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 Author Thread: 45+ men and fashion
Joined: 2/25/2011
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45+ men and fashion
Posted: 6/30/2011 1:04:08 PM
You know what, even after reading all the other comments to your entry , i have to agree with you,,, i am 45,, and i know what i like in a woman,, i love when she dresses nice and fashionable, its very attractive, men are liars,, tell me one man that doesnt like a woman who looks attractive, nice clothes looks and smells great,, makeup done,,, they love it and they all stand back and look at her,,, so whats the difference for woman towards men,, woman love a man that dresses nice, trims or shaves, smells good,, nice haircut,,,nice trendy fashionable clothes,, its attractive,, it looks as if you care about yourself,, i love the confidence it gives me,,,i dont mind spending a little money to shop at nicer stores,, for nicer clothes,,, plus at least i look different every day, most of these guys look the same everyday day in and day out, just different colors,,,
Men if you want a woman to notice you from others and you want more dates,, and quit complaining about why woman dont want nice guys,, they do,, they just dont want the plumber or the geek at the beach with sandels and colored socks,, quite complaining, do something about it,, lose weight, keep you hair and face trimed, look nice and fasionable, smell good,,, i guarentee you will love it,, more dates,, more looks and more offers,,, along that comes a great feeling of confidence,, self esteem,, i can tell you this i wouldnt want an over weight woman in plaid pants , and a blouse, with flat sandels,, i would much rather look at a woman, at 45 in true religion jeans,, nice top shirt,, and some heels,, mmmmmm very nice
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