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 Author Thread: Why do so many women like FWB with a guy instead of a relationship?
Joined: 4/17/2011
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Why do so many women like FWB with a guy instead of a relationship?
Posted: 6/12/2011 6:55:38 PM
id disagree its not being tricked into relationship, whole meaning of FWB means you are not attached to them as a view of being a couple, there for the terms of "cheating" dont apply, you cant cheat on a FWB also i'd say like a good handfull of guys girls can also get bored with 1 person, maybe guy A does same type things all time in bed but guy B mixes it up more, but person A might be bigger or more attractive but she desires the alternative ways in bed often so she has 2 FWB to get the best of both without feeling bad on doing anything wrong, beccause she not dating any1 so she really not cheating or cant do anytthing wrong. That seem like a reasonable answer in my eyes. Guys do same thing, they want different ranges like big tits and tight **** well unless u a lucky girl who athletic you wont have both so kinda chubby girl will have big tits and small girl with like b size cup ,might be tight.

Also, girl might be looking for a certain type but never or rarely finds him but she wanting sex at times, so she wants be available for right guy, that can be another reason
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