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 Author Thread: Can women REALLY get laid whenever they want?
Joined: 12/2/2010
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Can women REALLY get laid whenever they want?
Posted: 7/17/2011 1:20:14 PM
OP: I don't feel like an attractive man, physically. I have an extreme ectomorphic body, which is further "enhanced" by my career as a peace officer. The face I got makes doves cry (Prince hehe)! If I wanted to have sex, I would have to dip my standards way down. Now, I am not very sexually active (by choice). I won't have sex with anyone unless I see something more beyond it. There are plenty of pretty faces out there, but almost none (in my experience) have a mind to go with it.

As most people have said here, we are attracted to those who are [usually] higher up than us on the scale in some way, usually physically (I.E. a 5 wanting to date a 9). That example sums me up unfortuantely. I would rate myself a 6-7 on the body, but a 4 on the face. Intelligence would be an 11/10, but that's because of my constant desire to chase advanced knowledge (I will be a lifetime student). To further clarify, I have 3 Bachelor's degrees, and will continue to advance myself. On topic, I seem to only have any physical desire for [in my opinion] 8's and higher. I know that those women (and ladies, the same is true for men) are 95% vain, 5% real. I have been blown off more times than I can count by these types, only to later watch them with their "partner" - usually a Jersey Shore reject that only knows 5-8 words in the American-English language. I find that I can offer them more in almost every way that counts, but in the end I just feel bad for them. It's their loss.

TL;DR - Girls will ALWAYS have an easier time getting 'laid' than men because men are known to be sexual hounds. Also, women have much more say in who/what they will be with than men at any level of attractiveness. The world has always worked that way. Look at the animal kingdom; the animals put effort into attracting mates by showing off colorful plumage and etcetera. Therefore, the "survival of the sexiest" (Darwin's TRUE theory) remains in full effect.
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