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 Author Thread: How many men have you met that wanted sex on 1st meet?
Joined: 8/25/2007
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How many men have you met that wanted sex on 1st meet?
Posted: 10/30/2007 4:15:17 AM
I've been fortunate in that no one has asked for sex on a first date but I've seen a pattern where if you don't "put out" by the third date, they either disappear or find some other excuse to not see you again.
I'm holding out because I'm worth it. I learned early in life that waiting for the right one is more important to me than dinner and casual sex. There are too many STD'S, too many instances of other women I know who have met men ( some on this site) who have sex after just a date or two and then those guys disappear within a couple of weeks.
I want a partner, a lover and a friend. I will not settle for being a "friends with benefits", nor will I compromise my self respect and put myself at risk to "please" some recent acquaintance. In my opinion, is extremely important to wait because
"if he's not going to stay around, I'm not laying down."
Just stick to your morals and values.and safe yourself a lot of grief. The right man will not rush you and will appreciate a woman who has respect for herself.
Good luck.
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