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 Author Thread: Entwined
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 4/1/2014 12:51:40 AM
Of all of our bad actions...the words left unspoken are sometimes the worse to haunt our memories.

If there was a single moment...that I can go back to...the single moment I regret most of not saying the right thing...

It would be a moment, just a couple springs ago...on a day quite like it was today....

The moment I needed to say and show that person what I felt...the moment I should have screamed it out loud...

The moment I should have simply said....i love you.

But instead....i let you walk away....why did I let you walk away?
Joined: 4/19/2012
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8 Line Poetry Stanzas - Use Last Line 4 First Line
Posted: 10/23/2012 11:50:19 AM
From the woods to the mountain tops
The beauty of nature never stops
In the thicket, a grey bunny hops
Rain trickles down from trees, in drops

The serenity of nature never ends
When Mother natures gift begins
The array of color seemingly blends
Especially when the sun descends.
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love with a broken heart
Posted: 10/23/2012 11:22:36 AM
This is absolutely beautiful
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 10/22/2012 7:35:01 PM
The candle dances in the breeze.
There is not much left of me.
I am fading into the shadows....
The flame flickers...beckoning me.
I stare at the flame, my mind numb.
My mind is blank..yet the voices call my name..
The candle is all I see, all I understand.
The voices scream louder, but I refuse to listen
A pain wells inside me...
taking control I beg for it to stop...
I wanna stab it away...
cut it out...shoot it away...
It overwhelms me...the voices heckle me...
You coward, so won't do it...
Rage seeps up as tears stain my eyes
I focus on the flame as the pain becomes numbness
I place the cold steel against my temple...
Then place it in my mouth...
A calmness overtakes me
My finger rests lovingly on the trigger...
This is it...this is the end...
The candle starts to fade from my mind... I pull the trigger...
Joined: 4/19/2012
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who you are...
Posted: 10/22/2012 10:50:32 AM
This poem is filled with beautiful emotion.
Your first two lines have awesome tempo
But after that you seem to break it a lil.
If it were me...and of course you don't have to
Take my advice...but I would rework this
So that it either has no tempo throughout
Or it all has tempo. Of course that's just my honest
Opinion. It is a beautii write and shows lots
Of emotion which is fantasi. Please keep
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Posted: 10/21/2012 3:09:55 PM
Never sleeping
Up all night
Cursing loudly
At day's first light

Hoping quietly
For a change
Perchance to sleep
Perhaps to dream

If only for one night
To be sleeping deeply
Peacefully dreaming
At day's first light
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Love's End
Posted: 10/21/2012 12:39:24 PM
Don't mind at all, tis beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pain.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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just a poem
Posted: 10/21/2012 12:05:19 PM
Pretty little words, do you speak
As a single tear, kisses my cheek
Words dance in a rhythm so sweet
A ballet that is such a treat

They dance upon the water
To and fro, without falter
Merrily dancing, like a daughter
Such sweet words upon the water.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 10/21/2012 11:50:05 AM
It seems this place has changed a lot.
Far more selfish people than not.
I came here in hope of enlightenment
But all I have gotten is disengagement.
I've tried to pretend nothing has changed.
But the good ones are gone, how strange!
I miss the way things used to be
And I wonder now, if It's just me.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)
Posted: 10/21/2012 11:39:09 AM
The lantern of whim
Seemingly grows dim.

It's hard to conceive
Such a tragedy

I hope for a chance
This isn't my last dance

The night grows colder
Fire begins to smoulder

The light then blows out.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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For Tristan
Posted: 10/21/2012 8:02:16 AM
I never got to say hello to you.
Nor really did I get to say goodbye.

There isn't much that I wouldn't do
To have you next to me in this life.

Your passing was more pain than I could bare.
It completely took its toll on us.

Losing you left us nothing but despair.
It left us absolutely nothing to discuss.

Everyone said it was such a tragedy.
But nothing seemed to ease the pain.

It was incredibly hard to believe.
And slowly, it drove me completely insane.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)
Posted: 10/20/2012 12:53:13 PM
And from this truth cannot hide
How I feel for you inside
You bring such joy to my heart
I hate the days when we're apart
Your love is all around me
I'm glad that we can finally be
Together, it is such bliss
I know this time we did not miss.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 10/19/2012 8:00:31 PM
Beautiful write. Keep up the good work.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 10/19/2012 7:58:26 PM
Beautiful write. Keep up the good work.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)
Posted: 10/19/2012 1:41:59 AM
Ever after
Seems so right
Nothing else matters
When a love takes flight

Days seem to fly by
It seems so great
And hope does fly
It seems like fate

It's just you and me
Happy as a lark
For all too see
What a pleasant start...
Joined: 4/19/2012
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You and I
Posted: 10/19/2012 1:26:58 AM
I dream of the day I can be in your arms.
Snuggling the day away, safe from any harm.
I talk to your picture and stare into your eyes
I'll give all I am to you, never any lies
My thoughts are always with you, my love
There's honestly nothing I'd rather think of..
I hate that I cannot kiss your lips
Or caress your face, lovingly with my fingertips
For once in my life, love feels so right
And with your love, I'm not lonely inside
Please know that I will be your girl forever
I'm so happy you finally see we belong together.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 10/19/2012 1:21:34 AM
The scent of you lingers when you go.
After a kiss, I roll over and cuddle your pillow.
I go back to sleep, wishing you wouldn't go.
But there's something that always carries you away
My love seemingly never stops you, even today.
You say you love me more than you ever have anyone
That I shouldn't worry and I should stay strong
But the moment you leave, your love grows cold....
It sends chills through a heart that's becoming stone
We've stayed on this merry-go-round far too long
And I know I should just let you go on
I guess I'm selfish, wanting you to stay
But I know soon there will come a day
And I wonder if you'll regret watching me walk away
And how will you feel on that sad, sad day
Goodbye seems to be all that is left
Of a love once strong, but is now a mess...
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Love's End
Posted: 10/19/2012 1:11:46 AM
The pain of love's end crushes like a death.
It's a hell I've felt more than I will confess.

A lover reaches into your chest, ripping out your heart.
Digging in their nails, ripping your heart apart.

As your blood trickles down their hand
They laugh maniacally, as if on command.

Your soul is lost within a deep, dark hell.
Leaving merely a crumbled and dying shell.

Time trickles slowly, as the pain quietly starts to fade.
But love is complicated and so very hard to erase.

Moment by moment, it continually clings.
What was once happiness, now painfully stings.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Sing Along
Posted: 10/19/2012 1:08:01 AM
Hey lady! Good to see you too.
I finally started writing again.
I was hoping some of you guys would be here.
But the few times I had posted,
no one seemed to notice me Lmao.

I have quite a few new poems to post.
The one above, I wrote for a contest on another site.
I liked it, so I posted it here.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Sing Along
Posted: 10/17/2012 8:17:30 PM
I can make you sing
And I can make you dance.

I can be all about hatred
Or purely of romance.

I can make you cry
Or make you feel good.

I can sooth all your anger
And my message may linger.

My words stick in your mind
Making you sing my rhyme.

I am loved by many, its true.
But misunderstood, sometimes too.

My lyrics may shake you.
My rhythm will rock you.

My Music moves your very soul.
I am merely a song, taking control.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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My Downfall
Posted: 10/17/2012 1:39:33 AM
At the bottom of a bottle is where you'd have found me.
Ill-fated was my downfall, it was seemingly destined.
Years of heartache and abuse took their toll.
The pain and sadness spiralling further into a chasm.
Days and months went by without recollection.
My life came crashing down, as I continued my path.
I destroyed myself and those who cared.
I look back now, wondering who that person was.
I shed a tear for the shell of a woman that lost her way.
Praying for understanding of the damage that was done.
Thankful for the awakening that finally ended it all.
Happy that my life is no longer in turmoil.
Thankful for family and friends who helped me from my fall.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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serious rework of an old poem
Posted: 10/17/2012 1:34:24 AM
There is life! Hi guys!
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 289 (view)
serious rework of an old poem
Posted: 10/13/2012 5:29:04 PM
I guess no one reads these anymore.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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serious rework of an old poem
Posted: 10/13/2012 7:45:04 AM
Oh love, where have you gone?
The mist surrounds as the day turns to dawn.
Oh how I miss hearing you sing our song.
And what is it that I've done so wrong.

You seem to be here, but you're really not.
What happened to the lover I once sought
The battle for me, he so diligently fought
But now he's left me here, seemingly to rot.

When the mood strikes, the words flow from you.
But when it's gone, there seems to be nothing I can do.
Oh my God, please tell me this can't be true.
Don't you understand why it is that I am so blue?

I stare longingly at our pictures upon the wall.
I lie awake each night just hoping that you'll call.
But your words seem so empty, that above all.
And with tear-stained eyes, onto our bed I do fall.

Further into the mist your memory is placed.
Another day, I know, I surely cannot face.
I am lost and broken in this horrible maze.
The memories of before, I seemingly cannot erase.

When will you ever come back to reality.
And see what it is that you are doing to me.
Our love lays now in the dust...such a tragedy.
My heart starts to break in all its fragility.

My friends all look sadly at me and with such worry.
When will you realize that I don't want you to be sorry.
God, I really need you right now, I pray that you hurry.
But here I sit again, my eyes tear-stained and blurry.

It's your reassurance that I continually seek.
As a single tear rolls down my cheek.
The outcome to all of the love we shared is now so bleak.
And baby you know it's you that I long to speak.

But alas, you have forgotten all the words to say.
The ones that ease this all, make it go away.
And I know now, no longer will you stay.
Yet the return of the love we shared, I sadly do pray.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 10/12/2012 5:01:18 AM
You may be miles away
But my love is with you always

Days, months and years pass
But my love will forever last

Your image remains in my mind
It makes me smile, time after time

At night, I sit here all alone
Wishing I could call you on the phone

But life has a very different plan
Know you are a wonderful man

My thoughts are always with you
Oh my darling, if you only knew

I miss your smile, oh so much
And how I wish for your touch

Though I cuddle my pillow at night
Know I will never give up this fight

Forever yours til the day I die
But for now I sit alone and cry....
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Dear Brother
Posted: 10/12/2012 4:58:35 AM
We have never seen eye to eye
And distance, frankly, has never been on our side
you have never really been a part of my life
But know that you've always been on my mind
I've tried so many times to connect with you
But it seems there is nothing I can do
Now you are there and I still stand here, alone
I send up a prayer and a wish for you
This hurts more than you know
I don't wanna deal with this anymore
Losing our father was hard enough
And almost losing mother, took its toll
But here we are now and you won't speak
I've done nothing to deserve this punishment I receive
Why can't you let go of your hate
And stop continually hurting me
even now with all that's come to pass
You are my brother and my love will last.
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 285 (view)
Posted: 10/12/2012 4:54:11 AM
So far away, you may have to be
But your love around me, is all I see
Our love dances softly upon a quiet breeze

I feel your arms draped about my waist
The soft whisper of a kiss upon my face
Your caresses on my skin as fingers trace

The miles may be plenty between the two of us
My heart with you, I absolutely trust
I wish your absence was not a must.

At night, I dream of us in my mind
The love we share is so divine
I know we will stand this test of time

I've loved you completely for so long
I know this time we can't go wrong
In your arms and heart, I know I belong.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Babbling Brook
Posted: 10/12/2012 4:47:54 AM
The babbling brook meanders on
Regardless of what may be in its path
It navigates along the Rocks and earth
And continues without mercy
The water slowly eroding tiny pebbles along its journey
It leaves no stone unturned
The brook winds along the banks
Without a care or worry in the world
Its only mindset-achieving its destination
The waters make no mistakes
Because there is no rhyme or rules
It makes its mark upon the world
And simply nothing more.
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Manny's house by the Fire
Posted: 4/27/2012 5:14:57 PM has been. I finally met a man and we've been together a year now. How are you?
Joined: 4/19/2012
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Posted: 4/26/2012 1:57:26 AM
the day they let the butterflies go,
i gave you my heart and hand to hold...
our lives changed on that very day,
and forever with you is what i pray..
.the butterflies flew upon the breeze,
and i knew right then my heart would never be freed.
I didn't know then, but i do know now,
that i'll give you my love til death do i vow.
I will always remember the day that the butterflies drifted away,
for that was the day i gave my heart away.
I have loved you all of my days,
and pray that forever by my side you will stay.
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Posted: 4/26/2012 1:55:13 AM
I am devastated, while you eviscerated. Our friendship is lacerated.

It's beyond my comprehension, the lack of intention. I feel I'm in another dimension.

My heart you're attacking, your compassion is lacking, as I am collapsing

Your heart is like stone, I ache to the bone, our friendship is gone.

You've taken for granted the love that I granted. I've said all I've wanted.
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 281 (view)
Posted: 4/26/2012 1:53:02 AM
in the evening, late at night... living a lie so deceiving.. i long for you to hold me tight.. i try and try to go on believing... amongst all this heartache and pain.. i wish upon a star but nothing is relieving... all the while..i slowly go insane.
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 2192 (view)
Manny's house by the Fire
Posted: 4/25/2012 7:48:43 PM
Hi mandrake! I it's shadwgrrl! Remember me?
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 280 (view)
Posted: 4/25/2012 7:45:24 PM
By the way in case no one has figured it out I'm shadwgrrl
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 279 (view)
Posted: 4/25/2012 7:44:55 PM
By the way in case no one has figured it out I'm shadwgrrl
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 278 (view)
Posted: 4/25/2012 4:23:37 PM
Into my heart you seemingly whisper I cry for you but you do not hear Words i speak unknown to you But the silence is deafening

The love within is entrapped I try to grasp and fail I await your touch, your caress But as always, empty am i

Truth is hidden inside a box Locked away tightly, i dare not Opening merely reveals the pain But if only..if only i could.

Meaningless, meaningless, it all seems Too much to bear within my heart Pain crumbles down from above As tears drowned out my sorrows
Joined: 4/19/2012
Msg: 277 (view)
Posted: 4/25/2012 4:16:29 PM
I know this is an uphill fight. Alone I feel on this flight.

I long for your loving embrace. And Your fingertips caressing my face.

I stare at your lips a monent longer. The taste of your kiss I often ponder.

My heart aches for your hand upon mine. Longing for a lover gently entwined.

But I fear its an uphill battle. A long road that we must travel.

My love for you lingers on and on like a meoldy of a song.

My patience I will continually keep. As my heart so softly weeps.
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