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 Author Thread: Indigo and Crystal Children
Joined: 9/18/2012
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Indigo and Crystal Children
Posted: 1/30/2013 2:42:44 AM
I am one of these children, there will be a lot more after me. we have a deep gift at understanding many things at once. I can multitask 5 things at one time and not miss a beat. I studied 150,000 years of human history and read the bible 5 times and once in Hebrew but I'm not a holy roller. We are real, Just a few in my generation. As older people know have a limited understanding of things like Tech. Internet, Rule 30 and the Fibonacci pattern in nature. This is no joke. I am the kindest person, i care for all. We are the ones who will teach the world and older people enlightenment and happiness. People are shit talkers and corrupt souls rule us. I see future events such as floods and can dream of certain people i have met in my life. I keep in touch with them to see if the things i saw came true and they have. I dreamed of the Mississippi flood 6 months before it happened and moved to Colorado. As y'all killed Jesus for being different you already do the same to us.
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