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 Author Thread: Introduce Yourself Here.
 dragon slayer 1959
Joined: 11/8/2007
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Introduce Yourself Here.
Posted: 1/15/2008 6:17:30 PM
live in a real small town in northeast ark just south of MO have a daughter and grandson in benton was thinking of moving there liked hot springs
 dragon slayer 1959
Joined: 11/8/2007
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why does it suck trying to find someone decent in Arkansas?
Posted: 1/14/2008 5:38:57 PM
i think alot has to do with the small towns you live in around here my town has about 1500 people in it and there are more men than women so the women here seem to be a little picky lol its hard to get to know them and if you dont get out much like me its really hard not alot to do to meet women here either would be nice to go on a date its been awhile there are some good men here just hard to find sometimes im not from here i grew up in fla so when i moved here i told my two daughters to watch out who they fall in love with most of the guys i work with would rather go hunting and fishing on the weekends than spend time with there women lol guess im glad i never hunted or fished just cant see leaving the person you care about most to spend the weekend with your friends hold up fishing and hunting but hey thats just me
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