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 Author Thread: Should these be red flags?
Joined: 3/8/2011
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Should these be red flags?
Posted: 4/29/2012 12:28:36 AM
One thing I know is texting is a sign that she is being bored/disappointed in your meeting; she is expecting something more you're not giving her. Do you play pocket video games while you're watching the Superbowl or at a
Let me give you a translation of "friend" if the "friend" is a male: he is a "friend" with benefits or doesn't know how to tell her he WANTS to be a fwb. She may not know why he's tagging along her social circle, so she rationalizes...he must want to be my "friend".
It's fine if a lady doesn't have a car, just make sure YOU do.
Lots of girls don't hang out with other guys because they don't trust other girls (in the words of many of my gfs) a girl will stab her "friend" in the back before Jack the Ripper does; it may be also that other girls don't want to be round her. But when possible, you should encourage it for it may come in handy for you.
She's talking about her bfs? A sure sign you've taken toooo looong to move in. What she would like to do with YOU should be the main subject.
If you care so much, you could work through plans with her as what she could do w/ her life, & see if she takes steps in that direction; either way, move in or move away, 'cause she's losing interest fast, though she had lots of hopes for you in the beginning--or she wouldn't have made out with you.
Stay with her if you see your thing, but don't invite her to the ranch yet. Women need direction, so help lead her, don't be a captain save...but do be a resource of enlightenment as the MAN to her. Pleease make sure YOU're doing something worth both your interests and investment...she may want to jump on your boat as your assistant.
If she HAS A JOB that's beautiful..if she isn't complaining about it that's young fellas need to know that there was a time in America when it was great TO HAVE A JOB (period). THIS meant responsibility of some kind & you would build on that. 99.999% of people took years to be established, & often the right mate was the fuel that made the rocket shoot so far, a far cry from today's "independence" propaganda to keep men/women divided. Capitalize on that with her...get her to become proud of just working & not being idle. This isn't captain save a ho, it's being an inspiring MAN. Give her riches for her soul & body, not her pocket book.
Either way, make sure you're doing this with different flavors/ages of women at the same time, like playing basketball with different guys of various musculature, heights & experience--to gain wisdom & be more seasoned, so you'll be the one giving the advice. Women are aching for a WISE man.
Joined: 3/8/2011
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Is virginity and lack of sexual experience really so bad?
Posted: 10/9/2011 1:10:38 PM
I had a very close communication with my cousin who was in your shoes 4 years ago. He lost his virginity to an escort (higher class prostitute) at the age of 33! Directly after this, women began to do the exact thing he hadn't experienced since he was 2o, they began to approach HIM! Everything you were saying and more I don't think you're telling us is what he said to me and my brother. So I can tell you from someone in the know (you're not going to listen because you're stubborn and trying to rationalize everything; hopefully one day you'll see what I'm saying and drop the high-mindedness (not an insult-he thanked me later, now that he has three committed gf's).

Celibacy or "virginity" DOES create pride that others see but you may not, for you have to hold your own self up and "be your own mate" so to speak. The coldness is from taking too long to have sex. Your bodily member is a plug that is not receiving electricity to put your body to good use. The very reason we have jobs is to provide for a family. There was an ancient saying that he who prefers to be alone is self indulgent and despises all who have sound judgement. The Jews saw it as the greatest curse, which is why people married before their twenties. We take so long not because of good judgment, but because we still have Roman Catholic ideals pervading our culture, the end was actually to hate men and women getting together, so the best way is to help them by making marriage seem to be a misfortune, then to create impediments to make it easier for people to make their own excuses. The quote of it being like a necessity the same as eating drinking and going to #2 actually comes from your German great Martin Luther the Reformer himself, who saved the west from a stenchpool of perversion and celibacy literally overnight-you should know, it's your country's history. Read his letters to the German Nobility and the Teutonic Knights. Also he wrote 5 sermons on marriage; you don't have to be religious, he was a hood down to earth guy whose own letters took us out of the Dark Ages so read it for history and research what was going on at the time--much of it is what is going on with you, so you should find much understanding. Luther knew about natural law and can educate you--it's a SCIENCE most do not appeal to today, to the blindness of many. I was like you in this respect, so this is why I can say this to you. "it is not good that the man be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him" will be clear to you. You need to KILL this misfortune for I already see that you're going down a slippery slope and you don't want to know where it will lead--my cousin almost did. GET OUT NOW, PLEASE, MY FRIEND. Don't worry about being hurt or being emotional--you have feelings because you're supposed to have them--DON'T worry about your FEAR, but replace it with passion for the girl(s) you set your eye on; express this with the women and keep going regardless of where it leads (her yes or no or not yet). Passion is POWER. The greatest Jewish intellectual of the first thousand years A.D. said Knowledge without ZEAL is deadness. Be a REAL scientist by studying EXPERIENTIALLY (like the great scientists of old) not in the fantasy of your thoughts, the beauty of real life and women who are the other half of humanity. Go out with a girl, have fun, and LET HER KNOW you desire her sexually. She wants you too; she's pretty SO THAT you'll want her--as a biologist I'm sure you can see that it would be pointless otherwise. This should keep you from worshipping her 'beauty" it is to serve you, not cause you to bow in fear to her. Beauty is fleeting which is proof she doesn't own it but gets to borrow it for a while. So look for beautiful (respectful and sexual) WORDS and BEHAVIOR, and you should be fine.
Joined: 3/8/2011
Msg: 10 (view)
Broken Heart
Posted: 9/3/2011 1:25:26 AM
The best protection is another woman, preferably 3. It seems that you don't know the reality of things out here, man. About every woman not nailed down has at least 5 guys she's with at one time, and they expect you to have the same number of girls. So get another girl or 2 and believe me, your perception will change and so will hers for you.

She can't break your heart, you're the man, take your balls back by choice. A lot of people are afraid of sentimentalism--DON'T BE; in this you're fine, even with a NSA girl like her, you and her are supposed to have it for each other! That's what you're looking for; in the meantime, have FUN with your sexuality around her and feel great all you want, BUT DON'T BE BLIND TO REALITY. Learn to please her sexually and all this boo hoo junk will seem like foolishness. Forget about getting a "broken heart". Men do not get broken hearts, and you are a good strong man to have a heart for a woman of today. Take all she does as good fun, for that's why God made her. Remember meeting a kid or a long lost cousin at a playground only to have never seen them again? Was your heart broken, or do you cherish the fact that you have memories of laughter and fun under the bright sun?

What you need is knowledge on how to handle them as a man; they want you to handle them as a man of knowledge. The cure is to get other girls; I see lookalikes of my exes all the time or one I missed, I got another. Remember, affection MUST BE if you tell her anything of feeling, make sure she expresses the same to for it...if it doesn't come, that's your clue something's up. Women today aren't stupid, they know exactly what you're doing and every move they're making; it's how God made them as our helpers, not as a cause for suspicion. Helpers look after the every need of those they help, which makes them more sensual in perception. Pull that out of her--she wants you to--remember she's the woman.
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