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 Author Thread: Do other guys have this fear?
Joined: 1/13/2013
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Do other guys have this fear?
Posted: 6/4/2013 1:02:19 PM
If you don't ask her out, you lose anyway.
There are 3,301,112,087 women in the world.
If you ask one out and it doesn't happen, then there are another 3,301,112,086 to choose from.
Don't think of it as all or nothing.

Also, dates will rarely be 'disasters'. You either create attraction or you don't.
'Silences' are only awkward if you perceive them to be.
Joined: 1/13/2013
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Help needed!
Posted: 6/4/2013 12:45:31 PM

Self confidence is a massive issue

^^^ It is, it's your enemy and its hard one to get your head round.
I can pretty much guarantee that the thing that is causing your lack of confidence isn't actually true. If that makes sense.
The only way to cure this is to keep getting out there and meeting people.
It really is amazing how your outlook will change if you do this and one of the by-products is that you will 'rejection-proof' yourself. You will literally become indifferent to it which, by definition, will massively increase your confidence.

There is a whole world of attractive girls out there. Get out there and meet them.
Joined: 1/13/2013
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What puts you off messaging someone?
Posted: 6/1/2013 2:25:35 PM
For me:

Main thing would be a lack of a "hook point" to refer to in the message.

A lazy or generic profile (Which follows on from the above)
Duck pouts
Overuse of txt spk
Has kids - Just personal prefderence at the moment.
A fairly long previous relationship (say > 6yrs) - Although, could let this one go.
Diva-like or arrogant tone to the profile.
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