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 Author Thread: Dinner for 3
Joined: 6/4/2007
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Dinner for 3
Posted: 1/12/2008 12:03:15 PM
I have 3 or 4 on here..others I have on file on my comp.Glad you enjoyed. I know I enjoyed the experience and writing it.
Joined: 6/4/2007
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Lonely patrol
Posted: 11/4/2007 12:31:17 PM
This story was a bit different for me to write as it was in the male view, but here goes. I wrote this for someone I know and promised to him a few months

A frown creased the forehead of when Cpl. Derek Robinson heard what area he was to patrol that afternoon. It looked like a long afternoon was in store for him. The area in which he was assigned was one of the longest stretches of highway between the two towns and rarely did anything interesting happen when on duty there besides watching the occasional deer or rabbit cross the road ahead of them. Derek gathered up his folder and pen glancing over at his fellow officers before heading out to his squad car.

The sun beat down showing it was to be a very nice day, the weatherman had said it was going to be warm but not to hot that it made everyone sit in the shade and not want to venture out. Putting his key in the lock, he twisted it open and settled into his patrol car to then close the door with a thud. The engine fired up with another twist of inserted key, idling quietly with harnessed energy, just awaiting the extra gas to race down the road as it was built for. Putting it into reverse, Derek backed from his spot , then headed out of the parking lot, merging with the morning traffic to head to highway 112.

A few hours later found him parked at one of the intersecting roads that housed alot of hunting camps and getaways. A bottle of water half drank, dripped moisture in the coffee cup holder as the music blared on the radio, the occasional squawk as the other officers radioed in their calls. Derek was thinking again of not having had sex in a while and his hand moved to the bulge in his pants, his thumb rubbing against the upper side of his flaccid****as it lay just under the stiff material. His****flared to life under his hand as he stroked even more, growing in length quickly as the blood pumped into it. Derek closed his eyes as pleasure rushed through him and blood surged into his hardening**** His eyes fluttered as he fumbled with his zipper, reaching inside to take out his sturdy shaft, the mushroomed head swelled and glistening with moisture already. Lost in the motion of his hand stroking along the length of his**** he didn't hear at first the roar of engine as the car swept along the paved road. His eyes flew open as it zipped by, glancing by instinct at the radar screen for the speed of the car, seeing it was going well over the speed limit. Derek put his shrinking****back into his pants zipping quickly as he put the car into drive. His foot pushing the gas as his free hand flicked on the sirens to give chase to the speeding car ahead of him.

Derek pulled in behind the red sports car, his sirens whooping loudly, taking in the license plate and seen it was from out of province. The brake light went on to slow the speeding car as it pulled over onto the side of the road along the rarely used highway. He called in the license plate number over the radio, his deep voice reverberating inside the car. Glancing to the car he could see the figure that sat there and by the shape, knew it was a woman that sat in the red sports car. He checked to make sure his pants were zipped up all the way and exited from the patrol car to make his way to the side of the car. As he neared the car, his breath caught as the sun glistened off the auburn haired woman that sat in the car. Her scent wafted to his nostril like honey to a bee. Again his****twitched within his pants, especially as he glanced down at her sitting in the car and seen the long expanse of golden thigh that peeked from the short skirt that had ridden up along her legs.

"Ma'am, do you realize you were going 30 kilometers over the speed limit?" his voice was smooth hiding the underlying horniness he was harbouring. Her green eyes turned up at him after she took off her sunglasses, the long lashes fringing them darkly. Her sultry voice seemed to match her beauty, slipping past her rouged lips as she answered him. "Officer, I am sorry, I panicked as I thought I was lost, if I had known you were back there I would have stopped and asked directions from you." Derek just smiled back at her glad he had dark sun glasses on so she wouldn't see just where his eye roamed. "May I have your license,insurance and registration please." He went over the routine almost automatically as he slid his glance over her, coming to rest at her low cut top and the swell of breast that peeked from the top. She leaned to the right as she dug into her purse to look for her wallet, taking out her license and hand it to him. Derek glanced at the name taking note her name was Sable and thought it was a fitting name. But his attention was soon riveted upon the underside of her thighs as she had to lean further to the side to reach into the glove compartment to get her registration and insurance. Now his****was growing as he became excited,his pants beginning to swell again. 'Oh god' , he thought,' I am in trouble here, never have I been like this with someone I have stopped before.' Maybe it was because he had been without it for so long, maybe it was more because this woman before him was such a lovely sight.

Sable turned back with the documents in hand, passing them through the window to him her eyes widening as she takes in the swell of his pants. Then a smile touched on her lips, showing the smooth even teeth beneath. She liked what she seen before he turned away and headed back to his patrol car to check on her license, insurance and registration. Sable smiled to herself as she squirmed in the car, her skirt riding up further along her golden thighs. Sable looked up into the mirror watching the officer in his patrol car thinking he was a very handsome man. It was a shame they had had to meet under these circumstances.

Derek slipped out of his car yet again documents in his hand as he strode up to the side of the red sports car again..He wanted her, there was no doubt in his mind at the sexual attraction he held for this stranger. As he stopped beside her window, he again found his****rising to the occasion as he took in the woman again. "I will let you off on the speeding this time Sable..but I have to check for hidden items, will you step from the car." The words were out before he had even thought of what he was going to do, but it was started and he could not stop the downward spiral of lust he was feeling. He stepped back from the car as Sable opened the door and almost groaned as she stepped first one leg out then the other. He had gotten a glimpse of shaved lips that peeked from beneath her short skirt before her other leg followed to bring her out of the car. "Step to the rear of the car Ma'am." He stopped and listened, looking both ways up and down the road for any signs of anyone else coming along the lonely stretch of road before following her.

"Put your hands on the hood please Ma'am" he intoned still in a bland voice, yet his blood was racing, thudding through his veins and seeming to stop at his groin to make his****throb now with unrepentant desire. Sable put her hands on the trunk of her car, leaning forward, the position jutting her rounded buttocks outwards towards him. "We have no female officer on our force at the moment, so I have to frisk you Ma'am." he almost whispered in her ear as he closed the distance between them. His large hands moved along her arms, though her shirt was short sleeved. The skin under his fingers felt delicate and warm, and oh so soft. Derek's fingers slide along her sides, the swell of her breasts full against his touch, then moved to under her breasts, easing along the underside. Sable gave a moan and he hesitated in his search for a moment. But it seemed as if her moan went straight to his****that was all but bursting from his pants.

Derek continued again, but this time as he moved along back under her breasts, he moved his hands so as he brought them back, he was all but cupping her breasts in his hand, his thumbs scrapping over her nipples. He himself almost groaned as he found her nipples already hard, poking from her bra and shirt. Once more she moaned again, gasping as he stroked over her nipple and shifted under his touch. He knew then his advances would not be shunned but still was careful in his advances, loving the tease he was doing, being a fantasy of any officer to have happen on his shift.. He dropped his hands from Sable's breasts, running them down along her sides, moving about her waist then along her hips.

Placing one hand upon the small of her back, he bent enough to allow his other hand to dip to the hem of her short skirt. Slipping in under the hem, his fingers ran along her inner thigh, moving upwards as she spread her legs opening herself for him. He felt a shiver run through her as his finger grazed the silken flesh along her thigh, seeking the warmth at the top. Getting bolder, he let his fingers brush over the moisture dampened nether lips, tentatively at first. but as she shifted and gave an almost inaudible moan, he grew bolder still. Derek's fingers slipped between the meaty lips, sliding easily through the silken wetness he encountered. The little bud of her clit was hard beneath the pad of his finger as it slipped teasingly over it then back to find the entrance to her vagina. His voice almost hoarse in excited whisper, drowsed past her ear as he leaned closer to her, his tented pants brushing against her hip for a moment. "I have to check inside as well."

His two fingers slipped easily into her as her dampness told of her arousal. Her slick muscles seemed to contract around his invading fingers,bringing a gasp to slip from her. He knew he had her when she pushed her hips back at him. Derek twisted his fingers within, as if searching for something, but in fact came into contact with her g spot. A wicked smile skimmed over his lips as he caressed it, bringing another gasp from Sable. He withdrew his fingers from her, bringing them to his lips and then inside to taste her juices that clung to them. Glancing up, he noticed she had swivled her head to watch him, tasting her juices from his fingers. He gave her a weak smile as he withdrew them. Her words next struck him straight through to his engorged**** "Officer, if you like the can taste more if you want." Sable's eyes flashed with unrelented lust and he noticed her thighs clenching as if she were trying to control herself.

Derek chuckled "I guess you caught me didn't you...and I would love to taste more of you, but right now I have a bit of a problem." and he pointed downwards to the tent in his pants. Sable turned around facing him fully now and leaned her buttocks on the car trunk as she surveyed his problem. " do need some help with that don't you?" Sable's slender arm rose to reach for him, letting her lacquered nails flash in the sunlight as they slipped teasingly over the cloth covered head of his**** It was his turn to shiver and close his eyes as his****jumped involuntarily beneath her touch. Sable moved in closer to Derek, her luscious body barely touching him. He could feel her breath warm upon his neck as she gazed up at him with such deep green eyes. Yet her fingers still moved between them as they grazed over the length of his shaft.

Her body seemed to slither down the length of his own torso, her breasts grazing him in the most appealing places. Sable's nimble fingers moved to his belt buckle, unfastening it with careful ease of motion. Derek watched in anticipation, though keeping one ear open for the sound of a vehicle approaching up the lonely highway. He advidly hoped none would for a long time to come. As she parted the fabric of his pants, a smile came to her lips as the outline of his erection came into view. His underwear was damp from the leakage of precum that had dripped from his tip to soak the fabric. Derek could feel his****twitching with need as she pulled his pants down from his hips, the heavy revolver and other implements that were attached to his belt helping the momentum till they were puddled about his feet. Next she grasped the elastic of his underwear bringing them down as well to join his pants. Though they caught some as his erection sprang forth.

The clean scent of his masculinity arose from his swelled flesh, wafting even to his senses.Derek could not wait to have her warm mouth surround his raging flesh, and his****twitched in thought. He watched Sable bring her gaze to his**** taking note of the smile forming on her lips again just before her lacquered nailed fingers stroked along his length in reverance of what was before her. Silently, Derek willed her to suck on him, the need to cum was so great he almost shoot off right then. Sable's fingers gently curled around his girth as she leaned towards him. Her flame red hair glistened in the sun that beat upon them in witness to their lust. Derek's eye's closed just as the tip of her warm tongue lavished the mushroomed head of his**** bringing a moan from him. She chuckled lightly before moving past, teasing him as she let her lips run along the side, then back again to the swelled tip. Derek's knees were weak already, and they had only just begun.

Suddenly, the feel of his shaft head enclosed in warmth made him open his eyes to watch once more. He loved watching a woman take his length deeply into her mouth, wondering if they could take him fully. Sable seemed to be doing a great job of engulfing him whole with almost one move, yet as her lips closed over him, he could feel her draw back. His flesh tingled and swelled to new proportions. Breath coming quicker now, he hunched his hips at her, trying to **** her mouth, wanting the feel of being enclosed within the heat. Sable followed his lead,and moved back and forth on him. Taking him in and out of her sensuous mouth, her released her hold at the base of his**** letting them move back to gently rake over the round buttocks that clenched with each thrust forward to meet the counter motion of her head towards him. He knew such raw lust would bring him to the brink very quickly, so he tried to slow down, but Sable kept up the motion, as if knowing his release was imminent. He could feel the tingle in his tightly tucked up balls, pushing the life's seed from them into the canal and out of his body.

His strong fingers delved into her hair as he pumped faster into her mouth, finding it very erotic to watch it disappear deep into her throat and then seeing the glistening salvia she left on him. "God, here it comes, Sable.." he warned her, just in case she wanted to withdraw from him, but instead, Sable sucked even harder, drawing him even closer. With a groan, his eyes shut tightly as he orgasmed into her. His creamy seed shot in many spurts into Sable, filling her mouth before each swallow, not spilling a drop. When the last spasm passed, the last shudder racking his somewhat sated body, he withdrew from her, though he was still half hard. Derek urged Sable to stand, taking her into his arms and kissing her deeply. He could taste himself on her lips, again finding it a turn on that she had swallowed him completely.

Derek ran his hand down under Sable's top, splaying his palm over her taunt belly, feeling the heat from her creamy flesh. Slowly, he moved upwards to cup her full breast, feeling the nipple kernel beneath his palm. He continued the assault on her mouth, their tongues exploring and withdrawing. Withdrawing from the kiss, he drew back enough to bring his hand back down, grasping the hem of her top and bringing it upwards to gather over her breasts, exposing the lacy bra that held what he wanted to explore. Dragging the lacy aside, he exposed her breast fully to his view before dipping his lips to her nipple. Taking the sensitive nub past his lips, he sucked gently, lapping his tongue over the tip. She tasted so good, he could barely wait to taste the nectar between her legs. He could hear her soft moans in his ear, which made his softening****twitch and begin to gather life yet again. Gently, he dragged back in her nipple, illiciting another moan from Sable, he left her nipple glistening in the light wet with his saliva.

Knowing her car was to low, he gathered her up into his arms. swinging around and shuffling to his own car, he sat her upon the hood. Bringing her to the edge as he wrapped his arms under her thighs, spreading her legs for his first good view of her most secret spot. Derek glanced up at Sable and smiled before moving between her legs. He could scent her arousal, and see the shaven lips glistening with her juices. Softly, he let his tongue slide along her outer lips, taking that first delicate taste. She tasted so sweet to him,her musk surrounding him, he finally delved past the outer lips, seeking her clit beneath. Taking it between his lips, he tantalized her by rolling it between them bringing yet another moan louder this time from Sable. Sable leaned back, balancing herself on her hands as she thrust her pelvis towards him, wanting more. He did indeed give her more, flicking the engorging clit with his tongue, bringing her closer to the brink of no return.

He brought up his fingers, to first trace along the entrance of her body, feeling it wet with her juices that seemed to flow freely from her now. Slowly, he inserted one finger into her willing body, circling it around and in and out before bringing another into play beside it. Deeper he thrust his fingers into her, finding that spongey spot inside. Curling his fingers, he gently, but firmly, stroked over it, feeling it swell as she groaned out her pleasure. Her muscles seemed to grip, tighten then release in spasms of pleasure. Her worked steadily on her, working on her clit. He could feel and hear the juices squishing and sloshing as he thrust his fingers into her. Finally, she gave a cry, seeming to push with her muscles. From her, fluids squirted and he pumped faster, but bringing his lips from her clit, he watched as her female ejaculate spilled from her, running down between her legs, then over the hood of his car, to dribble over the edge to the spill on the ground.

As he had been stimulating her, his****had come back to full mast, wanting so badly to be gripped by those strong muscles. He had seen a condom in Sable's purse, so rising her told her to stay while he went to get it. Derek found it easily, and tearing the package as he shuffled back to her, his pants still around his ankles. He stood before her, and rolled the condom onto his raging erection. Sable's face was red still from her orgasm, but she watched in as he came closer to her, parting her legs more for room for him. Gathering her hips in his hands, he brought her towards him, then taking his shaft into his hand, he guided it between her swollen lips. Her body parted for his solid head, yet he flexed his buttocks as he pushed in. He had slide in about an inch, knowing her entrance was slick, yet he teased her by withdrawing to just the tip again before pushing in, giving her more of him. He kept repeating it till he was fully seated within her. Her repeated moans excited him, yet he kept control.

Sable guided her legs around him, holding him too her as she pushed back at him to help him enter her tight sheath. Holding still for a moment, he dipped his head down to grasp her taunt nipple into his mouth, sucking strongly on it before he began to withdraw yet again. Derek began to **** her in ernest now, feeling her juices trickle from her to soak his swinging balls. He was in heaven, through the thin latex of the condom, he could feel her heat surround him. Letting go of her nipple, he moved his lips up to her neck, giving light love bites as he continued to piston into her. Her moans began to mount yet again in pitch and volume as her muscles began to twitch around him. Lost in the wonderment of this, he felt her muscles push yet again. Sable cried out as she gushed again, gripping him as if he was her life saver.

****ing her faster now, time seeming to suspend, he wanted this to last a long time, but knew time was not on their side. Eventually someone would drive down this road, and he was needed back on duty. His balls began to tighten as his impending release became immament again. Sable met each of his thrusts, building yet another of her own as they spiraled together in their lust of the moment. It seemed as if their pace increased yet again as they rushed together towards release. Derek's****sloshed through her wetness, and suddenly, Sable screamed out her release. Her muscles tighening around him so much he had a hard time with his last thrust into her. He held deep into her as his voice mingled with her own, sounding out his own release.

It seemed as if he shot into her many times, filling her with his creamy cum. Her juices flowed past his invading****to spill from her again. He shuddered in aftershocks that mingled with her own as they cooled off from their lust. Reluctantly, he withdrew from her sopping ****, and more fluids spilled from her flowing over the hood of his car. Derek gave Sable a sheepish look as he turned from her to take off the cum filled condom and toss it into the ditch. He knew..he was littering, but he had no other way to dispose of the condom. As he bent to pull up his pants, he noted they were wet in spots from her, but it was well worth it. Sable eased off the hood of his car, smoothing down her short skirt and pulled down her top. Her thighs were soaked, but she knew she had something in her car that she could clean up with.

Fully clothed now and adjusted, they faced each other, Derek gathered Sable back into his arms to snug her against him. "God, you made my day Sable." he whispered to her. "Do you think you will be in town tonight when I get off my shift?" Sable smiled back at him, her body already responding to the closeness of their bodies. "Oh I think I will be returning this way tonight to continue in comfort what we started today. Just give me your number and I will call you when I get back, I will make this trip very short." she chuckled. Derek leaned down to kiss her again, thank ful for her speeding this day. Releasing her, he dug into his pocket, bringing out a card with his number on it and handed it to Sable. "I will be looking forward to your phone call tonight then." As Sable moved away from him to her car, gathering up her stuff she winked at him over her shoulder before getting into her own car,starting it and driving away.

Derek moved to his own car, his knees shakey with a big smile on his face. What a day, his patrol not so lonely now and looking forward to the evening to come.
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Just for you
Posted: 11/4/2007 12:26:43 PM
I wrote this for someone special letting him know what was going to happen next we got together. He knows and gave permission for this to be posted.

If I had you standing before me now I would start off with
our lips joining in a very passionately deep kiss, one that
would be felt right to our toes. Our tongues twining as our
bodies pressed together, my nipples hard and pressing
against your chest as my pelvis ground into yours. Feeling
the strength of your****growing hard in your pants. My hands would be slipping along your back, to the hem of
your shirt, tugging at it as I pulled the hem from your pants.
My fingers slipping in under to ease along your warm flesh,
so soft under my fingertips to ease upwards and flick softly
over your nipples.My thumb begins to circle your nipple
as our lips part from the intense kiss. I smile up at you as
I slip my hands from under your shirt and begin the teasing
of unbuttoning each small button to reveal your chest,
layered with soft hairs. As I smile up at you, I bend to let
my moist warm tongue flick over your left nipple, just barely
teasing the sensitive nub. As my tongue lavishes tender
licks upon your nipple, my hands are busy still, slipping
your shirt off your shoulders, though my hand is turned
enough to allow my touch to keep in contact with your arms,
easing lightly over the soft down of hair that adorns your
arms as I slip your shirt off you and let it pool to the floor.
As I move to give your right nipple the same treatment as
your left, I let my fingertip flutter along your sides,
slightly forward to slip along your ribs, traversing downwards
to the top of your pants. Then as my lips catch your right
nipple, my teeth easing a gentle nip on it to let my tongue
press over it, my fingers splay to ease behind you and cup
your buttocks.

With fingers kneading and cupping your butt, I begin my
travels along your lower body as I bend and kneel before
you. My gaze is going to the fastening of your pants, as my
nimble fingers come around to fiddle with it and slowly
unbuckle, unbutton and then slowly ease the zipper down
over the bulge that has formed in your pants. Though before
I part the fly, I let my fingers slip over your hidden treasure,
teasing the head before I part the cloth slipping your pants
down over your hips and then letting them fall to around
your ankles. Helping you out of them and your socks, I again
smile as I let my focus travel up along the length or your
legs. As my gaze comes to the center of your arousal, my lips
part as my teeth catch at my bottom lip. Your so engorged,
your meaty shaft pointing towards me with the veins standing
out along the sides. Gently, I let my fingers travel along
the lenght of your upper thighs, teasing along your groin
as I let them slide past your wanting**** My thumbs seem
to have a mind of their own as they traipse through the soft
curls at the base of your**** barely touching the hot flesh
of your****

With a glance upwards giving you a wink, I return my focus
to what is before me.Almost reverantly I let the soft pads
of my fingertips brush along the velvety flesh of your erection,
before curling them around the girth. Gently stroking
and on the upward stroke I would tighten my fingers so they
held the blood captive in your smooth head, making it flare
out even more. Just as I see a drop of precum slip from your
slit, I lean forward and let my tongue flick at it taking
that single drop within my mouth. I would let the taste of
you coat my mouth before I continued forward again, . Though
I would still go past your stiffened**** going for the
wrinkled sack that housed your seed. My lips would nibble
lightly before I parted them to take one warm ball into my
mouth, sucking lightly before I moved to the other. My hand
would be lightly grasping your**** barely teasing as
I manipulated your balls. Letting go of your balls, I would
then move my hand, letting my tongue traipse along the length
of your**** towards the head, then back down to the base.

With the next upward motion of head and lips, coming to your
tender swollen glands, I let my lips part taking just the
head past my lips. My tongue would flick and lavish sensual
touches upon you, whilst my fingers slipped so easily around
your hips, moving to cup your buttocks lightly in my grasp.
With a soft moan I would suck for just a moment before moving
to take you further within the depths of my moist hot mouth.
Using just my mouth to pleasure you, I would let you slide
deeply within, before I pulled back, adding suction as
I move back to the head and then completely off you. With
a chuckle as you moan out wanting more, I stand and direct
you to lay upon the bed. Reaching for the drawer beside and
taking something out as you relax. "Close your eyes,
hun" I whisper softly as I kneel upon the bed beside
you, then settling in between your legs. What I have in my
hands, I lay upon the bed between your legs as I lean over
you, balancing on my hands and let my full breasts brush
over your**** then reaching to take its length in my hand
to ease the head over my hard nipples for a brief moment of

Settling back again on my knees, I pick up the intrument
again in my hand, taking the one part in my right letting
it come into contact with your**** as my left switches
it on. Vibrations soon cascade through the small egg as
I ease it along your length. I hear you moaning and it encourages
me even more as I tease you with the vibrating egg., running
it along your****and then over your balls. With the egg
moving over your balls, I lean again to run my tongue up the
bottom of your****as it lay along your belly. Then moving
up along your belly to your nipples once more, I bring the
egg along with me to ease it in a circular motion around your
nipples then moving back down to your twitching****yet

My **** is throbbing now with want of you, but I am holding
back to give you all the pleasure I want to give just to you.
I want you to fill me with your eager arousal and let it slide
in and out for a long time. But I take a grip on my sensations
and begin my ravishment of you once more. Curling my fingers
around your solid length once more, I guide the head back
to my mouth, easing my mouth down over you till it pushes
against the back of my throat. Yet I push still more, down
upon you till I have you completely within me. My lips snuggle
around the base of your**** as I hold you for a moment, letting
my throat muscles spasm around you. Slowly I ease back along
your length, coming yet again completly off of it. I glance
down along your length, seeing the glistening of my saliva
along you before I eagerly take y ou back within my warmth.
With each moan and with each slide along you, I increase
my pace, my head moving in an up and down motion as I **** my
mouth upon your beautiful****

I feel the need within you to let your seed spurt from you,
and I increase the pace yet again, moaning in anticipation
of sucking your creamy cum as you orgasm in my mouth. I hear
the sounds you make as you come close to release and I suck
harder upon you, yet keeping the pace, just increasing
the suction upon you. As your fingers grasp my hair, you
drive your hips upwards into me as you orgasm into me, I taste
your cum as it shoots into my mouth, making me swallow quickly
as it pools quickly within. I continue sucking even after
I have sucked out every drop you give me. With the last spasm
of your**** I slide from you, yet lash my tongue over you,
catching any stray drops the might still be clinging to
your**** With a satisfied chuckle I finaly move to lay
beside you, your chest still heaving with increased breath
from your increased excitement. " tasted
soooo good." I murmur as I await your revivial for
more fun that I knew was to come.
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Dinner for 3
Posted: 11/4/2007 12:24:12 PM
I seen this and was thinking I would post some of my erotic literature here for viewing.[names have been changed to protect the]

The sandaled foot eased from the gas pedal to press upon
the brake as the car swept into sharp corner to slow it down.
A frown creased within the creases of her forehead as she
told herself to slow down and not be in such a rush. Yet it
was hard not to hurry for this evening had the promise of
fulfillment and sensual delights. Giving a deep breath
as the turn smoothed out to the straight before his driveway
intersected the road, to which once more her foot lifted
from the pedal to push upon the brake. Her hands working
the steering wheel into the sharp 90 degree turn.Once more
the frown returned to crease her brow as she took notice
of 2 vehicles parked within the driveway. With the motor
running on her car still she thought whether she should
proceed or not to enter his house, for usually their meetings
were held within the hold of discretion. Movement was caught
though at the window to wave her in as her lover had taken
notice of her hesitation.

She hoped his visitor was not someone she knew already,
but the car was not familiar to her, so she doubted it.Opening
the door, she twisted to allow her toned legs to first peek
out as she exited the car, gathering up her purse before
closing the door and heading up the stairs that would lead
to the interior of the house.As she passed the patio doors,
she peeked in wondering if she would get a peek first of the
other visitor that was within. The door opened as her lover
beckoned her inside with a smile on his handsome face. Her
smile came ready to her rouged lips at his presence for even
though they were friends with benefits, he still held a
special spot in her heart. She could feel her heart beat
in a quicker pace as she entered past his solid frame. She
set her purse upon the floor just inside the door, slipping
off her heels in the process, all the while letting her glance
look questioningly at her dark haired lover. His deep voice
soothed her senses as he said hello, asking her how she was
doing this evening. She answered him in a quiet voice letting
him know of her wellness. His strong hand reached out to
twine with her own smaller hand to lead her forth into the
living room"I have someone I would like you to meet."
he spoke as he rounded the corner past the stairs into the

There upon the couch sat a blonde haired man, looking relaxed
with one ankle crossed over his opposite knee, and arm stretched
along the back of the couch. Her lashes fluttered as her
gaze shifted in shyness and nervousness. Her lover introduced
him as Sean, someone he had known for some time now. Again
she smiled at Sean, giving him a nod "Nice to meet
you." she intoned before she took a seat upon the couch,
her lover taking a seat on the other side, getting her to
settle in the middle between them. The conversation flowed
between them for a while and she began to relax more and more
in the presense of this strange man.

With the relaxed air about the 3, her lover Dave let his hand
fall to her naked thigh that peeked from beneath the dress'
hem. She let a smile curve her lip as she surveyed his strong
fingers trail along her toned flesh. Her own hand moved
to cover his own, the dark colored enamel flashing momentarily
as the light struck it.With a shift of glance toward Sean,
she could feel her cheeks warm as the gesture of intimacy
was noticed by him from the intent look within his blue eyes.
Sean chuckled lightly at her blush and Dave leaned in, his
voice moving past her ear in a husky baritone."Remember
what we talked about, pertaining to fantasies?"
His strong fingers gently applying pressure upon her leg
and not waiting for her answer, but continued in his husky
voice. "Would you like for it to happen tonight?"
It was as if someone had already stroked their fingers over
her needy nether lips, for they began to tingle with need
at the thought of having 2 men. Her emerald eyes became intense
as they turned upon Sean, meeting his blue visuals and seeing
the desire written there that now matched the ones in her
own and within Dave's. Her voice became low with desire
at the thought and all she could do was nod and whisper "Yes..I

It was as if a dam had broken, the pent up feelings and need
were now out in the open, Dave's hand began it's
ascent up further along her leg, sneaking in under the hem
as his head bent and his lips connected with her neck. Sean
moved closer to her, his hand as well came to rest upon her
other leg, but running along the silky inner thigh as he
moved his head close to her own, keeping an intense look
with her own just before his lips met with her own. A deep
moan was issued from her lips at the meeting, bringing them
to part and her tongue move out to meet with his own as it invaded
past her lips. She sucked upon it as they kissed deeply,
kissing him back hard.She could feel her nipples quickly
harden, pushing against the lace of her bra as if seeking
and searching for attention.Dave's hand had finally
reached it's destination, her legs had parted for
his seaching hand, as it connected with the bare flesh of
her ****. Already her lips were slick with wetness as the
erotism of the moment was over coming her.

Her own hands were busy as well, coming to rest upon the thighs
of the men on each side of her, running along their cloth
covered legs and upwards to the bulges that were forming
at the junction of their thighs.Her fingers ran over them,
following the outline of each in turn. Though Dave's
was very familiar to her, the feel of Sean's was new
and what she felt she liked very much.Sean's lips moved
back from hers as their breaths mingled now with increased
pace.Dave's other fingers were busy with the zipper
on the back of her dress, bringing it down to reveal the creamy
flesh of her back, sprinkled with freckles.His fingers
ran lightly along her exposed back then back to the fastening
of her bra, expertly undoing it.Sean reached up to take
the strap of her dress down off her shoulder, bending to
let his lips run along the flesh that was exposed as Dave
did the same on the other shoulder. She almost squirmed
under the ministrations of the two men.The two men glanced
at each other and Dave rose to his feet, taking her by the
hand to bring her to her feet. She stood on shaky legs to stand
before them as they stripped her of her clothing to leave
them in a pile upon the floor.She turned to Dave, her fingers
nimble upon the buttons of his shirt as they undid them and
she slipped off his shirt to join her clothing on the floor.
Slowly her head bent to let her tongue flick out over his
nipple, before kneeling before him, her fingers running
down along his belly to the fastenings of his pants. She
quickly undid and slid his pants down, then his underwear
coming to join them as well.

Her eyes were now only upon the heavy shaft that now pointed
towards her, long and thick, with a downwards curve that
had always intriqued her. Immediately taking him within
the moist warmth of her mouth, she let her tongue flick over
the smooth head before she took him further within. Then
pulling back, she left him slick with her saliva.As she
had been sucking upon her lover, Sean had bent to let his
hands wander over her shoulders and downwards to her full
breasts, taking the hard nipples between his fingertip
and thumb, gently tweaking and twisting them to tantalize
her. She turned with a smile to him, reaching for his pants
fastenings, glancing up at him as her fingers undid his
pants and peel them from his as well to join the rest of the
clothing that now littered the floor. Her breath caught
as she now viewed what she had only briefly felt. Not near
as long as Dave's but his girth was impressive indeed.
Her fingers reached to curl around it, gently stroking
as she explored his length and girth. Eager to explore,
she leaned to him, letting her lips part to wrap around the
swelled head of his**** her head moving as she let her tongue
explore him, tasting him . Her free hand trailed up Dave's
leg to curl her fingers around his hardened shaft as well,
stroking him as her mouth explored Sean's sturdy shaft.
Taking him fully within her mouth, she took him to the back
of her throat, then further still with a push of her head
to take him down her throat. Getting control of her gag reflex,
she held him within for a bit before slowly pulling back
.leaving him wet with her moisture.

Glancing up at them, she turned again to Dave to take him
within the heat of her mouth to swallow him as well..the
curve of his****helping to slide down her throat with ease.She
applied suction and pulled back, her cheeks sinking in
with the suction before she moved back down on him again.Her
head moved back and forth eliciting moans of pleasure from
him. His moans had always turned her on even more and moisture
now leaked freely from her, leaving her soaked. Sean's
fingers on her nipples were bringing uttered moans as well
that vibrated along Dave's****as it was held within
the hold of her mouth. Letting Dave go again, she once more
turned to Sean, taking his sturdy****within her mouth
again, swallowing him in a quick motion of her head. As she
sucked upon Sean, her hand kept busy upon Dave, stroking
him wetly. When she let go of Sean this time, Dave again reached
down to bring her to her feet from her kneeling position
to lead her back he way he had earlier. Sean quickly discarded
his shirt and she reaches out to take his hand within her
own to lead him behind. They moved through the entry then
down the hall to the right hand bedroom that held the large
bed in the center.
As they stopped, Dave turned to her, taking her face within
the palms of his hands to let his lips meet her in a deep achingly
passionate kiss. As their tongues entwined, she urged
her back to the bed then to lay upon it as he let her go. Moving
back upon it, Sean moved to crawl between her parted legs,
giving her a wink before his face dissappeared between
her legs to connect with her soaked ****. A moan was wrought
from her with the pleasurable delights he was giving her
as his tongue slid along her pink petals to stop at her engorged
clit that was now peeking from it's protective hood.
Her hips jerked as his tongue swiped over it, bringing another
deep moan from her. Dave crawled onto the bed as well, his
head moving to her breast and taking her hardened nipple
within his mouth to suckle upon it, his other hand moving
to fondle her other nipple.She began to whither upon the
bed, moans of pleasure coming from her. Sean was working
upon her **** with his tongue sucking upon her clit before
he brought a hand up to insert first one finger, bringing
it back and forth as her juices squished noisely.Then another
finger joined the first and he pushed deep inside of her,
then curving his fingers, he began to caress a tender spot
within in a comehither motion.Pressure began to build
within her, making her moan loudly again. It was almost
to much for her, her muscles pushed at the pressure building
and building as he sucked upon her clit and his fingers danced
inside of her. With Dave's lips on her nipple and his
fingers on her nipple, the exquisiteness of all this attention
getting to her.
Suddenly the pressure that was building let go, she gave
a long drawn out moan and her muscles began to quiver. Sean
pulled his finger from her as her orgasm spasmed her insides,
her juices squirting as he had given her a g spot orgasm.
Her juices soaked the bed, leaving a large wet spot. Sean
looked up at her from between her legs, his chin soaked from
her. Dave too had stopped his attention to her as she had
climaxed. "Oh my god..." she exclaimed in a
breathless voice as she settled. "That was fantastic.
Dave..I so want to suck on you..and I need to be ****ed so
much." Her voice still breathless from the amazing
feelings that had been given her. Sean moved from the bed
to walk to the dresser and there upon it were the sealed packages
of condoms. She chuckled as they had orchestrated this
out very well in advance. He tore into the wrapper coming
back with the lubed condom, placing it over his raging erection.
then moving to between her legs. Dave in the mean time had
moved up on the bed, bringing his****up to her mouth for
her to take once more into her mouth. She was sucking happily
upon his as Sean positioned the spongy head of his****at
the entrance of her **** and with a buck of his hips he slide
inside of her tight depths. She once more moaned around
Dave's****that was enbedded within her mouth. Sean
moved his hips back and forth, burying himself within her
with each stroke.Her soaked **** eagerly met his thrusts
with movements of her own pelvis, their bodies moving and
parting with each stroke.
Yet through this, she moved upon Dave, taking his****in
and out of her mouth with practiced ease. Sean moved to dip
his head and suckle upon her breast as he ****ed her with
increasingly long strokes, her muscles clamping along
him with each stroke of his thick**** He filled her differently
then Dave, yet they both felt wonderous. Quickly agian,
the pressure built within her bring moans of pleasure from
her.Their bellies slapped together with each meeting
of their bodies, his mushroomed shape head scraping the
walls of her slick tunnel with such delight.Seh could feel
the muscles begin to tighten and squeeze his thick shaft.
Yet all of a sudden Sean pulls out of her uttering breathlessly.
"Change of position." He urged her to roll over
onto her hands and knees. She drew back from Dave as he kneeled
before her still, as she turned and got onher hands and knees,
her legs spread wide for Sean's invasion of her body
still. As he enters her from behind, she takes Dave within
her mouth yet again, her head moving back and forth to take
him in and out. Every few strokes, she took him agian, deep
within her throat. Deep moaning was heard, breaking the
quiet of the room, along with the increased sound of heavy
breathing.They continued in this position for a while,
when she broke from Dave, crying out with a deep orgasm,
as the position had brought about him scraping across her
sensitive spot inside. Her thighs were now soaked with
her translusant juices, soaking Sean's swinging
balls and thighs as well. The two men grinned at each other
and nodded as if both understood it was time for what Dave
and her had discussed many times to happen with something
like this.

Again Sean drew from her hungry depths, moving from her
to the dresser again to grasp the bottle that had been placed
there as well. She looked on curiously as Sean crawled up
on the bed, and laid on his back. She now knew what was going
to happen and her **** convulsed with pure desire. She
leaned up to Dave and kissed him deeply, their tongue tangling
and withdrawing before she parted from him and whispered"Your
so good to me." Sean handed the lube to Dave as she moved
over Sean, once again taking his thick****within her hungry
depths.She circled her hips over him as Dave positioned
himself behind her and between Sean's legs. The coolness
of the lube was felt as Dave lubed her up, his finger inserting
gently to move in and out to loosen the muscles. Though they
had practiced anal many times and trusted him completely
with what was to happen, and her muscles relaxed as his****br>head soon replaced his fingers. Dave's****eased
past the tight ring. Sean held still as Dave eased inside
of her. The pressure built, never had she felt so full and
yet so needful at the same time. Dave bucked his hips back
and forth till he was fully seated within her. She groaned
with pleasure and whispered huskily"Yes..****
my ass, hun..." Dave held still within her letting
her get use to the feeling of having a****in her pusys and
one in her ass. But the pleasure soon overcame her and she
cried out loudly with need to move and after a few misstrokes,
they soon were in sync with each other, moving and like they
had done this before.She braced herself upon her hands
on either side of Sean's head and moved back and forth,
her forward motion settling her more on Sean, taking him
deep inside of her again, then as she moved back she impaled
herself upon Dave. Soon again, the pressure built, her
cries filled the room. Both men were soon moaning themselves
as the sensuality of the moment was taking it's toll
on them as well. Dave grunted and then issued "I'm
cumming.." hotly into her ear as he jerked into her
hard and was soon spasming within her, shooting his sticky
cum into her ass. Soon to follow Sean to was ready, her grabbed
her hips and pushed her down to meet his hard upwards stroke,
his****pulsing and quivering within her to shoot his load
as well. It seemed as if it triggered yet another orgasm
for her, and her walls quivered and spasmed around him,
and she cried out in pure delight as it overwhelmed her.
It seemed to go on forever, but soon enough, her breathing
slowed and her head slumped as she basked in the pleasurable

Dave soon withdrew from her, leaving her emtpy and she withdrew
from Sean to lay beside him on the bed. Her flushed face happy
as she grinned at the men. "Well we will have to do this
again ...soon." Both men chuckled as Dave lay beside
her as well, sandwiching her in between the two men. She
curled into him, her legs and arms circling him as she lay
her head upon his chest."Thank you Dave." she
cooed quietly as they cooled off from the physcial session.
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Posting history...?
Posted: 11/4/2007 12:22:32 PM
Thank you for your help guys.
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Re: Posting history...?
Posted: 11/4/2007 6:57:31 AM
I know this is in the wrong place, but I cant find the post thread button.

I would like to know if you can hide your posting history on your profile?
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 10/11/2007 1:24:28 PM
Like I have said before and if we can be adults about this and though I know many of us are bitter about knowing what we end up finding out about the person[both male and female] There should be a place to warn others on this site about those that are suspected players..and if the person that sees it and does not heed it, then be it on their head and heart their hurt.
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Clues that he's an online player ..
Posted: 10/10/2007 1:09:28 PM

Maybe you should check that site out before you recomend it.
It is full of reports that show vindictiveness and hostility. Want to know the reason most are actually posted on there.
The poor sap's rejected, dumped or just flat wasn't in someone who thought he should be,

I had looked at the site..and yes I imagine there are alot there that are vindictive posts...but some are truely reasonable...

yes, these women post because they have been hurt...hurt bad too.
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Posted: 10/9/2007 4:44:23 PM
I think you read that wrong up there...there was no exclusive contract between us...I was saying he commits to one, and cheats on her with others. He cheated on his long distance relationship with me...then he is dating my friends daughter..suppose to be commited there..yet looking and cheating on her.
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Posted: 10/9/2007 4:26:15 PM
He is the player as he has dates one...and cheats on them with others. Puts his profile up as single. Not sure how I would be the player on this when it was me keeping to our agreement. I must have hurt his ego when I said no.
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Posted: 10/9/2007 3:45:42 PM
There are those that are players..but they meet for real and just use what they can get from those that they meet. An example is someone I met last year, he was in along distance relationship that was not going good. I at the time was not looking for a relationship. We both agreed it was an FWB relationship. into our 6th month, he asked me if I had feelings for him. I was very fond of him, yes, and was fighting with myself as to whether my fondness was something else..I was very glad I told him no when I was asked. He changed and within 2 weeks, he gave me the dear jane letter and said he was changing and going to be faithful..within 3 weeks he was back on here looking, and when I questioned him on it, he said he was here for his ego and just friends. I was not born yesterday and knew what he was up to. This year I come to find out he was seeing the daughter of someone I know. But this was after we chatted on msn after almost a year and he told me he was with someone and she was a sweetheart. one week later he puts up a profile on a site that was not a dating site..but what it said made me bust a gut laughing. he was looking to cheat. End of summer I met them at a party and held my tongue cause I knew what he was up to. and he pretended he didnt know me, which I thought was rude. Here a bit ago, he comes emailing me on here, I knew it was him right away. When I confronted him, about what I knew, he deletes his profile from here. But I know he will be back with a new hidden profile.

Now I am telling this only because, do you think there should be a place where we can warn others...male for female and female for male players? Cause I do know it happens to both sexes. Not to flame them..but to let others know to be leary of them.

I know there is a site out there called dontdatehimgirl and you can put your story..maybe gals you can start looking there...I am sure there is a site out there for the guys to do the same thing
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Why Is the Female Orgasm So Complicated
Posted: 10/8/2007 2:40:09 PM
I think all the fun is in the indivuality of each person, whether it be guy or gal. When it comes right down to it, the female orgasm isnt that complicated. WE make it complicated with each of us wanting certain things. The body is wired to do certain things, but it is the brain that either short circuits the wires or heats them up. We have to have knowledge in ourseleves with what we want, need, and our partner to be the kind of person that will listen to the other's needs. Sometimes we hardwire ourselves into needing it a certain way, because we think that is the only way it can happen. yes some positions bring about better orgasms then others. I myself was one of those women that thought I had a hard time having an orgasm and could only do it by myself, some of it was my partner too, and him not knowing me either.[and yes I tried many times to get him to learn what I want, or showed him what I wanted.] then I met a man that knew a woman's body and I learned so much about myself and what I really wanted from pleasure. Now I have multiple orgasms and squirt, the ultimate orgasm it seems these days.
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