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 Author Thread: current affairs, past lovers and you
Joined: 9/11/2006
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current affairs, past lovers and you
Posted: 11/23/2012 6:37:21 PM
Poet Groupie Chick

the year was 2006
You approached me
after that raving
intense and maniacal
spoken word performance
I delivered at 8 in the AM
Saturday morning
at that coffee shop
for part of that insane
3 day poetry marathon

You an established and popular writer
a graduate in literature
your tall and curvy figure
along with a nice smile
long brown hair
complimented me

What could I do
but say
holy fuccin shit

I remember months prior
when I first laid eyes on her
she was a fox
a woman I knew
that I had to know

Who ever knew
that we would become something

Sometimes you end up having sex
with a woman that you never thought
in a million years
you would have a chance with

is fuccing possible

and for that same woman
to ask me out
six years later
proves that its not impossible
to re ignite the flame
of a past lover
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current affairs, revelations and you
Posted: 11/18/2012 8:04:34 PM
Israel Pop

That settlement
in the Gaza strip
heart of Palestine

Give the land back
to the natives
treat them with respect
that you took away
back in 1947
you say its taboo
to talk about that country
in the USA

I say no its not
If the bible
in all its Revelation glory states

Israel will be betrayed
the antichrist
will bring so much hell
to that place
that people will
Like Iron Maiden sung
"Run to the Hills"

And that's
your sundae school lesson
of the week
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no rules
Posted: 11/11/2012 2:32:19 PM
No Rules
By GG Allin

Anything I wanna do - No rules
I won't take no shit from you - No rules
I don't care if you don't like me - No rules
Do you think I really care? - Let's go

C'mon lets go and start a riot - No rules
I like to make noise, I hate to be quiet - No rules
They can't tell me what to do - No rules
'Cause I will never ever lose - Let's go

No rules
No rules
No rules
No rules

Stand up and shout for what you want - No rules
Don't give in until you won - No rules
Never compromise your feelings - No Rules
'Cause I got the right to show my feelings - Let's go
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Airing Dirty Laundry Sunday: A means of releasing anger via unjustice room mate practices
Posted: 11/11/2012 12:21:59 PM
The Subtlety of change

Change is great
change really means freedom

I'm finally free
from you
and your power trips

Wasn't quite sure
if I was ever really your man
but a man slave
an in house nigga
to do the chores
that your fat lazy ass
was too careless to do

To fucc you
on many nights and days
just for you to eventually turn cold shoulder
and throw me away like trash
possibly over the lack of resources
I could not supply at the time
and even continuing back stabbing
complaining influences
from your bichy stank ass sister

And that dude
that fake raspy
dilapidated old ass indian
that so called "Apache"
double spirited
man biatch
king of the leeches
and moochers that you call
her boyfriend of 20 hellish years

That man biatch
had his say as well
haters supreme
until the so called
"community" of former trailor ras
and one old stank ass crabby "apache"
with an elitist attitude
ousted my radical ass

But I digress with a short term depress
not of what we supposedly had
but how was I fuccing asleep
for three years

fucc you
and your
temporary libido for my dik

Fucc you
your chickens
your gardens
and the dogs you own
that you treat better
than your fellow man

Fucc you
and your stank ass sister
that biatch needs to learn
the true meaning
of "Mind your own business"
and mean it

Fast food junkies
may you all get a case of food poisoning
that will change your god awful eating habits

No matter you two are so fuccing fat
exercise is an activity
that you never learned
or bothered to participate in

just sitting on your gaty fat asses
need for speed racing marathons

fucc you all
and especially
that man biatch of a boyfriend
of your stank ass downlow lesbo
racist sister that made all this bs possible

anyone ever tell you
the cunt looks like captain caveman?

Freedom Biatch
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whatever daze #2
Posted: 11/8/2012 1:10:15 PM
New place

New place
new beginnings
I readjust in my
new surroundings

just like a dog
in a new home
like in a temporary state
of culture shock
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whatever daze #1
Posted: 11/8/2012 1:08:07 PM

When it rains
it fuccing rains man
all over the place

Its' cold as hell outside
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High or Low
Posted: 11/4/2012 6:25:45 PM
High Road Vs Low Road

When relationships
fizzle out
take their run
end on a high
or low note

How does one
when he or she
knows that they are
no longer wanted
by what was formerly
their pair bond

Feelings and hurt regenerate
when those good old memories
and sad songs seem to prolong themselves
constantly in the head

What type
are you

Do you take the high
or the low road?

The high road
Do you stay civil
and stay solid friends
with communications and respect
that may never end

Or are you
the type
that takes the low road
gets pathetic
and gets
psychosomatic nutbag
stalking and wishing
to get what you once had
but only just chasing the former lover
far the fucc away

I choose the high road
its just too much simpler
and easier to walk away
then to be a prisoner
in heartbroken hell
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 9/18/2012 1:26:09 PM
You've Coloured My World With Shit
Written by:

Been dragged to hell
And beyond for so long
Believed what you said

I was wrong

Left for the vultures
Been dragged through the dirt
Words stab like nails
Left wounds that still hurt

Scars show
But you don't understand
Blood flows

Drawn by my own hand
My own hand

You coloured my world with shit
Our world with shit again
You coloured our world With your

A witness to my own
funeral pyre
Mind war rages
never cease-fire

Amongst the wreckage
I'm baptised in flames
Drowning in crimson
Existence of pain

Scars show
But you don't understand
Blood flows

Drawn by my own hand
My own hand

You coloured my world with shit
Our world with shit again
You coloured our world With your
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 9/13/2012 10:32:26 AM
Holy Warz2

Instead of violence
in the middle east
instead of rage and death

instead of military might
wouldn't it be funny
if the islamic folks
made a film
where they portrayed Jesus
to be a black man
or latino man?

Could you imagine
the rage
from bigoted bible thumpers
across the land?

The outrage would be
comedy gold
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 9/13/2012 10:24:38 AM
Holy Warz

Christianity vs Islam
The western world
the eastern world

Christian ultra wingnut film makers
believe what they did
against prophet Mohammed was good
To diss an entire religion
because of its supposed "violence"

Isnt it odd
that throughout history
some of the biggest
and most perverted and violent
crimes against humanity
were caused by christian crusaders?

In the madness
of what is
GoG vs Magog

The devil is in his three piece suit
smiling at all of us on this ride

pulling the hate card
from as many people
as he can

These are the times
we are currently in

Stay Tuned.....
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 7/20/2012 1:20:32 PM
Bukowski was East Hollywood

A man
Deemed a dirty old
Drunk man
Full of words
Full of rage
In the bars
Behind the bottle
Behind all that puszy
Behind his books
Behind the microphone
He was the man
That knew sleaze
The filth
The under residue
In the city of stars
Denizens that slept
In dirty motel rooms
On Hollywood and Western
The shit Bukowski
Saw all those years
in the city of Lost Assholes
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 7/20/2012 1:19:35 PM

I can see
How Deniro
Could play Bukowski
Not like O’rourke
Who just didn’t have it down
Deniro is quiet demeanor
Like Bukowski
With a hidden monster
Behind them both
Deniro could portray Bukowski
It would be a perfect match
 ominiux romuluxius
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Contradiction Chameleons2
Posted: 12/27/2011 6:47:25 PM
New Century Greed

Time passes
it doesn't wait for anyone
its hard to believe
that the 90's were 20 years ago

Its a new era
where the meaning
of survival of the fittest
is the most prevalent
to your bank account

Money and more of it
for the select few
less and less
for what those 99% have
as they have nothing

occupy what?
occupy this

Where did all the funds go?
the real "occupation" of Iraq
is over
 ominiux romuluxius
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Contradiction Chameleons2
Posted: 9/10/2011 1:14:29 PM
The Nucleus of it all

a 10 year anniversary
of financial sponsored
state of war
and hypocrisy

Blame and point the finger
at the other man
and his people
and kill and starve
just to occupy the territory
in Iraq and Afghanistan

Crooks in motion
apartheid in the middle East

All this nation thinks about
is its own and nothing else
its a waste of inhuman intelligence

right when the truth
is in your face
some Jim Jones
Kool Aid drinking muthafuccas
won't even acknowledge the corruption
sucking Faux News networks diks
like they brains stuck on malfunctioned

Gary Busey said
its because they don't know
anything else

Spoon feed the masses shit
fear and more fear
now targeting American citizens
to promote more fear

Landsharks on a rampage
because they know
their karmatic consequences
is near

Not by violence
but by exposure
and confrontation of truth
as to WTF these muthafuccas
are really about

Your secret
will be cracked

 ominiux romuluxius
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Contradiction Chameleons
Posted: 8/6/2011 3:36:39 PM
Games People Play #5150
Authority State and War Games
Geo Political Warz

There's a game going on
its going on strong
and on schedule

More casualties
and more death
on the scale of military
and innocent civilians

The police
are getting more bold
and flagrant

One false move
and you might get shot
in the bay area
for not having bus fare

Or you can can get beat down
in Fullerton while calling out for your daddy
Beat Down and Death
its the long running theme
in LA and the OC

Hitler would love this shit
a police state of the union
Amer "i" Can SS

I digress
and say Karma is a Bich
its something you cant run away from

Power is temporary
payback is eternal
and infinite

a badge and a uniform
don't mean shit
when you're knee deep in cosmic death

A result
when power tripping state servants
think they are above the law
and go home with paid administrative leave
when they beat or kill
they are supposed to
"protect and serve"

Its the biggest fuccing contradiction
ever heard
 ominiux romuluxius
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shitty programming #1
Posted: 6/7/2011 9:36:37 AM
"Real World"

I see the snakes on

Straight up
fake and competitive
everything from has been rockers
to food TEEVEE (ahem network)

They somehow believe
that the world revolves around them
on fake scripted weekly drama
bent on a "realistic theme"
(ahem kardashian)

Old has been crusty rockers
living on camera with their family

Is this some sort of retribution
of owing to the industry?

How many of them do it
for the money
simply because they just don't
have any?

And they are willing
to further exploit themselves
but on a much desperate measure
to get constant attention?

Fucc Yeah
is the answer

But why in the hell
are we even concerned
into the fake lives
of fake people?

Its because its all
the industry has left
to offer

and that is a fuccing shame
 ominiux romuluxius
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Yesterday's Hits, Today's Reality #20
Posted: 5/4/2011 9:56:14 PM
The American Way
Written By
Sacred Reich

Truth and honor
faith and pride

all convictions surely died

time has passed

time for lies is here at last

truth is false
I'm so fed up

how did we come
to be so fucced

all our country has got left

Talk to children hear them say
daddy left again today

brother steals and mommy lies
future lost
before their eyes

the sun was lost behind the clouds
they rapped it up and blacked it out

acid rain
fell today
it came and washed our hopes away

This was once the land of dreams
now these dreams have turned to greed

in the midst of all this wealth
the poor are left to help themselves

a capitalist's democracy
no one said that freedom's free

lady liberty rots away
no truth,
no justice
the American way

Don't look past your t.v.
all of us are what you see

a looking glass into our lives
what we watch is what we buy

priorities are out of whack
who is next
to stab our back

doesn't it make you mad
to have lost all that we've had

This was once the land of dreams
now these dreams have turned to greed

in the midst of all this wealth
the poor are left to help themselves

a capitalist's democracy
no one said that freedom's free

lady liberty rots away
no truth, no justice
the American way

Doesn't it fill you with disgust
that there's no one left to trust

is this happening is this real

my body numb
I cannot feel

are you happy are you sad
are emotions a thing of the past

I have no tears
I cannot cry
no one mourns
for a world that's died

This was once the land of dreams
now these dreams have turned to greed
in the midst of all this wealth
the poor are left to help themselves

a capitalist's democracy
no one said that freedom's free
lady liberty rots away
no truth, no justice
the American way
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 5/1/2011 9:33:57 PM
Another Puppet Down

The nation
and the world
is celebrating
the news
of the death
of "Osama Bin Laden "

ten years later
than the incident
this puppet was accused of

The prez
he's the man
all in one weekend

stave off accusations
of not being born
an American citizen

This death
a cap it off event
to a royal wedding weekend

Where is this
fairy tale leading?

What's new?
what's next?

Another puppet dead

Will this end
occupation of military forces
in Iraq, Afghanistan?

Will this lower
gas prices and boom
the economy?

Will the world become
a better place

Now that the number one
terrorist in the Planet Earth
is dead?

Sadly No
because we still don't know
the intentions of the shadow figures
that's got us all in this game of BS......

 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 4/26/2011 3:50:58 PM

What ever happened
to that last
that got married
had the voluptuous wedding
in the early 80's
during the Gipper's
and Bush reign
of trickle down economics
crack cocaine
celebrity deaths
and Iran Contra

The momma
of that boy
that's getting married
to that snob
on Friday

Remember 1997
when that first princess
died in an auto accident
It was a candle in the wind

what was it
some sources believe
she could have been assassinated
from terminated breach of royal practices
The camels back was broken
when the princess
fucced around with that nigga
from Morrocco
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 4/26/2011 3:36:50 PM
The Art of Rejection

The fine art
of telling somebody no

There's always a reason
behind it

perhaps a seasoning of dislike
possibly from conflicting tastes
of politics/religion
conflicting ideology
a conflict of interest
of what our minds tell us
maybe inner instinct

The way we dress
the way we speak
the styles of music
the love for certain types of
television radio or cinema

The word No
is always beautiful

The insecure
they dread it

The confident
shrug it off

Why don't they like that
guy or gal?

Maybe its all of the above

Human minds
are like computer programs

You can almost tell them
what to do

Even if they reject

the pleasure of acceptance
is the mind trick
to make them say yes
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 4/21/2011 10:23:27 PM
Media Blitz
Lyrics By
The Germs

I've got television
I've got supervision
No decisions for you
Media blitz-media Blitz
Immediate hits-we rule

Don't steal your eyes
off the TV screen
Can you realize
we're what we've seen

Take an injection
from the mad machine

Don't read the papers
read between the lines
We're vision rapers
and we seed the signs

You'll play your part
in the master mind

We feed the science
We deal in riots
We play by ideal time
We're a government fix
All social convicts
Watch the idle rhymes

Bleed your heart out-
that's all it's worth

Before you ever start-
we planned it first

Forget the truth-
accept your curd
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 4/16/2011 1:00:39 PM
Its a Real Gassssss

Gas prices
are climbing

now in my reality
its over 4 dollars
for 1 gallon

The higher
gas prices go up
the higher other prices
in various industries
go up

High gas prices
can bring out
the sleazy side
of folks
of their dark
and hidden persona

Its a game between
The haves
and the have nots

Hustling just to keep
that automobile running
is a hustler's work of art

People said
that they would boycott
over these insane prices

We now know
that was a crockpot
simmering full of BS

How high
do the prices have to climb
before you say
fucc all this con artist shit?

Maybe so

 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 4/7/2011 11:31:12 AM

You have to be
a strong minded
motherfuccer to survive
in this era
of corruption and lies

You have to be smart
to know
and to filter out
that's being fed to the
mass public on a daily basis

The reality of my surroundings
is different from yours
But the overylying theme
on a global scale
is the same

and manipulation
through symbolism
mother nature
entertainment industry
law enforcement
and most importantly
through manipulations
of new wave magic
used by means
of technology
to hold everyone
on a "leash"

As they
in the middle east

First it was
and ultimately

bent off the blueprint
By that pirate
Cecil Rhodes....

We can call shots
as the world police
yet we cant even take care of our own

is wrong with this picture?

You figure it out
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 3/27/2011 10:06:28 PM
 ominiux romuluxius
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Yesterday's Hits, Today's Reality#20
Posted: 3/18/2011 11:27:41 PM
Logical Song
Lyrics By:

When I was young
it seemed that life
was so wonderful
a miracle

oh it was beautiful

And all the birds in the trees
well they'd be singing so happily

oh joyfully
oh playfully watching me

But then they sent me away
to teach me how to be sensible
oh responsible

And then they showed me a world
where I could be so dependable

oh clinical
oh intellectual

There are times
when all the world's asleep

the questions run too deep
for such a simple man

Won't you please
please tell me
what we've learned

I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am

I said now
watch what you say
they'll be calling you a
a liberal
oh fanatical

Won't you sign up your name
we'd like to feel you're
oh presentable
a vegetable

Oh Take it
take it yeah!

But at night
when all the world's asleep

the questions run so deep
for such a simple man

Won't you please
please tell me
what we've learned

I know it sounds absurd
but please tell me who I am

Who I am

Who knows who's so logical
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 3/13/2011 10:55:04 PM
then again...
anything is possible
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 3/13/2011 10:40:19 PM
Washed Out

leader of technology
leader of productivity
in food
in transport

that island
in the Pacific
that was nuked
not once
but two times
in 1945

Many people died
from fire and incineration

66 years later
fire has become water

death and destruction
not by man made explosion

Nature and disaster
via mass manipulation
in science

Frequencies and antennuations
fuccing around
with the ionosphere

So many Tsunami's
and earthquakes
destroying small countries

New Orleans
New Zealand

Who's next
on this experimental
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 3/3/2011 10:28:57 PM
Answering the Questions
Ode to Charlie Sheen

Hollywood actor
caught in the latest
of Character assassination
smear campaign
by the media

He is
the laughing stock
and conversational piece
in many households
radio station booths

He is the man
that everyone is talking about

Read between the lines
of the rants he spouts
its his rebellion
against the industry

His lifestyle
His women
His offer
For Obama
to lead an investigation
into the suspicious events of 911

No time
No response
From the Oval Office

Who's got time
to lead an investigation
that may expose
some high power people
in the ultimate charge
of crimes against humanity
and Treason
to the highest degree
when they could be taking over
Middle Eastern and African Countries?

But the media
keeps demonizing
Charlie Sheen

Could there be
a connection?......

Stay Tuned.......
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 2/26/2011 3:25:14 PM
Middle East/African Restructure Plan

First it was Egypt
Now its Libya

Once again
the question
has to be asked

in the fucc
are we concerned
with another countries business?

And why is it our business
to tell leaders to step down

Once again
If these same leaders
told Obama to step down
due to all the corrupt shit
thats gone down for the past 10 years
would he?

Hell no
is the answer

so why?

Middle East
Restructure Plan

Replace the governments
with elitist approved puppets
via false sense of REVOLUTION
so the NWO
can wrap up the Middle East
and all that OIL

where the fucc
is my tinfoil hat
when I need it the most?
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 2/26/2011 3:04:19 PM
Peace Of State of Mind

when people do
stupid shit

You gotta keep yourself
in check

When people
are so stupid
they do stupid shit
due to lack of common sense
and communication

You gotta keep yourself
in check

Because if you really
lash out on these people
I found out
they can shut you out

When people
do stupid shit
because they are jealous
or plain ignorant

You gotta keep yourself
in check

You can find yourself
behind bars
or underneath the Earths surface
for attacking

I've seen too many
stupid ass people
go this route
over other stupid ass people's
reactions and actions

I've learned to laugh
and tune that stupid shit

Fucc You
 ominiux romuluxius
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Posted: 2/11/2011 1:49:17 PM
By: Kool Keith

Look Down
I'm a giant


Los Angeles

cruising up with airplanes
Lookin out
down at people like ants

Overcrowded streets
Two zillion pairs
of shoes and sneakers
walk the streets

Eight thousand million people
swimming on the beach

work in factory a lot
Walking in back of me

You jam-packed
the place is agony
9 to 5 working like ants

You don't have to be a chance

Under the circumstance
look at 'em crawl
Look at 'em move
up the wall
like roaches

That's right
you see the coaches

Look through the microscope
and glance
People are ants


Nothing but


from a very tall building
look down

I'm a giant
look down with the camera
taking bigger pictures
of Hummers
ants on the ground

Back up the concrete
by the pound

Pitch words
that's right
with relief pitchers
from the mound

Ants work together
jerk together
Do concerts together
cry and get hurt together

Program to the weak
and come back home

Like downtown ants
walk alone
meeting together

Cellular phone
they roam

look around as they dance



Look around
as they dance


terrible looking
walkin side to side
like a work farm

Some mean no harm
With the fire department
ring the alarm

Ants work for America
some work for Saddam

Some speak out talk loud
some chew on bread

Some move calm
ants move well

Church and collars with the lapel
Time's up
ants move with the bell

You can't tell
that's ants
 ominiux romuluxius
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News Days1
Posted: 2/11/2011 1:31:07 PM
Egyptian Sunrise

The people got together
they got what they wanted

An end to dictatorship
an end the elitist rule?

The government
is now in the military's hands

So now the question remains

Now what?

Its one thing
to overthrow rule
but the most crucial thing
that must be addressed
how business is handled
in the future

Will the new leaders
get power hungry
and ultimately become
the very people
they drove out in the first place?

A social revolution
via "Facebook"
and internet clouds

as the shit was shut down
a preview
of what a possible
"Internet Kill switch"
would be here
if there should ever be a theme
of revolution in this country

 ominiux romuluxius
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Sunday Madness!! Recap 2
Posted: 2/6/2011 10:42:37 PM
Black Eye Stew

I remember
back in the late 90's
when the Black Eye Peas
were a funky band
that had serious fuccin meaning

Then everything changed
when that ex tweeker
known as "Fergie"
joined the band...

I look at the half time show
and I'm thinking

to the black eye peas?

was with the
ultra gay ass cheesy little
cover song interludes?

Who really cared
if slash showed up
"Fergie" can't sing
worth shit

If I was Axl Rose
and saw how she
that classic
I'd be pissed

An epic fail
to your mega monstrosity
of cheap industrial light and magic
as there was major glitches
during the performance
on a mega
LED (Light Emitting Diode)scale

The half time show
was whack as hell

And Will I Am
was that on your head?
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Sunday Madness!! Recap 1
Posted: 2/6/2011 10:35:00 PM
Oh Say
Can You Sing?
(Ode to Christina Aguilera)

Oh say
can you sing
the proper lyrics
to the
National Anthem?

Obviously you can't
get the words right
You should have come to me
for proper lyrical transcription
instead of having the song texted
to you at the last minute
by a "Shipment of Fail"

so everyone
is now ridiculing you

An epic fail
but you gave it your all

Now please do us all
a huge favor

and please

Go back
behind your
Castle Walls
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Sunday Madness!!
Posted: 2/6/2011 10:56:36 AM
SuperBowl Sundae
Lyrics By:

We be the untraditional
metaphorically medicinal

decibel peaks
be my ritual

one condition though
I'm layin law
like the municipal

lyrics habitual
with puffin buddha

get your crew
and I"m gonna
do the opposite of peace
and go to war
go prepare
your boys
for floor show

eatin every morsel
I'm your corporal
rather resourceful

rippin rappers
from their dome piece
to their torso

no remorse for imitators
my crew be innovators
paying homage
as well as returning favors
learnin flavors
from the path pavers

but now Ozomatli
be makin new hits
from past data

Super Bowl Sundae
This is Super Bowl Sundae

I'm Chali 2nafish
ain't no buck or twist
in my posture

licking shots
cuz a brotha gots to

get my proper
shrimp and lobster
on my dock like a mobster

givin shouts in states
to sustain my stature

ain't no gimmick behind

the way that I'm designing my rhyme
line for line
you'll find
in your neighborhood

there's a flavor flood
whether you're a ghetto star
or if your name is mud

I speak the truth
rather courageously

and I act
rather contagiously
when the stage is free

the rage in me is contained
now they got me

Chali 2nafish

Super Bowl Sundae

This is
Super Bowl Sundae
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Sunday Madness!!
Posted: 2/6/2011 10:31:25 AM

Its that time
the time of the year
when its football
Extravaganza.... Coliseum arena fashion
on a futuristic mantra
of old Roman Empire

Gluttonous Baszterds
Mired in a myriad of junk food
Multi million ad campaigns
and ......

......The Half time show

Post produced
after a record
Nine hour
Pre game show

Get your gluttony on
while you watch
the testosterone on the field bubble
with excitement
with an array of commercials
as intermission

Get your hoot and holler on
all over the place

Who will win?
who really gives a fucc?

Make sure
you don't pig out
too much


Super Bowl!!.....
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World Perspective #1
Posted: 2/4/2011 10:11:48 AM
Different Country
Same Old Shit

What's happening in Egypt
is nothing different
than what happened
and more

Power change
by means of

A revolt?
A means of transitional power

Why in the fucc
are we involved
in Egyptian business
in the first place?

Now flip
the coin

If Egypt
was trying to call policy
over here?

I don't think so...

A Balance of power
but on who's behalf?

A transitional government
but to benefit who?

Certainly not the people

You figure it out......
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Yesterday's Hits, Today's Reality#16
Posted: 2/2/2011 12:28:01 PM
When All is Said and Done
Lyrics By:
Napalm Death

feeds the world to madness
Faith's crumbling
there's no doubt about it

Religion and science
a new kind of war

Helpless - wander the streets in desperation
Fearless - to the path they tread
Shameless - the powers that butcher
Ignorant -to the deeds that they commit

the structure of nature

catalysts to slaughter

A stalemate bursting bound
by contradictions

Heartless - divine blueprints of hatred
Selfless - Diseased master plans
Shameless - the powers that butcher
Ignorant -to the deeds that they commit

When all is said and done
Heaven lies in my heart
No slave to beliefs
that propagate pain

When all is said and done
Heaven lies in our hearts
This life is a gift
to be lived and loved

Decoded treachery
shielding the tyranny
Black Bible tyrants
behind masks of righteousness

Relentless - the onslaught of misunderstanding

Descending into
a unified chaos

One more chance
for a shot at redemption

Lost within
can we summon the might?
Show me the light
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Much Respect2
Posted: 1/24/2011 2:21:44 PM
Artilleria Pesada
AKA "Heavy Artillery" (English Version)
Lyrics from
Control Machete

As is
what comes
Presents Heavy Artillery

I keep, keep, retain the air, and breathe interrupt
lap after lap restarting the rotation
I turn and I go by the trail
and death takes me
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

teach me

encourage me
believe in me as I believe
are my eyes are my fists,
pure bazstards
no force, no mind, there is ...
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Better perceive the panorama
night comes and presents his lady
free at last out any sentence
I go from inside to outside voices
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Draft, loose, suppliers
few meters of life
cum correct, mitigate injuries
to those that never forget
(Pure Mexican control machete)

I sail in street intercept and forget everything that
when I give my total
where day flight delay
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Continued, up logarithmically
are my courage, my patience is my flag and armasecreta
Did you not know?
This heavy artillery
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

The residents receive the mantle
some believe,
some do not think so
unique across any and all
expression and war code
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Sure, there are aliens local visitors
are my hands are my people
are the support that is lacking in these sad times
(Beats give, receive and still shots, so that, at quedigo)
(Beats give, receive and still shots, so I am, so quedigo)

Detachment, indifference, took off in large, initiated and is pursuing
just a gut sense of living
missing appears when talking and listening to that ...
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Now you are my mind, my heart, my blood is
respect for all people who are with me
through thick and thin, regardless of the reason
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Light and reflections highlight ways
just remember who is with me
so it is, so come
the corner, my life, path
(Artillery, controlled, heavy artillery, the machete)

Set of common ideas, flame starts
mind combined into three, did you see?
(Heavy artillery, heavy artillery, heavy artillery ...)
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Much Respect
Posted: 1/24/2011 2:07:16 PM
Thanks for posting that Heiruspecs wool C. "Small Steps" is a cool song with meaning
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Strange Days in Hollyweird1 revisited!
Posted: 1/20/2011 12:22:27 PM
my apologies, the video link I posted was NOT the one I wanted.

THIS link above has the celebrities he ripped on reacting to him as they took the stage, which makes it much more that hilarious
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Strange Days in Hollyweird1
Posted: 1/20/2011 9:37:07 AM
Welcome to the Incineration
Gloden Gobes Awards 2011

Ricky Gervais
much applause
on his "roast"
at the Gloden Gobes

It was hilarious
how he cut down
the egos
of that plasticated
hollyweird elite

Baldwin and Deniro
they laughed
their asses off

The others in the crowd
you could see
their game face on
in full force
hidden anger
with plastic smiles

Gervais didn't roast
the A list royalty

them all
in a few hours flat

He could be
in Hollyweird
for his jokes

But damn
that shit was funny

Now that is
true Brit comedy
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Yesterday's Hits, Today's Reality # ???
Posted: 1/19/2011 10:42:41 AM
Make Me Laugh
Written By:

"Spread the word!
Through me
God is heard"

You're making me laugh
Tell me your killing joke
You're making me laugh

"Jesus saves!
But only after I've been paid"

You're making me laugh
Tell me your killing 'joke
End your hoax

God says have a T.V. show
God says baby do some blow
God says taxes are a sin
God says pour the money in

Rape the poor
faith no more

Faith for cash
make me laugh

Faith no more
face the whore

Rape your past
make me laugh

"Never, never, ever sin!
Unless God says to stick it in"

You're making me laugh
Tell me your killing joke
The truth can choke

"Defrocked from your seat
Don't shit where you eat"

You're making me laugh
Tell me your killing joke
That God talks to you
There's no hope

God says have a T.V. show
God says baby do some blow
God says taxes are a sin
God says pour the money in

Rape the poor
faith no more

Faith for cash
make me laugh

Faith no more
face the whore

Rape your past
make me laugh

God says have a swimming pool
God say keep the doghouse cool
God says planes and boats and cars
God says have an amusement park
God says go and masturbate
God says file taxes late
God says paint your face all sick

God says be a real prick
God says have a T.V. show
God says baby do some blow
God says taxes are a sin
God says pour the money in

Rape the poor
faith no more

Faith for cash
make me laugh

Faith no more
face the whore

Rape your past
make me laugh
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Posted: 1/18/2011 2:12:58 PM
WTF Cinema
Fall Edition
(In No Particular Order)

2.What About Bob?
3.Encino Man
4.A Bug's Life
6.Dancehall Queen
7.Monterey Pop (Concert Documentary)
8.Monster Truck Mater(Short)
9.Bad Timing
10.Marley and Me
11.America:Freedom to Fascism (documentary)
12.Inglorious Basterds
13.The Longest Yard (original version)
14.Major League
15.Don't Look
16.Blood Sucking Freaks
17.Liberty Stood Still
18.Jennifer's Body
19.Ghost of Girlfiends Past
20.A Perfect Getaway
21.Stephen King's IT
22.Shawshank Redemption
23.Thank God It's Friday
24.The Ring
26.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
27.Four Christmases
28.Couple's Retreat
29.The Wizard of Gore
30.Trick R Treat
31.Miss March
33.Cats Eye
37.Halloween H20
38.Along Came Polly
42.Kick Ass
43.Ebola Syndrome
45.House (1986)
46.Trick R Treat
47.I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
48.Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
49.Meet the Fockers
53.The Men Who Stare at Goats
54.The Boat That Rocked (AKA Pirate Radio)
55.Viva La Muerte
58.Straw Dogs
59.Black Snake Moan
60.Clash of the Titans (Original Version)
61.Winnebago Man (Documentary)
62.Fantastic Planet
63.Office Space
66.Star 80
67.Virgin Suicides
68.Blood Sucking Freaks
69.A Serious Man
70.Drag Me to Hell
71.No Country for Old Men
72.Get Him to the Greek
73.The Dead Zone
74.Up in Smoke
75.9 to 5
76.Sin City
77.Bringing Out the Dead
79.I Spit on Your Grave
80.Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
81.Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
82.Bad Santa
83.A Christmas Story
84.Twice Upon A Time
85.I Stand Alone
88.The Green Mile
89.The Shawshank Redemption
90.Gramma (Stephen King short)
91.Boogeyman (Stephen King short)
92.Disciples of the Crow (Stephen King Short)
93.Salem's Lot
94.Storm of the Century
95.Quicksilver Highway
102.Rose Red
104.The Exorcist
105.Reefer Madness!
106.American Graffiti
107.Funny Games
108.Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
110.The Doom Generation

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Posted: 1/16/2011 2:42:18 PM
Lorraine 306

April 4th, 1968
Lorraine Motel
room 306
was where you were shot

Why were you shot?
because the fact
that you were way
over your head
in your role
as a political leader
amongst a sea of bigots ?

The order you worked for
to hold the blacks in place
to keep the real rebellion
from taking place in the streets
all in the name of peace

the "PTB"
were not amused
with your political foray into
the belly of the beast of
public policy and global matters

Secret Op documents of that time
claim that
would not be wearing ties
coincidentally Like Jesse Jackson
and Billy Kyles

They escaped the bullet
they escaped the slaughter

Some folks even speculate
that Jackson
was in on the assassination

Memphis minister Billy Kyles
even slipped at the mouth
at a speech years later
that he and Jackson
moved out the way
as the shots were to be fired

everyone in the photos
pointing at the gunman
in one direction
as they all stood
on the second floor

when in reality
the gunman was already gone

according to witnesses
that saw a man
jump inside a police car
and sped off

those same witnesses

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Posted: 1/14/2011 9:56:14 AM
By the Time
I Get to Arizona
Written By:
Public Enemy

I'm counting' down
to the day
Fitting' for a king

I'm waiting' for the time
when I can
Get to Arizona

Cause my money is spent
The goddamn rent

Neither party is mine
not the
Jackass or the elephant

20,000 niggy niggy brothas
in the corner
Of the cell block
but they come
From California

Population is none
in the desert and sun
Wit' a gun cracker
Runnin' things
under his thumb

Staring' hard at the postcards
Isn't it odd and unique?
Seeing' people smile
wild in the heat

120 degree
'Cause I wanna be free
What's a smiling' face
When the whole state's racist

Why want a holiday
Fuk it 'cause I wanna

So what if I celebrate it
standing' on a corner

I ain't drinking' no 40
I 'm thinking' time with a nine

Until we get some land
Call me the trigger man

Looking for the governor
Huh he ain't loving' ya
But here to trouble ya
He's rubbing' ya wrong

Get the point come along

An he can get to the joint
I urinated on the state
While I was kicking' this song

he appeared to be fair
The sucker over there
He try to keep it yesteryear

The good old days
The same old ways
That kept us dying

and I

What he needs
is a nosebleed

Read between the lines

Then you see the lie

Politically planned
But understand
that's all she wrote

When we see the real side
That hides behind the vote

And they can't understand
why he's the man

I'm singing' about a king
They don't like it
When I decide to mike it

I'm waiting' for the date
For the man
who demands respect
Cause he was great

I'm on the one mission
To get a politician
To honor
or he's a goner

By the time
I get to Arizona

I got 25 days to do it
If a wall is in the way
Just watch me go through it

Cause I gotta do
what I gotta do
PE number one
Gets the job done

When it's done and over
Was because I drove her
Through all the static
Not stick but automatic

That's the way it is

He gotta get his
Talking' MLK
Gonna find a way

Make the state pay
Looking' for the day

Hard as it seems
This ain't no damn dream

Gotta know what I mean

It's team against team
Catch the light beam

So I pray

I pray everyday
I do and praise
Jah the maker

Looking for culture
I got but not here
From Jah maker

Pushing and shaking
the structure
Bringing down the Babylon

Hearing the sucker
That make it hard
for the brown

The hard Boulevard
I need it now
More than ever now

Who's sitting on my freedom
Oppressor people beater

Piece of the pick
We picked a piece
Of land that we're deserving' now

a piece of the nation

And damn he got the nerve

Another niga they say
and classify
We want too much

My people plus
the whole nine is mine

Don't think
I even double dutch
Here's a brother
my attitude hit 'em
Hang 'em high

I'm Blowing' up the 90s
started ticking' 86

When the blind
get a mind

Better start and earn
while we sing it

There will be the day
we know who is down
and who will go
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Epic Fail Tales#2
Posted: 1/12/2011 1:19:29 PM
Written By:

This Is The Trench
That Never Surrenders

Fighting The Front
Attacking Their Nest

All Out
Holding Our Flag

All Out
Ruling Our Path

Our Revolt

This Is The Trench
That Never Surrenders

This Is A Strike
That Targets An Answer

Heads Up
Confronting The Task

Heads Up
We're Wearing No Mask

Look Inside The Truth

It's Our Revolt
It's Our Revolt
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Epic Fail Tales#2
Posted: 1/12/2011 1:04:31 PM
and erota77 if you plan to post any more lyrics on this thread, can you please make sure it doesn't look so tacky?

and remember...meaning, not these whack ass artificial lyrics

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Epic Fail Tales#2
Posted: 1/12/2011 1:02:32 PM

Talk about a snitch
got caught
at Walgreens
with weapons
that would have
put any other brotha
beneath the prison system

Yet this nigga is free
even his wife
had a show on

Who the fucc
are you working for

Put that
in your crackpipe
and smoke it

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Epic Fail Tales#1
Posted: 1/11/2011 10:42:57 PM
WTF Is This?
Episode#R U Serious?
SAD Demise of Arco Arena

Why in the fucc
are they renaming
the Arco Arena

Power Balance Pavilion?

That shit is gay
just like the fake ass
trendy bracelet
its named after

No one likes this

Some things
should be left
the fucc alone

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