special, love billy Xxx
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Brexit? A coup de grace?
Posted: 11/22/2018 12:03:52 PM
Correction.....just in case any one read it and smelt a rat. The bail out was €400 million approx... not billion ...mea cuppa

I'm going into wickes now and then on to Sainsbury's.
Wickes is for a piece of wood. I intend to saw it in half
in the car park. So it goes in the back of the car. I have
my measurements, I intend to succeed . Surely this is
enough. shut at 8pm ...if I was just a little bit more ....

Still Sainsbury 's beckons....don't worry it's at least 10 pm , ...nice of you to worry over me all the same...
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