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 Author Thread: What do women really want?
 avacado queen
Joined: 8/11/2006
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What do women really want?
Posted: 4/12/2012 8:06:46 PM
this forum went all over the place. I think men and women want the same thing , to love and be loved. the question is to what degree is each partner willing to give love..unconditionally. Our expectations and fears get in the way. Dont we need to trust our lovers, trust they wont cheat, have a hidden agenda, or have deep dark secrets? I want a partner that has the same goals in life, house, car, family, fun, road trips.. the regular desires. But we forget to ask about the everyday stuff, Id like someone who is clean, brushes their teeth and takes a bath, knows how to use the washign machine and someone who can cook. I dont want to have to be a purse, nurse, or maid. and I expect that vice versa, that you as a man wouldnt want that either.I think of the phrase equally yoked, althought statistics have shown recently the people are marrying down and not looking for the rich man, or the sugar momma, or the kalvin klein guy or victorias secret. Reality sets in at some point. life is easier supposedly in two..not sure if this is the correct way to meet someone, there seems to be alot of people on here who are searching, serial daters, some have reallly bad attitudes, lack of manners... but its our society and sex/looks/money sells on dating sites. I dont want someone who is going to fall in love with my looks, I want someone who is goign to fall in love with the inner me. Beauty is skin deep , but ugly is to the bone.
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