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 Author Thread: Thought i meant more then that
Joined: 1/22/2011
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Thought i meant more then that
Posted: 9/24/2012 1:45:44 PM
listen, and listen cannot "fix" him, you cannot "mother" him thru this, you will not ever have the life you once had, even a fake reality of it. Your kids learn by watching and listening, if you have baby girls then right now you are instructing them on how to live the abused, lonely, dreaded life of a loser being used by others. If their father does this then dont walk away, dont pack it up..RUN!!.run now go away and let him find his needs elsewheres, it is never going to be what your dreams are inside your head, so stop that dreaming admit to yourself he is a goner and move on, and as fast as you can. Dont make escuses the kids friends all live her blah blah blah blah will never get past this tragety until you put enough miles between your family and him to ease the dreaded loss your so worried over. get over him, and if he ever does change it'
s on him to come see, support of w/e those kids, do not rely on him for any suppoert, ever, that is just a means of communicating back agaian. Sure file for support and if you get it fine, if not you need to be dependant on you!.now go.get busy.write us back when your off to the new life..and smile.practice smiling.soon it will come all natural once again!
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