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 Author Thread: funny one liners thread
Joined: 7/22/2011
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funny one liners thread
Posted: 8/13/2012 2:26:52 AM
What do you call a terrorist crossing a river? Osama bin Sodden

What do you call a terrorist who has been dead for three weeks? Osama bin rotten

What do you call a terrorist who has been dead for a year? Osama bin Forgotten
Joined: 7/22/2011
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Food for when your being cheap or being poor
Posted: 5/20/2012 12:30:19 PM
Old chicken? Like how to die of food poisoning! They cook those inhouse chickens after they get slimy in the raw chicken cooler!
Cheap food in Hawaii when you live near Hilo is buying papayas seven for a dollar at the farmers market. Or growing your own bananas and papayas if you have even a 20 by 20 foot yard---the trees mature in a year and bear fruit. And we can grow lettuce and tomatoes and carrots all year round.

And like I said, fruit and vegetables are available every day at the Hilo open market. $2 buys a pound of lichee. Or a pound of green beans. Bananas are cheap too. Lettuce is about $1 a head, cabbage about $2 for a big head, either bok choy or ordinary white cabbage.

I swear you don't have to be unhealthy just because you have a tight food budget.
Joined: 7/22/2011
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how far are you willing to drive?
Posted: 1/13/2012 10:18:27 AM
I will drive an hour and fifteen minutes. And until 9 months ago I had a relaationship with a guy whose house was a triple room mate messy dog mess, who had to drive 2 and a half hours, and DID SO for 9 months, staying at my place a couple of days every 10 days. We both enjoyed staying in an oceanfront condo with access to swimming, surf, kayaking, snorkeling, and a nice city life. The relationship was really fun, warm, passionate, separated by days of really missing each other, talking every day on the phone. If I had had to do the driving, it wouldnt have worked. I just can't handle that long a drive, alone, that often. I think the distance did it in,. I have offered to meet him literally half way, and camp or stay in a hotel, but tho he seemed interested in continuing our relationship, and kept calling me to talk, once he stopped doing the drive, the relationship fizzled out.

I hesitate to start up again with someone that far away----110 miles is a two and a half hour drive on our country roads here on this island--but all the attractive POF men seem to be living on the other side, alas.
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