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 Author Thread: Okanagan Meet and Greet - September 24, 2010
 Bright Delight 4 U
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Okanagan Meet and Greet - September 24, 2010
Posted: 8/25/2010 2:23:43 PM
Well, ........ I am in the same situation as, ' tool4855' (msg #4), except I am South, in Penticton. . If anyone from here is going, & would like a passenger with gas $$, I would be Delighted to go ! . It's sounds like a great event, & a chance to see some, 'fishes' in person. Please drop me a line if you can fit me into your plans of going & coming back to Penticton ! Thanks in advance & I hope karma will work this out nicely. .... Ken
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Okay, this time with deep thought from you folk !!
Posted: 5/7/2009 12:52:48 PM
People, people, people;

Come on now!! How about a few reviews??

It doesn't take a lot of time and could mean a lot to me in finding my mermaid.
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Okay, this time with deep thought from you folk !!
Posted: 5/4/2009 8:12:53 PM

YES, pleez, when your up & at 'em, go in-depth!
Oh, while you were resting, I changed a few things.
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Okay, this time with deep thought from you folk !!
Posted: 5/4/2009 7:55:46 PM
Once again I come profile in hand to see what the good folk out there see that I don't.

If you stop and read this, how about a minute to leave a comment, okay?
I mean a constructive one, of course. I'm not a bulletin board, ya know, LoL.


- Ken
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Sweet, Tart or Right
Posted: 5/4/2009 7:47:17 PM
Given your traing & desires, you are quite limited in your responses?

You're out of my leaque, in my mind, and that's what counts, yes?
What will someone else think??

Soften it up with femininity, and flowing sentences work good for a lady to me.

- Ken
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New and it Rocks, or is it a rock?
Posted: 2/26/2009 8:24:07 PM
Hello, & Have a Happy Read ! Need your pillow fluffed first? Refreshment?
(^^ I'm 'wishing while fishing' that you will have questions & inquiries ^^)

All right, let's get this done....I know me pretty good by now, and when it comes to the bottom line......
I like that other folk I know say I am ;…very nice, kind, trustable, & true.
I just have to be ME, & that saves a lot of energy, & more time for …...You.

Socially, I am comfy in most any situation, & fit in well with others; one on one, young or old, few, or many. I see the real world as best I am able and just accept all the differences without judging or prejudices; & What a Stress Reliever that is ! If you are orange, or purple, or burgandy with green dots, it makes no difference to me. It just does not matter, & life is good.

I do not get along with abusers or manipulators, so I decided to learn about Advocating for myself and others.
Turns out I have a knack for that kind of dicipline, and feel quite confident & calm 'fighting dragons', as I call advocating. Some 'cases' are a good challenge, & really work my brain, but I love it.
There are so many that are in distress over something and need assistance, sooooo....even though it's a draining endeavor at times, people need help.

As far as my 'main work trade', I've mostly been an electrician of some type.
From chief electrician for a circus, to repairing micro-electronics. It’s rare now when I can’t fix some device as they all work on the same principles, so I consider them just puzzles to solve.

I have always had a love for comedy of many types, (My counter-balance?!).
I lean towards witty, sharp, or a touch on the far far-side, and laughing at the world is not that hard. It may even save lives. Can you actually die laughing ??
I hope not ! It sure seems good for the soul. As I practice my positiveness, it is enjoyable when I see the 'smooth happier trail' left behind me.

I am fine with understanding that 'Your Time' may be whatever you decide or plan, and it might not include me. Time can be a very precious commodity & this world is a busy one for sure.

As far as the getting what I want, or need, well, the main requirements I am desiring in a 'Lady' are below in the 1st seven words....

My Cute and Intelligent and Fun Lady will understand the world is only changeable by changing herself. I know that it works both ways & the work is worth it.
Being flexible and easy going we will raise up the courage to face having a coffee, a drink, lunch, dinner, dating, friendship, relationship,
(don't be shy;...pick any or all the ones you like), with clear insight and an open-mind to the wonderful differences spread between people.

Personally, I find females fascinating, and have found that there are a few 'basics' that must be followed,
( such as 'never argue' ! That can hurt !! ), the other 'basics' are really commonsense & thoughfulness items that I caught on to, and will reveal upon request,..

It would be great to hear from you, so throw shyness away and let's walk the trail together.

Trivia: A distant relative on my Mothers side patented the 'push-up bra' in 1964 !

MMMmm, a passing thought or so,

I like to have a look at the 'Chemistry' & 'Needs' part of the profile & find quite interesting information as I get a nice look at You. Do you look at them too? I feel it is important to be adaptable & learn new ways, or insights, so it is possible to do a bit of work on me if it's required.

Just be gentle, okay?
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trouble getting responses..
Posted: 2/26/2009 6:23:08 PM
Nothing wrong with your profile that moving to Penticton, B.C. wouldn't fix.
Only one item & it's been mentioned before;.......a little white space between a few paragraphs would be e-zier to read, and that's it.

Your profile was mentioned as being rather 'generic',...................well, it's only a profile, not You.
I feel people put to much emphasis on a profile, & are looking for the perfect partner from a cuppla hundred words & a few pics. Now that's just silly, however, it happens all the time on dating sites, & I have no answer for what The Big Key to Success is.

My profile is in the Profile Review forum,(again), & I can only hope for good responses to what I am missing, or have too much of, or who the heck knows.

Good Luck, Good Lookin' Lady;

- Ken
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Ever been asked,Why aren't you married?
Posted: 1/6/2009 8:18:57 PM
I ask myself that question everyday !!

The 'grilling' you got may have been to enable these ladies to 'sell' with some details about you to another lady they know now or later......
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Smart, beautiful, women over 45; foolish choices - what we do for love.
Posted: 1/6/2009 8:09:14 PM
~Accomplished professionally, asset-rich.............................................HER~
~......a guy who seemed equally smart, attractive, accomplished...........HIM~

You are a 3rd Party, so you cannot know all the facts.

~The details are unimportant,~..................OH YES they are !!

Read the above lines about each anmd explain why 'HE' is only,.....'seemed equally'
If you knew all the details that word would not be there. He was, or not.
Also, who gave your G / F the 'I'm the Goddess of Smarts across the Board'...You!!

~Against her better judgement, she agreed to follow his dream.~

When did 'She' confess it was .....~Against her better judgement........~
Maybe She was unsure as it was not her dream. That is common, and requires Faith, & all the other 'goodies' a marriage is supposed to bring!!!
Did 'she' back him all the way? Did 'she' work & sweat along side 'him', as the plan was worked out??

Why do I ask??

My sister only wanted to be a REAL Good Housewife as a Career.
She was smart & intelligent in her own right, however, she made a choice and married a man 17 yrs. older. He had a 'plan' also. Sis backed him all the way. It took years and debt to the eyebrows, however, they now own the worldwide patent, & most of the stock on a safety product that sometimes must (by safety regulations) be used on equipment that MUST be refurnished when required. This 'device' saves the clients millions of dollars with just one use.
There are thousands of these jobs every year, and their company can only do so many as it grows & grows.
THEY did it together, and THEY are on E-Z St.
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Calling all 40-60Something Males?
Posted: 1/4/2009 1:40:44 PM
OH that is SO true on SO many levels !!

That is the whole issue in a nut-shell for most guys on here, I would venture.
How many on this site are pro-active in persuit of the opposite sex for ANY Reason.?
Gee's, if a lady indicated she would not mind if I asked her for a 'coffee meet', I would be there NO Problem. The male, 'Now what do I say / do, is a big problem. Perhaps we get a bit of cold-feet to at a certain point. Ladies, this is where you step up and tilt the scales a bit for the poor guy. He'll make it up to you for sure, although I am refering to 'good men'. It takes only a little honey to catch or closely examine a male.
Not even taking the time for that means knowing what's on each t.v. channel each night by memory. Give us a break and we'll give you our best. Isn't that easy ??!!

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Marriage after 45
Posted: 1/4/2009 1:18:06 PM
I would love to be married again. Twice was nice, however, I am hoping 3 is the charm.
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Local Get Togethers/Gatherings/Meet&Greetings
Posted: 1/3/2009 7:43:33 PM
I can only dream that there would a place to QUICKLY find out if there is anything going on, or to get something going. I mean in a possible setting for coffee or ?

I think I'll work on that here in Penticton

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Am I the only one a bit confused?
Posted: 1/3/2009 7:12:08 PM
One of the BIGGEST mistakes Humans make is Assuming.
No matter what you may think about a person you are at least 50% wrong if you are real real close to that person.
The adults on this site are almost all feeling similar in regards of whether this will work.
That's Clerks, Doctors, Carpenters, Single parents, Bikers, Lumberjacks, & Bankers, etc. We are all wondering. We have things in common, and being a human can be a scary thing to anyone.
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This Profiling I find a puzzle, opinions pleez
Posted: 1/1/2009 3:56:01 PM
Come on folks, I need your assistance !!

where do I stand, profile wise ?

- Ken
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Worst Christmas Gift Ever Recieved
Posted: 1/1/2009 3:50:28 PM
It sure wasn't any kind of A .... 'poor Julie' !!
And, the soon to be Ex did care a lot about the age.
And 'she' did know it evened the score, and then some.
I am of the impression that you have not been to experienced with 'coupledome'.
Integrity,.....Naw,.........I was free to do as I pleased, and Julie was a pleasure.
How that certain 'someone' thought of 'it'...was 'her' problem.
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RE-DO DONE opinions pleez
Posted: 12/30/2008 3:57:54 PM
I have done a rewrite, so time for a check-up.

AND YES I know about the PICS !!

Thank ya'll
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Worst Christmas Gift Ever Recieved
Posted: 12/30/2008 3:33:04 PM
WT (& gee's you are pretty),

On the nite of the 25th of Dec., (Christmas Day Nite), I carried a very young and lovely lady named Julie onto the matramonial bed and evened the score. She was 25 yrs. younger & a part of the very extended family by marriage. << So, no, not a hooker. I'd known her for several years.
Also on 'boxing day' nite. (Boxing day is the 26th & is from England).

WIFE found out quick and has never been the same since!!!!LoL, LoL


WIFE was going to tell me good-bye after we got back from our already pre-paid week in Mexico at the end of............February !!!!

It would have been 'sharing her' till then.

2 Yrs. later I used the Trip Insured Refund $$ to take my lovely , (7 years younger than WIFE).... G/F to Acapulco for a week. Aww, what a feeling.............
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Worst Christmas Gift Ever Recieved
Posted: 12/29/2008 12:39:12 PM
Catching your wife having an affair in early Dec. & getting served with divorce papers on Dec. 23rd.
NOTHING else compares to that
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This I find a puzzle, opinions pleez
Posted: 12/29/2008 12:35:19 PM
Maybe some reorganization that would make skimming a little easier. Busy women don't always have time to wade through a man's entire life story to
find what she's looking for,
and that's usually what YOU are looking for.
All the breaks draw the eyes to what the reader thinks is important information...but it's not.

Could you expand on this please. What is important & what is not?
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MORE opinions pleez
Posted: 12/27/2008 1:14:26 PM
Come on Folk..................I really would like more opinions & helpful hints.
I did some changes already, and more will make it more to you're liking.
So.........................don't be shy, help this guy !
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2012 12 21
Posted: 12/23/2008 8:21:33 PM
OUR World 'ending in 2012' Give me a break. That's a bit over 3 years from NOW.
This I really got see.
Please panic in rows of two.
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Sugar Doesn't Make Children Hyper?
Posted: 12/23/2008 8:08:34 PM
I've heard it doen't cause the 'jet power' for years.
I disagree.
SUGAR is a FUEL that is absorbed so fast the brain chemistry changes quickly, and There is a big factor of Caffienne, even in no-sugar stuff.
Not a fuel, but a brain chemical changer that is designed to Energize.

Here's a thought, what is 'booze made with........................sugar.
Commonly used to build confidence and overcome fear. Both take energy used by the brain to cope with the situation & the poison (yes, chemically it is a poison)

Back to Kids, what do atheletes intake for energy..................Pasta.
A long lasting energy sourse.

There are 'anomalies' & 'differences', in everything.

Ten Billion-Gazzion Parents Cannot Be WRONG
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Life After People
Posted: 12/23/2008 7:47:42 PM

It MUST get an Oscar or SOMETHING !!!

A belief I've had for the past while is;

IF you are to believe in 'evolution', how the heck do WE figure WE are the BEST !!
We prove IT by Destroying ANY opposition including ourselves.

Can ya name any other creature that does this as they 'progressed & got improved' by 'evolution ?

It's got me baffled.

AS for the SHOW, Watch It !!

- Ken
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This I find a puzzle, opinions pleez
Posted: 12/23/2008 7:38:26 PM
To My Responders,

Thank You for your thoughts and ideas & actually opening my eyes to a few items, both in the profile & about me.

KEEP 'EM UP.....................

- Ken
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Give it to me straight!!!!
Posted: 12/21/2008 9:16:24 PM
Give it to me straight!!!!
OKAY, hower, it's from a Bent Mind, LoL

The ONLY ITEM I could 'give a hoot' about is the 'Cut & Dried' feeling I got reading it. It's without any 'lightness' to it, as I read it.
NOW, to make up for that; It is a GooD Profile & will you please move to Penticton, B.C.......okay? I'll soften your writing as I soften your soul.
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This I find a puzzle, opinions pleez
Posted: 12/21/2008 9:01:11 PM
Glad you stopped by and remembered to give your opinion.
It's nice you don't just read 'em and go to another.

There is my way of upping the chance you'll give your opinion, (I think).

So, what is the story about my profile? I read it again after a break and thought if that was a lady, then..........................., Geez, the things that make you go Hmmmm.

Please save our time and if it's 'pictures' just make a short note, and concentrate on the writing as a whole picture. You do that anyway, right?
Gimme the REAL goods in a 'mass mind-set', as it were.
I mean that if there is a Biggy, okay.
A small personal preferance, give it a ponder first, okay. Then tell me please.
If it's a small, but IMPORTANT item, then for goodness sake, TELL ME !!
If something makes ya'll gag, well, I reckon you'll tell me, yes?

You see, I rather like my profile, and feel it deserves some attention.
Where is my 'wrong'.
AND I wonder if there is a 'Gittin' a Woomin' Profile Writing for Dummies' ???

Thanks a bunch gang.
Nothing would make my life like 'heaven' itself to 'find' HER. (Or Close).
I know a few ladies and if only I could melt them into just one with the 'parts' I love, highly like, & enjoy. What a Life !!
I suppose that we all want about the same, so why don't we 'fix it'?

- Ken

- Ken
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Physical Disabilities & Dating
Posted: 12/20/2008 8:58:24 PM
OP,.........a large issue that is possible is the physical disabilities 'bring on' some mental issues that complicate the matter. A person can get double depressed about being alone, I venture. I am blessed with a very good brain that is finding ways around my physical challenges that are basically invisible. I have injured parts of my body when I was younger, and now it's payback time. There's no limps or gimps to see unless you spend some time with me. You'll notice that sitting every few minutes or so is a good thing, LoL. It is not my fault I am disabled. They were accidents, and I apparently am prone to Osteo Arthritis, and Other Bone / Joint Injury Issues. So to me it is a bummer when I read a profile of a nice lady, except she is into Physical Activities like Skiing, or Rock climbing, etc. I was good at all that stuff until my body said, "no more". I didn't plan it, just like other physically challenged folk didn't. Everyone has their own issue with their issue, (got a tissue?). One is overcoming the thoughts of what others think of you. Do you have a chance? Do you dare ask her / him? Those are the rather normal questions in peoples minds anyway, so multiply by a whole bunch and try it. Way bigger mental obstical, say I !! A mindset of 'take what you can get' can set in & it may be unhealthy at best, but it's better than bein' alone.
Ah life, what an adventure !!
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Made In China
Posted: 12/15/2008 9:38:10 PM
I WILL NOT BUY AnyThing that is, 'Made in China' for a pretty simple reason.
UNLESS the Product IS made to the Specifications of a 'Good Toy Making Specifier' from a Good Company such as, Mattel, Disney, Fisher Price....

The 'Made in China' toys that China exports is always made much more fragile.
The lower price is the Draw, The lower Quality is the Guarantee.

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Hit the rewind button
Posted: 11/25/2008 1:19:44 PM
When I was in therapy, (yes, it was very theraputic), I was told to not 'regret' anything.
Regretting is a very negative way of looking at life.
I was taught to be remorseful, which has a definition of, 'Feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offences. It also has a definition of deep regret, however, that does not lead to a place where you can 'improve' & 'learn', like remorse does.
I, at times, feel that I would give my right arm to 're-do' parts that still bother me.
I am not to 'beat myself up over them', however............I still am known to be my own worst enemy if I do not pay attention.
I feel remorse that my 2nd marriage went up in smoke, and mainly due to ME.
That hurts to know that, so I learn to not be like I was. Learn, learn, learn.
Also, my kids got the wrong side of DaD at times when I 'lost it' in dealing with them.
Those are memories they will most likely not forget and that bothers me.
To have your 'Mate', & your Kids to be around someone that can stay in control is asking a lot, but that would be my ideal situation. Everyone must be exposed to 'negative life' at times to enable mental growth while seeing the big picture is a good thing, although it can hurt. I just wish I wasn't the one that caused it. That is a bummer to my heart & mind.
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Posted: 9/18/2008 5:41:25 PM
I gotz so many parts that jam, pop, creak, ache, and on, that I feel like the 'TinMan' in 'The Wiz of OZ', but worse. He just needed oiling, and a brain. Well, I got a brain, but the body is pretty bangled-up >>>>Rush>, Quicker>, Faster>, Farther>, Better>, type of person, so being, 'challenged' by my own body really bites the big one.
HOWEVER, I Shall Over Come, (somehow / someway), Because I CANNOT Give up!!
The good Lord made me a certain way, and I'll keep going till the end. As a spiritual person, I just have to accept my place in the world and do My Best for ME, and, For As Many Others as I can. I do not want to get into individual beliefs or faiths, I have mine, and you have yours. Mine tells me there is a reason and to learn from myself, so I can do a part in making a better world. Sometimes all someone needs is to see a smile, sometimes it's much more. I do as I am able to do.....that's about it. Like others have mentioned, there is nothing visible to see, I just have some issues with pain and discomfort, and still wanting to go for the gold with the best of them. I suppose one of the biggies is FRUSTRATION when 'Me' don't work so well no more so soon in life.
I discovered 'snorkelling' in our lakes this summer, and the full freedom from pain and body movement restrictions is as good as decent sex.....Well, maybe not that good!
I work a bit when I'm able, and I am thrilled to get something done; even the little things the 'Normals' take in stride. I never asked to get into this condition, it is just the way it is........period. Do not pity us, pleez; let us help you be a better person, and at the same time it helps 'us' too. Disability does not always include inability, but it does always include Creativity!!!
On my personal letterhead there is a latin quote, that translates to:
'I'll find a way...........Or I'll make one'.

"I rather die while I'm livin'; then live like I'm dead" - Jimmy Buffett
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Posted: 9/18/2008 3:41:53 PM
Wellllllllllllllllll, being as I could throw a rock and hit Martini's from my apartment, actually I'd need a slingshot, but I can see it), and as the 'Assistant Host' that fell off this planet for the 'CrossRoads Concert' at the Mule, (I got into health & family issues right on that day, Dagg-nabb-itt !!) I will make this one for sure, (fingers crossed).
I'll maybe bring my favorite oldest son, who is 23 Yrs. young, & even though he is my son, I am very proud to be his friend too. Even his old G/F's still admire him, they just didn't 'mesh'. Maybe at this lil' 'do', the mythical Miss Right may be there if she's lucky.
Oh ya, I reckon I hope Ms. Right is there for me too, of course.

I luvzz Penticton !!!


Trivia: Summer 2008, B. C.'s TOP 4 Tourist Stops. Yes, The TOP FOUR.
Vancouver, (pop. over a million);
Victoria, (pop. about a million);
Whistler, (site of the 2010 Olympics....pop. 100,000 +); pop. 40,000...Penticton !!
That's gotta say sumthin' about us folk here, huh?
Come and Play A.S.A.P.
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Sick and tired of kids being refured to as
Posted: 8/9/2008 11:00:31 AM
In my opinion, and from what I have gleaned from this site, 'Prefer not to Say', on anything is a No-Go.
Look at it this way; it's tough enough to find someone on here, and to see, 'P. N. T. S.
is in many cases just silly.
Children aren't baggage and I've never heard any being refered to as a 'Sweet lil' Samsonite', (if one stays for the summer, is it a 'briefcase'?).
You prefer not to say if you have children? Living with you or not, you still have 'em.
This is cruising close to my favourite, 'Prefer not....'; which is,...'Body Type'.
Put in a couple of 'Prefer not''s, 'Have no pic', 'A short profile', 'and have a lot of 'contact restrictions' then I would expect to wait a long time to get your 'catch'.
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Posted: 8/6/2008 3:45:17 PM
Well the day is almost here and we hope all the POF-fer's are all set to DANCE & PARTY in PENTICTON !!
Check the 'events' for all the details.
Hope you all can make it out for a good time.
It's gonna be great !!
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PENTICTON DANCE.....the next day(Aug. 10).......
Posted: 8/6/2008 3:30:45 PM
So Folks,

I case you are from out of town & haven't been greeted yet....WELCOME & ENJOY !!
As I am writing this before the actual event(s), I am trusting the Dance was a Blast!!!
Did we have a good time or what!! Good band, Good people, Good time.

SUNDAY AUG 10....A Get-Together ???

Been tossing the idea around for a bit, and it better get posted before it's too late.
How many are up for a lunch, or a dinner on Sunday??
A day at the beach??

To start off the list:
..*Some Places with Patio's*..
'The Barking Parrot',...'Salty's',...'Pasta Factory'...'The Barley Mill'
The above all serve Coffee, or a Drink. Appy's, or a Dinner.
I tried to think of a few places for all tastes with patios.
There are so many, it's a tough call !!
Let your voice be heard, which do you prefer?
Lunch,.....Dinner,.....a Day @ the Beach............??

Sooooo Much to do around here, a group gather would be cool...Yes !!
LET's Get on this people; Only a cuppla days to figure it out, and we really want y'all to have a good time so you will come back.
I made this into a 'POLL', however, Your Input is a Must !!
Pleez Comment on anything so we all know what the heck is goin' on, eh !!
Tx gang

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Pe hole or not??
Posted: 7/31/2008 1:26:22 AM
I worked in northern B.C. for a few winters and there is nothing worse then haveing to pee getting through the eight layers and thinking your smart and trying to write your name and all of a sudden one layer slips. definitely makes for misspelling your name
That's a... 'been there, done that'.... for more guys than will admit.
ML1...........ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, you do know that it's only a 31/2 hr. drive, right !!!!!
From your profile, (a good long read), you would fit in nicely over here !!
When's your holidays, girl?
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Is your hood sexy?
Posted: 7/31/2008 12:42:55 AM
As Penticton & Area became a '4 season resort destination', we did some good planning, & our city, & the towns around work to build 'atmosphere' that fits that area, locale, & history. We now have a mini-'Yaletown', (sorta close!), and I declare it, ...'SEXY'.

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Posted: 7/31/2008 12:19:02 AM
Welcome, traveling lady !!

'WoW' came to mind when I read your profile. You will certainly be welcome to the dance with all your energy. I'm sure the band will be a big draw, and you'll have lots of dance partners.

Next year I'm sure Our New,... 'Event Centre'... will be of good use, and POF'ers can plan all types of activities for any time of the year. More Fun !!

Till soon,

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Posted: 7/30/2008 11:47:07 PM
waterbrat1.........< name !

Without any other intentions, I offer any assistance to peeplz that have / haven't been to Penticton.

I've lived here 17 yrs. and am staying for probably forever.
This is maybe the best place in Canada to live.

I am at your service ! You want / need...............I find / get.

And Welcome !!!!!

- Ken
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Would the Material Adverse Clause work for cancelling a Telus Contract?
Posted: 7/29/2008 10:06:27 PM
Take the following letters and E-MAIL THEM, or use the Toll-Free #
All communication in Canada is monitored by them.
For every issue / problem a company gets, the C.R.T.C. ; And has Them 'Donate' to the 'Cause'.
Also, every issue / mistake is available for viewing on either the Communication Suppliers web site, or the C.R.T.C.'s. 'Hangin' Dirty Laundry' by Govm't order.

The C.R.T.C. have Noooooo problem assisting you !!

P.S. ON EVERY Communication to your 'Supplier', make Damn Sure You Make A Note On It that a Copy Has Gone to the C.R.T.C.

This, I truly hope & trust, will get you satisfaction.
I got out of a Major big mess Not of my doing a couple of years ago with a 'Supplier', and Hoo-Boy was it good to have the Govm.t behind and with me.
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Most horrid, painful way to die?
Posted: 7/27/2008 4:00:26 PM
I saw a show once, and a guy had that 'expanding foam' stuff sprayed down his throat.
That is horrid.

My personal,.........falling from a height that gives you time to think about what's happening
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August 9 Band, Crosstown Bus at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre
Posted: 7/27/2008 2:10:24 PM

A Dance in Penticton !! The Peach City !! And Beaches !! And Bikini's !! And Beefcake !!

This will be an any age dance for P.O.F. fishies to Meet, & to Greet !!

A Winning Idea !!
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To Pee hole or no to Pee whole??
Posted: 7/27/2008 1:11:07 PM
I have a lot of tighty whities in various colours, and lots of boxers.
Usually I wear boxers for air flow, 'cause it gets HOT here in the summer.
I have a nice pair of boxers with a fake flap, and boy does that f*ck me up when I'm in a real big gotta pee rush panic; so I wear them backwards. Actually it's got less 'hemming' on the front that is now the back so they are more comfortable.
The 'flap' can be a pain, but sumtimes it works e-z if everything is 'in position' for extraction. I also am not thrilled with the 'flop it out', etc. remarks.
Let's show some respect for the lil guy.
It does so many things and is our first (and favorite) 'toy' when we are very young.
Let's say, 'Us Guys 'present' our 'Johnson' to the world to pee.'
Does anyone else notice that the lil pecker does not get cold when exposed to freezing temperatures?? Mine is fine in all types of conditions. Although with all that warm blood running though it, we can get light headed, (pun intended).
Still, when all is said and done; WE can write our names in the snow !!!
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PENTICTON Trade and Convention Centre Aug.9... 8:30 PM The band: Crosstown Bus
Posted: 7/26/2008 11:25:13 AM
PENTICTON Trade & Convention Centre Aug.9... 8:30 PM The band: Crosstown Bus

I live in PENTICTON,
I'm Going to a Dance!
The weather's in PENTICTON !!
Wear shorts instead of pants !

It's Not Us makin' Music,
Nor getting any Pay!
We want Ya' all to come,
Ta' join Us all and Play !

We Really wanna see ya'
Don' Wanna hear a no.

HOPE...TO...SEE...YOU...ALL !!

PENTICTON is a 1st Nations name that has changed to how it is now.
IT STILL translates to:...."A Place to Stay Forever !!"
Trivia Time !!! : Pentictons weather systems, ('cept our Mild Winter ),
is VERY Close to Bermuda !!!
That's ONLY Penticton. Not K-town, nor anywhere else; JUST US !!!
The amount of SUNNYSHINE & TEMP. is close to a tie !!

2 Lakes! Count 'em...1, 2. One on each end of the City. 10 - 15 minutes apart.
I'm mean, C'mon; where can you beat all this ??!!
P.S. We even have a Waterway to Float On from One Lake To The Other !!!

We need more folk to help us apply our sunscreen & help us dance, dance, dance !!

Yer Resident Sun-Baked Co-host .
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The Deadly Sins of RELIGION
Posted: 7/22/2008 8:04:28 PM
I do not believe in ANY religion, just as Christ did not.
Christ stated that, "Whenever two or 3 are gathered together in My Name, I AM there in the midst of them." Interestingly, GOD called Himself, "I AM". (old testament),
and the translation is the same.
There is nothing in the Bible about RELIGION.
There is only ONE important part.
GOD's statements about:
"Whom so ever shall fully believe that Christ died for Their sins shall have everlasting life." (slight paraphrase on the 1st few words)
I believe the above with all my heart. All my faith is with GOD.
I rely on God to lead me, as He is my shepherd.

New Testament....Christ speaking, "ALL things are permissable; not all things are profitable. Have all you do be in thanksgiving, and praise to God."
(also slighty paraphrased.)
(Both paraphrases are very slight and do not change the intent)

That is the long and the short of it......TO ME.

So, the pope and and all the other cults and garbage that keeps you from a LOVING GOD will all answer to Him in His own time in His own way.

That's my Story, and I'm sticking to it.
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August 9 Band, Crosstown Bus at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre
Posted: 7/15/2008 6:36:03 PM
This band rocks !!

GoooooooooooooooooooD Tunes,
(and there is more than just the band.....hee,hee...)

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Has anybody else noticed this?
Posted: 7/15/2008 5:36:17 PM
I will declare myself as on of the 'nice-guy downtrodden'.
What's that old saying that I always thought was false:
'No good dead goes unpunished'
I still help & support, & assist, however, it's on MY terms of what I do.
That seems to help, but it hasn't cured the phenoninum.
I am not 'weak' by any means, and I still get the shaft sometimes.
The 'wicked' prosper because they are 'wicked'.
They don't play nice & hurt others to get to their happy? spot.
The 'Happy Times' can end in a bad way, and often does.
I just keep the faith that somehow it all balances out.
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rental nightmares & apartment hunting suggestions
Posted: 7/14/2008 12:33:35 AM
Here's the site you'll want. Also remember the REGULATIONS.
Read and download all that pertains to you. Also, once you file for 'Dispute Resolution' by the R.T.B. your 'eviction notice' is in limbo until the issue is dealt with. However, if you lose, the landlord can get a very short time, 'Order of Possession'. So, I would pack anyway just in case. If you are already going to move, go by the book on all. Remember,......The person with the best presentation that is by the book wins.
Good landlord, bad landlord, it makes no difference. They do not go by the book. I do rental advocate work, and I have not lost one case that did not involve a very obvious cause, I.E. a known 'crack dealer' . That situation notwithstanding, the landlord can still lose because they will make a mistake and if it's exploited by the tenant it may go either way. They may be able to afford a good lawyer ! I only assist those that are of the 'downtrodden by fear', etc. Many other 'Acts' are also used by the R.T.B. It's all on the site for you to find out about and 'build your case'. Use commonsense, stay calm, make notes with all info, stay on the high road, and have faith. Also remember your free gift!! You have 2 years to file for the return of your 'damage deposit', AND the landlord MUST pay double as a penalty for not 'going by the book.' See how much fun this can be if you stay in control and in the know ??!! The LAW is the law, period.
Good luck in all your 'adventures', & stay in touch;
- Ken
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A Walk To Beautiful, and other worthy causes
Posted: 7/13/2008 6:45:21 PM
When I think of ALL the $$$$$$ there is in some countries, and how some have, well, none to speak of. It seems to me that it is always the women and children that suffer.

There is too much 'humaness', and not enough 'humanity'.
Just thing of what the amount of a certain small country in the middle east could give, save thousands so very quickly, and have the problem under control pretty quick. I would believe they wouldn't even notice the small 'dent' it makes in their $$$$.
Other countries also have more money than even they don't really know how much there is !!
This really is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong !!!
Will it change? Not if it has to do with dealing with people and what they feel is proper for themselves. One 'Palace' could do so much if the $$ was used for 'humanity purposes'. Makes me sick.
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Chat rooms
Posted: 7/13/2008 6:27:11 PM
I must concure with, jspudotoole ;

To FAST, too RUDE, Other Peeps butt in before you have a chance to respond, the list can go on., like having to wait up to minutes for your reply from someone.
Some are way too fast and a pain for me, so no thanks.

Something I would love is to have to mandatory reply in some type of an appropriate manner. Just a thought as I ponder ways to get these peeps on here to INTERACT MORE !!
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The Church of the FSM
Posted: 6/30/2008 10:16:20 PM
May I inquire why Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefers are not recognized.
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