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 Author Thread: im gonna give up soon..
 Your Cuddle Buddy
Joined: 10/21/2007
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im gonna give up soon..
Posted: 3/28/2008 9:39:01 PM
Just be glad you aren't married to her. There is always someone else in these situations but the trash isn't worth your time in jail. Women like that will never treat you right and being alone is so much better than being manipulated and lied to. I lost my wife, my job and my home in about a years time because of my ex's affair. It can and does gett easier and then you'll realize why was I with that ho bag.
 Your Cuddle Buddy
Joined: 10/21/2007
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is there faithful or decent men out there
Posted: 3/28/2008 9:32:23 PM
Yes and No

I loved my ex wife very much. Never cheated on her, never abused her. She was my world. I didn't really make any new close friends for the 12 years we were together. She needed me too for a long while. But eventually she found someone she liked better and really wasn't as comitted as she expected me to be. She stabbed me in the back, ripped out my heart and without any discussion, ran off with another man "to be happy". I've met women who after a couple of kids had their husband do the same thing just "to be happy" and other men who's wives did the same thing without remorse or explaination. I've dated on and off, messed around with a few women but not really finding myself fulfilled. I'm not going to be comitted to anyone unless I really feel happy with that person and learn to trust again. The last woman that I was getting serious about did basically the same thing my ex did. The only difference is there was no long term relationship/commitment even though she had been telling me she wasn't looking for anyone else. One of my friends tells me after catching his second wife at a motel 6 cheating on him that women are always looking for the bigger better deal and don't appreciate what they have. Loyalty doesn't seem to meen anything but you can take advantage of your spouses trust. I think this kind of thing happens with a lot of people, not just women. Who has to be faithful when it's perfectly legal and acceptable to cheat on your mate/spouse? That comes down to morals and who has those anymore? My ex left her Christain faith before me so it's whatever people can rationalize is OK these days. I once believed in a monogomous life long relationship, but I'm starting to doubt that's possible due to human nature. And at this point I don't even care if I find a mate tomorrow because I would rather be alone than have my heart ripped out by some woman who just cares about herself and will only want to be with me until something better comes along. What was shaping up to be a really ideal life for me has turned into a nightmare. I used to watch people on Jerry Springer and tell myself those people are stipid, I'm glad I don't have any friends like that. Turned out I was married to a skandalous ho bag and just didn't know it. Now I understand why peole once burned just want to play around with no strings attached.
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