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 Author Thread: The Best Way to Tell Someone You Do Not Like Him Romantically But Still Stay Friends???
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The Best Way to Tell Someone You Do Not Like Him Romantically But Still Stay Friends???
Posted: 4/14/2009 11:13:16 AM
The best way is to be ufront & honest.
You are not responsible for people getting hurt, they own their own feelings not you. Especially if you did give him a chance at romance but it just wasn't there for you.

Say it like this...........

"Hey to be totally honest with you, I am just not Interested in you Romantically,
but good luck on your serach"

Thats it thats all there is to it!

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Men....what do you think if SHE pays ?
Posted: 4/14/2009 11:04:51 AM
Depending on the man's age. Older men have a tendency to live in the past thinking that men are always supposed to pay and that will make them a gentlemen. Wiser more liberated men already know that women expect equal rights and liberties and perhaps it makes her feel better flexing the "I"m a independent woman" I am dating you cause I want to, not because I want you to buy me dinner.

Personally I would never be so un-gentlemanly as to infringe upon a woman's right to pay for dinner... Regardless who pays the other should leave the tip lol

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Do men feel anything when they have sex or are they emotionless?
Posted: 4/14/2009 10:54:26 AM
Well for me sex & emotions are two different things. For many men sex is not an Intimate feeling. Just as it is hard for me to understand why woman attach sex with love, Intimacy or emotions, likewise It's probably hard for a woman to understand how strong men's sex drive is for so much of the time.

There's no direct way of comparing our experience of sexual desire, of course, but what we do know is that on average men think about sex more than women, they masturbate more, they want sex more often, and they have more partners. The problem, if it is indeed a problem, is that most men's sexual urges don't stay discharged for long after an orgasm and ejaculation. Likely as not, next day the urges are back again, just as strong - and so it goes on, day after day, from about thirteen or fourteen years of age to forty or so, after which many men find their sexual needs finally become less urgent.

It's an earthy, powerful force which seems to be separate from the desire to have an emotionally close sexual relationship with a partner: to put it bluntly, it's the urge to f*ck, and it's more-or-less an ever present one. Of course this can be expressed within a relationship, just as a woman's sexual urgency often is, but I see it as something separate from the wish to "make love" to a partner. Like it or not, most men are highly sexual beings, and their strong and persistent sex drive can be a real challenge - especially for those who do not have a regular sexual partner, or for those whose sexual partner is less highly sexed than they are. In such cases it can seem like rather more than an itch to scratch: it can be a compelling and intense need.

As cold as it may sound, for me breathing, sneezing, eating, urinating, and sex are all the same. I don't make love, I have sex. However I do love my partner very much, will make sure her needs are met and defend her, protect her and yes love her. When I do feel deep emotions with her it is NEVER during sex. It is usually during cuddling, caressing and kissing or one of those special moments where time seems to have temporarly stopped. The emotions I feel at these times are much deeper than the act of having sex. I feel closer to her when we are just holding hands than I do when we are having sex if that makes any sense. Hope this helps.

PS I don't see it as a problem and neither does she....
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Can men deal with NOT getting blowjobs?
Posted: 10/18/2008 1:58:23 AM
Sounds like you just need some therapy for the abuse as a child.
We should never let our past control, or have negitive effects on our future.
I know women who have been raped yet they did not let that effect their
sex life. Certainly your not expecting your next man to do without oral
sex for the rest of his life are you? OMG just the thought is devastating!

Personally I would not even date a girl who was not into oral, giving or
reciving for that matter. I place that right up there with oxegen & water,
and blood transfusions. Gotta have it. But if you were my girl and I loved
you enough to stay with you. Then you would certainly love me enough,
to make sure my oral needs were met even if it ment bring in another girl
that you trust to take care of that problem for you.

See, that way you don't have to do something you don't like
and he does not have to suffer due to your reluctence to seek
theraphy. Then everybody's happy!

Good Luck~

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Bad Cop NO donnut!
Posted: 6/23/2008 2:06:51 PM
K_town since when is name calling a sign of due respect by an officer. As an officer I would like to think you would have better charactor than to resort to name calling and poster bashing. You serve as a fine example of what a poor choice the acadamy has made.

So you and your buddy had a good laugh at that? K_town your statment of quote:

you just stated you're not a cop, so you wouldn't know how we are trained or to what standard.

I suppose one could hold a similar position, "Because your not a criminal, you wouldn't know how Professional criminals are trained or to what standard.

Paleeezzz don't give me the "Officers put thier life's on the line speech.
Those officers new & CHOOSE to put thier lives at risk for a small starting salary of little more than 35 K per year. I always thought my life was worth more, so Fortunatly I was wise enough not to be a cop. Beside's that...... I hate donnuts!

One of the latest poles taken shows that 43% of the American public have Lost Trust in our Police officers. That's almost half the population. More people trust a used car sales man.

This is Very, Very Sad!

Citizens are having trouble distinguishing the good guys from the bad. Retired LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman spouts venomous racism and brags to an aspiring screenwriter about torturing, beating and framing suspects. Cops across the country. murder people, pull armed robberies while in uniform, sell dope, steal drug-buy money, shake down criminals, accept bribes and falsify evidence against criminal defendants. The standard defense coming from law enforcement is that only a relative handful of the 400,000 cops nationwide go bad. For several reasons, the public is not reassured.

Of course, police corruption is not new. There thousands of articals of police brutality all over the world, of course we don't have the time to read them all, but to refresh your memory here are just a few.....

well then see if you both laugh at this....

William Ferguson, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, was sentenced to 102 years in federal prison as part of a drug raid ring that robbed drug dealers, among other crimes. Former LAPD Officer Ruben Palomares was sentenced to 13 years in prison and Mr. Ferguson’s brother, Joseph, a Long Beach officer, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for their roles in the criminal endeavors.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Dave Harris dropped three other charges in return for Galvan's plea: rape with threat of use of authority, misappropriation of public money and possession of a dangerous weapon. The prosecutor said he offered the deal so the victim and her children would not have to testify at trial.

Heard the one about the cop convicted of murder who's now serving life in prison?

He draws a $3,100 tax-free pension check every month -- and will for the rest of his life.

How about the deputy who, while waiting to learn if he'd be fired for allegedly beating his girlfriend, took advantage of extra work offered by his department to double his salary?

His overtime-bloated pay now entitles him to a $63,000-a-year pension.

Then there's the officer-turned-molester who sexually abused his stepdaughter.And the drinking-while-on-duty deputy who vandalized a van. And the cop who left his gun out, enabling his enraged lover to kill a man.

All of them either now receive -- or one day will -- handsome retirement benefits. And most of these ex-officers' pensions were made even bigger, thanks to their former employer -- the King County Sheriff's Office.

An abuse of public trust is occurring time and again at the expense of taxpayers: Bad cops have -- and will continue to -- cost King County and Washington millions of dollars, as publicly bankrolled salaries and taxpayer-subsidized pensions reap lucrative rewards for officers who've tainted the badge.

If a police officer breaks the law he/she has sworn to uphold while on duty and we as Tax Payers are Paying their Salary not only have they wasted our money, Broken the law they were sworn to uphold but tarnished the reputation of the few good cops that are still out their!

This should also apply to any officer that helps to cover up another officer.
Personally i think efforts by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) to pass legislation that would provide or cut funding based on the prevalence or absence of abuses and misconduct is a step in the right direction.

I could go on & on and show various serious convictions , but I think we citizens have a pretty good idea that hundreds, if not thousands of bad cops out there and guess who pays their wages? Sad but true...

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Spending money on your date
Posted: 6/8/2008 10:50:04 PM
Well dude , It's OK to spend money on your friend's and family, but dating women is a whole other story. Many women make just as much if not more than a man, so in thier
eyes they look at things much differently than you do. Sometimes insisting on paying for something is an insult to them. Most of them boast about being independent (read thier profiles) When you take away thier right to pay you are smothering them.

It's no secret that women love attention and loved to be treated special and many like to be spoiled. I can remember when I used to think that I had to buy women jewelry, flowers, and gifts to get heir love and approval and affection. I did that for years. And it never worked very well. There is a time and a place to do buy flowers and gifts but doing so upon meeting a woman is not the time or the place for it. Most men meet a beautiful woman and they feel compelled to start spending money on her, bring her a rose and buy an expensive dinner.

It’s natural to want to be generous towards people you really care about but

a woman you’you have just met (or a first date) does not qualify as someone you
genuinely care about. Most guys run around chasing after women... buying
them things... and generally acting needy with women that they hardly know...
hoping to get some love and approval.

When you do these things, you send a clear message:

"I don't think you'll like me for who I am, so I'm going to bring you a rose
to try and buy your attention and affection".

You might say you disagree, OR, “When I like a girl, I want to show her how much
I care about her or how generous I am.” I’d say bull-crap. You want to spend money on her in hopes that she will like you in return.

Let me put it this way, if she were unattractive, would you feel the same way?
Would you show up with a rose? If she looked like a demon, imagine Gene Simmons
of the Rock band Kiss with breasts, (how is that for a sick visual?) would you
still show up with a rose?
Women are attracted to you because of the FEELINGS that they get when they're with you (as opposed to the thing you buy them)

But please, do not waste your money on strangers you barely know.....

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How Can I Move on when they follow my every step in life?
Posted: 6/8/2008 10:30:51 PM
Not sure what the laws are in Canada, but here in the US if someone is seriously threatening you it can be considered a terrorist threat and will be treated as a fedral offence. As for the girls that are talking Sh*t about you, don't condone any disrespect.
If you have exausted all other diplomatic possiblites to no avail. Then you will have to resort to vilolence.

I hate to say it, but sometimes violence is the only thing some people understand.
Thats why we are in war in Iraq.

Just beat the shit out of the girl that is talking shit about you. Once you whip her, the other ones will shut-up and you will feel much better about yourself. Don't be a scape goat for this guy. Your young and pretty, just go out and find a nice BIG muscle bound boyfriend to escort you to the parties, and when your EX insults you and starts acting out, your new guy should knock him out.

It's simple really

Hope this helps,

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Sometimes I think, No one person can meet ALL my needs.
Posted: 6/1/2008 3:01:53 PM
just trying to figure out the logic here? Common, are you serious?

If I can't find a committed long-term relationship with one person who seems to meet all these needs

All I am reading is about YOU YOU YOU and YOU. So it does not surpize me to read that none of them ("serious" couplings) as you put it boded well as you put it.
You do not mention what you have to offer them or what any of thier need were or what you have to bring to the table.

I've had several "serious" couplings since my marriage and none of them boded well for all of the dimensions I've mentioned.

Well of course not, knowone is ever going to be your fairytailed cookie cutter version of your perfect mate. At your age you should aready know this Valuble peice of info. Having a partner for life is about loving them because of who they are.
With true love comes Sacrafice and compromise, not your own little fantasies

BadBoy thinks The best way to find your perfect match is to meet love halfway....

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Am I the idiot or is he?
Posted: 6/1/2008 2:21:41 PM
He was listening very well, he heard every word you said.
You are the one that is not listening, You even go so far as to Contridict yourself!
So to answer your question honestly, I am afraid you are the idiot.

You said in your post Quote:

The other night, I tell him, I still have feelings for you, and I do not feel right having other "friends". and I am wanting to knock it down to just being you.

Then you go on to say... Quote:

Bear in mind, I was not asking if he wanted a relationship, I even told him I dont want one right now. I was asking his feelings.

Now Which is it? If I were the guy I would certanly be scared off by those remarks.

I asked him his feelings, and after extended times of NO responses, and alot of "I dont know what I want." I said **** up.

Open your eyes girl , He dumped you! He is not interested in you and was trying to let you down gently. He did not want to lie or give you false hope, on the same token he did not want to hurt your feelings.

Here let me try to clear it up for you,

He is not interested in a committed relationship with you !
Get over it........... Move on now.........

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How many people have actually went on a date using this site?
Posted: 6/1/2008 1:58:24 PM
Most guys do not pick up on signs very well. So many guys miss it. If you're trying too hard to find out what you're supposed to do, you're tuned into your own thoughts instead of the signals women are sending you. Also keep in mind most women are generally attracted to fun, confident, positive, upbeat humorous men.

Don't appear to be needy, clingy, jealous, or insecure.

OK kid , I will start with your last question first and so on.

Is showing too much interest scare you i.e. sending a bunch of gifts or saying you'd like to meet in an email.

No it does not scare them, it just drives them away. NEVER ask a lady to meet thru an email, it's tacky and tasteless and it's way to easy for them to reject you. Always ask over the phone, but only when the time is right (never the first call). After all, women get this from almost every guy who is interested, therefore it's not very original and simply places you into the ( just another guy) category.

how do you like to be approached on a first email from a user?

They like something humorous, fresh and new, not some boring over-used pick up line.

What was your experience?

I have had great dates and overall positive experiences with the women that made it thru my filtering system and respected my dating rules. However I did not start off this way in the dating world, it took a lot of practice and trial and error but I have became very succsessful. Afterall I did meet my match on here, I let her move in with me a few months ago and am very happy with her.

How many emails, phone calls, im's, or whatever before you went on the date?

Each woman is different and have different outlooks on life as well as their own dating rules. Sometimes I have only emailed a couple of times, others I have emailed for months before I decided to date them. There is no magic number for emails.
Try this.........

1. Email (something to make her laugh) preferably a funny question which prompts her to reply.
2. A few IM conversations over several days while making yourself more interesting each time you chat . (chemistry check)
3. Phone call (listen for voice tones and attitude)

There isn't really a rule of thumb about calling women, personally
you should call a girl within the week that you acquire her phone number, and certainly not the same or next day, as she could perceive you as being desperate
needy, or a pest.

I hope this helps
Best of Luck
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Asked For Photo, Got Handed My Hat
Posted: 5/18/2008 4:22:04 PM
Hey did I smoke to much or is this post from 8/6/2004 810 PM?
I have found that Internet dating needs some structure & restrictions. I can rmember when I used to be naive enough to meet a girl without first seeing her photo. But after a few really scary dates I decided to adopt some rules.

I am very selective of whom I date. She needs to be in good physical and mental condition and be willing to invest some time into getting to know me. I am usually attracted to SLIM, ATHLETIC or PETITE ladies or at least height & weight proportionate (meaning they must have a waist). I make this well known in my profile. Perhaps you should adopt a few dating rules yourself and tell the ladies up front where they stand before you even consider meeting them.

Look at it like downloading and UNKNOWN file from the internet, are you dumb enought to just download it and open it right away? Or do you think it's safer to scan the file first to make sure it is not something that could harm your PC?

Yeah I can hear it already, people can be deceptive in pictures too, but at least you have some idea of what she is supposed to look like when you get there.

Mine are,
2. If you say your gonna be there, BE THERE!
3. If yo say your gonna call, then CALL!
Break any one of those and it's over, done with, they get deleted, blocked and forgotten. there is just to many fish out there to cater to one or put up with any BS from some chick that is afraid to post herself.
On the contrary, anyone who is on a dating site that refuses to post a picture is defiantly place in the suspicious category from the start in my book.....
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What would you say is the number one reason a women would reject a guy for?
Posted: 5/11/2008 11:36:04 PM
In tend to think the number one reason a women would reject a guy is for asking stupid questions in forum posts..................
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What do people think of a girl at a bar alone?
Posted: 5/11/2008 11:23:55 PM
Well personally I love it when a girl has the guts to go to a bar or night club alone.
It says alot about her earnestness, independence and sincerity. To me I see her as a bold woman and this can be very sexy..... It tells me that she does not have to lean on her so called friends or groups to go after what she wants and needs. Very Admirable, and gives her a chance to flex her highest self esteem. Kudos to you if you are doing it.

And when I see women in groups this of course tells me the opposite. ......

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What's your opinion? (long read)
Posted: 3/11/2008 1:17:27 AM
Ok from a man's point of veiw I read it and found out where you went wrong.

just trying to understand her thought process

This is your major mistake, because it cannot be done, a man will never understand a woman's thought process regardless how hard he trys. Too often, the thing you want most is the one thing you can’t have. Desire leaves us heartbroken, it wears us out. Attempting to understand her thought process can wreck your life. And as tough as wanting something can be, the people who suffer the most are those who don’t know what they want. Even if you could understand how her mind works, she would just change it anyways and you will be back to square one. So stop chasing your tail.......

The fact is, relationships and women is like goods and women; they change their wants just as often as they change their clothes. So my only advice to guys is first give your woman what she needs in your case (space) So what she dates other guys big deal, you should keep busy yourself and stop talking and posting about her. Start dating other
women immedeatley and don't hide that fact from her if you do talk with her.

Then if she does swing back your way after some time has laped, secondly focus on her wants, because wants are trivial. If you haven't by now, you'll soon realize how thin is the line between a woman's want and her needs as it relates to relationships....

does it happen often

Yes Everyday Single Day
Beware this is how a woman turns a man into a wuss!

Does time change anything

Yes time changes everything, thats why old people can't remember everything.

It just confuses me.

Of course it does, shes a woman dude!

"Women should have labels on their foreheads saying, 'Government Health Warning: women can seriously damage your brains, genitals, current account, confidence, razor blades, and good standing among your male friends' when wuss like behavior starts up."

Hope this helps~

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Why do men get a pat on the back but women get labelled?
Posted: 3/10/2008 1:18:39 AM
loveableangel01, this sure sounds like another self pity thread to me.

The reason i write this message is because it astounds me

It astounds you? as in shocked? because he only wanted sex from you ?

men still see that acting like dogs is something to be proud of and something to be discussed as a status thing

Men still see? Are we supposed to be blind? Also men is plural, so you calling us dogs is a form of bashing even if you can't admit it to yourself or us readers.

A recent experience has led me into a rather disadvantaged situation and in all honesty i quite unwittingly entered into it only to find out later that it was a stunt that was played by the guys

recent experience = "You Got Played"

I got labelled and he got a pat on the back

Of course, HE WON the game, did the guys buy him a beer too?

Why do men accuse women of 'putting it on a plate' when its them that have put it on a plate and told lies and cheated to get what they want

Here you are generalizing/Categorizing by your choice of words.
Particularly====> MEN & THEY implying ALL OF US MEN

If you guys are going to post really sexist, unintelligent responses then don't bother

Interpretation = Wants us men to say what she wants to hear, instead of the truth.

This is not my wording. I was telling of what a guy had said to me.

Now shes back paddling (shifting blame to the guy) it's his fault she wrote his words.
Oh and she does not hypocrites either........ lol

The difference is the name calling and grief i got for it was very different

Interpretation = Looking for sympathy, this thread should be in the broken hearts

Oh and stop getting played, and when you do, your not suppose to tell anybody.

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Guys, what happens to us at age 50???
Posted: 3/10/2008 12:36:11 AM

Now Badboy...Who is Bashing Women? Open mouth insert foot!

Actually it's more like defending the men's honor, obviously something you know nothing about. Thats right, when someone attacks me, I have the right to defend
myself, verbally or physically, Either way, I will take them down.....

Does everyone visualize duct tape over your mouth so early into the conversation?
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Guys, what happens to us at age 50???
Posted: 3/6/2008 9:54:52 PM
Oh chilib4 You must be new here, otherwise you would know better than to start the man bashing. The OP was very honest and he asked for a man's point of view not a manbasher's. I have seen you in other forums and you are making yourself look quit foolish. This - is your goal in life??? You are certainly validating us men's inherent mistrust in women. Gezzz talk about cutting off your nose in spite of your face.... perhaps it's your posts that keep you single?

I know this may come as a shock to you, but if you had done your research you would know that men are not the only gender that goes through a mid-life crisis. With that being said let me clue you in on your subject.
Here are just a few of the signs a WOMAN is going through a MIDLIFE CRISES
She Constantly Puts Men Down
She Is Only Interested in What men Can Give Her
She Has Too Many Ex’es
School/Career or her dog/cat is Her #1 Priority
She constantly talks about her past Dates or Relationships to strangers.
She says her feelings for you have changed - she loves you, but she's "not in love with you."
She says she needs her own space so that she can find herself - she wants time to
"think things through."
She seems very concerned about her appearance - she's going to the gym every day, dressing differently, and in general is trying to look younger.
She has severe mood swings and is irritable all the time.
Spends more time in the forums that on an actual date.
She buys a cat, small dogs or birds so she can feel like something needs her.
She's emotionally detached and discontent with her life and former marriage.
She's started hanging out with younger, single friends - so she can use them for bait because lets face it, attractive men aren't going to look at some old woman.
In addition...
She seems to desire the single life again.
She says she has an empty feeling inside and seems to be unhappy for no apparent reason.
She seems to only care about herself and her own needs - she's distant and unresponsive.
She no longer seems satisfied with what her man is able to provide her. (if she has one)
She's admitted interest in another man yet continues to bash them.
She accuses men of holding her back and blames men for everything wrong in her life .
She wants to be independent, and over uses the word extensively.
Only has one pic on her profile with no body shot cause she knows shes overweight.
Wants to live on her own and make her own decisions, yet keeps dreaming of a man.
When she can describe her first date in ten words or less.
And last but not least, after 50 her serious man bashing begins because it helps her
feel better about her past failed relationships.

If you see any of these signs don't waste your time! My experience with most guys my age is they are like dogs chasing pick up trucks....What are they gonna do
with it when they catch it?

ANSWER: Pee on it!

Serial rapist, serial murderer, serial dater, serial spouse. None of them is someone whom you want a relationship with especially at 50. Regardless of reasons, someone with that many failed marriages raises big flags. Either they are incapable of making
a wise decision in whom to marry, or they are a train wreck waiting to add you to
their list of failures. Remember those vows were til death do you part. If you’re
both still living, then somebody lied.........
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Guys, what happens to us at age 50???
Posted: 3/6/2008 9:37:49 PM
Hey Op I forgot to leave my advise, my Dr. prescribed a new Harley Davidson and the mid life crisis was left at the Harley dealership never to be seen again! It works!
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Attention GUYS: Some dating advice from a woman. First Impressions are Lasting Impressions!
Posted: 3/6/2008 11:12:55 AM
OK I too have been dating for years and also had a myriad of experiences.
One of the biggest turn offs for us men is a woman trying to tell us how to date.
Your information may be good reference for you, but it certainly does not pertain to all of us men and women as we all have different styles and our philosophy's
differs from person to person that's what makes us all unique. Otherwise if all men were to follow your advise we would be predictable and act merely as robots.
I could likewise offer my views on dating etiquette it would be much different as yours just seems to be the typical old traditional dating method. However times have changed and us men have learned new more effective methods of dating which has prov-en it's-self to be very very effective.

Your first ten advise suggestions on First impressions is basically just common since.
in other words a blind monkey should know those things anyway. If they don't then why are you going to date him or even reply to a stupid man with no common since.

Be a gentleman, and PLEASE offer to pay for the first date and open doors for her.

The guy paying for the date has nothing to do with being gentlemanly.
For instance I since that you have attached being a gentlemen with dollars as in the old traditional methods. It has been my experience that the one who asked the other out on a date is the one that should pay the way, not just the man. How many men have you asked out on a date? if you have not ever asked one out then that surly reflects that you are not willing to do any of the pursuing as many of the other women do these days. Many women make just as much or more than us men do, So i see it very unfair that men should always be stuck with the bill.

If you like her, don't go home and log on to the dating site and spend 4 hours on it (if she likes you she is probably checking) .

Just because i like her does not mean that i should not go home and log back in to the site. Again you are attaching a one time meeting as to when a guy should log back into the site. They have nothing to do with each other, after all this is a dating site and one date does not constitute any rules being placed on when a guy should log back on to the site as dating means just that, dating several people until you find one that becomes exclusive. Otherwise there is no commitment either way.

After the first date, send her a quick email telling her you had a nice time on the date and hope to see her again soon. If you want to know where her head is at, just gage her response. If she doesn't respond...she probably wasn't that interested. If she is into you, she will likely respond and give you the green light, by saying she would like to see you again as well.

Again this is where the woman trys to be in control over the man, how typical. Sounds as though you want the man to respond how and when you think he should.
Some of us need to absorb the date and sometime it takes a day or even two to decide whether or not we want to date that person again. So it would be impractical to to send her a quick note when we have not decided whether or not we want to see her again.
Even if we do want to see her again, I find it much more beneficial to let her wonder for at least a day, during the mean time she might decide to be the one to send the quick note which does happen quite often.

If she twirls her hair on a date, she is probably into you.

lol that is funny and vague, but yes body language is important, twirling her hair can also be a sign of nervousness not necessarily meaning she is in to you. As you may know you can be nervous with a guy that you are not comfortable with.....

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Why do older men have dirty minds?
Posted: 2/24/2008 12:01:13 PM
It's not that older men have such dirty minds, the problem is that it's the women who
have such clean minds. Why?

Because they change them so often! ROFLMAO!

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Msg: 81 (view)
Multiple you tell the other dates?
Posted: 2/12/2008 4:57:08 PM
OK first of all, he has already made it clear that he is not looking for anything
serious, and it sounds like that's what your looking for. Am I right? if so you
need to find a guy that is looking for the same thing you are. You gotta at least
be on the same page. I am similar to him, I too am a musician and a biker, I have
no problems meeting women and getting dates, but the Internet does make it more convenient as most of you women know just because your on a dating site does not mean your desperate..........Same applies to him.

Second, what good will it do to tell him? Almost everytime I have told a girl that I
am seeing others )because I wanted to be honest) that is usually the last date. Most people do not like to know they are in a competitive race, does the opposite for me,
"Oh shes seeing many others ," why try so hard then, my odds are tarnished now.

Third, there is no such thing as getting jealous *in a good way* as you put it.
Contrary to many other emotions we have, micro-sociology reveals that jealousy
is learned reaction. It is not normal by no means and is very negative even in small doses. Why would you want to start a relationship out with jealousy is beyond my understanding as nothing good can come from it.

I just don't want to invest my time and feelings into something that won't go anywhere but a casual thing =(

Your already counting chickens that WILL NEVER hatch, as he said.

The thing is that he told me before we met in person that he wasn't
looking for something 'too serious,but if it happens,it happens'

The if it happens part was said just to let you know that after the sex
he will still be your friend~
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Msg: 26 (view)
Instant Messaging Protocal - A question of etiquette
Posted: 2/7/2008 9:16:26 PM
Well I must admit I have never IM'd a lady without a profile or pic. And especially
one that would have any type of negitivity, or complaints about others in her profile.
I realize that there are some real creeps and a.s.sholes out there but you must keep
in mind that instant messaging is synchronous, intrusive, and often tedious: in other words, an ideal platform for anyone to make a pest of yourself, this is the risk you
must take when you turn it on.

I have my door open all day, does that mean I am willing to let just anyone walk into my house?

Well then, I could hold the position that I leave my phone on all day as well, just
as you leave your door open. Does that mean I want telemarketers to call? No!
But telemarketers will! And send me unsolicited junk mail, email and the mail box
in front of my house. Marketers also send unsolicited commercials on my television. Well I just have to except it all. This is the reality of it. Same with IM messages.

The diffrence is that in real life, men will not approach you because they want to chat. They approach you because they want to get to know you a little, something caught their eye.
Here, where they have a chance to read your profile to see whether there is a possibility of a match, they chose not to. The reason for that is that they ONLY want
to chat and usually about what size bra you're wearing and if you have a cam.

Well this may come as a shock to you but, I for one, don't give a fcuk about your bra size or your cam. And it is insulting to many of us men here for you to insunuate or classify us all in your self propose THEY catagory. Ok first you would have to clarify who THEY is? Why is it always THEY? Who is THEY? Do I know THEY? Does THEY have a profile? Certainly you are not classifying all of us men as THEY are you?

You can limit who is allowed to contact you by setting your contact options, if a person is a pest block them! It's that simple. It is likewise appropriate to ignore such IM. So long as all parties understand that you are busy, most people are not upset when someone is simply too busy to respond, even if online. It is advisable to ask someone if they have time to chat, and to suggest how long the interchange may take: "Hi. Do you have a few minutes for a question?", for example. If your IM is a problem don't use it, Sorry ladies but you have to chat or email with alot of frogs before you will ever find your prince....


P.S. If you see THEY again, tell him I said to leave you alone.....
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Msg: 20 (view)
Instant Messaging Protocal - A question of etiquette
Posted: 2/7/2008 5:20:11 PM
Well Op, if you have your IM [ON] then that means you are willing to except messages. And when the IM is open you can click [Profile] and see who you are talking to.

"I thought it a bit presumtuous to start an IM without having made initial contact through an email

Do you feel the same when a guy greets you in person? ie: meaning, "he should email you before taking to you?" I did not realize the difference.........
If I see a girl I am interested in, I always at least say hi. Whether in person, or on the net. Did not ever think of getting permission first, but I will makea note of that.... Thanks.....

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Msg: 43 (view)
cops gone mad
Posted: 2/4/2008 11:02:42 PM
AncientSulk, As a citizen I have to take offense to your commentary here.

do any of you know what it's like to be on Patrol, do any of you know what really happened at the scene ?

Yeah I think even a blind monkey could see this little unarmed 125 lb lady was being humiliated by male officers. It bothers me to see my Tax dollars abused in this way.

In my city here just 4 months ago an Officer for 30 years accidentally walked in on an Armed Robbery in progress, and was shot in the head by the perp, the officer left behind a wife, and 3 teenage children.

How the hell could a intelligent officer walk into a damned armed robbery? Seems to me he could have been more observant as to where he was walking, hummmm I guess they must not teach that in the academy. At any rate, all of you cops knew of this risk before you took your fckin oath. Your wives knew this risk before she married your sorry ass's and then choose to have kids by you. And for what? 50,000K a year or less? I agree you have a dangerous job, you could have been a Doctor, or lawyer, but you agreed to the risks so stop whining about it. If you feel weak eat a power bar or something. And stop acting like your holier than tho... You made a decision, now you cry about it to all of us what a horrible job you have. BTW, I hear Taco Bell is hiring, might be safer for ya?

Remember The lady in the video had a family as well...

And half of you on here could never do the Job I or my fellow officers do. So each night you go to bed, just remember some soldier, some cop, some firemen, is wearing a uniform so you can have that good nights sleep

OMG let me get a cleanex, I am starting to tear up. On the contrary, I think more than half on here are smart enough not to take a job that risks your life everyday just for a buck. And as for the video, I am sure that her husband and family are sleeping good at night knowing their tax dollars are at work paying 7 officers for stripping another man's petite 125 lb wife naked in a jail and then claiming it was for her own safety? Once a jury sees this proof, The Safety excuse will will never fly in court.

The problem is that the public has no respect for law enforcement anymore and they are as armed as we are

I also agree, and for good reason. In order to maintain respect, one has to give it, even an officer. Below are some links to why you officers have lost respect from the public.

COP NEWS:......................................................................................................
Jailcop gets jail for sex assult

Cop Pleads Guilty in Civil Rights-Related Case

Ex-Cop Used Girl, 7, As 'Sex Toy'

Cop charged with conspiring to sell crack

Ex-cop arrested for molesting kid

Cop pimped out 13-year-old to work sex parties

Jail Cop arrested for exposing himself at Target

Officers Convicted in Home Invasion Robberies

Need I go on? There is so more than I could ever list here.

But my question to you cop haters is this, what do you think should happen to the perp that killed Officer Cassidy ?

He should go to trial and let the jury decide, thats the legal way at least thats what my attorny says..... Now answer my question OFFICER AncientSulk.

Now for you citizen haters, What do you think should happen to these Officers & X officers above ?

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Msg: 138 (view)
What to do when a guy says it's between you and someone else?
Posted: 1/23/2008 7:09:09 PM
Committed relationship after only 3 dates? I must be old and slow, thats way to fast for me. Geezz have you even heard each other fart yet!
However the guy should not have told you about his other dates, even though it may have been his attempt to be honest. When my dates asks me, I always tell her I don't kiss-n-tell , and it should be no concern of hers, especially if this is only our third date.

Yeah well people say h0nesty pays, but sometimes it pays the wrong currency.
I have a feeling this is a young guy. Why do we date? Serious singles are searching
for a match, in order to find one we must date several people then choose hopfully we choose the best one for us. It's like trying on shoes, you pick 2 or more shoes off the shelf you would like to try on. You try them all on, then choose the one that fits your style, comfort and price range.... common, women do the same damn thing.......

Pour guy, I pitty him if a woman ever asks him if she looks fat in those jeans.

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Msg: 179 (view)
Kill a home invader... murder or self defense?
Posted: 1/23/2008 12:47:22 AM
All I can say is ,
The moment he breaks thru my door and steps in ,
would be the moment of his last breath......
I would call police, after I had a
Oh and if it was on football night. I would have to
wait untill the games over, before I call police....
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Less Iranian Weapons
Posted: 1/20/2008 11:05:29 PM
Iran will only deal with USA on equal terms? lmao you mean like the same equal
term they use to deal with Israel? Your too funny.

Countries like Iran and Syria will only work with USA on equal terms.
No one likes to be bossed around or pushed around. This is not the slavery

If Iran holds this true, then why do they continue to threaten Israel ?
Why don't they just become friends with Israel, they could start the diaolog by
apologizing to Israel for the threats and the US for the bombing of our embassy
and the Hostage crisses as well as funding and providing weapons to our enimies.
the we could all just shake hands and live happily ever after simple right?
WOW! Your a smart guy Gee why did not any of us Americains think of that?

We all now know that Ahmedinejad said, in a speech given in an anti-Zionism conference, that “Israel must be wiped off the map.” The statement was widely disseminated, and many assumed Ahmedinejad to advocate annihilation of Israel.
For example, Canada’s then Prime Minister Paul Martin said, “this threat to Israel’s existence, this call for genocide coupled with Iran’s obvious nuclear ambitions is a matter that the world cannot ignore, not just the US.

The recent provocation in the Strait of Hormuz is indicative of the irresponsible and unpredictable insane nature of the Iranian regime. This also indicates how stupid
Iran really is. Come-on, Your going to take on three US war ships with speed boats?
Whats next sling shots with rocks against tanks? These poeple are just not to bright and by no means even remotl considered an equal. The US policy does not allow us
to make deals with terrorist this is why we don't talk to them, vist them or kiss thier
ass like your suggesting.

Also one more question I must ask. It is ok for our country USA to destroy other nations for our own interests, but we can't tolerate other nations doing the same? Why such a two face attitude?

Yes it's OK for our country to destroy the enemy for our own interests period.
The US does not take land, nor has never destroyed a nation that we have not used
US dollars to rebuilt.

Personally I think nuking Iran will show the Muslim world that Muslims have no alternative to submitting to the will of the US government. Insurgency and terrorism cannot prevail against nuclear weapons. Less American lives will be lost and the cost will be less than a full scale conventional war. It will set Iran back to the stone age
and instantly remove the Irainian threat. After all the only thing these poeple seem to understand is violence and way, so let's give them a good dose and be done with it.

Also if you don't like American foreign policy or our alleged arrogant ways
then why don't you just move to Iran and live there? Sounds like you will fit right in.........

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Msg: 28 (view)
Welcome to the New Smoke Free World....
Posted: 1/19/2008 1:27:21 AM
While the evidence points to a correlation, there is no statistical proof that smoking causes cancer, heart disease, or emphysema. So mysterious are these diseases the
idea that the physical/psychological pre-dispositions that cause people to smoke
may also cause them to be less resistant to these diseases.

Is it fair for smoking to be singled out for attack and regulation, when it is only one of many suspected contributors? Overweight is at least as dangerous as smoking. People connect smoking and weight. They usually do gain weight when they stop smoking. This connection is considered the prime reason why teenage girls have taken up smoking in such numbers, electing a slim figure over any perils, imagined or real. If smoking helps people keep their weight down, it may help prevent disease and death from being overweight. Just ask Beautiful Deviant She is overweight,
obviously her meditation is not helping to keep her weight down...

Hey let's outlaw fatty foods too! Twinkys , Candy, Chips, Donuts, apple pie,
Ice cream should also be made Illegal If we are going to use the same (unhealthy)
yard stick to measure a health risk. Stress diminishes the body's nicotine supply, which creates a need which tobacco supplies. Overweight is as dangerous as
smoking. If smoking helps people keep their weight down, it may help prevent
disease and death from overweight.

If smoking were totally banned, people will continue to smoke. They will merely
buy their cigarettes from boot-leggers, Run much higher risk to their health as well
as the non-smokers, enrich organized crime and deprive the US government of
over 2 billion dollars in revenue and 10 billion dollars in direct payroll to the tobacco industry. The warning below should be place beside the Surgeon General’s on every
pack sold.....

"Warning: The Constitution Has Determined
That The Denial Of Freedom Of Choice Is
Dangerous To The Health Of Your Democracy."
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Msg: 13 (view)
How do you know if its ok to kiss her?
Posted: 1/12/2008 11:04:37 AM
Ok actually my son asked me this very same question and heres what I
told him ,later he called me to thank me said it worked! Oh course it
works, this ,method is 100% full proof! Sounds like you need to learn
to give her the kiss test.

Many people still do not know what the kiss test is, heres how it works.

The fact is, if a woman will let you touch her hair, play with her hair,
(not mess it up) But if she will let you touch her hair while you are saying
something soft & sweet to her, she will let you kiss her. It's that simple.

If she pulls away from you while you are touching her hair, (Take heed)
she is not ready to be kissed........but if she doesn't then it's Ok to ever so
gentley slowly move in and give her a very soft passionate kiss on her lips
Gently move in for a kiss with your lips half open. As soon as you make
contact, close your lips slowly 5-8 secounds max, don't over do it,
but leave her wanting more....

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Msg: 18 (view)
Your ex wants to tell you about personal life
Posted: 1/11/2008 7:09:58 PM
I think he does this because he needs a witness, a witness to his life.
Some one who knows him well and can witness the change or succsess.

"You can wink at a girl in the dark, but no-body knows it but you...."

Yes he's saying "Look at me now!" and in a stupid way no doubt, but it's not
how he says it, but rather what he is really saying==> HE CARES

ooooooh deep huh?

If he did not care what you think then why would he bother to call you?

Yep he wants a witness and your it! lol

Hey BTW, I'm looking for a witness too........


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Msg: 1031 (view)
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 1/10/2008 4:50:00 PM
Raven1, just want to say you did a very pwerful post!
So good I think I'll fire up my peace pipe! You ROCK!

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Msg: 25 (view)
how do i go on ???
Posted: 1/7/2008 2:14:19 PM
Hey Op, Just want to say I am proud of you for not calling her, yeah I called you a wuss, don't take it personally because that's just my way of getting some guys to take a look at their actions for their own good. (kind of a scared straight or tough love thing) Women hate it when I call other guys a wuss, some automatically portray me as a bully. Many of them read what I write and get all emotional and respond like a woman, and thats cool because afterall thats just their human nature. In their mind's eye, any advise given in these forums should be similar to theirs, be kind, genital, sensitive, polite, nurturing etc.... I am sure there will be one or more who will flame me which will only further vailidate my point.

However on another note I give them credit where it is due. Most women are smart, they are very smart, they do one thing that many of us men are just now learning. They will consult each other, sharing secrets and knowledge about men and how to get what they want. But when us men do this they get all butt hurt and are usually on the offense accusing us of being male pigs, or sexists.

I really admire the fact that you're willing to reach out and ask for help.
Most guys are so caught up in themselves and their problems that they wind up suffering in silence... and, of course, are worse off because of it. I would encourage you to also post your topic in the forums, that is if you are looking for logic and not sympathy. If you keep being strong and she does love you, she will eventually call you. At this point she knows your normally in her own words,
(the smothering type.) Once you ignore her, the curiosity will get the best of her.
"Hey, it's been three weeks, why has Mr.Smothering not called me?" If she does not call, chances are she is also seeing her other part timer and it's time to move on anyway.

If she seriously only wants a part time boyfriend, then perhaps you should consider looking for a part time girlfriend? It's possible, once she figures out that other women are interested in you, she may very well come back to claim what shes about to lose. It's natural for most women to disagree with my reasoning. They hate it when they lose control over a guy that was once chasing them, and don't want other men learning all the tried and true methods. It works, just read my testimonials. I am sure their intentions are genuine. However if you take dating advice from women who have seen John, Paul, George and Ringo perform live! Then you may have to ask yourself some real questions..........

Women test men all the time, this could very well be another test. Especially before marriage. Don't fail! I bet she will call you (within a month) if you continue to be strong. Remember, She's the one who backed off. She says she wants some space. I believe the best way to show your love for her is to respect this. Let her initiate contact with you. You pressing her is most likely gonna just drive her away faster. I know it's not easy having a 10 months investment in stocks that are risky. But this IS the BEST way to handle the situation.

Others will advise you to call her, especially women. DON'T DO IT! Wait at least a month............ There has been women in my life that when I chased them they ran to fast for me, so I gave up and stopped calling them altogether thinking it was over. Then the strangest thing happened. After a 6 weekor so period, they started calling me.

So go figure....

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Msg: 56 (view)
any men out there ever have an erection lasting over four hours?!!!
Posted: 1/6/2008 11:38:50 PM
4 hours straight? Hell No. But four 45 min sessions? hell Yes.

Well I feel asleep with a tube type C-ock-ring on one time after a hot session.
She woke me up the next morning screaming "OMG! take it off, your ****is falling off, we gotta get you to the hospital!" And it was still hard when we got to the hospital! Also black & blue! Apparently leaving the ring on all nite crushed some blood source that is supposed to let the blood flow back out of the penis after orgasm.

So now it bends to the left & takes about two hours for it to return to it's natural relaxed state after sex.

Up side= Women call me a sex guru,

Down Side= The people at Home Depot call me a pervert!

Go figure.....

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Msg: 128 (view)
Breast implants
Posted: 1/6/2008 9:03:18 PM

Oh BTW Guys How would you feel it the gals wanted 2 more inhes of your wanger to make them happy? Would you go for an extension?

Hell NO!, And any woman that is stupid enough to do something like that to her body
whether it's to please her man, or to boost her confidence does not need a boob job, she needs counseling.....

So how would you women feel if the guy had a plastic d**k to match your plastic tits?
Oh and heres the kicker, he did it so he could get more attention from women that think it's a real one? So he could feel more like a real man. Make since?

My point exactly, I hate fake things period!

I will never understand why some women need plastic tits to make them feel more like a real woman? What the fcuk? I don't get it..... Follow the logic here?

Just my preference, but I don't do plastic, if I find out the one I am dating has plastic tits, I tell her to skip rocks..... 100% real woman only need apply here.

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Msg: 10 (view)
how do i go on ???
Posted: 1/6/2008 12:25:51 PM
OK OP, Let's take this from the top... The positive thing is that, you DID do or say something right at the beginning of this relationship. In other words you started out on the right foot but blew it during the 10 months. At the very beginning of your post, you said something that basically telegraphed EXACTLY what was going on here...

she replied no everything is not ok? she then proceeded to say she felt smotherd,, and didnt think it was a good idea to get engaged?

When you start getting your hopes and expectations up, you begin to get ATTACHED to them. Then you run the risk of HOLDING ON TOO TIGHT to your little fantasy
Bad idea......

i fell in love with her after only 3 months

Women don't want to be with guys who assume too much, act too needy, call them to often, or fall for them too quickly. Every time your inner wuss kicks in and tells you to call her, be strong, eat a power bar or something untill the "Act like a wuss behavior" subsides......

I've also noticed a pattern: When a guy starts to "like" a girl and feel the "I'd like to be in a long-term relationship with this girl" feelings, this can be a powerful emotional influence. Guys often start acting differently WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT, and then justify their new behavior with the good reasoning of "I really like this girl".

Many men tend to start acting all mushy when they really like a girl. In your case and after reading your post, It's probably to late to win back her approval, I think you already blew every chance that she gave you by smothering her, and you can bet she is more than likely seeing another guy already. But in this case you have very few options left.

OK Here's what to do:

1) Don't call her.
2) Go date other women, IMMEDIATELY!

(If you don't hear from her for a few weeks or a month, you may call her (ONLY ONCE.)
4) Write,"I will not act like a needy smothering WUSS-BAG again."1,000 times.

Now, go grasshopper, learn from this, and be a Wussy no more...............

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Msg: 33 (view)
Should there be laws against women who initiate premeditated divorce?
Posted: 1/5/2008 10:15:00 PM
Cpt_kludge and aprincelyfrog, you both bring up very good points, bravo!
At 45, I've been witness to several of my friend's marriages. I have never been opposed to marriage, but as time goes on, experiences of other men continually tip the scales of good reason in favor of the " Marriage Strike" option. All roses, diamonds, and promises aside, in the end... and to whatever end.... marriage is a legal agreement. Ours is a country in which "the dead beat dad of past" have perverted the pendulum of family logistics to swing further the other way....way further.

A child support system designed to protect children from the "skip out dad" has snowballed into a system that increasingly makes the prospect of marriage appear to be a "very risky agreement". In a country where the current divorce rate hovers around 50 percent, and the majority of divorces are pursued by women, and the financial burden of such a divorce has the very real ability to destroy both parties financial well being, should it be a surprise that more and more American men are turning their attention to other endeavors of interest that offer better odds?

If we accept the old feminist argument that marriage is slavery for women, then it is undeniable that — given the current state of the nation's family courts — divorce is slavery for men. So why marry? I will touch a hot stove one time, but never again.
A significant number of men are loudly stating their reasons: anti-male bias in the current marriage law and in the family courts. Solving this piece of the "marriage crisis" is not difficult. Allowing people to draw up their own private marriage contracts, without government law acting as a third party; have unbiased family courts adjudicate breaches of contracts.

If men participated equally in forging the terms of the most important commitment in their lives, perhaps they would cease to view marriage as a form of indentured servitude and divorce as slavery. Why should a man get married and have kids when he could lose those kids and most of what he has worked for at a moment's notice? It's not for sex because us men can get that every where and at anytime these days~

When almost one-quarter of single men in their prime courting years , that's two million potential husbands declare a Marriage Strike, women are facing an unprecedented social crisis. Now, feminists are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. And women are left to wonder why their Prince Charming is nowhere to be found?

You know ladies, "Be careful what you wish for . . ."

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Msg: 16 (view)
How do I ask to meet someone on here?
Posted: 1/4/2008 12:04:35 AM
I always ask indirectly and mix it with humor, something like,
"Your eyes tell me everything cept your number."
Well I just won two tickets to Vegas and the first lady I thought to ask was you.
But I remembered, Hell I don't even have your number. Does this mean were through?

How bout,
"Well it's nothing to be ashamed of, I mean after all lots of people get their phone shut off, so I totally understand. Hey perhaps I can go door to door around your neighborhood and take a collection to get your phone turned back on!"

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Msg: 36 (view)
When Dates Attack: Anger Management ... next, on Geraldo!
Posted: 1/3/2008 10:08:40 AM

I can tell you this one thing truly living in the SOUTH you will hardly ever find a man or I say ; a REAL man treat a real LADY in this manner ..


"Dr Phil"

Hey isn't Dr. Phil from the south? If thats true, then people who appear on his show should teach Dr Phil how to treat them.

LMAO @ the Dr. Phil Mentallity: Whenever people ask me for advice, I simply apply what I've learned from Dr. Phil: I yell at them and tell them how stupid and lazy they are and how all of their problems are their fault!
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Msg: 483 (view)
Women who smoke are far more promiscuous.
Posted: 1/2/2008 10:17:14 AM
Not sure about them being more promiscuous across the board.
But it has been my experience that women who smoke have been far better lovers.
I am not sure why that is, perhaps someone should investigate this......?

If anyone finds out why, let me know.....


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Msg: 24 (view)
losing erection with a condom
Posted: 1/2/2008 10:09:40 AM
I have heard of this from some of my friends, some are even allergic to condoms.
I would have to agree with MeloFelo, you need to talk to your Dr to see what will work for you. As for my other friends, the little blue pill usually solves this problem.
You don't have to have ED to take the pill. Now days it is considered a recreational drug at parties and even some women take it to enlarge the clitoris increasing sensitivity. Cialis is also good but your partner better have the time to spend as it last up to 3 days. After having sex and once the woman has had all she can take, and not wanting to waste a perfectly good erection you can then use it to smash up empty beer cans for recycling!

But then again check with your Dr to find what your options are and which pill is right for you.

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Msg: 234 (view)
Why do women date mutiple guys at once?
Posted: 1/2/2008 9:52:53 AM
I must agree with beauty_marked, Its called keeping your options open. When your shopping for shoes you don't just buy the first pair that you try on right?
They keep trying them on untill they find one that fits and is the most comfortable.

Men do it too...

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Msg: 139 (view)
Best way to approach a woman?
Posted: 12/26/2007 2:29:53 PM
What you will hear from most people especially women is just be yourself.
Well what these people fail to understand is if that approach worked so well you
would not need to post this type of question. If a guy is very shy or fearful of rejection being his-self is not going to work.......

1. Get a handle on fear
The fear of approaching a woman; the fear of rejection; the fear attractive
women won’t like you; These things are all UNIVERSAL -- almost all men
experience them in one way or another. You need to realize that this stuff
is natural and you CAN overcome it if you want. We humans often learn
TOO quickly. If we have just one unsuccessful experience, we “learn”
that what we did doesn’t work. Many men try to start a conversation or
two with women, but when things don’t go as planned they decide
something is wrong with them and that they have “failed.” But the way
to turn any failure into a success is to LEARN from it.

2. Practice your approach
I too used to have this fear, it can be over come I am living proof.
I have said it before and I will say it again, to become good at anything
you must practice it, meeting women is no differant. It’s important to
mentally rehearse first conversations with women -- especially when
you’re first starting out. Plan what you’re going to say, how she’s likely
to respond and what you’re going to do in each possible situation. Take
the time to mentally rehearse all of the steps of the approach in detail;
the words you’ll use and the voice tone and body language, too. Also
plan for how you’re going to physically and emotionally respond to a
woman who isn’t interested in talking to you, and practice how you’ll
handle the worst possible situation that may come up. When you do,
you’ll realize there’s nothing more for you to fear.

3. Approach a girl within three seconds
When you see a cute girl, it’s important to remind yourself of some
simple rules about approaching: Always approach a girl within three
seconds -- don’t procrastinate. Saying anything is better than saying
nothing at all. You can only learn at worst, and lessons are priceless.
If this one doesn’t work, there will be 100 more in the future.
It’s all upside, and no downside.

4. Start chatting up EVERYONE
Part of the very CORE of successfully starting conversations with
women is BASIC social skills. It’s important to practice starting
conversations with as many people as possible, then use those skills
with women you’re attracted to. Take advantage of every situation
you can to start conversations and connect with people -- don’t be picky.
If you can talk about irony, make sarcastic jokes that are funny, or make
the other person laugh, ALL THE BETTER. If you start five
conversations a day for the next 90 days, you’ll have started 450 new
conversations with strangers. This ALONE will go a long way to
reprogram your instinctive “What to say on first call the approach

Many will try to tell you that this is being a fake, or not
being yourself, but in reality you are simply improving your social
skills and learning what it is about you that can & will cause women
to pay more attention to you. learn it and soon you will be able to tap
that energy and learn to bring it out and it will soon come out naturally.

Remember these 4 key points for approaching women and it’ll make
chatting up hotties a walk in the park...... All of this has been tried and
tested by hundreds of men including myself it is almost like a secret
formula, learn to spice it with good humor as even the women admit
to liking a guy that can make them laugh.

Now go put this plan into action.

It’ll be a liberating experience for you you will be amazed by the results.

Trust me it DOES work........

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What did guys do before there were pick-up artists?
Posted: 12/25/2007 5:50:49 PM
Well if you check your history you may find a few answers to your question.

What did guys do before there were pick-up artists?

World War II (1940-45), the War to End all Wars, had just ended, and
America was on a full-throttle push for economic recovery. A shortage
of men encouraged women to try to look as beautiful as possible in the
hope of 'catching' a husband. As women returned to domestic duties,
technological advances resulted in a whole host of new labour-saving
devices for the home, giving them more time to pamper themselves.

Hell a man did not even have to be attractive, mus- less need a pick up line!
Women were very desperate to find a husband during this time of depression.
Also red lipstick was seen as a symbol of patriotism, as women did defy hardship
by maintaining their appearance.

You can lable it any way you want, however instead of pick-up artists which is
usually seen by most as a negative tone, I prefer to call it improving social skills
To be good at anything you have to practice it, so meeting women is no different.
Oh and the old "Hi WHAT YOUR SIGN?" does not work anymore so I would try
to be a little more creative.

Women have a lot more options now than they did in the 40'-50's and now they
come with attitude! If you look at the female's profile 's almost all of them use
the word, independent! lol they think it is something to be proud of!
When in reality their is nothing more romantic than to hear a woman tell you
how much she does not need you because she is so independent..................

so go figure......

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What did guys do before there were pick-up artists?
Posted: 12/25/2007 5:31:05 PM
Well if you check your history you may find a few answers to your question.

What did guys do before there were pick-up artists?

World War II (1940-45), the War to End all Wars, had just ended, and America was on a full-throttle push for economic recovery. A shortage of men encouraged women to try to look as beautiful as possible in the hope of 'catching' a husband. As women returned to domestic duties, technological advances resulted in a whole host of new labour-saving devices for the home, giving them more time to pamper themselves.

Hell a man did not even have to be attractive, mus- less need a pick up line!
Women were very desparet to find a husband during this time of depression.
Also red lipstick was seen as a symbol of patriotism, as women did defy hardship by maintaining their appearance.

You can lable it any way you want, however instead of pick-up artists whch is usually seen by most as a negitive tone, I prefer to call it improving social skills
To be good at anything you have to practice it, so meeting women is no differen.
Oh and the old "Hi WHAT YOUR SIGN" does not work anymore so I would try to be a little more creative.

Women have a lot more options now than they did in the 40'-50's and now they come with attitude! If you look at the female's profile 's almost all of them use the word, independent! lol they think it is something to be proud of! When in reality their is nothing more romantic than to hear a woman tell you how much she does not need you because she is so independent............................. so go figure......

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ALONE FOR THE HOLIDAYS? how are you dealing with it?
Posted: 12/19/2007 6:16:38 PM
This will be my 6th Christmas to spend alone again. I have not even bothered to put up a tree in six years. My two boys are now grown, live out of state however I can always leave a message for them on the answering machine. I have been divorced now 6 years and have no siblings. My father died two years ago. The only women I have ever been able to rely on my whole 45 years of life is my mother. At 78 I won't be having her to much longer either. Most of you people who think your alone do not even have a idea what alone really means. Especially the women, most of you have family, kids, brothers & sisters you can write too, or call. Or children you will see sometime during the Christmas season. Or at least a best girlfriend you can talk to when you need to vent. Alone means alone. If you live with your children or grandchildren you are not alone. Not having a romantic partner does not constitute being alone.

Alone is when you have no brothers or sisters who you grew up with.

Alone is when you have not heard a live human voice for days at a time.

Alone is when you pick up the phone to call someone and while the receiver is still in your hand you realize that the reason you can't remember the number is because there is not one.

Alone is when you look out your front window and see a stranger walking by collecting cans and you wish he or she would stop and say something, anything .....

Alone is when you not only talk to yourself, but start answering yourself just so in your mind's eye it can be considered a conversation.

Alone is when you can't go to work because you were injured at work, and your Dr, says you have a serious knee injury and you must wait months on your sofa for approval from the insurance company before you will receive the needed surgery to correct your condition just so you can walk normal again.

I am not hear for sympathy, in fact being alone does have it's advantages.
I get to laugh at everyone months later when they still have their Christmas lights up.
Also don't have anyone to shop for, so no need to fight a crowd.
And last but not least your kitchen don't get messed up because your going out for Chinese food on Christmas day! Now that's ALONE.....

So if there is a woman out there (anywhere) who is alone like me, please STAND UP!
I would like to hear from you seriously....
Every time I find myself feeling the Christmas blues it always helps to see this short video,

So for you who are feeling the Christmas blues I hope this little video clip helps you realize just how fortunate you really are....
God Bless
and oh yeah,

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Would u still date a girl if she won't sleep with u?
Posted: 12/18/2007 1:18:26 PM
If she she wanted to wait for awhile I would respect her for her needs.
But a Hot & Heavy make out session would be very misleading on her part.

(Don't Rub the Lamp if you don't want the genie to cum out.)

As for another date, I not sure what she would be waiting for? To be sure whats right?
Personally i don't know if it's right till afer sex, after all we may not even be sexually compatible and there is only one way to find out for sure.

I would not hold it against her, I would tell her to call me once she is done waiting.
While she is waiting and deciding what is right, I would continue to date others who already know whats right.........

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Small Town Swinging
Posted: 12/18/2007 12:47:04 PM
Personally I myself do not swing, however I would never gossip or put down anyone because they choose too. I could not agree more with ruralchick34.

Swinging is a "lifestyle" some understand it, yet most dont.....

Trying to explain swinging to someone whose never done it is like trying to explain the thrill and rush of skydiving to someone whose never done it, and worse yet is afraid of heights. All they see is that you're a crazy nut who jumps out of perfectly good airplanes.

People swing because they have fantasies that require more than one two people to fulfill. And, because they are secure in themselves, and in each other, and in their relationship they can live-out these fantasies together. Therefore only couples
that are emotionally stable and VERY SECURE in their relationship are able to live this type of lifestyle.

It just seems funny to me that the (none swingers) are tipically the ones that have either cheated, or have been cheated on at some point in their life yet they have the gall to complain about non-traditional relationships that actually work for other couples. They also tend to be the ones to gossip about the so-called swinging couples in a small town knowing the whole time they themselves have either cheated or been cheated on at some point in their lives......

If you are not secure enough to swing, just do what the average people do CHEAT!
Also mind your own buss, and don't spread gossip that you don't even have the ability to understand yourself....

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The sting of Being teased....Testical pains?
Posted: 12/4/2007 3:07:14 PM
As for the OP - ICUalways quoted,

I laughed and thought this was funny, now it had me thinking for awhile because she informed me that men get more anxious as time goes by if they do not have release..

Basically if you get a humorous feeling from seeing or hearing of a man being hurt you are a sadist. Sadism is the derivation of pleasure as a result of the suffering of others...

Does it make them want to pay more attention, because if that is the case, I sure will do it to my mate when I get one when I am pissed~!

ICUalways ,Oh you bet it does! It makes all of us men want to pay close attention to you and what you have written. If your intention is to cause him pain, why don't you just pour gasoline on him and throw a lighter at him? After all this way you can see him burn alive! Or pour acid in his face to see and hear him scream?
Thats should get you off you perverted sicko!

I am sure it will look real good on your profile. Guess none of us need to ask why you are alone. Geeezzz guys, she's searching for a man to torcher !

I beg to differ! Women-once aroused and without release, feel the same form of pain a man feels. (Info from my Gynecologist) It comes from similar sources as well. The lining of her uterus contracts and thickens, she becomes very wet, and she may feel an "ache" in her lower back in the area where the ovaries lie. It's just as painful.

lyricallady ,I also beg to differ.

Doyou have testicals? If not how can you say it's just as painful?
Sexual arousal that does not terminate in ejaculation for men can cause congestion in the sperm carrying tubes, resulting in a powerful and painful aching sensation in the testicles. Being that a woman does not have a prosterate glad, they cannot have build-up, (high pressure) that something is trying to get out. Uterus contractions actually release the pressure and fluid, thats why she gets so wet, she does not retain it.

If you would like to simulate how it feels ,the next time you have to go pee,
just hold it for two hours and you will know the extent of the pain.

The good news is that the pain disappears within a few hours anyway, although some men relieve the painful discomfort through getting even with her, after all , shes not the only woman that can release the presure.

And women wonder why men cheat lmao!
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What is considered cheating?
Posted: 12/3/2007 2:10:54 PM
Hi OP,
From what you have written I don't understand why you are even trying to have a committed relationship with any guy? It's obvious and you admit yourself that you have security/trust issues evolving from your past. And the fact that you are aware of this leaves me to wonder what makes you think you are even ready for a committed relationship?

Please don't be offended, I know the truth can sometimes hurt, but Your damaged goods baby. You need to consult a therapist and work on fixing your own insecurities before you are in a position to be a desirable and confident girlfriend for any guy.
So yes you did the right thing by letting him go so he no longer has to suffer from your negative past experiences.

Again I don't want to offend you but the question you asked, "What is considered cheating" I find very comical . I thought everybody knew what cheating was but apparently I was wrong.

OK, your boyfriend is cheating when he inserts his penis into another woman's vagina without your consent or approval. This is called cheating.

If you are a guy, and your girlfriend or wife lets another man insert his penis into her vagina without your consent, she is cheating.

It's a no brain-er really..........

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Posted: 12/1/2007 9:23:15 AM
Thats because you pasted the,

in your search engine instead of your address bar in your browser.

When you take off the last four letters it automatically sends you to the front door of the site.

Try pasting it in the address bar , NOT THE SEARCH ENGINE of your browser.
That should work for you.

If you need more help just let me know...

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