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 Author Thread: Men 40+ and Childless
Joined: 4/9/2011
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Men 40+ and Childless
Posted: 7/12/2011 5:47:46 PM
Wow, I am 50 and have no children. I didn't think I was "messed up" because of it. lol. When I married I married a girl that had 3 children. ( A good kids father at another home) I helped the kids with homework, trumpet lessons(UGH) . I saw to it they ate every meal etc. My wife at the time had had her tubes tied after the third child. I didn't have kids. Eventually the wife "frequently off on business with her boss" decided being married to her boss sounded alittle more appealing than being married to me. She asked that I move along. I still see the kids on occassion. 2 are doing great. 1 , well not so good , but improving.LOL. I have not met anyone since that I have felt was a "keeper"lol. So I have no children. I think my swimmers still swim. I must admit. the fact I wasn't a daddy at 17 or so was probably more a higher powers call than mine.
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