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 Author Thread: Life in Blur
Joined: 9/2/2010
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Life in Blur
Posted: 2/17/2015 11:29:10 AM
The moments of life blur
given to the unknown
for quest of poignant truths
passing to faded memories

Glimmers captured in dreams
undo in vanish upon gaze
the reveal hidden
just a whispered thought

In the shedding loosed
freed in exposure
a forming to tease
the myriad of tales begun

For spin of evolve flows
into the promised undoing
of entwined hearts
wrapped in forever time
Joined: 9/2/2010
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Fated Heart
Posted: 2/17/2015 11:26:14 AM
In pendulum swing
the heart rules
commanding fate's journey

Beats unknown
insist to be followed
on path quietly trod

Time in wonder
slows life's pulse
drawing the moments

To truths inevitable
the present becomes
forever in hands' slide
Joined: 9/2/2010
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Dance in the Moonlight
Posted: 12/30/2012 4:22:40 PM
Filtered moonlight
Warm to the soul
Reflective in eyes
Cause dreams to flow

A spirit unfolding
To rhythms of soft shine
Revels in delicate touches
Sculpted by shadows defined

In luscious darkness
A surrendering takes hold
Captured in fantasy
Infused with night's soul

Unbound to the air
Pulse beating of life
Swirling on fire
In cool bathes of light
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 47 (view)
Moonlight's Dance
Posted: 10/10/2012 3:46:20 AM
Tis the moonlight
that sees sensual love
In play, glistening of tongues' wet trails
Flesh to flesh the twinning
As both own & free
the passions of a dream
Given of lips' songs
Forever in the dance of life

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 193 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 9/26/2012 8:25:46 AM
In slowness rhythmic
The penetration of inner desires
Caresses in subtle waves
Feed by heat of tongues questing
In a sharing of quivering intensities
To the rain of hungry moments
With two dripping from torrential play
The passion swirls ‘tween souls
Enveloped by love
Free flowing in the night "head over heels" is awesome!!!!!!
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 6 (view)
My Poems
Posted: 9/4/2012 8:44:40 AM
Sir, you should post these in the "quotes & poetry" thread!

...with the rest of ours!

" )
Joined: 9/2/2010
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whats wrong with POF Lol
Posted: 9/4/2012 8:42:30 AM
I totally disagree with the statement...all the men on here are creeps!!!

The 2.5 yrs I've been here, I've meet a lot of genuine, nice men, just no one that captured my heart! There's only been a couple that were "out there" (being nice!).

I've also been lucky enough to find the man of my dreams (fingers crossed), so I'd say never give up! Tis the best place to meet people & doesn't involve sex! 'wink'

" )
Joined: 9/2/2010
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Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 8/31/2012 3:30:01 AM
Morning light blending
With desire laden eyes
Claiming kisses hint
At the tempest underlying
In waves of sensual feelings
The body yearns to share
The bursting of love’s rich colors
Fingers tracing contours arched
Along paths of enticement
To the throb beating
For play in hunger
Of spasms deeply ruling
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 46 (view)
Dream's Awakening
Posted: 8/24/2012 6:02:27 AM
You have laid waste to my senses
Infused your light deep into my soul
Taken hold with a gentle force
To create a dream of enchantment
That sings between us
A giving for each of flesh & heart
Unleashes the wind in swirling
For the show of many suns & moons
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 45 (view)
Wrestling Dreams
Posted: 8/24/2012 6:01:42 AM
Shifting through the waves
That permeate my soul
I’m driven in directions extreme

The bend of opposites
Demanding a choosing
In body’s fulfillment

To riotous tumbling undressed
Or silky softness laid
The spin in men’s strong hands

Shall I drift into fate’s moment
Taken by a kiss to imagined dreams
Releasing my soul to flight

Or grind into being the animal play
Unfettered by owning
Drenched in sweat
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 44 (view)
Posted: 8/17/2012 4:53:27 PM
Twine me round your fingertips
As your light threads through my soul
The gentle weave, my heart dreaming
Under cover of night’s loom

In my depths, a symmetry
Ignited by your seed
Rises full of passion’s colours
Bursting onto the canvas of the world

My unfolding resonates in yearning
By the trueness of desire’s layers
Succumbing to penetrating wishes
For your cascade of lip filled pleasures
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 187 (view)
Heated Flavours
Posted: 8/13/2012 4:08:59 PM
Heated flavours run together
In trickle over limbs
Slowly, enticing licks

Dripping nectar for tongue's chase
Draws mouth round to play
The wrapping tight for depth of wetness’ giving

Lead by gasp’s release
Gentle pulls in slide elicit
Sweet torture’s song of moans

Oh, for the quickening of juices
In quivers of passion’s exquisite sensitivities
Careening between two

The blood surges to forceful waves
For the eclipsing of sensual rhythms
Sweat-laden in a tumbling of rumbled sheets

la sigh!
" )
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 186 (view)
A Night Moment
Posted: 8/5/2012 5:23:59 PM
In a moment of night
Candlelight glows
To kisses of shadows’ flickering
A hand placed wills shivers deep
Moistened lips desire a tracing
To a dance of tantalizing play
With running fingertips
In quest finding warm wetness
The heart fast in beating
Wants fullness driven through
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 185 (view)
To Erotic Playfulness!
Posted: 7/30/2012 3:55:57 PM
To dine on the flesh
All salty & wet
Tongue tracing lips
Plump with desire

In a claiming laid
For mouth’s heated play
Erotic feast fueling
To an eruption of fire

Slick and sticky
Glistening in drops
The splattering creaminess
Finger licking inspired!

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 2 (view)
A piece of flash fiction
Posted: 7/23/2012 9:15:33 AM
Wow! That was fun reading!!!

Wish there was more, but I'ze thinking, how do you get better than that last line!! Loved it!

" )
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 43 (view)
Posted: 7/20/2012 6:27:35 PM
You, are the dream
That will forever
Haunt my soul
Your words
A firm stroking
Play of my purring depth
I, taken hold,
Am captured
In your sun risen light
My burning
Red, orange & gold
Flows of your reflections
Mirroring moments
The caresses imagined
Oh, do take flight!
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 42 (view)
Hazy Day Dreaming
Posted: 7/5/2012 2:12:32 AM
Hazy days for dreaming
Bound to the sultry sun
With softness of a breeze’s caress
Flowing gently over skin
Hold in sway such sensual thoughts
For random moments of touch
Embracing in passion’s heights
To soar among the clouds
Release of fettered inhibitions
To dance as one in bodies’ quest
In the trickle of a bead
Glistening of wet
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 460 (view)
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 7/4/2012 9:01:55 AM
Never worry, dear lady!

You have a mulititude of friendly poets
that love every word ya write
deep into the day or night!

" ) Big Hugs!
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 2 (view)
wwhat gets you through
Posted: 6/20/2012 8:45:51 AM
give me anything by Seether!!!

T'will transport ya right off any negativity!

...this thread should be in "Art/music". 'wink'

" )
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 176 (view)
Torture's Dance
Posted: 6/20/2012 2:38:54 AM
I want
I need
To feed
In the depths
With a man
Giving over
To taste
The saltiness
In sweat-ladened heat
Poured of limbs
Slick skin on skin
Lips of tease
With tongues’ play
Tracing fiery paths
In the enthralling
Pounding beats
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 41 (view)
Passion of a Flame
Posted: 6/15/2012 8:58:37 AM
In flame heat dreams
To dance in a blazing
Sinuous of movements
Freed into the air

To heights of lick & stroke
Sparks in bursting
Chase among fire’s glow
For the merging shared

In the consuming fieriness
From touch of depths burning
Overpowering into the night
Rages a firestorm
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 40 (view)
Dream Moments
Posted: 6/9/2012 3:11:44 PM
Scented flesh awaits in the night
Wrapped with passion’s flavour

For a tasting to be sought
In the depths of candle's flicker

Limbs moonlight glazed in shimmers
Hold soft sway to mesmerize eyes

Coolness swirls entice nipples reach
Tease to desire’s hardening

Lips beckon with impish smile
Come play in a moment of dreams
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 170 (view)
For Taking
Posted: 6/5/2012 1:56:48 PM
Juz a tiny one from me (no rival)

In your arms the unfolding
Of my passion will be shaped
In a prism of flaming colors
To be taken in multitudes
Through to the center of your core
Penetrating into my intensity
The hardness will consume
For my soul which lays before you
Can be owned in those moments forever!

" )wink & smooch!
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 38 (view)
Dreams Spill
Posted: 5/27/2012 3:07:12 PM
Dreams spill forth in little wishes
Like a summer rain
Translucent drops holding light
Splash warm into the soul
Inner thoughts merge
To pool in sparkling visions
Reflections of lush desires
Dance in the rippling waves
A touch placed into the depths
Forever surrenders
Immersed in the enveloping wet
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 160 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 5/5/2012 5:34:15 PM
I want to dine
On the man of your flesh
Encapsulating in moments
Let me take you deep

Riveting forces plunge
Into a wetness tight
Licking along power
Twist the juices inside

Slow in the tasting
Flavour of tease exalts
On the tip placed
Lips lush & full

The mounting I pull
To a thunderous swelling
Driven in a frenzy
Flood me the fluid creamy
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 2 (view)
Tell me what you think (I am new to POF)
Posted: 4/28/2012 7:12:26 PM
Well.... I love them!

sorry, no major critique.....'chuckle'

t'would only be grammar!

I'ze just started this one;

Extravagance of a touch
Played along the skin
Light in tracing
A path of warm heat
For enticements to desire
Sensual in tasting

" )
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 157 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 4/24/2012 2:42:45 AM
Passion’s little devil
Sneaks into the soul
To play havoc with desires
In twist of intense yearnings
Unleashes a torrent of lust
For greedy caresses of hands playing
Wet, driven kisses twinned
With licking tongue & sucking lips
Consuming every inch of flesh laid bare
To burst in flaming...ooohhh!
Demanded upon this body, now!
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 37 (view)
Sun Down Dream
Posted: 4/19/2012 2:16:20 AM
Sun going down
Warm calm spreads
Delicious to the senses
In tender touches

Rays flow over skin
Exposing for a moment
The softness of a soul
Burning gently in dreams

Eyes reflective in glow
Smile of crinkled lines
For inner desires shimmer
At night’s approach

The knowing of release
Into passion’s moments
Waits to be unlayered
By conquering hands
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 153 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 4/19/2012 2:13:44 AM
In the dark
Soft light of moon filtered
The dreams
Engulf in luscious thoughts of tease
To fingers
Languid in touch on skin tracing
For shivers
Rising in rush of goosebumps’ feel
With strokes
Erotic in delicate ache of swelling
To gasps
Breathed of throbbing anticipation
In release
Explode to sweet wetness’ cream
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 152 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 4/9/2012 7:56:05 AM
Consumed in torment
Driven by deep thirst
Desires rage passion laden
The fruit swells
It’s bite tis flavoured
For succulent tasting
Delivered of lips intense
To the waiting cries
The pleasure in taking
Of thick hardness
Plunged over & over
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 142 (view)
Sensual & Erotic Poetry
Posted: 3/31/2012 2:18:48 AM
In body raw
On top the dance
A wild rhythm
Of play begun

In skin flush
Fire’s heat burns
Hands clench
Hips grind

In delicious movements
Of pleasures firm
Cries reverberate
To passion’s lust

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 138 (view)
Sensual & Erotic
Posted: 3/27/2012 6:51:57 AM
Oh my g…!!!

“High Five”
Put it in overdrive, woman!!

Woo hoo!

To the men, “the challenge is on”
In flavoured play
A dance has begun!


Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 136 (view)
Dripping Dreams
Posted: 3/25/2012 10:50:50 AM
Let me slather you
In dripping dreams
As I dance in throws above
You, must hold
For I, the imp, in tightness slows
To tease in delicious throbs
Lips moist in parting
Illicit groans
Oh, do excite me further
In passion’s maddening thumbs
I’ll come all over

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 36 (view)
Revealing Light
Posted: 3/24/2012 2:18:31 PM
As light is revealed
Darkness fades to distance
The soul in wish
Reaches for a sharing
Heart lays open
The bloom inside to unfold
In release a vibrancy
Dreamed in passionate hues flows
Waiting to be gifted
For a strong hand
Holding this one rose
Joined: 9/2/2010
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the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 3/24/2012 2:08:12 PM
Woo hoo!!!

Welcome back!!
from another fellow traveller on the "sometimes up", "sometimes down" POF road.

Sun going down
The warm calm spreads
Delicious to the senses
In tender touches
Rays flow over form
Exposing for a moment
The life of a shimmering flame
Burning gently in dreams

Happy Days!
Joined: 9/2/2010
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Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 3/23/2012 1:25:00 PM
In body rages
I twist in yearnings
To depths unfathomable

Throbs in demand
For a claim made
The possession flavoured spicy

Take the sensual rhythms
Of this greedy, wanton soul
Be the tasting

For brute form
In hungry hand
I’ll give of lips & tongue

To torment laid on flesh
I devour all
In a merging spun
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 132 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 3/23/2012 1:08:52 PM
Fingers trail
Light play o’er skin
Raise little goosebumps
In a dance of quivers

Pleasure’s subtle throb
Blooms in a sensual awakening
To play of lips and tongue
The tease to intimate contours

In depths of desire risen
A blazing licks in aches
To groans of dominance
For senses consumed whole

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 35 (view)
Dreams Spun
Posted: 3/18/2012 3:51:55 AM
Dreams spun of golden light
Drift slowly through time
Echoing into forever

Rhythms born for discovery
Stir in waiting for a heart
Filled with passion’s embrace

Gossamer touches envisioned
Flow for the awakening kiss
In sensual moments of revealing

Unbound as two merge
The licking flames blazing
In the intensity of life
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 34 (view)
In the Grip
Posted: 3/10/2012 4:06:09 PM
Intensity grips my soul
Such a longing pours outward
To be taken in hand
For pleasures wild
Reverberates under flesh
To the driving beat of my heart
With desperate need
To give of lips & tongue
In sensual quests
Wanting to play
In a tumbling of limbs
Groans escape to burn
Forever in dreams
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 127 (view)
Purring - Love it, sir!
Posted: 3/10/2012 2:07:08 PM
Dripping wet
Essence oozes
In outward flow
To surround
A steaming heat
In touch of tongue
On soft lips
Light the tracing
Trickles path moist
In waiting
An enticement
To the discovery
In tastes rich
Of summer rain

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 124 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 3/4/2012 2:17:35 AM
Woo hoo, Keith's here to keep this wonderful thread on track! Glad to have you back, but so sorry you are!

Water cascading down
In weave of tiny rivelets
Flows over supple curves
To a sensual enticement
The trailing kisses of wet warmth
Illicit delight for play
The chase beckoning
As shimmering drops fall
In trace of paths long
‘Tween shoulders & toes

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 122 (view)
Posted: 2/25/2012 4:32:46 PM
Heat my body whole
Of flame cause me to burn
Grasp my flesh in hand
Render the senses to reel
Play of this body’s curves
The tongue such sweet torture
Hips in yield seek
The hardness of pleasures’ deep
Give over your soul
To drown in my wetness yearning
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 33 (view)
Dream Fields
Posted: 2/25/2012 4:18:48 PM
In a field of dreams
Laid of multiple colors
The sun in warmth shimmers
As the touch from a heart of passion
Bursts with life formed of the impish spirit

In a rush of richness
The playful scenes drifting
Wrap in sensual visions’ caress
Vibrate to the intensity of discoveries
Flowing with pleasurable tones on the flesh
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 121 (view)
Passion's Play
Posted: 2/3/2012 3:57:28 PM
Drive from my soul
A passionate cry
Take all my wantings
Melt them in desire
Turn time backwards
To forever issue pleas
More! More!

Moments of trembling
Controlled by your touch
The state of me flaming
Untamed of the lust
Grant long & delirious play
To the senses spinning
My body owned whole
Left in splendor ‘used’
Oooohhh, sigh! Mmmmm

Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 4 (view)
Lyrics that need unprofessional critques
Posted: 2/3/2012 2:27:03 PM
This is just my personal unprofessional opinion.

I think they could be a touch improved, if you stop trying to rhyme & let the words flow.

The first lyric I really enjoyed! In V2 (just my opinion) but to me ‘any more’ sounds better than ‘no more’. The slang just doesn’t suit. In V3 (if I dare go further) …what about “if you ever need someone I’ll be there….

“Sleep forever” is great, but the rhyming takes a little away. ..Love the B1 part of it, though!

“Junkie Way” is what I’m talking about! Stop the rhyme & feel the words!


Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 32 (view)
Love's Symphony
Posted: 1/28/2012 2:07:47 PM
The symphony of love’s overtones
Caresses my spirit
Light & airy nuances
Dance in rhythms
Subtle of sensual dreams

Reverberations penetrate to depths
Rich of body’s fire ignited
Consumed by the music of your soul
Flames weave & flow
In surrendering intertwine

The play of cadence
Delicious in it’s consuming
Fills two with a beauty rare
Of passion’s song issued bursting
To melodic notes of intense feeling
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 118 (view)
Ode to the Yummy
Posted: 1/21/2012 3:47:13 PM
The ripening of such sweet fruit
Draws my lips to taste
The trace of my tongue
In play before the bite
Cause of juices to trickle
Decadence in the savoring
Of the lushness joined
‘Tween mouth & hand
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 31 (view)
Prisms of Dream
Posted: 1/21/2012 3:13:05 PM
Prisms of color spinning
To the dancing of light
Surround the soul in dreams

Vibrancy of a passionate life
Echoing to star filled heights
Calls for a joining

Floods the sensual soul
In multitude of feelings
Gripping in depths unrestrained

Aches of desire burning
Hot, wet drops of sweat
Pulsate in circles gleaming
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 30 (view)
Dream in Rain
Posted: 1/20/2012 4:39:30 PM
Ever stained the night
In shades dark blue
Glistening of soft glows
To mesmerize the soul
In quiet soothing
Languid dreams intermingle
Of soft touches, slow kisses
As streams cascade
On pane of reflective glass
Curves of silky shadows visioned
Fluid the movements
Playing to the beat
Of wet drops
In the tumbling roar
Joined: 9/2/2010
Msg: 117 (view)
Sensual or Erotic Poetry
Posted: 1/15/2012 2:25:32 PM
Are you comfortable?
Surrounded by the dark
With candlelight flicker

Shall I grant you?
Shadows’ play on curves
The softness to entice the touch

Do you want?
The feel of moist lips
Tracing lines on flesh
Little nips to excite

Would you show?
Hardness of desire
Expressive in moans
Given of body’s strength

Can you hold?
As tightness slowly consumes
The warm wet descending
In start of a ravenous taking
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