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 Author Thread: Ladies have you found the old adage
Joined: 7/17/2006
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Ladies have you found the old adage
Posted: 9/22/2011 6:59:51 PM
@ Cedar: Seriously dude, you have a clean slate in every post and they always come across with negativity, especially towards women. Even a post about moms. JMO

yeah , I like to vent a bit on the forums . Maybe negative but truthful .
I'm not so negative towards women , just certain political type of outspoken women who seem to congregate on the forums , so they tend to bring out my negativity .

Which part was not truthful ? Are moms not a huge influence on men's attitude towards women ? I mean for the vast majority of men who were raised from birth by a woman
( mom ) .

* addition *

I don't believe that. It's usually the "how your dad treats your mom" scenario. (in my opinion)

For sure, that's a good part of it , but I think it is more influential on how guys treat women as to how you see your mom treat your dad and how she treats her son ( you ) . The first and primary woman that a guy relates to is his mom .
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lack of desire for a relationship
Posted: 9/22/2011 6:42:02 PM
I think that you get tired of women who are looking for a dream . They even describe their dream guy on their profiles and I always think " wow , good luck with that ! "
Many women are independent now and so they really have no interest in anything less than someone who will take them up a notch . And that means a dream guy . I think women are more able to just wait it out and dream . It is amazing how many women just stay on their own fro very long periods of time and they don't even look for a relationship or try . They are out there but you never see them because they just stay in .

I do think that the internet is a place where you will find many women dream guy seekers , just because there is so many guys to look over and women luv to window shop .

I guess I am lacking desire for a relationship because I seriously find so many women with the attitude " what's in it for ME ? "
But , once in while you meet a woman who is more looking for give and take .
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Ladies have you found the old adage
Posted: 9/22/2011 6:24:44 PM
I think that the single biggest influence on the way a guy treats women comes from his
mom . Dad's are a close second of course .

Of course this sets up an irony where women complain about men while it is women who were men's biggest influence . ( mom )

I do treat my mom with respect because she is a seriously good woman and also just because she is mom .

"The mark of a man (or woman) is determined by how they treat someone whom they stand to gain nothing from."

Good one ...
Then we men have no gauge . lol
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Modern Men Prioritizing being a Good Husband?
Posted: 9/21/2011 3:04:18 PM
Anyone putting men or women in one category is naive at best. It's ridiculous.

I could say that women are shorter than men .
I could say that women have larger breasts than men .
I could say that women smell better than men .
I could say that women are less likely to want casual uncommitted sex than men.

There are exceptions that make the rule .

Is that naive or ridiculous ?

I agree with your post in general though . Yes , women choose their men . They should take responsibility for their choices . But they will say " Oh , but he changed in to a creep ! " That way women can have an excuse and then to bash men like men are quite possibly going to turn rotten at any given point in time .
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Don’t Marry Modern Women ???
Posted: 9/17/2011 8:50:08 PM
I agree 100% Cedar77...Divide and Conquer(Spelling)That is the agenda on tap.It is not a secret that the powers that be since the 1920s have been working on this agenda.It started out slow.Now it is in full force.If people would turn the TV(Brainwashing machine)OFF!!!And look around them.Think with their own brain.Then they might have a clue what is going on in the real world,But most people (99%)will not..WHY??It is to easy to watch stupid American Idol and dancing with the stars.As a result we have a society of sheeple.Meanwhile back at the ranch people wonder why this country is going down the tubes.People in general could careless.As long as people have their TV(Brainwashing machine)Then it is all good!!!!!!

TV is probably the most powerful political force there is today . As example , if tv tells the people that a country has weapons of mass destruction and so it must be invaded , then hundreds of thousands die in a war fought for tv created lies and yet people shrug their shoulders and tune in to more " reality" tv .

I agree that people have not got a clue , and in fact they are so clueless that they write stuff off as " tin foil hat " . They truly are pathetic .

Meanwhile back at the ranch people wonder why this country is going down the tubes.People in general could careless.As long as people have their TV(Brainwashing machine)Then it is all good!!!!!!

IMO , one of the biggest reason that the country is " going down the tubes " is that the people are all messed up . Kids are raised by single moms , family has broken down , men and women are divided .
It is a country of people who are easily lead by the nose .
And they are being lead by the nose through their boob tubes .
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Don’t Marry Modern Women ???
Posted: 9/17/2011 8:43:30 PM

Better put on your tin foil hat then and watch out for 'em lizard people!

Well , it really is not a good thing that people write stuff off as " tin foil hat " but what ever .

Oh and for those not wishing to marry, date, befriend or associate in any way, shape or form with modern women, don't. Simple really.

Oh , thanks for your permission .
What are you ? queen of the modern estrogen covenant ? lol
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increasing numbers of women are marrying men for their money
Posted: 9/17/2011 9:56:56 AM
Basically , women have always put more value on marrying for money than men , or in the distant past women would marry for things like how many goats the guy had . lol
It is simple , in that women are the baby makers of our species , and so it is in their interest that women themselves and their offspring do not starve . Also , women want a "bad boy" because he would be the best to protect her and her kids .

Men marry more for physical " looks " or "sexy" because the species has an interest in men seeking sexually healthy women (e.g. nice breasts to feed the baby ) women with the best genes for the guys offspring .
This is true for both women and men in cases where offspring is not wanted and/or not possible . The whole issue of human sexuality and social structure is based on the need to procreate .

edit :

Finally...someone who makes a valid point.

Yeah , I did not say it was especially romantic , lol , but I think it is self evident .
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Don’t Marry Modern Women ???
Posted: 9/17/2011 9:06:30 AM
It is kind of funny though how a concept thought up by women, tainted by women, pushed and encouraged by women and then adopted by women miraculously seems to then have its effects and negatives blamed on men lol

I do kind of love the irony in that :)

I think you are badly mistaken other than the blaming men bit .

It was elite MEN in high places that used the socialist strategy of feminism to bring about the social revolution . Real politics is about controlling the people and feminism has broken down society making control much easier . It was in places like the Frankfurt School that MEN worked out the strategy of what social change would bring about a socialist society ripe for easy control . It was very successful .
Global communism/socialism has been a very long term goal for those powerful MEN who control things like interest rates , currencies , industry , media , and international trade agreements , political think tanks etc etc , and what war in need as to what " regime" might need changing next ( war) .

There really is a new world order , and it is no hokey thing . It is simply global control by the very most powerful money MEN under the guise of "humanism" . Humanism might sound appealing to many , but it really is not . It is simply control of the masses by the elites . It is in male nature to be aggresive and to control . Not female's . They talk about the ' battle of the sexes ' , if there were any sort of true battle with out the agenda of these elite men then I think we would have seen men put up a fight and then the outcome would have been much different , to say the least .

It is obvious that very rich and powerful men dominated , and still dominate tv/publishing/hollywood and so it should be obvious that it was MEN , not women who promoted the modern social revolutions . This is the very same media that promoted feminism . Disgruntled women feminist leaders were sincere in their thirst for
" liberation" but they were just being used . Hence the famous term " useful idiots"

Women are just as much the victims of feminism as are men , they just don't know it because their tv /movie/glossy magazine constantly tells women that feminism is wonderful . Life imitates art . Welcome to the NWO .
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Modern Men Prioritizing being a Good Husband?
Posted: 9/17/2011 7:31:25 AM
I think that , by and large , men have not made being a good husband a priority since feminism has taken hold of society.
There really is a reaction to every action and the reaction to feminism is that men are just as messed up as women are , where both sexes do not really know their roles anymore .

I've always thought that , in some ways , the greatest losers to feminism is not men but women . Men may suffer discrimination in various ways , but women are not even allowed to be women anymore under feminism and now they have to work like common joe lunch buckets who are childless and or single mothers trying to slog out some kind of living .

Men have to suffer all of those annoying "dumb guy/ smart woman " commercials , but women have to pretend that liberation is all that and a bag of chips when deep down women have never been more miserable .

Ok , I changed my mind , both women and men are equally victims of feminism .

I would not get hitched , why should I ? I'm liberated and independent and I don't need a woman . I just might want a woman now and then and there are legions of single women available . But I am afraid it is quantity and not quality .
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Should i be insulted? Would you be?
Posted: 9/17/2011 12:49:50 AM
please. lets be real. no need to harrass a guy cuz he was short for rent. you are all hating on him cuz he borrowed money. shame on you. he was on here explaining and being honest, forgetting his pride in having to ask for help and all you guys can do his badger and hate on him. shame shame

Exactly .

She was dating the guy for 6 MONTHS ! She must have at least liked him a bit . If you are too cheap to help out someone with a loan ( not a gift ! ) for a lousey 100 bucks to someone that you like and who you are seeing then you are one cheap cold b*tch and not good for any sort of relationship .
He had probably spent many times that on their dates !

And here people put on their profiles " friends first " Yeah some friends they would be !

People on the forums just like to play holier than thou , and they just love to get themselves all righteous and riled up for the stupidest things that they like to twist to suit their b.s.
I guarantee that most every woman who said that the poor guy should be jilted would lend a guy in a similar circumstance 100 bucks if he were " a hottie " .

Carry on with the b.s. people ,

I guess I am sort of one of them too , I just got riled for the stupidest thing . lol
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Posted: 9/13/2011 6:01:20 AM
Let's see if we can get SC to post again , lol

Yeah , FWB is a lot like smoking , once you are started ( with me ) then you can't quit and you want more and more , but you wish you had never started in the first place .

Hang on , why would you wish you had not started in the fist place ?
I was not that bad .

But smoking is not a bad analogy .

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Help? I cant figure this one out.. Hot and Cold.. On and Off.. anyone seen anything like this
Posted: 9/11/2011 7:15:20 PM
I experienced hot and cold a long time ago .

At first I was not in to her . But she seemed to be in to me . Then all of a sudden something happened and I was hot for her .
After that , she then played me like a yoyo , it was too much . It was unreal the way she could mess me up . All along I felt that she was not my type , she was too materialistic and she was the " keeping up with the jonses " type . But she was a red head and there was something deeply chemical about her .
So finally I really made an effort to not go after her anymore . I told her I was not in to her and that I wanted out . I have to admit that I was lying . I wanted her badly .
But , the hell of being played was over and thanks god . I think she got together with a real jerk from the last I heard . And now I am a lonely and bitter poster who is still looking for true love . lol
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Should i be insulted? Would you be?
Posted: 9/11/2011 6:48:50 PM
So it is ok for your date to go to a high interest pay day loan hocker or maybe rack up the credit card just to make rent , but it is not ok to lend or borrow money from someone you know well and supposedly you like them since you are dating .

It's no wonder that the nation is bankrupted and slaves to the bankers .

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Posted: 9/11/2011 5:27:43 PM

I suspect the FWB fans will say they do have feelings for their "friend." They, for whatever reason, are able to have feelings for that friend, have sex with them, & back off when the other person meets someone they think is dateable (or vice versa if they meet someone they'd rather have sex with). Obviously that means their "friend" was not dateable...for whatever reason. I don't want to have sex with someone who does not consider me dateable. They are more open-minded about that situation.

Ok , again IMO ...
I think that 95% of men ( down 3% ) who carried out a FWB for a longer period of time ( more than five times ? ) would only do so if he felt she was dateable . I just think that regular sex can not be carried out if there was not a deeper feeling involved .

I think on of the big reasons (besides the obvious one of steady sex with one or more women while looking for a long term partner) men promote the idea of FWB is that basically, it's easier, cheaper and less drama...
There's little or no expense involved... no dating costs, no real effort required... No need to make an impression. He doesn't have to clean the car, dress up or buy flowers... Hell, he might not even go pick her up... Go to her place or she comes to his.... Saves on gas.... (Like I said, little or no expense)
There's no drama unless the guy tells his FWB that he did that skank last night.... so he likely keeps that to himself to avoid drama... afterall, he's not seeing her again, so no point ending an FWB over that one incident...

Well , like I said , it sounds good in theory . lol
But , in my experience it just doesn't work like that .
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What Women Want: The Measure of a Male Partner
Posted: 9/11/2011 5:18:15 PM

If you're a frustrated, jaded and depressed man who continually misses out with women?
maybe you should change your preferences,
or your lifestyle....

.... but, MOST of all, don't forget that no matter what happens in a relationship, what broke down, what didn't go right, whatever you wanted or thought you should or could have done....

... it's YOUR fault it she kicked your ass to the curb.

Everyone knows women are the only ones who know anything about relationships and how to make them work.

... so there, you clueless fvcking slacker-dudes...

(p.s. welcome back, cedar... )

Hey Capitano
Why do find myself humming the theme to " welcome back kotter " ???


Yes , that's it . I am a big loser who is depressed because I can not find a woman .
That must be the reason that I am not 100% enamored with every woman in every way possible !

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Posted: 9/11/2011 5:00:19 PM
Of course , this " in my opinion " ...

Let's suppose that guy meets girl and for what ever reason they decide to become FWB .
After any lengthy period of time of getting together and having had sex numerous times then I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that 98% of guys ( let alone the girls ) would start to develop strong feelings .
If a guy falls in to the 2% that did not develop feelings then I would question him having a heart .

The popular depiction of men is that they often only want sex . And we do ! lol
But I think men are short changed and that men are very capable of deeper feelings , and that regular sexual relations creates deeper feelings in men .

But , men like to promote the idea of FWB because men like the whole idea
" in theory" , women not so much .
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Abuse: Recognizing NARCISSISTIC partners and knowing when to call it quits -- DO IT EARLY!
Posted: 9/9/2011 11:22:05 AM
Women can not change who they are attracted to . They just are attracted or they are not . By nature women are attracted to the " bad boy " to a more or less degree . This is just due to natural selection and I won't get in to all that .

So , ironically , it is women who are placing value on the type A bad boy who is prone to narcissistic tendencies while the tybe B nice boring guy is less valued .
Like with so many other problems , it's women's fault but women blame men .
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What Women Want: The Measure of a Male Partner
Posted: 9/9/2011 10:47:43 AM
The absolute funniest thing I have noticed on this site is, EVERY freakin man on here wants - no, thinks he is ENTITLED to - a gorgeous bikini model-looking woman. Yet the put in no effort themselves. FYI, beautiful women have many, many men asking them out. They can choose the one who is most attractive to them.

I think you must be joking ?

The problem I think is that women can act like they are very attractive when they are not . It's just that men out number women on here and it certainly is a woman's game . I don't think men are any more unrealistic than women , quite the opposite .

I think that with all the numbers of men who are looking to meet women it makes it that women can be very selective . Men tend to be more " get it done " and women tend to less so . I have talked to women and a couple times they actually told me that they only meet the hottest guys , they said it was because they can , and I believe they really can . These women were not hot they were just average looking . Guys tend to be more outgoing to meet women so they are less selective and they will give it a shot .

I don't think you are on the same site if you think average guys are convinced they are entitled to a babe . I think a lot of guys would be happy with just a good date with a decent gal .
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What Women Want: The Measure of a Male Partner
Posted: 9/9/2011 6:31:01 AM
I think that many women and men are full of anxiety about having the best lifestyle and living up to the hype about what it is that will give them " fulfillment" or what ever the ideal of the day is .

I would think that women might want something in a man that is not listed here and that would be contentment . Just to feel good with out stressing about whether the relationship is this or that .
Everyone could use a little less wants and needs and just to relax about it all .
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Abuse: Recognizing NARCISSISTIC partners and knowing when to call it quits -- DO IT EARLY!
Posted: 9/9/2011 6:18:02 AM
In the last twenty years men have been marginalized in a number of areas. Once my ex and I were out walking and came across a small boy on the street who seemed lost. My ex, whose instinct was to help the boy, told me to approach him because if he did he ran the risk of being seen as an abductor. I wasn't convinced this was true but he explained that given the public's focus on perverts and abusers, a man today has to be careful about how and who he helps lest he be accused of something other than altruism. By the way my ex husband wasn't the narcissist I knew.

In the feminist atmosphere since the 60s in particular, men have often been wrongly painted with a broad brushstroke as abusers. We women who have and had deep and long relationships with men know that's rubbish, especially those of us who raised sons. Men and women equally have experienced sick partners and the hurt, anger and shake up of lives is the same. Male or female specific help groups are good, but gender shouldn't be a barrier because we can all learn from each other.

Exactly ! You would think that everyone would have noticed the predominant man bashing in our culture .
But , I am afraid that many women are only able to see it from a female perspective and they don't want to see or hear it any other way . It's awful because men can not even protest it as being unfair with out some women crying " chauvinist " or some crap like that .

Thanks for seeing the world from a male perspective . Or more like from a fellow human being's perspective .
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Should i be insulted? Would you be?
Posted: 9/8/2011 12:03:59 AM
If a woman asked a man fir help on rent, getting auto repaired, or handwork for her home, I presume that all would think it's ok.

men will think that she is a gold digger.

So it is ok that she asks for help , but it is wrong because of what men will think ?

I know that in the past my dates/gf often at least hint around me helping them out in the sort of way listed , and some have come right out and asked . And if it were 6 months they might well be wanting me to be their general contractor ! lol

I think it is a double standard , but that is nothing new .
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Msg: 18 (view)
Posted: 9/7/2011 11:52:52 PM
Inevitably there are feelings . So then someone gets jealous and then it goes sour ..
If you don't have feelings after many times having sex than you had better ask yourself if you are a rock or a person . I think some guys like to go on about FWB as being ideal , but it's mostly just talk . It's "cool " , but it isn't one bit cool when somebody gets hurt ( and he or she gets nasty )

FWB is something that just does not work .

if one of us is intimate with another, it must be disclosed BEFORE having sex again.. If the other person is a potential LTR prospect, then benefits cease...

Oh yeah sure sure . So let me paint the picture ...
You are banging away regularly and having a good ole time with you " FWB" , then all of sudden there is a little side action ......

You : " Oh , I must disclose that I banged Ginger down at the wharf because I was feeling a bit horny from the salty sea air "
Her : " oh , and how was she ? "
You : " ahh not bad but nothin like you , poopsie "
Her : " ok , good , we can now resume our FWB program "
You : " yes , Let us proceed "

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Curious, how much do past relationships, affect your actions going forward?
Posted: 9/7/2011 10:43:27 PM
I think it is kind of funny that pretty much everyone acts like they are pillars of wisdom because they have learned from the past .

Meanwhile , you know darn well they will probably mess again and in the same way . Or that the only thing they learned was that they are probably better off alone so they do not even try for a relationship and so they can't mess up .

I have learned that relationships are very very difficult and that it is the initial romance that is great . I am open to finding that initial romance and I am not too concerned if it goes on for ever .
That's what I have learned .

late add ...

OyVay I was half serious , but half joking ,
no people are not all stupid , they are just full of it sometimes , like me .
And yeah they should watch for me . But not for " anger issues " and I don't use people .
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Abuse: Recognizing NARCISSISTIC partners and knowing when to call it quits -- DO IT EARLY!
Posted: 9/7/2011 10:16:42 PM

I appreciate the support from both of you. Unfortunately, the support for men in these situations is small compared to support for women. Hopefully the double standards go away and this balances out. Shrink4men is such a site for men. The nononsense man is a site that addresses double standards in all areas in life. We men do have to stick together. Hopefully, more awareness helps shrink this gap between the genders and show that it is a 2 way street.

I think that the biggest obstacle to over come is that many people are convinced that it is only women who are victims . Let's face it , there are women who seem to need to see themselves as " survivors" and that it was all a man's fault so that many women rag about men while men tend to be quiet about their gripes with women . It is a bit of a phenomena .
The mainstream media ( movies tv books ) has been very left wing and therefore pro feminist for a generation . The message has been drummed in to the peoples heads that it is guys who are bad and bullies , while women are good and victims . This is tough to overcome but there is a growing movement for men's side of the story as you have pointed out .

Good luck to you and I know how unfair the anti-man system is .
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What Women Want: The Measure of a Male Partner
Posted: 9/7/2011 9:22:32 PM
I think I might have one of the qualities listed . lol

This "what women want " sort of thing is what you might read in a woman's magazine .
Is it not ? Because I would not get passed the first line and I barely skimmed the OP or any long posts .... zzzzzzzz snore .

Women want this and that and the other and more . There is no end to the list of things women want . Don't even bother to try to figure out that list . Just be yourself and some woman may come along and "settle " for you if you are lucky ....or would that be unlucky ? The jury is still out on that one .

Women are long on wants . I've heard too many .
Blah blah blah .

I want a woman to shut up and serve me a beer and then for her to wait quietly for what I want next .

Guys wants ? .... How about a few less wants and perky breasts .
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Deep sleep nude photo shoot
Posted: 9/6/2011 11:57:45 PM
How do you women end up picking these guys ?!

What a sicko !

I suggest you talk to a lawyer and tell him the situation , get legal aid if necessary or just make out a police report . Then inform your guy that you have notified the authorities and if those photos ever surface then you are going to have his sorry butt thrown in jail .

Unless you are making this all up to which case get a life .
Joined: 7/17/2006
Msg: 28 (view)
Unemployed Living at Home With Parents...
Posted: 9/6/2011 11:45:02 PM
OP , I think you are full of it .

But on the topic and regardless , since I have nothing better to do , I am on plenty of fish so it is not like I have a date . lol

Living at home is a drag . Women do not like it . Women want stuff like they want you to live in a high end real estate area from where you commute to the financial district in your BMW .
Or at least , women do not want to go to your rec room for a date where they are rudely accosted by a talk with your dad about his aggravated hernia and how it makes him more gassy than the family dog .

I suggest you hold off on dating for a while , and in the mean time you might lobby washington to end the fed and get back to sound currency and limited government and the free enterprise system which made america great in the years gone past .....
so's that you might actually get a job and then get your own pad and lots of hot dates , but the dates will probably not come from pof . Try bumping in to women with your shopping cart and try to look like you have your own place .
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Should i be insulted? Would you be?
Posted: 9/6/2011 10:37:59 PM
Well , there is a lot of men who are struggling just to make ends meet . Men can be hit very hard by divorce since the courts are very woman friendly these days . We hear a lot of about dead beat dads , but studies show that most dead beat dads are actually financially ruined , out of work , or underemployed and just not able to pay .

The thing is that with a " mancession" on , where men are losing work to the new "service" economy where women seem to fair much better and with affirmative action to make sure women get the secure government type job ( just look at the numbers of women in gov ) , hopefully women might be a bit sympathetic .

In this so called world of "equality " I bet that both men and women would not be so hard on the OP had the OP been a woman borrowing money to pay her rent from a male date !

I would have said the same thing to a woman... figure out how to handle it on your own or ask a relative/friend... not the person you are dating.

It's tacky and putting them on the spot.

I thought friendship was important in a potential relationship . It would appear she might have been his only option . Being broke and short on rent is not a time to be worried about tacky , it is a time to rely on a friend ...hopefully .

you've only been dating 6 months,

6 months ! OMG I missed that , I did not know it was that much of a relationship .
Leave that selfish b*tch OP !
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what are some of the times you most miss a relationship-not the obvious ones
Posted: 9/5/2011 4:37:05 PM
I miss a relationship when I am strolling down a street and there is a mud puddle to cross , but with no woman there to take her coat off and throw it to cover the muck so as I won't get my shoes muddy .

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increasing numbers of women are marrying men for their money
Posted: 9/5/2011 4:24:42 PM

what's his name above's gender-bash is still erroneous.

What's his name is scratching his head wondering how rebutting slander in the form of politically motivated fabrication very unfairly directed at men , could be called" gender bashing "

The wage gap myth is a " gender bash " .... duhh !

This from a women's forum :

Gender Wage Gap Is Feminist Fiction

by Arrah Nielsen

Women Earn 77% of Men and Other Falsehoods
September 22, 2008
The Kudlow Report: Ignoring the Great "Mancession?"
October 22, 2010

As much as feminists love to parrot the statistic that women earn only 76 cents on the male dollar, they rarely bother to provide an explanation or solid evidence for this claim. But fortunately a smart new book has hit the shelves just in time for Equal Pay Day to help them out.

Equal pay for equal work has been enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act since it was made law in 1972. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also ban sex-based wage discrimination. So it seems pretty remarkable that the wage gap is so wide and pervasive even today. Attorneys should be having a field day with class-action lawsuits. But they are not. Could it be that even the legal establishment is complicit in this glaringly obvious patriarchal conspiracy?

The 76-cent statistic (now actually 80 cents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau) is misleading because it is a raw comparison of all working men and women. Thus a female receptionist working 40-hour weeks is tossed in with the male orthopedic surgeon putting in 70-hour weeks.

A study of the gender wage gap conducted by economist June O' Neill, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, found that women earn 98 percent of what men do when controlled for experience, education, and number of years on the job.

Warren Farrell, three-time board of directors member of the National Organization for Women New York City, exhaustively debunks the wage gap myth in his book "Why Men Earn More." Farrell documents occupations requiring bachelor's degrees in which women's starting salaries actually exceed men's. Female investment bankers and dieticians, for example, can expect to earn 116 percent to 130 percent of their male counterparts' salaries.

The real reason that men tend to out-earn women is the choices they make. Men are far more likely to take unpleasant and dangerous jobs, what Farrell calls the "death and exposure professions." For example, firefighting, truck driving, mining and logging -- to name just a few high-risk jobs -- are all more than 95 percent male. Conversely, low risk jobs like secretarial work and childcare are more than 95 percent female.

Farrell points out that in California, prison guards can earn $70,000 per year plus full medical benefits and retire after thirty years with a hefty retirement package. But it takes little imagination to figure out why California still has a difficult time staffing its prisons, and it goes without saying that most prison guards are male. Says Farrell, "As with most jobs, there's an inverse relationship between fulfillment and pay."

Because men are more likely to take jobs that are unpleasant, dangerous or dull in exchange for higher pay, they reap the financial benefit. Farrell summarizes this phenomenon this way: "Jobs that expose you to the sleet and the heat pay more than those that are indoors and neat."

Another reason women's average earnings are less than men's is that they take more time out of the workforce for care-giving. Women, more so than men, adjust their work schedules to accommodate their families, and in poll after poll, they express a preference to do so.

"Well, why can't men and women share domestic responsibilities 50-50 so women will be just as free and unencumbered as men are?" the conventional feminist argument goes. Such an arrangement is unrealistic as it requires both husband and wife to work part-time. Couples typically find it easiest for each partner to specialize and make the sacrifices required to sustain the family.

Scholars can debate whether it is societal pressure or innate desire that makes women elect to spend more time with their children. But so long as these decisions are a reflection of women's expressed preferences, this isn't a problem that needs to be solved.
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increasing numbers of women are marrying men for their money
Posted: 9/4/2011 2:14:53 PM
Then how do you figure in the reality that there are more men unemployed today than women?

Because the b.s. myth only compares employed men and women .

BTW .. I agree that women have a lower rate of unemployment .
Do you think it is about time that men stopped being discriminated against through affirmative action ?

Someone mentioned female higher rates of education , how does affirmative action play here ?

Do you think men do the tougher jobs in society ? Like building maintaining fixing and inventing just about everything ? You know , the really tough and dangerous work ?
I look around and I see that this is true . Like when a road to building needs to be built , or a roof needs to be reroofed , or a mine needs to be dug, or crops need to be sewn or fish need to be caught , or a railway needs a new bridge , a subway needs to be dug , etc etc etc .
Should men make more a bit more money ?

VVV yeah go sleep girl , lol

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increasing numbers of women are marrying men for their money
Posted: 9/4/2011 2:03:33 PM

So are more women marrying men with more money than themselves today, or is it simply that women earn 77 cents for every $1.00 dollar men earn for the same job, and that more men in the over 40 generations received higher educations that women did at that time?

That tired old feminist myth has been busted a million times !
It is ignorance to spew that one .

Men earn more money because they work more hours , don't take as much time off and stay in the workforce for greater amounts of time !
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First Relationship - Changing who I am?
Posted: 9/4/2011 1:53:15 PM
One time not too long ago , I did go through a long period when I had met someone and it seemed like we had something going . But , she would always make excuses about why we should " wait a bit" I only went along with it because I believed she really was in to it because she acted like she was really liking me in some ways , but that she felt she needed time . I thought I would be gentleman and be patient .

Sure enough , soon enough she started to hint that it was no good and that she was busy , then I said forget it and thanks for leading me on and playing with me . As it turns out , I met a much better woman soon enough and I got over her quickly .
So don't waste your time !
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Online Relationships & Meeting Face-to-Face
Posted: 9/4/2011 12:12:47 PM
Online Relationships & Meeting Face-to-Face

I remember the story about the two that got in to an " online relationship " while the guy lived in US and she lived in UK .

So after months of online and exchanging pictures and on the phone ,
then he got the big money to fly over and within ten minutes if meeting they both knew it was an absolute dud !

Meet soon !
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First Relationship - Changing who I am?
Posted: 9/4/2011 12:08:02 PM

Hey, i am not going to waste your time by posting a long and drawn out answer.

Point Blank..If a woman does not have sex with you within the first month you need to make your demands known..If she backs off..then leave fast.

zShe is either screwing another guy or a lesbian!

I'm not going to post a long one either .

I would not even demand anything . I would not want to continue unless she really really wanted sex within the first month . Women are either attracted or they aren't .
And yeah if they aren't then we can pretend they are getting some or lesbians . lol
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what are some of the times you most miss a relationship-not the obvious ones
Posted: 8/27/2011 8:44:35 PM
what are some of the times you most miss a relationship-not the obvious ones

When I get a great big pimple that needs popping on my back .

Any potential dates must be wanting to meet me more than ever now . lol

For some reaosn it said too short to post so I will rambbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbblllle on ....

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A few wise words ?
Posted: 8/25/2011 5:43:07 AM

This is for all the ladies on this God forsaken site. Recently one of my best friends suggested i read this book : WHY MEN LOVE ****ES. And I have to say hands down , the book its really amazing . It spoke to me like no other book ever had .
Its made me realize how dumb and silly we sometimes are, and the many mistakes we make while dating , in relationships and more .
I totally recommend it !!.

Written by a woman ? or a sell out guy ?

Women love to pretend that guys luv b*tches ,
that way they can justify their b*tchiness .
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Msg: 39 (view) do women win you back?
Posted: 8/25/2011 5:38:50 AM

Attention Men: I am asking this for a few people...we want your advice. How does a women win you back for the second, or third time? The man originally told the woman that he needed time, then three months later came back to her with a few calls in between. They dated for another 2 to 3 months and he thought he needed more time again. What is the best way a woman can win him back for good?

Get implants !

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Were women better off 50 years ago?
Posted: 10/2/2008 7:37:05 PM

The point you made about expressing disagreement in this topic, Feminism, is a case in point. Here, if you are a man and express disagreement, apparently this topic is one in which there are no bound to civility. That it is perfectly fine to leap to conclusions about the disagreers motives, his relationship with women, with his mother. In this venue women who have so much invested in an ideology give each other licence to go directly to war. Listening in this venue is not necessary; that anyone who is disagrees with Feminism or who question some of its claims is an enemy.

Yup , that is very true .
Many guys know that well , and most don't want to deal with the b.s.
They are probably the smarter guys. lol
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Going from Hi to bed??????
Posted: 10/2/2008 7:32:00 PM

Cedar77 wrote: I've read that a woman decides that she
wants to sleep with a guy within ten minutes of meeting him...

DL wrote : I believe a woman decides within the first few seconds if she
does NOT want to sleep with a guy. A "yes" can take hours.

I was speaking of ' in most cases ' , however ...
I believe that NOT can take milliseconds and yes can take years .
But , who has that much time ?

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Naked Pictures on The Internet? Ok or Not Ok?
Posted: 10/2/2008 7:20:28 PM
On the internet or anywhere else that is public.....
At the very most , and to keep some decency , naked pictures must have a big maple leaf over the privates.
Just one big leaf , and that goes for women as well ...not three leaves , just one.

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Were women better off 50 years ago?
Posted: 10/1/2008 9:54:14 PM
Msg 439 , Blahblah :

The way I have learned it , it is that women as a group are not able to empathize with men as a group. Women see men as more agressive and bigger and stronger . Which men are . This natural group difference keeps women on the offensive . Women just are not programmed by nature to think of men as being treated unfairly regardless of whether or not men are getting the short end of the stick . Women as a group will take as much power as they can from men as a group , because women will always feel vulnerable.

On the other hand , men have always been taught to be less aggressive towards women , since "gentlemen know how to treat a lady " This is something that is hardwired into men from the very distant past.
This presents a big problem in these modern times , when women want to be truly equal to men in all aspects . Men are very competitive towards other men which is true equality , but , men can't truly be competitive with women and yet feminism demands total equality . In other words , men have one hand tied behind their backs , by nature , and feminists take full advantage of this .
But , it is actually socialist men (politics) in competition with other men ( to control society / other men ) who enabled feminism , which is another story , and the battle should lie with them.

One guy said that if there were ever a true gender war , men could win very easily , but , most men are wired to be nice to women ( as they should be ) and everyone knows that nice guys finish last . (-;

Well, mark me down as one guy who thinks women should be put back up on that darned pedestal.

It's much, much easier to peek up her dress that way.

Good point .
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Not attracted
Posted: 9/30/2008 9:37:54 PM
I think that if you feel like you need to completely change your partner , you are doomed to frustration and complete failure.
You can change a person very little at the most , you can't completely remake them .
Dating is the time for getting to know what a person is like , you shouldn't jump into anything too serious without being aware of what that person is basically like.
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To improve your marriage -- be quiet (Really ????)
Posted: 9/30/2008 9:26:12 PM
I think that if your read too many pop psych. books and analyze your relationship to death you're going to end up pulling it apart bit by bit.
The fact that you feel the need to analyze to such an extreme and that you feel the need to constantly micro- manage your interaction probably says that you and your realationship are weak and fragile .

The " keep it simple stupid " rule is probably best.... Just try to be happy and be nice to your partner.
Think I'll try that next time around.

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Were women better off 50 years ago?
Posted: 9/30/2008 9:14:25 PM

Back to the OP.....the 1950's was a very transitional period for women and men, and many women were not any better off than the Black Afro-Americans were at that time.........forced to work for White Caucasian Males who threw mere scraps their way for the services they rendered so they could sustain their own meager, impoverished lives.

IMO ....this is a very much skewed view of history. Like some sort of far left wing feminist propaganda cartoon like depiction of the past. (like you might get from a university "women's studies" program ? )

More often , it was white men who were going off to work to support their wives and families in the fifties and prior and it was the wives might throw the guys back some scraps by cooking them dinner . (-; It actually worked very well for alot of people including the kids , it made them happy.
African Americans were actually better off in many ways as well in the pre : rap music /gang/welfare state times as well .

I think the point is that society needed to evolve naturally , but , the feminist revolution has in many ways 'thrown the baby out with the bath water' many instances quite literally .
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Were women better off 50 years ago?
Posted: 9/30/2008 8:58:21 PM

Back to the OP.....the 1950's was a very transitional period for women and men, and many women were not any better off than the Black Afro-Americans were at that time.........forced to work for White Caucasian Males who threw mere scraps their way for the services they rendered so they could sustain their own meager, impoverished lives.

IMO ....this is a very much skewed view of history. Like some kind of far left wing feminist propaganda cartoon view of history. (like you might get from a university "women's studies" program ? )

More often , it was white men who were going off to work to support their wives and families in the fifties and prior and it was the wives might throw the guys back some scraps by cooking them dinner . (-; It actually worked very well for alot of people including the kids , it made them happy.
African Americans were actually better off in many ways as well in the pre : rap music /gang/welfare state times as well .

I think the point is that society needed to evolve naturally , but , the feminist revolution has in many ways 'thrown the baby out with the bath water' some ways quite literally .
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Frugal Non-spenders
Posted: 9/27/2008 1:35:18 PM
Frugal does not necessarily mean selfish. Being careful with your money is smart. Spending your money wisely means that you can make having money possible , so that you can buy the things you really need .
Going into big debt because you want everythng right now is selfish and dumn.
Some of the biggest spend thrifts are often selfish . They just want everything NOW and they can not control themselves . as I say , not as I do.
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Going from Hi to bed??????
Posted: 9/27/2008 1:24:37 PM
I've read that a woman decides that she wants to sleep with a guy within ten minutes of meeting him . In my experience that is true .
Now , that doesn't mean that most women will act on their decision.

If a woman decides she wants to sleep with a guy just because he's hot , then she shouldn't be surprised if it's a one time deal .
If she decides she wants to sleep with a guy because she uses her intuition that he's a decent guy who is honest and sincere and also he's attractive to her , then , there is a much better chance that it will last .

And why is it that if it's a one time deal that it is the woman who is "used" ? I thought we were supposed to be "equal" ....a double standard ?
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Is Text Messaging Making It Even Harder?
Posted: 9/26/2008 10:58:37 AM
The novelty of text messaging back and fourth soon wears off .
After that , it should be used to arrange to meet in person or things like that . It should be kept to a few words . As few as possible.

I thought that texting was mostly for teenage girls and boys . Let them have there fun , but , I'm sure that excessive texting for anyone is probably not a good means of socializing with others.
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Were women better off 50 years ago?
Posted: 9/26/2008 10:18:46 AM
I was NOT blaming you personally for the state of the world. I'm sure that you have done what you feel is good.
My point was in keeping with " are women better off..... ? " and the fact that you seem to assert that liberalism was a positive development and something to be proud of. I simply feel that , as a whole , it was NOT.
I don't have all the answers , but , I am able to form an opinion on what is good for society and what is destructive .... surely anyone with an open and clear thinking mind can compare the present to the not so distant past .
If you call my criticism toxic or whining or blaming , then , so be it.

Men hold just as much ( or more ) responsibility for our sad state of affairs as do women , for in the end , it was "greedy" , meglomaniac , elite men who promoted/enabled destructive "social revolutions" i .e . "feminism" .

Soul Union ....
There are way too few who think like you do.
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