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 Author Thread: what changes have u made for better health?
Joined: 9/14/2007
Msg: 16 (view)
what changes have u made for better health?
Posted: 12/1/2007 9:41:40 PM
1. Drink a lot of water
3.Enough Rest/Sleep
4.Having Fun
5.Eat veggies and fruits
6.Cut Soda quantity to, probably once a month...till no more soda at all

I hate healthy life......but im not getting any younger
Joined: 9/14/2007
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finding it hard to find someone on here
Posted: 11/26/2007 8:24:24 PM
I like this site so far, above all the BS that come sometimes. I found it very interesting what GingerAlden2 said (msg#5)

Some people in this site are looking for Ms Perfect , i dont blame them. But before they do that, i think they should take a look at themselves first. If you're HOT, handsome, nice porche and rich...and then u have all the rights to demand a perfect person. But if u're just some average guys, why dont u accept urself and try to be nice to the average women.

Dont give up, not all man like that. So....keep the spirits on......he's outhere somewhere....i'll keep on looking........lookingg!!!!
Joined: 9/14/2007
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Liking asian girls
Posted: 10/31/2007 5:54:57 PM
Oh Asians......
Sometimes people mistaken me as puerto-rican...believe it or not, i like it. Cause my adopted mom is African-American...they thought, my mom is black and my dad is some korean or japannese man...and again, believe it or not...i like it.
I have no preferances, I date blacks,Whites,Asians..even mixed. But most of myboyfriends..they were mixed, 1 white and 1 fine brother

People say that asians are loyal,submissive,shy,house-wife oriented...yada yada yada. Most of asians that just came from their country, maybe. Especially if they live in small city . The one who raised in the big city, they're pretty indenpendent,hardworker, smart and crazy, they know what they want...far away from the word 'submissive and shy'. Its just being asian, our parent taught us the smell of money than the smell of flowers. That's why, from early age..they taught us the meaning of 'work hard' and introduce us to benjamin franklin. If you know what i'm saying

So.......gentlemen, my advice is....Do date asian....we're FUN
Joined: 9/14/2007
Msg: 149 (view)
Pets in Bed
Posted: 10/27/2007 11:26:33 PM
I love dog, my family have 6 dogs. The oldest one was 11 years old....dats rite..beat that 11 years old. I love her till she died, as much as i love her...i bought her own bed. Im not sharing my bed with her, i mean....cmon man...share u bed w/ ur pet?

I was dating a guy before and then he told me, he likes dogs so much especially puppies. He told me, he kissed them because they're so cute. I was like, where did u kiss them,dude? ...and he answered "u know, those cute nose." ...I was like...wat the .... I aint kissing anyone....who kiss their dog.....i mean...cmon!!!
Joined: 9/14/2007
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Womens Pictures
Posted: 10/10/2007 9:21:57 PM
I feel the same way also, i think all the men who dont put their picture must be overweight or underweight or too old or......
Joined: 9/14/2007
Msg: 18 (view)
31 old is really old for a woman?
Posted: 10/10/2007 9:08:47 PM
In my country, 31 years old is old. because most of the women in my country already get married in a very young age. Let's say 16.

Sometimes age is matter, you dont want to be old when u get marry. But in USA, age is just number I know im still young, but each year i dont feel that im aging

But.....talking about FAT? uuhhh..........that's diffrent story. I was fat before then i work out.....i dont wanna be some anorexic girls so i keep some meat to make me look healthy and cutie of course. I remember all those looks when i was fat, right now that looks changed.......but I wish, i meet someone when i was FAT and then I knew, he loves me for whatever I am ...WishUpOnTheStars
Joined: 9/14/2007
Msg: 10 (view)
I dont understand men!
Posted: 10/10/2007 9:00:53 PM
Don't worry....u're pretty girl, u're smart......I believe its gonna be his loss.
Ladynjeans was right, some men are hunters and some arent. Im sure you will find a great person to share life with. Meantime, just enjoy your life. Dont waste it to think the word 'why'.......and remember.......its better to be loved first and then learn to love them. I know it sounds stupid, but it is true "Too much love will kill you"

Joined: 9/14/2007
Msg: 7 (view)
let's hear it for the Virginia Women!!!
Posted: 10/9/2007 11:00:11 PM
Proud to be virginia woman
Joined: 9/14/2007
Msg: 127 (view)
1st time for old...where...was it planned? was it good?
Posted: 10/9/2007 10:40:23 PM
I havent had sex yet, or shall we call it 'intercourse'. I was raised in religion and culture that we suppose to do that after marriage. When I got here, i had this 'culture shock' but i was able to manage it by saying 'no'.
Im not playing angel here, but for women...its a very sensitive case to give up virginity. I dunno about others, but in my will always be matter what.

I want to do it with someone that i love and he loves me too........sad but true...
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