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 Author Thread: nude beaches - Hanlan's
Joined: 2/5/2007
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nude beaches - Hanlan's
Posted: 2/25/2007 10:58:44 AM
Hey MidLyfeChrysalis,

Absolutely - go to a nude beach and enjoy yourself! There are a LOT of misconeptions about nude beaches and the people that go to them. Just go and have fun (and be prepared to tell the gawkers/a$$holes to leave you alone, end of story).

Yeah, it's sad to see so many posts here about how "it's just old wrinkly people" there... *** Newsflash *** - one day kids, if you're lucky, you'll look like that, too!

The beach in Toronto (Hanlan's Point) is pretty new and while there certainly is some drug use and drinking, it doesn't seem that it's so obvious as how people describe Wreck being. The police are fairly regular visitors, but generally tend to leave people alone and will come mostly when called (for the wankers who don't know how to behave - NO, it's not OK to stand around taking pictures, or - worse - hiding your camera and taking pics). I know that they were doing some plainclothes (?!) stuff last year looking for drinking.

By and large, the beach is self-policing and the cops are called only as required. There are enough regulars usually around that they will step in if they see a$$hole behaviour.

Is it warm enough for the beach yet????

~~~ Curvalicious ~~~
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