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 Author Thread: Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Joined: 9/23/2006
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Is the fairytale impossible after 30?
Posted: 10/28/2006 8:59:36 PM
Sorry the fairytale is immpossible at any age, its not so much finding someone and having an intense conection after meeting only once or twice, the fairytale falls apart in the happily ever after stage. If you're say 25 when you get married, and you have a life expectancy of 75 years your looking at trying to fill 50 years with bliss, thats a tall order.

At 35 yo your still looking at 40 years. The difference is that at 35yo ya got a little more livin under your belt so the "less perfect" thing is accepted as a the more realistic plan "B".

If any of us here really new the answer to that question we wouldn't be here to answer it we'd be livin happily ever after in our own bliss filled relationship. But u go gurl
Joined: 9/23/2006
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OH No! Another FAQ!
Posted: 10/20/2006 9:51:35 PM
well doggie
with the exception of #6 i think you're bang on.
never use the truth as a weapon.
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Hypocrisy of Condoms
Posted: 10/19/2006 5:06:06 PM
The same reason we as a society jump on any band wagon
----------------Stellar Marketing campaigns---------------

Through advertising you plant the seed in the prospective customers brain that ya can screw all ya want and never get a green weenie(beaver), if only ya use a "Trojan Condom". They are gonna be thinkin "I gotta buy a box of Trojan condoms then I can screw all I want". They are not concerned with pregnancy or std's or hiv, they are concerned with screwin all they want. Tis the power of posative suggestion, if ya buy condoms you're gonna get laid, why would you buy condoms if you're not going to get laid??? Buying condoms=getting laid.
No condoms= no nooky.

There is an advertising campaign on TV right now for a competitor to Viagra and the tag line is "Caution!!! in the rare event that you experiance an errection lasting more than 4 hours consult your physician immediatley". I guarantee people are not looking at this as a warning they are watchin this and thinkin 4 hour errection eh!!!!! well I got this box of condoms that is getting close to its expiration date and with some of this 4 hour errection medication I'll be able to use them up all in one go "WASTE NOT WANT NOT".

"Sex Sells" is the golden rule of advertising which is why there are big breasted blond bimbo's in just about every form of advertising known to man(what most women's magazines try marketing to women is how they can be the big breasted blond bimbo)(just an observation). I was reading a guitar magazine and I saw an advertisment for a guitar and there was no guitar in the picture just the blond bimbo and thename of the manufacturer.

Any way that is all the time I have for ranting right now.
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