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 Author Thread: hes heaven sent, thanks pof for helping me, its real love
Joined: 5/28/2011
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hes heaven sent, thanks pof for helping me, its real love
Posted: 7/23/2012 2:35:20 PM
you know........... you give love a chance, you get hurt. you give love a chance again, you get hurt. then finally you give up on love and wonder why you keep getting put in situations where it ends up with nothing but hurtful intentions. what do you do??? you eventually give up and stop chancing your heart with others. thats what happened to me. i was married we had two daughters, my husband left me and the girls for his coworker. i was devastated, scared, miserable, suicidal, all of the above. well what do you do afterward that has happened???? do you give up? do you kill yourself?? do you take your frustations out on your kids??? do you stop living day to day??? the answer is NO!!!! why??? because at the end of the day your life is your life and you make ur own decisions. so i took my life back and decided to give love a chance once again. i prayed and i prayed and a friend told me about pof. i was like online dating??? no mam i will pass. i dont wanna die meeting strangers. but u have to think when u first meet someone for the first time whether its in a bar, school, club, church they are still strangers. so i decided why not???? i started an account, got numerous of emails, perverts as well, last august or sept i recieved a message from a handsome guy on here by the name of aubry. he sent a message of how well my info looked and he wanted to get to kno me. i deleted the message and keep on with my life. i got another message from the same man in october, deleted it once again. so yall know third times a charm he emailed me again december 9th 2012 i will never forget this date because he changed my life. i finally hit him up and we talked that whole night on dec 10, dec 11 i went to one of his bb games that was our first time meeting. yall when we met we fell straight in love. i was always a believer in love but not love at first sight. when it happened it scared me. we were a couple by a couple of days, LOL, our first trip was Jan 2012 and guess what we were MARRIED, April 7th. you can not tell me GOD is not good. yall he is a terrific husband, lover, stepdad, and friend and i cant ask god for anyone better. i will now be writing a book soon so please please be on a lookout. and if you ever need advice or need to vent please dont bother to hit me up........ thank you and dont give up just because you run into bums who have no life keep looking and you will find them......BUT, ONLY ON GODS TIME.........
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