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 Author Thread: Farewell POF.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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Farewell POF.
Posted: 11/13/2015 9:46:38 AM
I have not been here in a really long time and am actually getting ready to leave.

I saw this post and had to chime in.

There was a time when I would race home to jump on these forums all night eating
My supper by the glow of my laptop.

I met my man here ten years ago. I met friends I'm still friends with on these forums.

I am having a hard time letting go as believe it or not, this place had a huge impact on my life.

I wish people could have seen or knew how great these forums were.

How great the people on them were. So many personalities. So many views.

They were great great times I will never forget.
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RIP *cowboy*
Posted: 6/12/2015 5:26:19 AM
I came to the forums in 2006 and was part of that great explosion of POF forum fun.
Cowboy was a big part of that group of us oldies.
He was always kind and he knew when to take out the hammer.
I will always remember that time here as probably the best years of my life as I met some
really great people whom I still converse with today.

I don't come here much anymore. I was messaged that he had passed on Facebook. Thank you
Kathy for letting me know.
I am beyond shocked to see this. He was a life force here. I wish him peace.
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Recreate my profile with same username
Posted: 9/4/2014 12:54:53 AM
You will not be able to use that name for at least
A while while the system clears it. It still recognizes your name
As a user.

Try doing the name and posting a period at the end or something
Else to make it unique.
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Not single not looking
Posted: 9/2/2014 6:25:11 PM
I had " isn't seeking any kind of commitment blah blah"
Choice. Not the one it is insisting I have.

I only come here for the forums and I get that it's a dating site.
I met my match here so thank you plenty of fish but I
Would like to just stay And read the forums for a little
While longer.

Thanks for addressing this.
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Not single not looking
Posted: 9/2/2014 5:57:47 PM
Why does my profile say "casual dating no commitment"
When I have clearly chosen " not single not looking".

I have tried to change it a million times and it won't change.

It's been this way for a long time. I don't get it.
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POF Guy of My Dreams - Has a Horrible Dog
Posted: 7/13/2014 5:23:24 PM
No. You will never fit in. He will choose
The dog over you.

You don't say how old the dog is or the breed.

If given the choice over someone- I'm choosing my
Dog. There is no human alive who would be as
Loyal to me as my dog.

As far as advice- you don't like the dog. The dog senses this
And treats you accordingly. You state your dog is the
Perfect little dog. He feels his dog is probably the perfect
Little dog and loves his dog very much.

People who love their dogs are pretty loyal to them
And their reactions to strangers.
He would probably pick the dog over you anyway.
This isn't rocket science. You don't like the dog.
Even I can sense that.
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my boyfriend is cheating on me...should I end it?
Posted: 7/5/2014 8:26:59 AM
Unattractive's don't cheat because their grateful
To have a girlfriend ........

You should stay together.
You can be suspicious the rest of this relationship
With your hot boyfriend and he can basically do
Anything to you including giving you a nice hot
Std from another chick that he's screwing because-
Hey wouldn't want to date those Unattractive's .

Jesus girl. Really. Just wow wee.

You have a lot to learn.

Have fun learning it.

When you are ready to get serious about your life
And the consequences of your actions and your
Oh so informative thoughts on who cheats and who
Possibly couldn't, please post again.
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Posted: 6/8/2014 10:16:08 AM
Thank you all. Haven't been here but
I can say that this stuff rocks.

Like it way better than rice.

Will be looking for recipes to use it more often.

If you have any, please share. Can it be used for
Breakfast too? Just wondering.

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He needs time to think..
Posted: 4/19/2014 6:57:17 PM
When someone says " I need space" give them all
The space they need.

I know you are deeply attached but space means just that. Space.

Do not make yourself available. Do not be his fallback girl
Right now.

Go here and read about "space" -

No one who wants to truly be with you needs space.
He is not being entirely truthful with you.

You are worth more than waiting for someone to make up
Their mind over.

I know it hurts and I have been there before.
Maybe in a few months it will change for him but with
Some self introspection, you might not want it or even think of
Him the same way.
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5 Good Dates, No Call Back
Posted: 4/12/2014 6:10:57 AM
[QUOTE]I'm totally uncomfortable with calling a guy after we have sex[\QUOTE]

I don't understand this- you can get naked and be at
Your most vulnerable but can't call? Really? Okay then.

Here's the skinny- he wanted sex. He enthralled you with
His dashing ways. Took you to dinner. Made you
Dinner at his place and then made you desert.

Done. Next.

Not a nice guy no matter how much you want to believe
He was.

Your usefulness in his eyes is done.

Get checked.
Have a nice day.

Ps. He's not a nice guy. A nice guy would call.
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Posted: 3/30/2014 7:59:28 AM
I just got a very large bag if this from a friend.

I have never cooked with it.

First- how do I cook it and does anyone have recipes?

I saw that you can eat it for breakfast?

Is it like bulgar? I know it's a seed. Does it have a taste
Or does it take on what you cook it with?

Is it really healthy ?

Thank you.
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Can't understand why he just stopped talking to me?
Posted: 3/30/2014 3:30:59 AM
Don't stop posting here. Some of these forum posters
Are mean and think because they have been here posting they
Are the be all to end all when some of their comments
Are worth s h I t.

To your question- I have also been where you are and many
Others have too.

If I can give you one piece of advice that you will
Take with you from my post it is this-
It's not you.
You did nothing. You can stop analyzing every minute, every
Word and action in the date.

Trust me on this. As much as we want to believe someone is
Honest and true because we have shared so much with
Them, it just isn't that way around here sometimes.

He will contact you again. They always do with some s h i t
Story. You will get the truth eventually.

It's up to you how you handle that contact because it will
Joined: 11/8/2006
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abusive ex on here again
Posted: 3/16/2014 6:33:50 PM
He is probably not a con artist. He is just a guy
Who is really good at finding women who feel bad
For a guy with nine kids.

You decided to get involved and you decided to
Get pregnant and you decided to lose your car.

You could have walked away at any time.

Your behavior is what you should look at so that
This doesn't happen again for you and the next guy
Gets a strong woman with goals and a backbone
To be a partner and not his nanny or bed partner.

Clean up your end. Don't worry about what he is doing.
He's going to continue to play his whoa is me card.

You- don't worry about warning others. They won't
Listen. You didn't.
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?Corrupted Profile?
Posted: 3/16/2014 6:22:17 PM
I'm thinking his wife or girlfriend found
His profile and he has to keep making a new one
Until, again she finds the new one or she is on to

Happens around here all the time.

Have you met any of these guys?
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Would you consider a LDR now when you wouldn't before?
Posted: 3/9/2014 5:57:59 PM
Did one. We now live together. Took two years.
We were in two different states.

We have lived together now since 2009.

I will never ever do it again. Ever. Never.

Too emotional and angst ridden and all kinds of

Not up to it again. Now that I'm older it just seems
Like the investment would take too much time.

My time is getting limited now. I wouldn't have that
Kind of time to invest in waiting for someone.
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Weaning myself off SSRI medication.. Advice?
Posted: 3/9/2014 5:45:05 PM
I'm going to answer the original question and
I would appreciate if you up there ignored me.

Comming off an ssri was freaking hell as you probably
Know by now.

I was weaned off in decreasing dose and I was going through
Withdrawal because it messes with your seratonin.
I was a mess and that is an understatement.

As god is my witness, I will never ever take an ssri drug again.

It was the worst experience of my life.

Make sure your doctor monitors your decreasing dose.
It takes a good two months to come off of them.
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My Match Section is totally off
Posted: 1/14/2014 5:15:46 PM
Don't feel bad. The top thumbnails I
Get are women. clue. Anyone?

Good thing I'm not here to date. I'd be swimming in
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How Many Chances if a Man Doesn't Keep his Word
Posted: 11/12/2013 4:25:28 PM
This thread is three years old......

Miss LiliMarleen caught her a nice fishie.

Congrats beautiful.

I am sure this thread has some meaning but not in her current status.

You can all let it go now.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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French Toast Roll Ups
Posted: 9/1/2013 4:44:51 PM
This Sound Fabulous!
I, To Like To Make A Nice Sunday Breakfast When
I Am Home.

I Will Try This. I'm Thinking Cream Cheese And
Jelly As I Have A Hard Time With Peanuts.

Thanks For The Idea.
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POF Success Stories
Posted: 6/12/2013 7:21:53 PM
^^^^Yes It Is.

We Had A Rough Beginning. Personal Issues Which I Don't Have To
Explain To You.

Good Luck Here.

I Would Never Do This Again Though. I Found Rejection Way To Brutal
Here. I Came Here Way Too Nieve.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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moving in after 3 days...can it really succeed?
Posted: 5/11/2013 2:30:00 AM
If It Works then Great For Them.

This Isn't Something New Or Impossible Or Even
Stupid. It Just Is.

I Know Couples After A Week Of Knowing Each
Other Marry. All Turned Out Fine.

Just Let Her Go.

Who Are You To air Her Personal Shit Here. You Are
LooKing For People Who Have The Same Doom Mindset. You Found Them.

Who Cares If It Succeeds. If She Is Happy Then Let Them Be. They Can Figure It Out.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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My guy is showing as being logged on, but he says he hasn't
Posted: 4/15/2013 4:41:50 AM
If you need reassuance, go to
the site suggestions threads.

Multiple threads about the iphone and how
the App messes up.

If I recall, it signs you in was one of the complaints.

Good luck.
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help! never made a ham.
Posted: 3/31/2013 12:26:11 PM
The ham came out fantastic. Thank you.

I took two different mustards, Dijon and spicy brown
And mixed it up and spread it on the ham. Then I
Coated it with a mixture of brown sugar and crushed pineapple.

For the liquid I used a can of cherry seltzer water I had on hand.

Came out awesome. I think I incorporated everyones
Suggestions so this was definitely a team ham.

Thank you.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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Your last glass of wine
Posted: 3/30/2013 7:31:22 PM
Louis Judot.

I love French wines. For some reason, they do not give me
A headache.

I have in the past had to go in to a dark room, the headaches was
So bad so wine is not usually my first choice.

But my true love is gin, followed by tequila.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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help! never made a ham.
Posted: 3/30/2013 6:48:02 PM
You are all awesome!

Thank you so much. I was starting to panick.

I have cooked allot of things but never a ham.

Thank you. I will take all this advice and use it. Thank you.
I knew I could count on getting advice here.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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help! never made a ham.
Posted: 3/30/2013 5:32:04 PM
My first ham.

Its pre cooked. I need a glaze?

I have crushed pineapple, brown sugar.

What do I do to get a crust on it.

I'm winging this. I need some help.

Thank you in advance and I will be forever grateful.
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One Word Personality Type is a Bad Idea
Posted: 3/15/2013 9:35:34 AM
^^ good luck because it would not let me to
My Inbox unless I updated.

Seriously. Signed in and said i had to pick something.
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My cat
Posted: 2/23/2013 4:16:34 PM
I am so sorry.

They are family. It took me Six years to get over my
Shar pei.

I just got a little girl pug. She is the little love of my life.

My little girl.

I believe there is a heaven and i believe he sent her to me.

I have his Ashes and he is coming with me and so will she.

Again....i am very sorry.
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dumped by text
Posted: 2/23/2013 3:24:09 PM
Her behavior is because she ****ed up.
She its married and making you the bad guy relieves her conscience.

You did nothing. You didn't push or whatever.

She didn't know how to get out of it or tell you the truth and making you
Believe you are the bad guy is much easier then telling you the truth.

Wallow in your sorrow or wake up and cut contact and have a great life.

You decide.
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dating my ex again after 10 years
Posted: 2/23/2013 3:14:08 PM
Some here will say no and some will say yes.

How do you feel?

Its about you and ultimately your decision.

Only you know the intimate details of the relationship, not us.

I have done it. I don't regret it at any time.

Once it didn't work and once it did.

Follow what you feel is right. A bunch of strangers and thier
Stories and lives and endings and beginnings should have no
Bearing on yours.

Good luck in whatever you decide.
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Guys especially: is he having an emotional affair with me?
Posted: 2/21/2013 9:41:57 AM
He gives you money and you take it saying the girlfriend
Probably pays the rent- wow.

You need this thread to die. The more you open your mouth, the more
You show what you really are.

Too bad someone doesn't show her this.
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Guys especially: is he having an emotional affair with me?
Posted: 2/21/2013 9:25:28 AM
Her head isn't in the sand. She probably really has
No clue and he probably bullshiits her.

I think you love it though. Love knowing he has a girlfriend
And he is fooling around with you. You are the loser
Though because in the end, even if he gets with you, he is
Still a cheater and probably had your replacement already lined up to.

Don't come here acting like you don't know what to do. You do know what to do.

You just don't want too.
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Skin care for women over 40
Posted: 1/13/2013 3:23:39 PM
Wow. What great information. I had no idea this thread
Was still awake.

I'm now 50.

My skin problems and my hair falling out had pretty much
Alleviated itself since i am now in menopause.

Now my problem- the dreaded black chin hairs that grow
Randomly and long like the wicked witch i am.
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Green Split Peas and Ham Bone
Posted: 1/10/2013 3:49:48 AM
Layer peas on bottom. Then ham.
Chicken broth. Salt. Pepper. Then I
add about a quarter cup of barley.

Let cook for six hours on low.

Pull bone out. I also add other spices
like more pepper and a bay leaf.

Comes out thick and delicious. Left overs
will need added water as this gets really
thick when it sits in your fridge for a day
or two.

I make this without ham too. Good luck.
Crock pot soups like this are easy and wonderful.
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Can 2 people truly fall in love in a long distance relationship?
Posted: 1/6/2013 12:02:29 PM
No. Not a fantasy but it doesn't happen for everyone.

People will dispute it. Its up to you to figure out if its real or not.

And yes, from my experience it happens.

Together off and on for six years. Currently live together.

Hardest thing to go through though. Make sure you have
A strong stomach.
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POF Success Stories
Posted: 12/30/2012 6:32:32 PM
Interesting enough, I'm reading this thread, and had to laugh.

I am a pof success story. It just occurred to me.

Yeah, we break up. We get back together. Back and forth but
I met him here. Six years ago. The end of December.

Yeah I guess this works but shit if I would do this ever again.

The rejection on dating sites is brutal. Being rejected by a
Two when you are a twelve is fucking harsh.

Never. I rather drink draino.

I like the forums though.
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Bananna Pudding (home made)
Posted: 12/1/2012 6:35:13 PM
This sounds fantastic.

I will definitely try this.

Someone recently told me home made pudding is far superior
Then the box stuff. I have never made it from scratch-
Now I have an excuse.

Thank you.
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Tattoos: Hott or Not?
Posted: 10/27/2012 12:44:16 PM

I'd imagine guys that go for the boring, serious types of women would be scared off by that sort of thing.

So......Women who have no art are boring and serious.
Women who do are unique and adventurous.
Yeah..... Okay then.

I did drugs because I wanted to be perceived as cool and
Unique and all that other trendy shiite. All I really Was- fccking
Tragic. I'm lucky I'm not dead.

OP- its what you think. If body art is an extension
Of your self esteem- then no. . . You
Are faking yourself.
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best friends quarrel over POF guy
Posted: 10/23/2012 5:27:21 AM
Yeah I know this story all too well....

I had a friend who was on here. My best friend who never told me she was on here.

So..... Some guy messages me on a Sunday Morning. So I start talking to him. Meet him.
After that weekend my friend ask me what have I been up too. I tell her I met this nice
guy and it was nothing but he was nice blah blah blah.

She proceeds to chew me a new ass and tells me she has been talking to him for TWO MONTHS.
Told me she never gave him any info, blah blah, wanted to make sure he was okay so he was
given the two month test.

So of course I feel bad because I think she likes him so the next time he stopped by my house
I told him - you are talking to my best friend and if you want to meet her, go ahead I am cool
with it but since you have been talking to her longer you are all hers - I dont need her drama.
He proceeds to tell me he has no intention of meeting her just because he knew she was testing
him by not even giving him her name and he doesnt play games like that - just talked to her
because they both worked the night shift, blah blah blah.

So I continue to see him. He tells me she is emailing him saying things like, you must be in love
because I havent heard from you.... blah blah blah...

So I let it go. Then she starts asking me if I am still seeing him because he is now emailing and
meeting with someone in her office. So I ask her, do you know if it is really him? - keep in mind
she is the kind of person who will get the last detail on a story - she is real cryptic about it and I
know she is trying to throw a fccking wrench in this friendship with him.

Needless to say we had a big fccking blowup about a fccking guy and I actually went back with
my ex.

As for the guy - we still talk all the time and are friends despite her crap.

As for her - I keep very far away from her. I got her number now.
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He's pushed me away.....
Posted: 10/21/2012 3:00:04 PM
The guy who said he is a bullshitter and is probably married....

Because of this whole on line crap and not really knowing him and him being in
The hospital which-are ya sure about that......if you are in an exclusive relationship
Why were you not at the hospital with him? Maybe I'm clingy? But I would have
Been there.

I'm going with this guy.
He is married or in a relationship and a bullshitter. No one in a health care
Position would say that to him.
Depressed? Umm.. My sister in law has battled this disease for years.
She seems to function very well with part of her bowel gone.

he is hiding something and using this as an excuse if he really even
has the disease.
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have you ended a relationship with someone because of their circumstances?
Posted: 10/5/2012 2:58:20 PM
If you are looking for validation for your decision
Then you are getting it here.

Relationships are hard work. You are a team. If one
Member of that team is not willing to put in the work
Then it doesn't work.

You dont like his hours. You don't like his living
Arrangements. You don't care for his family.

You made these decisions based on what you want
And expect in a relationship that suits you.

You could, if you feel he is worth the effort give him
time in finding a job that suits you, help him find his own place he can afford, etc...
He is not, in his life where you are so you have decided it won't

so.......what do you need to hear?
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have you ended a relationship with someone because of their circumstances?
Posted: 10/5/2012 2:28:57 PM
Hopefully he meets the girl of his dreams,
Gets a job he likes, moves out and has a great life.

no. I never dumped anyone because of their

I'm not really superficial like that.
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Girl disappears for two months then messages me
Posted: 9/24/2012 5:08:21 AM
Your not second choice-you are not anything at this point.

You just met her, talked to her. For reasons unknown to us
Or to you, she had a life going on-

Don't feel like you are anything other them someone she is now
Ready to meet.

If we again, continue to read in to every little solitary action
Of others we will continue to be on dating sites looking..

Just meet with her. you haven't even went out on a date
With her to even form an opinion about her.

Its all hearsay.

Just meet her.
Joined: 11/8/2006
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Girl disappears for two months then messages me
Posted: 9/24/2012 3:42:29 AM
I think you should meet her.

She was under no obligation to do anything at
the time. She had things going on- she
squared them away and can meet you now-

go meet her.

This isnt that fccking hard. When you read into
crap, look for red flags or listen to wet rags, thats
when you create problems that were not even there.

Just go meet her.

The end.
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Msg: 16 (view)
Thought i meant more then that
Posted: 9/20/2012 5:41:12 AM
The mindset of an addict is thier addiction.

Does not mean they dont love you. Does not mean he does not love
his family. His priorities are all wrong. Addicts are very selfish. They
cant help it.

You need to, as much as it is going to kill you, find a way to let him go.
Meaning - give him the ultimatum - lose your family or get help.

You cannot fix him. You can only become selfish yourself and do whats
right by yourself and your children.

He needs to see his loss in order for him to come back. If he does not see his
loss, and I have been at that end, then you need to get your priorities together
for yourself and your children. Being on your own will be way easier than
policing his life and making sure he is alive, not ODing and keeping your children

I know you love him. I know you want to stand by him but sometimes letting go
IS helping them and is standing by them.

Good luck honey.
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Her Hair
Posted: 8/27/2012 4:32:21 AM
To the guy above me-

The op has been here for a very long time.
Probably as long as me and is a kick ass
forum poster.

Seriously- when posting comming to a thread
offer something, not a put down of what you
perceive to be true.

Chill- your family is in my prayers. You have
been through alot. You will get through this too.

You are a rock, lady. A beautiful rock.
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ahould i be alrmed if he needs to take a shower at my house before our first date?!
Posted: 8/21/2012 1:24:12 PM
^^ why don't you actually read his profile.

He explains he has a girl and is looking for friends....

Or should we just go off topic and start a shiite storm.

Op umm...looks like you already decided what to do.
Joined: 11/8/2006
Msg: 40 (view)
ahould i be alrmed if he needs to take a shower at my house before our first date?!
Posted: 8/21/2012 9:44:18 AM
Why don't you just ASK HIM
Why he needs to take a shower at your place.
Why does everyone jump to the conclusion he is a
Fccking weirdo.
Just ask him.

You start a thread making him out to be freak but yet you have
Been yakking to the guy for Weeks and ask us.

had it come up in conversation where he works? Lives?

What have you been talking about for Weeks?
Joined: 11/8/2006
Msg: 25 (view)
Posted: 7/14/2012 8:10:25 AM
She is not trying to make you jealous.

SHE is jealous that you have moved on and found

Now its a game to make you wonder and want her
back- which you are falling right in too.

Carry on- lock down your crap, have no contact- tell
your friends you dont care to know what she is up
to and move on.

If you pay attention then she is winning- she takes
your mind away from more important things which
is concentrating on your new relationship.

Step away. You have come too far to gamble on
what she is thinking.

Who cares what her motives are.

Care about what YOURS are.
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He needs space but has no intention of seeing others..
Posted: 7/8/2012 6:04:44 AM
This is not about you so dont take it this way.

This is all about him.

LDR are really hard to maintain. I know this
from experience.

The fact that he has mailed your stuff back and has
provided his explanation without an open line of
discussion leads me to believe he has moved on
long before he dropped the bomb on you.

If you are so inclined to continue holding out hope
and making excuses for his behavior...... He is overworked,
life got in the way......blah blah blah.... Then do so-
otherwise, wipe those tears off that beautiful face,
look in the mirror and see you are worth so much
more than the crumbs he throws you and carry on.

Wanting space means alot of things. Who cares what
he means.

He has cut you loose- lucky you. He has shown who
he really is by his actions- no communication and
sending your stuff to you after the fact.

A man who wants you moves moutains no matter
how overwhelmed he is because you are his light
at the end of his tunnel.

Throw this one back.
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