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 Author Thread: What is the worst way you were ever dumped?
Joined: 5/24/2013
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What is the worst way you were ever dumped?
Posted: 7/11/2014 9:39:37 AM
Same here...spoke on line several times a day, emailed, and spoke on the phone several along really well....went out on a date a week later... Date was along, conversation flowed...dinner went well. Said he was going on vacation the next week, and could he text, email or call me.. I said sure. When I got home, sent him a message thanking him for dinner, that I was happy to have met him and would look forward to hearing from him again. The next morning, got up and read emails, and got on this site. Checked to see if anything from him. I was dumbfounded...none of the message we had been sending back and forth were there. No proof of our contact. So, being the curious type and not understanding what happened...did the name search. Tried to msg him...and there it was. The jerk had blocked me... not sure why... I guess the thing that gets me is...why no explanation...and how do you force an explanation from someone who has blocked you. It is another lesson learned for me...a perfect gentleman...can be a butthead too...
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