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 Author Thread: yes or no? Friends with benefits!
Joined: 7/23/2007
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yes or no? Friends with benefits!
Posted: 7/31/2010 11:52:03 PM
I wont do that.....Women having sex..usually get all tangled up and into the guy..

Sex is love..not least for me..I would never do that...FWB...
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Need some guy speak decoded and advice
Posted: 1/12/2010 12:28:45 AM
Im in a similar long distance romance..

I leave him alone..he can call when he wishes and he does most every single day..many times through the day...He says hes told me more than he has anyone else...I guess this could be he does share some very intimate things with me...

..I call him from time to time too..but mostly let him call me.

I know hes really busy now..building a business during a crappy economy... and finishing his divorce and division of assets...and thats really stressful for him right now..

So he wont give to me enough to make me we are still friends..we still talk most every day..but I made it clear that I will be dating others because he may NEVER heal and be able to have a relationship with me...but I value the friendship alot..

He seems very confused about me....I tell him hes a fisherman..he throws me out..then reels me back in...its so weird.....He will say something he knows I dont want to hear...then he says something the totally opposite that gives me hope...

When I have cut him off from all communication.....when we start talking again..he tells me..with some pretty real emotion from what I can tell....He told me this...."Im MISERABLE (empasis) when we dont talk...I tell you IM MISERABLE!!!!"

He tells me that he want to be with me..touch me...oooo...that body..and all that...but still..cant seem to move closer...he says he has a block..and that he has prayed about it..and he doesnt know why..because we are perfect for each other...he just cant help it..This is so sad..because he and I have talk many many hours..with no dead space..We love to talk with each other and have the most wonderful conversations about just never ends..

He does not use me for sex...He wouldnt do that, nor would I allow that because it really messes with my feelings when we have sex because Im so attracted to him...he says he understands...and he still calls..and we still get together when we can.
I think...being patient will be a good thing.....time for growth..

If its meant to will be..
Be patient....

Time will tell...Gods will be done...if it doesnt work with him..Im sure theres another wonderful man out there for me....and I will still have my old friend..whom I would introduce to my new friend.....if things work that way..

but I really like him alot and feel we would make a great team..

I have also wondered if perhaps....he over stated himself...perhaps tried to hard to impress..and now...doesnt know how to tell the real truth about guys do this?

Millions and millions of lonely people out there..and true love seems to be the hardest thing to find...
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Almost a Pretty Woman scenario...
Posted: 1/2/2009 11:25:47 AM

I really am interested in this woman...but...I fear that getting involved with her, may slow me down in such a way that I might regret it later...She HAS potential...but...the thing is someone is ALWAYS going to have to be willing to work with her, and maybe take a little time out of their life to help her understand...

If you really loved would want to take time out of your existing life and replace it with your new life with her..In any commitment, there MUST be some least a little.

Perhaps you would make a much better mentor for her..A friend.

I just don't know if I CAN slow down a little for her...I've never really been the easiest person to keep up with, and most certainly am NOT the type earmarked for the traditional family life...I am very career/lifestyle oriented...Like I said, she knows of my background and the type of person I am...and sometimes is on the distant side with me about that at times

In any relationship....THERE MUST be are from two different worlds completely and you may not because of your priviledged life be able to empathize with her and her past...You have never suffered as she has and you are probably completly unable to understand what it is like to have nothing.

I had that experience with my husband...He came from money I did didnt work..he was very callous towards people, animals, and myself, Im a very feeling person..We conflicting on those particular kinds of things ALOT...

This is my question...should I forget this woman and move on to someone more within my realm...or should I take a chance on this attractive woman with an even more attractive heart...knowing that I'll have to stop and help bring her to speed every now and then?

If you do not know if you should be with probably should not..Your intuition is telling you that something isnt right.

Maybe as a mentor only to her..maybe she can teach you more about what you mention as an attractive heart.. You both can learn from each other.

But from what I are very passionate about your work and someone who shares that kind of passion would be more fun for you..You would have 'commonality'..I think thats very important....YOu would always have interesting stuff to talk about.

I say move on....She is doing what alot of people do..She is attracted to the "Familiar" instead of what would be good for her...Her whole life consists if seems of rejection and lonliness..You would give that to her...the same she has ALWAYS experienced...not because it 'feels good'...but because it is ' familiar'...Its a common thing we humans do until we see the folly in what we are doing..

I think she needs a nurturing man that will show here alot of love..Your older...she is looking for a 'father' figure..Some one to take care of her...She would be much happier in her life if she finally found someone on this earth that truly loved and cherished her instead of focusing on money and stuff....

A good example of this is what we are all going thru right now with this economy these days...Money and stuff can go away...but true love will endure and bring some happiness and joy and get you past the hard times..

You would probably get bored with her..I would say you are right to find one of 'your own kind' will have alot more in common and having things to talk about is the most important part of a relationship in my opinion.

Good luck!
Joined: 7/23/2007
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The beginning of Time Libs/Conservs
Posted: 12/16/2008 8:19:58 AM
For those that don't know about history Here is a condensed, but true version:

Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel! The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups:

1. Liberals, and
2. Conservatives.

Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed.

Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to B-B-Q at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of what is known as the Conservative movement.

Other men who were weaker and less skilled at hunting learned to live off the conservatives by showing up for the nightly B-B-Q's and doing the sewing, fetching, and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the Liberal movement.

Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. The rest became known as girlie-men. Some noteworthy liberal achievements include the domestication of cats, the invention of group therapy, group hugs, and the concept of Democratic voting to decide how to divide the meat and beer that conservatives provided.

Over the years conservatives came to be symbolized by the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, the elephant. Liberals are symbolized by the jackass.

Modern liberals like imported beer (with lime added), but most prefer white wine or imported bottled water. They eat raw fish but like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and French food are standard liberal fare. Another interesting evolutionary side note: most of their women have higher testosterone levels than their men. Most social workers, personal injury attorneys, journalists, dreamers in Hollywood, grant-writers and group therapists are liberals. Liberals invented the designated hitter rule because it wasn't fair to make the pitcher also bat.

Conservatives drink domestic beer, mostly Bud. They eat red meat and still provide for their women. Conservatives are big-game hunters, business owners, rodeo cowboys, lumberjacks, construction workers, firemen, medical doctors, police officers, corporate executives, athletes, members of the military, airline pilots and generally anyone who works productively. Conservatives who own companies hire other conservatives who want to work for a living.

Liberals produce little or nothing. They like to govern the producers and decide what to do with the production. Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans. That is why most of the liberals remained in Europe when conservatives were coming to America . They crept in after the Wild West was tamed and created a business of trying to get more for nothing.

Here ends today's lesson in world history:

It should be noted that a Liberal may have a momentary urge to angrily respond to the above before forwarding it.

A Conservative will simply laugh and be so convinced of the absolute truth of this history that it will be forwarded immediately to other true believers and to more liberals ..... just to tick them off.
Joined: 7/23/2007
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conservative views
Posted: 12/12/2008 6:33:50 PM
Thanx for the input....very helpful...

Absolutely, the Moment we see someone who votes to have Bonafide Threads deleted, or votes to approve Chat, Off-Topic & Troll Threads ... Voting Privileges revoked. No Recourse.

So is the the person who wants to delete the thread that determines if one is kicked off here for a bit? Or does the moderator do that?

It requires at least 7 Voters to toast a Thread.

Can a person push delete more than once? Because one thread I started only me and 2 or 3 others were on was also deleted...and one of them was the 'stalker' to speak.

No posting of any copyrighted Articles at all. Provide only the Link as a Reference. For Excerpts, provide a Link too or Reference.

As far a Plagiarism on Excerpts are concerned, it is rather obvious when a paragraph or 2 have been edited/modified somewhat, but remains a "Gray Zone", in that many smaller local Papers do exactly that, often using "canned" substitution Words/Phrases.

Im not sure how that works yet...How does one know if it is copyrighted? Is it posted somewhere in the article? Am I understanding correctly that it is o.k. to quote a small portion if a link is provided...but not the entire article? How much is acceptable to quote..

Thanx for your input..I do appreciate it...I enjoy doing this, but sometimes a bit frustrating to work so hard on a thread only to have it deleted within an hour..just doesnt feel right..I really cant understand why some are so into deleting other peoples threads..I would never do that to anyone...I believe in the exchange of ideas...not censorship by fellow posters who delete because they feel Im not right..Everyone deserves the chance to express theirselves and we ALL from time to time go to far with our tempers and say stupid things, but its just par for the course in my opinion.. No need for them to get all balled up about it...LOL

Take Care
Joined: 7/23/2007
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conservative views
Posted: 12/12/2008 11:50:44 AM
HI...They say they cannot retrieve the threads...which is why I belive they should give the new threads a few days to see if they are good or not...

We are losing valuable information exchange with the serial deleters...

that would be good if one could revoke their guy has it out for me on here and hes constantly everywhere i am...i know he deletes my threads...

It just shows the he has no confidence in his views as he must silence the opposition...

Take care.
Joined: 7/23/2007
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conservative views [CLOSED Thread]
Posted: 12/12/2008 11:20:19 AM
why is it that conservative threads are constantly allowed to be deleted by the few who will dog a person constantly...Like a stalker?

I have started several threads...threads that others have written me in my private email with positive comment on them....

This is a form of censorship terrorism...My new thread was on there hardly long enough for anyone to see it...except the typical regulars who dog me. and constantly delete me...

I put alot of time and effort into composing these threads so surely you can see why it is so upsetting to have my time wasted..

Is there a way that things can be a bit more fair in this area? Perhaps give others a chance to at least see the thread .....instead of allowing the 'thread terrorists' to come in and shut up the opposition...

Others like me are also complaining about this same thing...they just gave up and quit could that make anyone feel good to supress anothers opinion...not even give them a chance to express it...

I have never had ANYONE deleted and i have definatly had grounds to do so...but feel that would be an inbecilic option.

Its sad that those on here who seek to silence the opposition probably had the impression of theirselves that they are just UNABLE TO censorship is their only option...too bad...we all loose in that enviroment.

Are perhaps conservatives just not welcome here on POF?

If can one ever have the information needed to form an intellegent opinion on a have both sides presented...not only the liberal side over and over and over...Is the competition just to harsh for those who seek to always delete? Some of these subjects are important to all of us...

When I came here I thought mature conversations and debates would be my experience, but not so...there are those who seem to have control issues and seem to love to censor other peoples opinions.

There is no way to exchange different opinions with this censorship allowed to flourish...unless thats not the objective on these forums...

Joined: 7/23/2007
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Are men intimidated by extrovert women?
Posted: 12/10/2008 11:59:49 PM
Nope,,hes not annoyed by me at I said...he calls me...I NEVER call him..

He calls every morning at 7:30 and all thru the day and happily tells me all about his day...

<div class="quote">Extroverted woman ......... loud / attention seeking
Speaks her mind ........ argumentative
Opinionated ....... argumentative

1) loud...nope
attention seeking...maybe a bit..especially since I entertain professionaly.

2)speaks...argumentative.....never..we agree on almost everything..its amazing..He
would tell you the same if he were here..We never
argue...even when we break up..Its always sweet.

3)Opinionated...argumentative...nope wrong woman...not at all..I do like to debate
and discuss..actually thats one of the things hes
says he likes about me...He says I always have
good conversation...He likes it...No arguments..

Its all so weird...He did get divorced 4 or so years ago...It was really bad...she was a con woman who ripped him off pretty good..but we are nothing alike at all...After they divorced...he learned alot of weird creepy stuff about her...such as shes suspected of killing her husband back in New York...stabbed 80 something times...EEEWWW..

Do you think perhaps he doesnt trust his own judgement? His own choices? Maybe hes lost his confidence in choosing women as he has been married 3 times..wife #1 was a forced marriage due to pregnacy...she was a screaming bitch...wife #2 seemed o.k..just grew apart...wife #3...goldigger, suspected of murder..needy..moved in 16 family members onto the ranch 2 days after married..without asking him if it was o.k...weird..

Im thinking he doesnt trust HIMSELF.. and HIS OWN judgement...Doesnt TRUST his own self...that it has nothing to do with me...we seem perfect ....a great match..he tells me he has never known anyone like me before..that Im different..Loves talking with me...and we do for hours never running out of conversation ever....I dont yell, Im not a money grubber...I think I am more confident than the others.. self control..not needy.

Its so weird.
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Are men intimidated by extrovert women?
Posted: 12/10/2008 11:30:24 PM
Just so you know...i have my personal ad on here as we agreed to not be exclusive...Oh yea...I forgot to mention...we are 150 miles apart...long distance...yuck..

Ive asked him...he says he doesn know...he has a block and doesnt know why. He seemed very frustrated when we were talking about all this..

He calls me every day...we talk off an on every day all day I presume hes pretty interested..we enjoy each other quite a bit..

Weve known each other closely for one year.. known each other for about 1 1/2 years..we are definately friends..buts hes stuck...he has a wall and he doesnt know why..but wants to continue the friendship like it is...but its not enough for me..

Am I too impatient? Maybe too controlling? I can be that way...but in a nice way...Im not ****y at all..I know I can be a bit impatient too..

He is unsure if she'd welcome him,.

He did mention that hes afraid he will fall in love and that I will fall out of love..But he knows for sure I would welcome him..hes awesome.

have to realize that rejection happens more often than not, and sometimes you can reject yourself before even approaching her because you're so prepared for it. Women say "no". That's what you are as a gender, a collection of NO and DO NOT WANT in my opinion.)

Could be the case..

Our morals and values are a perfect match..

He does have a history of picking very bad women..I know Im not a bad woman..In fact..Im very loving and I dont think hes used to a woman like that.....Do you think perhaps because I am so different than the other women he has been married to that Im not 'familiar' or 'comfortable'? People do seem to keep going to a 'familiar' person even though they are not good for them...We have talked about this..

I think Im wondering most of all this....I am very to anyone and about anything...very friendly to everyone...know no tend to flirt with me and have in front of him...but I NEVER respond to them..I would never hurt him..and Im just not interested in the flirty guys anyway..could he be worried about competition? or maybe men like women who tend to be more quiet and less open?
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Are men intimidated by extrovert women?
Posted: 12/10/2008 10:34:01 PM
There is a woman....she is an musical entertainer as a hobby...and self employed in other about secrets....not inhibited....self motivated....but pretty laid back at times...expresses her views openly....happy most the time...loves to laugh..he makes her laugh alot...he thinks shes pretty...he thinks hes not...they share alot of common interests...

He is: a magician as a hobby...also self about things....has inhibited in some areas...self motivated...workaholic...expresses his views openly...happy most the time...loves to laugh and make people laugh..

Which part of the womans personality would be intimidating to him? I tell you..its a great mystery to me.....
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Solutions to illegal immigration?
Posted: 12/9/2008 8:07:30 PM
I do wish I had a solution though because it's a problem that isn't going to go away anytime soon.

IMO amnesty isn't a solution- they gotta go home and come back the RIGHT WAY..It will cost ZILLIONS no matter how it's done.

It shouldnt cost us anything....and it can go away immediately IF:

They will enforce the law....

And also...some states or cities or counties have made their own laws....

If you hire and illegal....then you will no longer be able to have a business license in that city..

And there was also some kind of thing that if you rented to an would have to pay the price for breaking the law...but I cant remember what that price or punishment was...maybe someone here does...

If we just start drying up the jobs....they will go no cost to us...just like they did when the construction industry fell apart last year...I cant hardly believe how many left from my area..The homes alot of them lived in were completly trashed...ruined....thus ruining the rental income that the homeowner depended on..Maybe next time hell be more careful who he rents to...

One man rented his house to some Vietnamese....A neighbor called the owner and informed him that there were 7 cars parked at the house....There were so many people living in the house that they had cut a hole in the floor and the men peed in that hole...they had also burned every available piece of wood in the house...such as the door jams...baseboards etc...

People from backwards countries dont move here and just become instantly civilized..What are people thinking? These folks have lied, cheated, stole all their lives just to survive...they dont instantly change as soon as they cross a border.

I just hope that when they start up construction again that they will hire their own countrymen instead...We as a people should be ready this time to stop the hiring of the illegals...Its just not fair to our own people...

Our American High School graduates have been complaining that they havent been able to find jobs and also our returning soldiers...This isnt right...

There have been many complaints about the quality of the building that was built by these illegals...They illegals said he knew how to do the job...but he lied...(Imagine that..he lied) and they have had nothing but problems with those homes..The victims are the homeowners who are now stuck with 3rd. rate work...Bad stucco...keeps cracking...many many other problems...At least this is what I hear from my construction connections..

Is money always the most important thing? We all want to make money...but it isnt the bottom line..Its also about producing a quality product for your customer..We have really lost it here in America...Some are becoming so greedy it gross to me..they will stab their own people in the back just to make a few extra bucks..when they already make plenty.....pathetic!!!!

Its ALL our duty to try to due something...too much apathy here in America...We reaped what we sowed....we must be more involved in our government...they think no ones they just did whatever they wanted...Maybe things will be different after this terrible lesson we are all suffering thru....All this corruption has been going on for decades..It didnt just start...
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Until this morning...
Posted: 12/5/2008 6:02:39 AM
If I remember correctly...they said that the arctic is melting because of global warming...there would be no home for polar bears...the earth is melting...all these terrible things are going to happen..

They just reported that the ice cap is it always does...and it is bigger and thicker than ever...

They also reported that Mars's ice caps melted too...

IT WAS DUE TO SOLAR FLARES...NOT global warming..

Global warming is used to suck people into a movement...a global community movement that will destroy our way of living forever...

Why would anyone want to change what we have had for all these years...We were successful and powerful..

Could it be weak men trying to appease Europe? Our politicians and others keep mentioning that Europes pays more for their gas...WELL, maybe THEY should try to do things our way instead...

But no...we have those very very weak people who always feel guilty because they have it good and they let the discontents sway them instead of standing strong on their own principles...the ones that made this nation great...Im not saying we should never correct our wrongs..but we should not fall for such nonsense....

I have been following all this propaganda since the 80's...the movement towards a one world government...destruction of American companies thru the EPA....I never thought they would get away with it...but they are successfully brainwashing many of our citizens and many across the world with their propaganda.....I just hope people wake up before it is too late..

The earth always has good things and bad things...and no matter how much 'global community' is built...that will never change...this global warming is only a push for more centralized power...there will be NO middleclass anymore if they get away with this hogwash...there will only be the very rich...Them......and the very very poor...which is us...Which side are you all on?

Be very careful who you believe and the votes you cast...

The only thing that will our power to be a free people...that is what they are trying to do by using this 'global warming' crap to freak everyone out so they can manipulate them..

They are already threatening free speech and gun we speak...

Global Warming is a Farce..

God has a plan for this earth and its going nowhere till he is finished with relax...Everything is o.k....except that we humans dont see eye to eye on some extrememly important issues...
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Until this morning...
Posted: 12/3/2008 9:38:37 PM
its his comment about 'redistribution of wealth' to Joe the Plumber..then when the media went ape on poor seemed kinda like a strong arm manuever..Obama in known for doing that to anyone who says something he doesnt like...He has alot of money behind him...kind of like a never ending stream...No politician has ever had that before...seems odd....not within the norms of politics..Hes totally out of the boundaries and he seems a bit arrogant...I do not want him telling me how much airconditioning I can use...or how much gas I can use ...or what car to buy...Its kinda like a dictator mentality..kinda uppity...

What does redistribution of wealth mean to you? Maybe i cant see it the way you me to see what you see..cause to me ...its taking from one what they have earned and giving to another..

I already give money to charity and church and I like having control over my money and where it goes...I just do not believe in big government...I think our nation is on a very strange and dangerous course...Not just Obama...but with the socialization thats been going on for decades...its just escalating faster at this time...

And no politician has ever used those words before...redistribution..kinda creeps me a bit..

Hope that helps.
Joined: 7/23/2007
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Until this morning...
Posted: 12/3/2008 1:41:11 PM

Nuthin' like scarin' people to get 'em to vote your way! I heard y'all even had Sarah-Barracuda herself down there in four cities Monday to do her rabble-rousin' thing for good ol' boy Saxby!

Nuthin like scarin people? HHmm...kinda like using global warming lie to freak folks out enough to vote for your guy?.Pandering for votes using the fears of the American People? Perhaps?

Or perhaps...even using a bribe ...such as wealth redistribution? Perhaps?

Concerning Jim Martin....Basically he was FIRED because VERY BAD THINGS kept happening to CHILDREN on his watch! Two of them DIED! Please see this blog for more info:

Obama sent 100 of his top operatives and MILLIONS of dollars into Georgia, and we STILL beat the crap out of him 57-43%! lol Now Obama will not have a filibuster proof Senate! Hallelujah!

57 % woke up to the danger of the leftist socialist agenda...and 43 % are still sheeples...

Well...its a start!

Joined: 7/23/2007
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Bush's Christmas Gift To The Dirty Fuel Industry
Posted: 12/2/2008 6:36:20 PM

They're not going to open up new wells when the market has already caused a price reduction. Heaven forbid we understand issues such as supply and demand. Heaven forbid we actually do something to reduce oil consumption and GOD forbid we actually make some amount of environmental protection a priority.

I say Heaven forbid that we depend on people who are hell bent on our destruction....thats a fools path..

They must open up new wells...we are much to vulnerable depending on foreign oil....especially when we leave the middle east...if things go wrong ...we are screwed...its about survival....

I think the earth will be fine if we drill...I believe the Global Warming is a hoax to gain money and votes for democrats...too many scientists disagree with the theory..It was reported on the news today that the arctic ice caps are alive and doing very well today...So all the worry was for nothing...This was all caused by solar flares...By the way...mars as well had melting ice caps...Surely was not due to 'mankind'...See..the Al Gore hoax is exposed as the farce it is..Its just a money grab...In his own words.."He played on our fears!!!!!!" LOL

It would be far more prudent to become self sufficient and then use our incredible ability to come up with solutions to our energy come up with other sources of fuel and energy as we provide fuel NOW for our own country.....that makes far more sense than to continue depending on societies that are not friendly to us...the world is changing.

We must have oil...without it..our will come to a sudden halt...and poverty and starvation will follow...Thats why we must protect our interest overseas for mere survival...We cannot function in this society as it is today without oil.

We cant change things in a day...a will take time...but in the meantime...we must I say Drill!!!

If it werent for large corporations going overseas to develop their oil reserves, they would still be living desperate lives...after do not build an oil field with two sheep a camel and a rope...just cant happen..they needed technology to develop their resources...American companies gave them the gift of wealth and a more civilized life..
Joined: 7/23/2007
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What is Christmas to you?
Posted: 12/1/2008 11:25:06 PM
How sad about your Mom...So sorry bout that...

I found out my husband was cheating on me christmas eve.....used to bother me...but not anymore...thank God...

Hope you get to see many happy children faces this year on Christmas! Hopefully your face will be happy too!!!
Joined: 7/23/2007
Msg: 3 (view)
What is Christmas to you?
Posted: 12/1/2008 8:38:30 PM
The Christmas story is important.....

Recognition of Christ's birth and his gift of forgivness and eternal life.

Gratitude for what we have....we usually do not buy alot of gifts...try to focus more on being together as a family....

Prayer in thanksgiving and appreciation....

Not alot of Santa's at my house....More so nativity scenes and crosses...and also lots of lights and bright colors and plenty of Christmas music, such as Cowboy Christmas songs....Mannheim Steamrollers (Awesome) and Celtic Christmas 24/7

Joined: 7/23/2007
Msg: 97 (view)
Until this morning...
Posted: 12/1/2008 8:23:26 PM

Why do you guys try to pretend you are any better than we are when it comes to stereotyping. If you were the educated bunch you go around touting yourselves to be, you'd be above that crap.

Wow....thats exactly the way I feel as well....touche!

Look, this is stupid and childish. I never said anything bad about Clinton, except he really didn't do anything to help the economy. Which if you look at the cycle of things, he just happened to be President at a good time. And you guys want to blow that statement all out of proportion and put words in my mouth.

Again! Touche!...I have said the same thing many times...the 'childish' part...and the part about them putting words in my mouth or purposely changing the words I said to mean something different...They usually change my words to make me look like a racist...or a radicle...or half off.......then when I expose their little 'dirty'...they get me kicked off...reminds me of the playground at school and the little tattle tales..LOL

Can dish it out...but they sure cant take it!! LOL

Im so happy to see Im not the only one going thru this trial and tribulation with these folks...Patience must be mustered up constantly..

Joined: 7/23/2007
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Bush's Christmas Gift To The Dirty Fuel Industry
Posted: 12/1/2008 1:25:32 PM

ok enough = enough!!
8 years of destruction is more than Nature can hadle restore.
Some call it Nature terrorist!!
So Do I!!
Posted by: Ester J | November 18, 2008 2:32 PM

the forest suffered less during the Bush administration due to the ban on logging many years ago....But I DO NOT agree with any old growth harvesting...We have plenty of 'farmed' trees to cut...

How much more can Nature take? These last eight years have been the worst assault on Nature of all time! You have raped her, you have abused her! Stop now! She and the families she cares for can take no more! Leave her Forests alone! Stop now!
Posted by: Judith J | November 18, 2008 4:00 PM


If you truly want to protect the forests of might want to start watching what the terrorists are planning for us....Ive been reading about their 'proposed plans for America'..Pretty scarey stuff...

Just like they did in India this last week...they are planning to set many many many forests on fire ALL AT ONCE.. along with other multiple attrocities. Bush is not your biggest problem...It will be the terrorists...It will be a horrible loss for us to loose our beautiful forests..irrepairable in this lifetime.

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You must do penance if you voted for Obama Abortion issue
Posted: 11/30/2008 11:31:30 AM
Hi there Wendy....

I read your post and it was very wonderful....Maybe I do get to wrapped up in preventing what I see as atrocities..But are we not supposed to spead the word of our lord? Show them thru our lives the way? It gets pretty confusing at times what to do about things due to 'free will' given to us all by God..But should we not oppose this abortion and show alternatives?

In my way of thinking....If we are to do nothing about these viles acts...they will just get worse and worse...which is happening...For instance going from an abortion withing 3 months to killing a perfectly viable human at birth to harvest parts from that little person...Are we not supposed to help the helpless?

Maybe you have some Biblicle insite for me on this as I do wrestle with it often...In my thinking..if we just let evil go will become a very dangerous world for you and I as Christians..

I am not an advocate of Obama at this point...but I like that part that you quoted about educating these young girls so they will not have to face this option..But how will that be done when the liberals opposes everything that will stop these young girls from getting pregnant in the first place...They ridicule abstence teaching and adoption options...I dont see how Mr. Obama will get them to change...But maybe he can..that would be nice..

I have been on here opposing partial birth abortion...I have called it nothing short of cannibalism...Taking the flesh of one human being and and giving it to another to sustain life..ghoulish in my way of thinking...

Or perhaps what happened in Oregon...A woman has terminal cancer...she asked her insurance co. to pay for her pain pills etc..and they said NO...but they would be happy to pay for her assisted suicide...

Its instances like these that make me want to stop people from committing such acts...To maybe pursuade their thinking...Because it seems that once one boundary is pushed thru...they keep on pushing thru the next boundary...

How much to we compromise our right to live in a 'safe' decent society that ALL peoples can share and enjoy..Where children can walk down a street and not see porno on a street billboard...or adults acting horribly in public.... We do all have to live here together...Its very hard.....

Tell me how you see this if you wouldnt mind...thanx

Also..I am going to start a new thread about "Do Women Control the Morality of the World?" Read it and let me know what you think....This has been on my mind alot..this subject because as I see is true...Even starting with Eve...

God Bless!!
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You must do penance if you voted for Obama Abortion issue
Posted: 11/27/2008 12:15:05 AM
the problem is this....there always have to be standards...laws....what are the boundaries...all societies have to have some kind of boundaries...

The problem with such things as got the right to legal abortion...but now thats not some want partial birth abortion...You see...thats the went from aborting, as one guy says just a 'bunch of cells'...To all the way to aborting a full term child...And claiming that because the head is not out of the birth canal...that you can kill that you can used his body parts to fulfill your life...Doesnt that sound wrong. It worries me that that doesnt bother some...The people doing this act are evil..its murder and its disgusting to many people...Its off the flesh of another human..

So you see....everyone wants to live their own life their own what do you do with the ones that go to far? There always have to be laws to keep peace. To keep the society healthy...To keep healthy boundaries..

You got your abortion law passed...but when you went further to kill a child in partial birth abortion...Im sorry...but thats going to far...Very few people agree with that practice..partial birth...Its not right...We all want our lives to be respected and protected...why not that childs life...Hes like us...a human too...just like you are..fully formed...can live outside the womb. How do you claim the right to kill this child...So we are going to butt heads..I think Im right and I guess you think you are....Im worried some of you see nothing wrong in this weird.

So you dont want us to tell you what to 'stick our nose in your busines..' but we feel compelled to help the helpless...just like maybe you would if your neighbor was being attacked...would you feel compelled to do something to help? Well its the same for us who do not believe you abortions are good...but I dont try to stop you from doing that..the 3 mo. abortions....but a fully formed baby murdered in a partial birth abortion.....ITs just plain wrong...Its wrong to kill one human to take his body parts to use for another human....How is one human any better than another...ghoulish in my opinion.

The poster that mentioned that how a muslim might be offeneded if they came here and the Christians were praying in the school....Funny thing...some here act as if we constantly have to be backing in...and completely trashing our own accomodate all others that come here from so many countries like we have been doing...of which I oppose doing.....Their countries of origin would never ever change their customs to accomodate us if we went to their school...

and the most funny thing is this...The people like this poster ..if they went to another country, I feel they would probably MAKE A BIG DEAL about 'RESPECTING THE CUSTOMS' of the country they are visiting..Would you ever consider going to another country and them expecting the people to COMPLETLY CHANGE THEIR CUSTOMES TO ACCOMODATE YOU? Why should they? I wouldnt expect them to either... Ridiulous isnt it...But you expect us to do that here in America..And for those of us who ARE true to OUR own take issue with and call us some stupid names etc.....

Some of us like our country and all its traditions and customs...I personally dont want to give up my heritage to accomodate another..They have their own country...They came here to be in ours...we welcomed them...but we dont have to give them 'everything' we have..
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You must do penance if you voted for Obama Abortion issue
Posted: 11/25/2008 10:27:26 PM
I wrote:

One who believes a child is a child....

Or one who believes the child is NOT a child if the head didnt leave the birth canal..

Now..come on...isnt that reaching a bit?

He wrote:

Child technically refers to the time period between birth and puberty. Stating that a child is a child before birth is like saying a triangle is an oddly shaped square.

Are you serious? A child is a child even when its in a womans surely isnt a monkey or a dog...its always a human...a child...

Its that kind of thinking that makes human life less special. Its that kind of thinking that makes it possible for a room full of adults to participate in the 'sacrifice' of an innocent defenseless gang up on him and kill him..There is no other way to look at this if one is living in reality...It s a child...a human and nothing less...

It is so disturbing to listen to people who have been propagandized with bad information...lies..

One day if you have a will see this from a different point of view..I sure did..That changed me forever..I became FURIOUS with planned parenthood and their filthy lies...I never believed in abortion from that day forward...Its a child..a human being ...I had a baby..a child..not a monkey ...not a dog....but a child.

Abortion has prevented many from forming their family...there will be many lonely old people with no children...Who will help them when they are old? They are all alone in the world...My heart goes out to sad for them..they too were fooled by the lies...they believed the lie like I used to..

I usually dont vote according to this one issue...For it is not I that has to face God when judgement day comes...

Your is a choice. But just like anything else...boundaries are pushed and now with Partial Birth Abortion..we now have the killing of a fully formed child...An American citizen..That is a person with constitutional rights...the right to live.....It is murder and I will stand up for the innocent child...The little American that cannot stand up for itself..I would do no less for any one else who was facing murder.

You know ....just because a court allows these attrocities to doesnt mean its right or good...

Abortion is for the conveniance of men anyway...
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The Obama Administration...
Posted: 11/24/2008 11:32:49 PM

Thank you.. But I believe Obama and other liberals /progressives are so high-minded and naive that they don't see how their well-meaning government programs can be manipulated and exploited by ideologues. I am not questioning his intent. I am questioning whether he and other liberals/progressives, by way of their naivete, are helping ideologues dismantle the Constitution in the name of "national service."

1. Barack Obama = Commander in Chief/President

2. Michelle Obama = First Lady

3. Joe Biden = Vice President

4. Jesse Jackson = Universal Health Care

5. Al Sharpton = Economy/Finances

6. Louis Farrakan = Military/War Advisor

7. Al Gore = Environment/Global Warming

8. Jeremiah Wright = Ethics/Morality

9. Madeleine Albright = UN Ambassador

10. exodus1 = Education Reform

This was so freaking funny!!!!!! Thanx for the laugh..After reading these forums...a good laugh is definately in order to stay healthy!!!
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You must do penance if you voted for Obama Abortion issue
Posted: 11/24/2008 9:47:47 PM

So...then...what is the difference of fanaticism...

One who believes a child is a child....

Or one who believes the child is NOT a child if the head didnt leave the birth canal..

Now..come on...isnt that reaching a bit?

Whats the difference between stem cell collection from innocent children to maintain life thru the flesh of another


Its all the particular perception you choose to embrace fantasy or reality...right or wrong...human or inhuman....civilized or uncivilized...barbaric or nonbarbaric....its all about perception.
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Obama spells doom for America
Posted: 11/24/2008 8:39:52 PM

BARACK OBAMA is a christian. How can you say he is destroying christianity? He is more a witness to christianity than most of those I see calling themselves christians but spreading hate and fear about the innocent.

Frankly I keep thinking Jesus is weeping listening to those who call themselves christians spreading such hate and intolerance. I keep thinking what a surprise there will be when the rapture comes and all those hate filled 'christians' are left standing there wondering what the hell happened.

Barak...a christian? Really? More a witness to christianity? Are you freaking kidding?The man went to a church for 20 years that spread hate and envy of whites...Didnt you ever watch the news lady? There is also something said for those whose head is in a 'happy' bubble...not listening to facts..but only happily running around in their fantasy emotions.

You mention Christians spreading hate and intolerance? Are you freaking kidding again? Maybe one who is morally bankrupt can feel the way you do...but some of us oppose the killing of unborn children..So tell me...who is intollerent..Could it be you who want to 'dispose' of an incovenient human? Or how about the folks who 'cannibalize' the child during birth...poke his spine with sissors then suck out his brain because in their 'view' of things...hes not human yet..Why do they do this? Because they are nothing short of cannibles...Living off the flesh of another..Who gives them that kind of authority?

You see madam...its all about perspective....

You call Christians 'intollerent'? Yet we have been bashed at every turn...called names..attacked...everything we have ALL enjoyed in this country such as being methodically taken apart by the truly intollerent and bigoted folks and has now been made to be an time of fighting instead of joy as it USED TO BE..Yet you in your infinate 'wisdom' accuse us of intollerance?

You see....its all about perspective...

There is no hate in Christians...we just dont agree with you...You forget one thing..we are taught that ALL PEOPLE are the children of God..and that none is seen in Gods eyes more favorably than another...Maybe youre the one that needs to study the facts a bit before you go calling good folks names and putting lables on them..

Anger: Did not Jesus get angry at the temple when the money changers were there? Why...because those people were being disrespectful to our Father in Heaven and his house....So whats the difference if we get mad at the sacrifice of Gods little children to the God of Baal? Is there really any difference? If you dont know who Baal your own research.

BUSHES FAULT... Ah we go again..So now its Bushes fault that Iran Christians are being killed my Muslims...GGEESShh.

American children being taught the muslim faith in our schools....but not Christianity...the faith that made this nation the greatests nation...So..madam...we should not be alarmed about that? See..some people live in a fantasy world..Why would the school pick out the muslim faith to teach here in America..Doesnt that hit you as odd at all? La La La...La La La...Everything is beautiful!!! LMAO

So tell me....This nation has a history of its own....Many of us who were raised here enjoy our heritage...but it is being methodically taken away from us and replaced with 'globalism'...Sorry..I respect the worlds citizens...but I rather fancy having my own heritage too....and yes...I do get pretty mad when others have come into a 'new' way of thinking and start shoving their anti American crap on the innocent children...Yes...madam...that really does make me mad..Who gave those people permission to change things...No one...Its being shoved down our throats..

I do not want to be a "world citizen social experiment" with my home...namely America..I think we are heading down a very dangerous road..

the financial crisis that rang all across the world like falling dominos should be the wake up call to you 'globalist' that the 'one world government' will not work but will only be the source of misery and pain for everyone eventually...

Think with your intellect and your wisdom and not with your emotions..
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Obama spells doom for America
Posted: 11/24/2008 7:55:04 PM
I found this article....I do believe this Obama is a VERY dangerous character...

Finally some in the mainstream media is starting to question why our news agencies didnt report things more acuratlely such as bringing up and holding Obama's feet to the fire about his associations and what he really was planning for us...

I believe we are in for some terrible martial law...fema camps....dark times are coming to us all...

Check this article out...pretty disturbing...especially after you google 'Martial Law ..Fema Camps"

America's ignorance of Obama 'disturbing'
A former presidential candidate says a recent editorial in a leading business publication illustrates just how little the American voting public knows about president-elect Barack Obama.

Two months before the presidential election, Investors Business Daily (IBD) published an editorial entitled "Michelle's Boot Camps for Radicals." It revealed that Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of a publicly funded non-profit organization known as Public Allies, but he resigned when his wife Michelle became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993.

The IBD editorial said the organization's mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about "social change" through threats, pressure, tension, and confrontation. On its website, Public Allies said the IBD piece painted an inaccurate, distorted view of their work. But the editorial points out that during the presidential campaign, Obama said, "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the military.

Gary Bauer, chairman of American Values, does not believe American voters did enough research on Obama before the election. "One of the things he has talked about is this universal voluntary public service corps. But there are some disturbing signs that this might be another one of these left-wing ideas that have motives behind it that are not entirely reassuring," he contends.

Unfortunately, according to Bauer, the American media did not press Obama to answer questions about some of these questionable ideas and affiliations. "The result is that I think we had one of the most undereducated electorates in the history of our country partake in this election, not knowing the first thing about what the man who's now been elected president has on his agenda," he concludes.

I find this article EXTREMLY disturbing after hearing Obama talk about his "Civilian Security Force"....Hitler formed one of these types of civilian forces...They were called the SS....or the Brown shirts...SCAREY..

One should NEVER EVER vote unless they know exactly what they are voting for...In this country...its important to vote...BUT ONLY if you know what your doing..Now because of the votes of kids who have been 'scared to death by (Al Gore..the biggest liar and terrorist of all) about the myth of global warming into voting for Obama...street people...uninformed people getting on the Obama Party we are all going to pay...

To believe that its a 'good thing' to get out and vote is good..

But if you vote with no idea what you are doing or what your voting for...or just listening to only one side...rhetoric...propaganda...Thats a bad thing...

We are in for the ride of our lives...America may never be the same again...But maybe its salvageable if we will start thinking and voting with our minds and not our emotions.
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Obama spells doom for America
Posted: 11/24/2008 7:44:06 PM

I don't know if the Democrats have the guts to stand up to the Corporations and the Wall Street pirates but George Bush and the Republicans sure didn't.

One thing that must be remember that the congress is the purse strings of America and not one dollar is spent with out the now Democratic controlled congress..

I am against the bail outs...I say letem fall...New companies will have a chance to break through the monopoly and take up where the 'gamblers' left off...I say tuff on them...go down...

ALSO...remember this...the reason for this financial crisis is the DEMOCRATS went to fannie mae and Freddie Mac and forced them to loan to unqualified people in order to get these poor people and underqualified people TO VOTE FOR THEM...


I believe that is why the Republicans threw the election..They didnt even try in my books...I believe this was done on purpose to make the Democrats have to wallow in their own mess..

Bush tried to get the democrates to do something a few years ago but they would not do anything..They were only focusing on winning this election...NARCISSISTS.

THE only thing Bush did wrong was by not getting on public television and telling us what was going on instead of keeping it within the political elite..If he had told us...we would have pressured our reps...
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Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the Homeland?
Posted: 11/8/2008 4:47:47 PM
this is becoming way off topic...

I'm not stirring anything; I am asking for your definition. Who is this 'we'? I am asking YOU. If you can't answer, just say so. Nothing wrong with not knowing.

The 'we' is you and I...We have been through this in other forums...I explain I feell....what I mean...and you always come up with some answer as if you didnt get what I said...Im tired of constantly repeating my self..In another thread..another poster even told you that I was perfectly clear in what I was telling you..but you keep up with this stuff...

Such as Redistribution of Wealth....What do you think I mean...The words explain their selves..I dont need to say any more. all of American has been talking about 'Redistribution of Wealth' for weeks...What do you think it means...this is utterly rediculous.

The problem with schools today, in my opinion, is that teachers have lost much of the respect they once had. This is evidenced in the behavior of students, and in the lack of contact parents have with teachers. Students need to be held accountable for their choices, especially when those choices infringe on another student's education.
My 'liberal' view is that our students need to experience a semester in a Japanese school.

I totally agree with you on this..and my heart goes out to teachers these days.. (WOW..we can agree on something..Well thats a good start in peaceful negotiations. LOL) Just being funny...but it is nice. When my children were young..I was very involved..I was room mother many years...Involved in many sports with the kids...I have definatly noticed that at times...few parents would come to anything. even the sports events...It broke my heart for the kids who never had a parent there for them..I was on the swim team when I was young..No one came to see me either...It sucked..
I believe with the new feminist thinking and mothers not home...working..coming home..having to cook homework etc..busy busy busy...all for money..I dont think the trade off is worth it...I stayed home with my kids..You can most of the time do it if you will make sacrifices...but thats another story.

My asking you if you are Muslim was only a question due to some of your answers not only here but in other threads...You are ALWAYS so quick to run down Christians..but always beholding to muslims. Just an observation..Im sure you cannot deny that little fact.

in regard to you being the epitome of Christian behavior made me laugh out loud. always attack my religion time and time again...

So does that make you a xenophobic as well? This comment is 'germain' to this entire conversation. Well now that you have read my 'epitone'...I guess we can move on the the subject at hand... We are off topic and I want to get back to that...

If you me on my email and we can continue this conversation..I have no problem with that... O.K.? But we are sorely off topic.

Take Care..
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Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the Homeland?
Posted: 11/8/2008 3:48:23 PM

Gee....maybe you are muslim? Or maybe one of the "shadow' people? Who knows.

And...if I am Muslim? What does that matter? You have something against Muslims?

I asked that because you are so excited about connecting with the muslims in countries where they will always hate us...but Im sure that would be nice if possible..but Im not holding my breath..and I do not want to change my country to appease their religion as I have seen others hint to...

You say you work.....when? Your always on here in the forums..constantly...Hmm. curious
[ job is important because...??? Why be curious about my work? Deflect much?

Probably because you are always on here no matter when I am..Its just you post from your job too? I just wondered...Pretty defensive arent you..

REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH.... We have played these words games many times on other seems you just like to stir things instead of conversation that consists of true exchanges that make sense..You always act like you dont know what we are saying ...even though we have made our point MULTIPLE times..Im just tired of your tactics I guess. You know what REDISTRIBUTION of wealth is...everyone knows except you? It can only mean one thing...

How come there are so many socialist and communist in the Democrat party? Feel free to google for yourself. I already have.

Birth certificate......then if he has shown his birth come one of his fellow democrats are suing come so many people are bothered by this...Just because YOU say all is well...we are supposed to ignore the facts and just believe you...all rested and assured? There are facts AGAINST him...Well...some of us like to have hard core proof...It is an attrocity that this has not been delt with...and it has been obviously swept under the rug...Like I said..I think we are in for a surprise...You think Bush was bad...WOW... but in all reality...I HOPE I AM WRONG.. I truly do..but dont be so snide just because I do not agree with you..We almost NEVER agree on anything...just like others and I dont agree..but we get along and just agree to disagree..

Do you remember how we were taught VS how children are taught today.

I know how children are taught in school today--I've spent the past 25 years working in public education.

With your views...your liberal views..I would say that thats the problem with the school system today...sorry..but thats how I and many others see it....Why would the Teachers asso.. support the no on Prop 8 with all that money? What right do they have to use the money for anything to do with politics...It so happens that alot of the teachers do not agree...but they had no voice in where their money would be spent..

Know what I find curious? That you question my religion, and then you question my citizenship. Hmmmm....

I question you only because of your posts...My observations. The very things you say? And perhaps how upset you got over that...big deal.

Believe me, I have a list of things that 'bother' me:
dogs that bark at night
See? Things bother me.

Yep...I have that same list...Exactly...I feel just like you do!!! Just the same!!! So.So,

you are the epitome of Christian beliefs? THAT, I find very frightening.

LOL...and your not?

Good day.
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Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the Homeland?
Posted: 11/8/2008 2:43:32 PM
Gee....maybe you are muslim? Or maybe one of the "shadow' people? Who knows.

You say you work.....when? Your always on here in the forums..constantly...Hmm. curious.

Define Redistriute Wealth? You must be the only one who doesnt know what that means..

He has never shown a birth certificate....There is a law suit pending...a law suit that was put against Obama by a fellow Democrate..

Hawaii has sealed up the birth records in Hawaii after Obamas trip to see his grandmother....where have you been?

Gee? Are you serious? Are you really freaking serious? YOu have no idea at your age that things are different here in America...You are older than I if I remember correctly...thats if you have lived here all your life and went to school here...then you would remember how we were taught verses how children are taught today...Thats if you were an American all your life...Hmm. curious.

Really...must you always act like you dont know...when I know you do...your just trying to confuse things.

Or you are just one of those bowl of cherries people who refuse to see anything that bothers them and always tries to make lemonaide out of lemons...not a bad thing...but not very realistic.

I guess we will see what happens with our new presidente...Too much controversy around him for me to be comfortable...especially being white..I remember his white hating pastor he listened to for 20 years..That pastor has nothing to do with real Christian beliefs and thats part of what bothers me...I have NEVER heard that kind of talk in my whole life of going to church..NOT EVER! I cant believe that wouldnt bother a white person...

Remember..Im not the prejucice one here...I am just dont try to twist my words into meaning something else..That happens alot on these forums by the Libs.
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Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the Homeland?
Posted: 11/8/2008 2:34:48 PM

And what bunch of blooming idiots just sat around and watched him do this?
Our good Representatives and Senators?

I would not put it above George Bush to suspend elections or the transfer of power.
The man does tip his hand in preparations for the big snafus that eventually follow.
Lord only knows what Georgie has planned. A few years back there was talk of the formation of some worldwide council of nations where Bush envisioned himself being named President after his terms in the U.S., with final control over all member nations, including the U.S.

I wonder how that's all going?

I did find it interesting how many Republicans voted against Bush's bailout today. Maybe they know something...

Hate to burst your bubble.....but the congress holds the purse strings of America...George Bush cannot do anything with out the congress behind it...

Remember...two MAJORITY STOCK HOLDERS OF AIG... Are Democrate Nancy Pelousi and JOhn Kerry....Do you think that might have influenced a bail our for AIG and not Leman Bros? Ya think?

Hate to burst your bubble again but.....there is a shadow government that has been in place for years and George Bush and every single other president I know since Jimmy Carter and probably some before...Yes...even our Ronald Regan are ALL A PART OF THIS New World Order...

Sorry to burst your bubble again...but....McCain, Biden and Obama are also a part of this concept...New World Order...Yes..they are a member of the club...I saw them listed as members...Just listen to Obamas Berlin Speach he made...He never talked like that here in America as I am sure he would have not been voted in...

Hate to burst your bubble again..but Sara Palin was the only one not involved in the New World Order gang...

You need to stop just focusing on Bush and look at the broader picture...It is a very big picture..but the propagandist want you to focus on only Bush so you wont see them...

Investigate for yourself.
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Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the Homeland?
Posted: 11/8/2008 2:21:58 PM

I explained to a gal at work yesterday about why all this stuff about Obama can't be true. I told her all the stuff we all know, that if he was pals with terrorist, was a socialist, that no one had seen his birth certificate so it's unknown where he was born, that he'd never be able to get a clearance, and he will have the highest clearance possible.

Yes its true...he is pals with a terrorist...wants to redistribute wealth...(what would you call that? Free enterprise?) true...has never shown birth certificate and we believe he was born in Kenya...Believe it or not...he cannot get a clearance to be an FBI or a CIA agent..but was able to muttle thru to the presidency...There are Shadow Powers at work here...BUt if I mention what Im talking about...they will take me off...

I know its hard to digest...but something ugly is going on here...pretty freaky stuff..

AGREED! I've been spouting this on other threads for months. Its ridiculous to think that in THIS COUNTRY, run by WHITE MEN, that a BLACK MAN with ACTUAL ties to TERRORIST, a real plan for SOCIALISM who's HIDING HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE wouldn't have made as far as the SENATE DOOR, let alone become a senator, let ALONE PRESIDENT!!! I told one person this and said that if this were possible what does that say about US as a so-called SUPER POWER? Ridiculous. And sad that people are so controlled by fear AND HATE that they've become BLINDED to facts, proof and TRUTH. Rant finished.

It has nothing to do with fear and hate as it has to do with fact...

YOu must remember this most important fact...All the presidents as far back as Carter and maybe even before...Every Single One of Them...Even Reagan are all part of a group that is working towards a One World Government..

I think you will be very disturbed about what is coming to us ...Why do you think they have infiltrated all our schools and filled our children with all this global crap and have tried to take away their love for their own country? Some are now of voting age...This is the most dangerous part....Using Global Warming Lie as a scare tactic...freaking out the populace...We can all be scared and try to deny this...but sorry folks...its a true fact. Bad things are coming and Obama has his people looking at him like love sick groupies..sheeples ready for the slaughter.
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The 2nd Amendment & Obama
Posted: 11/8/2008 1:57:02 PM
Thank you Shrek...I think? LOL
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/8/2008 1:54:53 PM

I suppose the next thing they'll want is separate seating at restaurants for gays with their children, separate seating at theaters too. I know some don't want to get too close to "those" people or their "gay cooties" might rub off on some and turn them gay as well ... right?

Should we vote on whether or not gays are allowed to buy cars and drive on OUR (straight) roads? Or still better ... vote that gays can only buy one certain kind of car ... that would denote that they are gay and we can avoid them while on the road. Should we vote if gays are allowed to walk down the street and use OUR (straight) sidewalks? Might accidentally bump up against them and get those "gay cooties" on us.

What's next? Make them sew some sort of marking on their clothes so we can identify them from others? After all, they don't deserve the same rights as "straight" people ... eh?

As usual cotter....your posts are nothing short of a bunch of foolish gibberish..GGEESSHH

You know thats not what people want to do...and I really do not believe anyone cares about interacial marriages anymore...We just elected a black president so get over it.
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/8/2008 12:03:52 AM
Wow Southern Lass...awesome post...very well spoken..

Geebee...i didnt say we WERE an oligarcy...I said we are becoming one...Because the courts have overthrown the will of the people on many occasions...such as funding illegals...We voted not to pay for welfare...schooling brought our schools down in much focus on the illegals and not the citezens..raised our health care rates..we paid more so they can have it for free....they were putting our citizens out of business...thats why we wanted them to go home...Its our money...but they like spending it...and the courts overthrew the will of the people and let them stay...Now look what happend..Bleeding heart Liberalism never works.

We have a duty to our children and their children to preserve certain traditions..To set a moral compass...These traditions are not Arcadic... as they still exsist...they are our traditions and I do resent those who seek to dismiss them or try to make us who hold dear to them out to be the outcast here...Most Americans prefer marriage between a man and a woman..The election has just proved it so. You cant always get what you want...Thats life.

Maybe some people have changed their view of what marriage is ...but some of us have essence since we still would like our RIGHT to cling to what we hold dear...Is that not our right too? Or do only progressives have rights these days?

There have been other alternatives offered...but nothing is good enough for them....Is there a time when people can just see that there are those in our society who are willful...wanting everything they want without regard for those who were here first..

Like Ive said over and over and over in this thread...Marriage has been between a man and a woman for ALL OF TIME.....Never ever been homosexual 'marriages' in all of time...

Its a new 'gig'....It should have a new name...Its own name...They already have the same things we have...just need a different differenciate the difference between the two...To say its all the same is not being truthful.

So whats the problem? Could it be that they want to take something away from us? Have you ever thought that they are the ones trying to deny us our freedom ..If we were so bad and judgemental...the movement would have never been able to take off so many years ago when it first started...People would have come down hard against them......but people didnt...They let them be who they wanted to be...People are in general nice to each matter what their choices...

BUT....maybe they are the ones pushing ...perhaps acting a bit militant...pushy...narcissistic.

Other gays I know dont care..And they have children too..
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The 2nd Amendment & Obama
Posted: 11/7/2008 11:22:07 PM
Thanks for the pep talk razyr...I feel better now...Whew.

p.s. i dont remember saying anything about Obama blowing up anything...not nice to put words in ones mouth is it?

But I do study issues....and I know what I have read...and just because you dont know what I know does not make it not true. I have been following these issues since the 80's..

Maybe you should take a minute and listen to Obamas Berlin speech...It was nothing likethe speaches he gave here....

There definately is a plan for a Civilian National Security Force...I heard him say so...kinda sounds like the brown shirts of nazi germany...All I mentioned before is true..Dont be too apathetic because it scares you...We have to face reality.They are counting on us being apathetic because the average person wont do anything...then they will cry the loudest if things go wrong..

The plan is to disarm the American People...They cannot do that without changing the constitution...that is how Russia subjugated Europe...Promised them peace if they would disarm..then WHAM!!!! They were overthrown and thrown into miserable poverty..

Afraid? Nope..not really...I am pretty resilient...but I do not feel that a few men have the right to change the nation without our permission...They all act like they own it and we have nothing to say..

They have forgotten..they work for us...We are not their slaves..but it seems we are heading that way...we will be the Serfs for the world...Look up what that means..Serfs cause thats where we are heading according to Obamas speach he made in Germany...dont get all onto me...Take a minute and listen for yourself...they tell me what you think..Our politicians do not have the freedom to do what ever they want..At least I thought that..I might be wrong..cause they are doing it and have been for years...while we lay around fat and too stupid to do anything about it...We just let the foxes guard the hen house...Were too lazy to be involved in our government.

Obama...he is just another one of them...Hes in all the same elitist clubs...Shares those same goals of globalism...Hes the same as all his predicessors..Hes no different...Just a different man with the same goal..

How long are we to keep quiet so as not to offend anyone...How long? Until its too late?

Stop buying stocks in the stock market...That will kill the monetary intake of the large corporations trying to profiteer all around the globe...Do you realize how much money they would loose? Do you think that might wake them up?

You dont need a new car ever few years...Just drive the one you have into the dirt...Who cares about the Jones's...Let them spend all their money trying to impress everyone..big deal.

They expect us to remain fat and stupid..too scared to do anything.

Stop buying all that crap out of the stores...the junk from China... Insist on stores carrying American made goods...we buy to much junk. It all ends up in the land fill...I say make toys out of wood...biodegradable...better for the earth. Toooooo much plastic.

Get rid of videos and toys that do not promote group participation..I see kids sitting alone day after day on their little vegetables...making no friends..Not very healthy..How will they run the country when they grow up if they have no idea how to talk with other people and are to fat to move around.

I dont care what country your from...You live here should support this country..The one that feeds us all..

Let me summarize:

1)Dont buy stocks in the stock market...your just making them richer
2)Dont buy junk from other countries until we get our own country strong again...
3)Drive your car until it drops.
4)Stay out of debt..
5)Be prepared

Credit cards and debt is a new thing...It didnt gain momentum until about 20 years ago..When I was in my 20's..people didnt get in debt...Its a new thing...Not working to well either..People have already spent their retirements with all their equity loans...Theyve already ruined their futures...I know one person with $90,000 debt...Not for a house either...Just vacations...junk...stupid spending.

Now thats a start fellow Americans...
God Bless America
He used to when we invited him into our homes everyday...Thats when America was great and strong...Im clinging to my guns and thats a bad thing? I think its a good thing.and so do most Americans..Its the American way..ITs what made us great....
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/7/2008 7:05:21 PM
We are becoming an Oligarcy...Supreme power in the hands of a few....Not the American way at all...

I don't understand how those opposed to same sex marriage could put another measure on the ballot when the California Supreme Court has already ruled against it, but it's surprising (and encouraging) that the ruling came from a Republican-dominated Court.

The people voted out gay marriage...

The court went against the will of the people...their vote meant nothing to them...

This may become a common practice..small groups forcing their way upon the people using they 'system' to their advantage...

So in essence...pleasing a few and the hell with the rest....dangerous
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/7/2008 6:40:30 PM
first of mention that the 'far right' is responsible for the Yes on 8 passing...
My guess is that it passed due to the votes of people on the left and the right...Like one poster said earlier..some can be both conservative in some areas and liberal in others.

So blaming the 'far right' or religious people is unfair here.

It is the shortsightedness and hypocrisy of liberalism that is responsible for the decline in morality

I agree with is the shortsightedness that is responsible for the decline in morality...I do believe we need to move with caution, like I have said time and time again...We are not only responsible for ourselves...but for our children and their children..the world doesnt stop with us..It goes on and on and the future generations will have to live with what we do...

I'm not the least bit interested in any one groups definition of marriage here...because frankly that is the problem. And I don't think the state should be either. It needs to define what it considers acceptable for purposes of taxes, inheritance, and applicability of support, stick to it, and if someone wants to ritualize it later, they should be free to do so. Archaic traditions rooted in religion are the private right of the individual and should neither be foisted on the state, nor other members of society.

The use of the word 'Archaic' unfair as these traditions are alive and well TODAY. ..No one is trying to stop anyone from doing what they is just that the 'marriage' part of society want to keep that for theirselves...there are other options for the gays...But the gays are known for the "in your face" stuff they do and how they have vowed to invade all of our institutions and turn our children into homosexuals..I know this as I read their publications...Do you? Do you really know what they are up to? I say we have to right to keep our traditional marriage between a Man and a Woman...

The funny thing about all this is that some of you act like we are trying to take something away from the Gays...but we are not! IT IS THEY that are trying to take something away from US and so you take their side...Maybe if we would scream and throw tantrums too...and act as if we have been abused or prejudiced against...maybe you could have a heart for us too...

Actually...we are defamed and called names everyday by the Gays and many other liberals...but we just take it...We dont let all that bother us..

No one is denied any civil rights or anything else...they can have what we have...just call it something different..We are the ones being attacked and abused here..not them..they just want to come to this party and we dont want them there....Nobody likes everyone...I have a hard time identifying with that style of living...Im sure they would not be comfortable with me either...I have a very very hard time seeing what they do during the Gay Pride week...Maybe those of you who are helping them here might want to attend the next Gay Parade and see the truth because they NEVERshow that crap on the T.V. Its absolutely disgusting in my humping each other in public where children can see...swinging their thing all over the place ...acting like total weirdos...YUCK!! If this is ok with you...whatever...but not for me or should the children of SF have to watch such a thing...its just not normal behavior.

Dont hate them or anything like that..but I do get upset when I know their AGENDA and people like you defend them...Again I ask...have you ever read some of their stuff? Its pretty aggressive against me and others like me...So how come Im the bad guy and their the good guy?

As I said matter what...someone is going to loose here concerning the word marriage....Is it going to be people like me or them? Like I said before...All they have to do is pick another word of their own as like I said before...

Ford makes many different cars...They are all still cars but they are different in many ways..Each car has it OWN NAME... If the gays would just do this...pick their own name for their kind of it is totally different that the marriage union between a man and a woman...we could all live in peace and harmony...I simply is two completely different things...not at all the same..not at all..

No one here wants to hurt anyone...but there is NOTHING wrong with what we feel about marriage...It has belonged to heteros since the beginning of time...the gays want to shake it all up a bit...But they could just do their own thing and leave us alone ...they would have all the same benefits...they still have all their civil rights..they loose nothing...except they are used to pushing people around and then crying bigotry, judgemental..and then getting peopleto feel sorry for only see their point of view...bleeding hearts.
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/7/2008 11:36:45 AM

<div class="quote">LOL we know what a chauvinist your are!!! Ha Ha Ha...

Yep...things sure were simpler those days werent they!!!!

<div class="quote">Not at all...just pointing out that not all traditions and beliefs about what is natural are "right" or stay right in all cultures for all times...and how our beliefs change over time and sometimes for the better or the worse, even though at one time such things would be believed to be unthinkable, sinful or wrong.... something to keep in mind before we value our current point of view to highly or rightly. Morals and ethics, as much as we would like to believe otherwise, are not written in stone and are highly variable. Are they "relative"? Is there ultimate morality? That's beyond the scope of this thread.

But it's clear that the majority can impact the minority with rules that are immoral, restrictive or punitive to a minority. The Supreme Court will eventually sort that out as that is their job - to rule on the validity of laws made by the legislative body. I agree with the previous poster who noted what I had already stated. The state should ONLY be registering civil unions for any party. What they are called after that, marriages, partnerships, etc., should be up to the parties involved and any group they choose to share or ritualize it with.

And also...I like pie.

Ahh Fiddler...we have had differences of opinion all along these days on POF...Actually..I dont think we agree on anything!! LOL But I am glad that we can keep a sense of civility and humor..!! FUN!! And by the way...I am an excellent cook due to my fine restaurante background and I do make the best Pumpkin Pie ever!!! Made fresh from the real cans...I never use cans.. I am a 'scratch' cooker..Hope you like pumpkin.

I see no reason to file everything as a civil union only to appease the I have said many many times before....they have an agenda and they need the word 'marriage' attached to their union...I see no need to change our preciously held traditions...We like them...they are ours. I was a strict parent...I do not believe in appeasing tantrums...Its not like they cant have what they want...we just dont want to give up what we have..Thats why they name the Ford cars different names..all cars..but different...So it is with hetros and gays...

I see no reason for all of us to change what weve been doing since time began to appease them..They have everything we have..just a different name...They have a new gets a new name...Then everyone SHOULD be happy...

You have to ask yourself why are they so persistant? When they can enjoy the same thing we do...only with a different name...Big Deal...I am more worried about their I choose to error on the side of caution..We should be very careful and move very cautious...Its not like they cant have the thing they seek..Just not the name..Whats the big deal? Arent they acting kind of pushy..
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The 2nd Amendment & Obama
Posted: 11/7/2008 10:35:43 AM
with us leaving Iraq immediately when he gets in january

Did you REALLY buy that one?

Just listen to his plans....He actually plans to EXPAND our military influences all around the world....and how does he plan to pay? With our tax dollars..

Be prepared for CHANGE!!! will be a change you arent going to like at all..Huge taxation....crippling to the American People forced like Serfs to supply money for the world..Yes....I said SERFS... Thats what our future is folks...

I really dont think thats the CHANGE you thought you were going to get...

Yes...the elites have used FEUDALISM to seperate us and now we will become SERFS for the WORLD GOVERNMENT...

Bye bye Country, Mom and Apple may be over if we keep not wanting to face the truth...The Bible predicted these things to happen.

We must be disarmed in order for them to accomplish their goals...
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The 2nd Amendment & Obama
Posted: 11/7/2008 10:25:19 AM
He does not intend to uphold the constitution...nor have any presidents before him for these past many years...We have been dupped....

check out Obamas speech in Berlin, Germany...NONE of this crap was televised here before the election..If it was...he would have lost...pretty freakin scarey...His views on globalism.

He wants to give you Change alright...He want to take your money and pass it around the world...You should watch that video...then ask yourself..WHY WASNT THAT shown to us on the media here in America?

Weve been dupped...But he is no worse than the others...they are all in it together..

From what I understand..Ron Paul was the only candidate not involved with the XXX group.. (Were not allowed to mention their name) But some of you know exactly who I am talking about.

Nope..Obama will be the patsy that they will use to ruin this country...Hes a puppet.

Is anyone curious at all about his Civilian National Security Force? The same concept that the Nazis had...called the "Brown Shirts"..TELL ME..What the heck does this nation ALL OF A SUDDEN need a force like this? Have you read about it yet? You had better do some investigating...

Remember too...the globalist have people in place everywhere to discredit people like you and me who do realize that something is wrong here so be aware of them..dont listen to them..they will belittle you and try to make you look stupid.

If one doesnt know history...history will repeat itself...

NOPE...he will not hold up the constitution...I cant believe a man with SO MANY controversies could ever be elected..What a freaking snow job.Its like watching a bunch of teenagers at a rock concert...Totally uninformed...this is getting dangerous now.

I also read something about MARTIAL LAW and CONCENTRATION CAMPS that are at this time already built and ready to go right here in our country and in other countries that they will ship us too..They were prepared for Christians, Patriots..gun owners who will not give up their guns and those who wont go along with the One World Order..pretty scarey stuff...dont get mad at me...investigate!!
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/6/2008 12:56:32 PM

My goodness. Let them vote and drive and the next thing you know, women start speaking on matters of natural philosophy as if they know what it is... blasphemy! It's against tradition and the will of Gawd I tells ya! I'm going to have to go get a willow switch and chase this one back into the kitchen to bake us some pie so we can carry on this discussion amongst the men folk as "tradition" intended it to be. Move it missy! /sarcasm...only slightly

LOL we know what a chauvinist your are!!! Ha Ha Ha...

Yep...things sure were simpler those days werent they!!!!
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/6/2008 12:54:18 PM
just to set the record straight....

Some of you mention that some of us are Christian.

Just because we are not for the gay agenda doesnt mean we hate the man/woman..but we do not like the "sin"...

God loves all of us equal...One one person more than another..My sin is not any less than their sin..all sin is equal.. Christians...we have been taught the lessons of life that make life good for all...the lessons taught in the Bible create peace and harmony if all abide by them..

We try not to sin so as to live in a pleasant society.

Sometimes..what we want isnt good for us...

So the words judgemental, bigot and all the others are not appropriate..We feel that this will not benefit the rest of the Americans...Its a social experiment. It has never been A successful style of living in ALL OF TIME....

Like I have said in the past...I believe this type of living is just another ax to break up the American pit one against the other....Please remember my experience...My sister was NOT ever gay...when she was vulnerable..her gay friends convienced her shes better off being gay...they taught her to hate us...We had never condemed her for hangin with the gays...when she changed.. we knew...but never said anything negative to her...but in time...they got her to hate us..We have no idea what her problem is...

This has happened to many many many families....Thus...breaking up families...the backbone of our society...the backbone of ALL societies...The gays are not the nicest people sometimes...but yet we are accused of bigotry which means intollerance...Well tell me this...where is the Gay tolleration Of me and my family? Do you have an answer for this? We are called Judgemental...why? Just because we dont agree? Who is doing the name calling here..who is intollerent?

Sling all the names you doesnt change a thing..The lifestyle is un-natural..We need to proceed with caution instead of cramming everything forward because some are impatient and want what they want RIGHT NOW!! Is that the same as self centeredness?

I dont think well ever agree...but the bottom line is this...The American People have spoken...YOu cant buck the system without a fight. You cant change traditions without a fight...
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/6/2008 12:31:03 PM are wise beyond your your posts...

This young man has a view that more than 50% of Americans do....We lost...

like I have said before...Its either my side or their side that is going to lose...One of us is going to loose...

Either they get their way....then our children will have an agenda pushed on them in the schools against the parents will

OR...we get our way...and no children are in danger of indoctrination...

Then...gays can find another way...a union set up just for them..That is fair..Then both win...Marriage is ours and has been for centuries...What they are doing has never been done in time...It is a new gig...So it needs a new name...And those of us who prefer to be in control of what our children learn need to be protected under the law so our RIGHTS are respected as well..

This whole thing will take time to the would be better if the gays would leave us alone and find their own way for a legal union...Marriage is heterosexual tradition..It has always been the backbone of any society..Family...hetro family...Your kind of 'family' has yet to be tested with the hands of time..Its all too new to know it this social experiment will work...But as ususal...its the 'In Your Face Crowd' trying to shove their beliefs down the throats of others..but then crying if we say anything they dont like...

What a mess!!! Things were peaceful until all this "new morality" came into our society..A morality that has reared its ugly head in past societies...and they failed..I dont see that this is such a positive thing at all...

I need a math lesson? I can see logic is not your strong suit in debates. For starters if you seriously think heterosexual couples are the same as gay couples, then your blinders are really thick. let’s see the difference between a heterosexual couple and a gay couple. One has one male and female of the opposite sex in and the others has either two males or two females of the same sex in it. So what if polygamy is more then one who defines that you have to have one person to get married to? You make the same argument against polygamy that people do against gay marriage. Do you not see the contradiction? Furthermore you make a hypocritical statement by using examples of where do we draw the line, but yet you totally disregard polygamy as marriage you are doing the exact same thing as you are accusing the people that are against gay marriage.

Yet you attacking polygamy and their right to get married isn't discrimination? It's just one giant hypocrisy after another, but you are fun as hell though.

I believe the other problem we have other than trashing our ...what will we do with all the others that come behind you? Do we just give into you and then not the others...I see nothing but fighting and arguing for decades to come over all it will just open up a Pandoras box...this mess will go on and on and on...why..because a segment of this population chooses to not travel the road that generation after generation after generation has traveled..They want their own road...Well...sorry to say...there will be bumps in the road YOU chose..Remember what I said earlier..every choice has consequence..

So for those of us who do not see this as a positive move forward..those of us with enough INSIGHT to see what will come next? are we supposed to roll over and play dead? No..We believe in what we say...We believe by not corrupting traditions...that things will be more organized..instead of years and years of fighting and arguing..It was you guys who changed the status quo..Not us..

Like I said before....whos rights are we going to recognize? My side...who does not wish to open a Pandoras box..who does not want children taught this lifestye...a lifestyle that has broken more families apart?

Or you get what you want...and we get your agenda stuffed down our throats and our childrens throats...then next we get to deal with the polygamist...then the animal lovers who want to marry their

You must be more visionary and be able to look past the next corner and see what will come...I believe your side is being extremely short sided, not looking at what problems this could create for this country....Yep...its a real mess.

I personally do not want to use my country and my childrens future and our posteritys future for a Social Experiment. What if your wrong...what happens if alot of things go wrong? Then what? Opps..sorry.? You have no idea what will happen...

This is probably why in ALL OF society has ever tried to do this until this generation...pretty risky. Marriage between man and woman has been with ALL humans for CENTURIES.

We all do not get to do what we want..:

We cant speed
We cant borrow neighbors stuff for awhile..even if we could really use it.
We cant buy drugs on the street..after all..Im only hurting myself (not true..hurts all)
We cant change the street signs to read what we prefer to see on them.
We cant drive backwards on a freeway..
Nov 4 gay marriage...The people have spoken..

Theres lots of things we cant do...but Im sure that those people who do those things mentioned above would like to do what they want too...

The good of all is what should be considered...

When the constitution was written...IT DID NOT HAVE GAY MARRIAGE IN MIND.. Dont you think? They never dreamed such a thing would happen...and you know that...I know that...Supreme Court Justices know that...Everyone knows that...

We dont always get what we want just the way we want...sometimes one must compromise...It should NOT be us...It should be them...Its a new gig....Find a new name and everyone might be happy...UNTIL..the polygamist come into play..and the dog lovers...and on and on and on..

when you take things out of the NATURAL end up with confusion and chaos..And that is what is happening here..A few want to change things ...then get mad when everyone doesnt agree with them..even though there are alternatives..But again...I will say this again..THEY HAVE AN AGENDA and they need the word MARRIAGE' TO BE TIED TO THEM TO DO WHAT THEY PLAN...For those of you who are for all this...maybe you should educate yourselves to the gay agenda...or maybe you are part of it and you already know....Who knows..

I am sad that some of you are so willing to make a leap without really looking at what could happen...Its like opening a Pandoras Box.....Its like jumping off a cliff and hopin to land on something soft..Foolishness...

We have only one country....we need to proceed with caution.
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/5/2008 11:28:43 PM

Your "life , liberty, and pursuit of happiness" are not a threat to me. Nor are your children, nor is your gay relationship. I am not threatened by any of your beliefs. I just don't understand why your beliefs must infringe on mine?

I am unclear on how a marriage license will make you more fulfilled? If you are gay, and Christian (or of any God-fearing faith) then why don't you understand that I don't want to take away your rights, I just don't believe that your rights are more important than those of a conventional married couple.

Your rights are not being taken away by the passage of Prop 8.You and your parnter still maintain every right that married couples have- you are just not entitled to a marriage certificate.
If Prop 8 is not passed, is my pastor going to be sued for refusing to perform gay marrige ceremonies?
Set the political rhetoric aside for a moment....

Is it everyone's right to be married? What is the point of asserting your rights if others rights are then taken away? Marriage has been a religious ceremony for thousands of years.

This poster brought up a good point...Isnt is wrong to take away one persons rights to give them to another...Marriage between a man and a woman is a treasured tradition...Traditional families play an important role in the glue of a country...

Moreso....I am concerned about Christians pastors targeted by gays who want to be married if that were the law...then harrassing them or sueing them if they refused...And with the 'in your face' track record probably would become a problem for Christian pastors...

Its no secret that there is a militant faction to that movement...Why should one persons rights have to be lost so another can have theirs...Who was here first? To keep the would be good to just find another name to use...
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/5/2008 10:57:15 PM
conservatives...smaller majority...dont think so..they are everywhere...just busy working, playing, whatever..not to involved in politics..

Conservatives have waken up...They finally get it...they have to be involved...they were lazy..but now revived..

Youll see..
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/5/2008 10:53:50 PM
Not campaign rhetoric...just true fact...Schools MUST teach marriage..and parents CANNOT opt out...true fact..YOU check your facts...You are wrong.

The age of my children is really not an issue here...I voice my opinon not only for my children but for their children and all my friends who agree with me...for their children too..

I have no quams with gays...Like Ive said close circle of friends includes a lesiban couple. We have no problems...but I will stand up when a parents rights are taken away from them..

They gays have a 'new' deserves a 'new' name...I believe some just love to 'in your face' us and try to tear down things we hold dear...They are the aggressors. Not I.

Bigotry: intolerance...

This is a incorrect assuption of who I am..that is the word you choose to use against me...I am not intolerant..just because I do not agree does not make me a bigot..I can turn that same word onto you if I was that way...I call you no names...I am not rude to you..What is your problem...Just because one does not agree with you does not make them judgemental or a bigot...I have no ill will towards gays..I just want to protect my turf....My traditions...That is my right...

They have a new gig....they need a new name...Marriage is between a man and a woman...Has been since time began...never ever been different...So what gives this generation the right to come in ...push us aside...and push their way into our gig...Marriage has always been between a man and awoman...What part of this dont you understand? The gays have a 'new gig' needs a 'new' name...they can work that out with the law...but please...leave us alone..and our traditions...You dont see me celebrating Gay Pride week do you? Its not my gig.. so I dont impose my beliefs by standing on the streets with signs and yelling profanities towards them...LOL GGGEEEESSSHHHH This whole thing is ridiculous...

Its about one group of people pushing their views on another group... One group that seeks to change the traditions...traditions that people hold dear...Who gives them the right? Let them work out their own union...marriage has ALWAYS been a man and a woman SINCE THE BEGINNING of time...GGGEESSHHH

Whose rights will be respected? Someone will loose...We did not start this fight...It was brought to us...Whos civil rights will be respected? Who has the right to receive what they are seeking?
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/5/2008 10:19:45 PM
Again...I will tell you...Ms. (sorry bout that...thought it was the offense)

It is all about the LAW.. the law that requires marriage to be taught in the schools ..Parents CANNOT opt out....If gay marriage is law..that will be taught too...I do not want my kids kids to be endoctrinated in the public school...Thats not a judgement...its a difference of opion..a difference in Agenda...

I just cant be any clearer..

Like I said...whos rights will be respected here? Some one is going to lose...and Im hoping it is not me...and they are hoping it is not them....Sooo0oo again I say...Whos civil rights will be respected here? What a stinking mess.

I cant understand why the gays cant utilize Civil Unions and Life Insurance Policies and such to contract their union..what does it matter to them..Why must they push the marriage issues..They can have the same thing..only with a different name..Arent they being kind of rude or stubborn? Technically ...we were here first..this is our tradition that we hold dear....

Ford makes cars ....Ford Lincoln....Escorts..Mustangs....All cars...but with different names....One is a luxury is an economy model and one is a sport model...All different but all the same in essence...So it is with Marriage and Civil Unions..domestic partnerships...Why cant they compromise and create a new tradition of their own instead of trying to change ours..Its about agenda..thats why.

Because they have an Agenda...I cant be any clearer...there is alot more coming at us if they get their way...Then those of us who dissagree will have to pay 4 to 500 dollars a month for private schools...Why should I have to do this? It is a public school that I have paid for too...You wont teach my religion which would only improve the behavior of the children...So why would you seek to teach alternate lifestyles to our children...your lifestyle is like a religion to you too...

Whose rights should be respected here? People who seek to hold up tradtions..or those who seek to change everything...To some they like changing everything...but to some of us...we love tradition...Tradition feels good...

Its like we have a toy and they want matter pushy.

So again I ask...whos rights get to be upheld here..Some one is going to lose..But there should be not fight in the first place..Gay have other options that will be just as good..Why are they so pushy? Marriage is between a man and a woman...It has NEVER been attached to the gay in isnt appropriate..

This is a new gig...It needs a new name..Pure and simple.

Which side has to lose their civil rights...The two gay people...or the two parents and all their children....who loses their rights?

Please tell me why the other options wont work for gays? What is it 'marriage' will give them that Civil Unions and such wont do?

Lets try from that angle..O.K?
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/5/2008 10:05:28 PM
Gee...i have been very very clear...but to pretend you dont get it is unacceptable..

I have been EXTREMELY clear...Extremely..This is just a strategy on your part...I have been very clear..

I am the one on the defense...and the many many many many other Americans that helped to pass that bill...

There are other options for unions...union contracts that work just fine...

I tell you again sir...listen to me...its all about AGENDA...

Go back and read again if you still dont get it...OK? Im sorry your having such a hard time understanding what I am tellin you...If I can figure out a better way to convey it to you...I will write it...

good luck..
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Prop 8 in california (state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman)
Posted: 11/5/2008 9:46:17 PM
It is law in California to teach 'marriage' in school...this is true....You are wrong...We are NOT allowed to opt out of the classes...IT IS LAW.. You are incorrect in you view.

Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they are judgemental...I am not trying to do anything to them...just trying to prevent them doing anything to Me.I guess it just depends on how you look at it...Glass half full or glass half empty..Do you understand me yet?

You say go and pursue my happiness..and freedom..grant the same right for everyone..

I cant believe this....o.k. lets try it again..

Whos rights get to be upheld?...Which sides rights get to be upheld?

...Prop 8 fails...then my grandchildren will be taught something I do not feel the public school is the place to do in essence...this is an invasion of MY rights..

Or...if Prop 8 wins...then my 'grandkids' and others can go to school not worrying that the public school is teaching something they do not agree with...

Whos pressing what on who here? I believe I am on the defense...just trying to preserve what I deem as valuable..two differences of opinion...Not judgement..Some of you are always so quick to accuse others of judgementalism when they dont agree with you...Does it make you feel superior? Dont understand why you always accuse others who dont agree with you as judgemental..funny thing.

So tell me sir....Who gets to have their civil rights?

Teaching marriage in the schools in California IS THE LAW... And Parents CANNOT opt out...this is a true and accurate fact...Whos rights get to be tell me. Yes...this is a mess...when you lose traditions...chaos follows...always has..
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